the angelic rune

Modern angels

Angels smoking cigarettes off of balconies. They write proverbs on bathroom walls and sing hymns in the aisles of grocery stores.

Angels still filled with fury from before. They hold a grudge. They carry a knife. Their words are sharp and hurt worse than any blade ever could.

Angels with soft voices and hard eyes. Angels trying to fit in. They’re trying to erase the pain

Angels with wrists covered in runes, angels trying to speak in the tongues that used to come so naturally but this mouth just can’t form the words.

Angels you meet on the street. They touch your shoulder and you’re struck with lightning.

Angels filled with ideas. Their mind is buzzing. Covered in paint and chalk, you know they’re miles ahead of you.

Angels on their front porches, drinking sweet tea with a goddess. It’s nothing like ambrosia, but it’s close enough.

Angels with bloody noses and a smile. Angels who’re confused by this life. It’s not so black and white anymore.

Angels who speak with their fists and are close to none. Their Father has left them in the dust. No one can help them.

Angels holding their partners close while dancing. This life won’t last forever, so they wanna hold her tight while they can.

shesgettingweird said:
I know Shadowhunters don’t get involved in mundane things but as they have to protect the world - THEIR world, I guess they would care about it’s problems. So I was wondering if demonic activity has something to do with global warming or any natural catastrophe? There may be things that mundanes can’t explain because that actually leads to the shadow world. And if I happen to be right, is there something Shadowhunters try to do to fix it and save the world they live in?

Shadowhunters do indeed share the world with mundane humans, not to mention all the other animals, microorganisms, plant life, fungus, etc. If terrible things happen to the planet, that’s bad for the Nephilim, too. But demons are not responsible for climate change, and Shadowhunters are, first and foremost, concerned with the threat of demons.

Wouldn’t they want to protect the world from other threats as well? Abstractly, yes. But there are some problems that cannot be solved with angelic runes. Humans have the power to destroy the world with nuclear weapons, and have for some time, but we don’t see Shadowhunters lobbying for nuclear disarmament. For one thing, they can’t. They are sworn to live in secrecy, and that means not engaging with mundane power structures or politics. While some may be more aware of the threats posed by climate change than others, there isn’t much any of them can do about it.

Shadowhunters are more focused on the demons they fight every day. Their work is dangerous, and their lives are often cut short. They don’t tend to look ahead, thinking about the quality of life for future generations the way mundane humans do, because they know they’ll be sending those future generations into battle with demons, too. Shadowhunters have been fighting what Jace calls “the war that never ends” for centuries, and they’ll keep fighting it. So while they may be concerned about the changing climate, it is not the threat they see as most pressing because it’s not the threat they’re specially equipped to handle.

I wanted to make a Tumblr collage out of my fandoms and this was the end result! (If you click on the image it’s less blurry)

cityof-roses  asked:

I just finished reading the codex and it says that inanimate objects won't react to runes. But Clary drew an angelic rune on a knife to kill demons. So if you draw one on a rock and throw it at a demon will the demon die? Sorry for another question!

This is what the Codex says:

“"Some Marks are applied to the bodies of Shadowhunters, and some are applied to physical objects. It is usually not dangerous to draw a body Mark on an inanimate object—a rock that has been given the Voyance rune will remain the same inanimate rock it was before. Applying object Marks to a Shadowhunter is somewhat more dangerous, as they will apply to the person’s body as a physical object. This is occasionally useful. Note that Marks intended for inanimate objects, like all Marks, cannot be placed on mundanes or Downworlders, as the usual risks of madness, death, or becoming Forsaken still apply.“

I’m sorry the Codex was confusing; we’ll attempt to clarify this point in the next edition. There are runes that work on inanimate objects, like the open rune, the locking rune, and so on. Then there are runes that aren’t meant for inanimate objects, like the voyance rune and the parabatai rune, and they won’t do much of anything if you put them on an inanimate object.
Clary was able to put an angelic power rune on a knife and use it to harm demons because of her exceptional abilities with runes. Doing so wouldn’t work for an ordinary Shadowhunter. I mean, I guess if you put a rune on a rock and managed to throw it in such a way that the rune itself made contact with the demon, the demon might sustain a minor rune burn. But it certainly wouldn’t kill them.
This question highlights the reason adamas and seraph blades are so important—Shadowhunters simply don’t have many ways to harm demons without them.

Livvy and Ty's Relationship in a Nutshell
  • Livvy: *follows Ty around*
  • Livvy: Ty come on think about it. Sibling parabatai are so cool, imagine how admired we'd be! I know you want to go to the Scholomance but-
  • Ty: *stops*
  • Ty: *pulls earphones out*
  • Ty: *slowly turns around*
  • Ty: *looks Livvy in the eyes and makes dramatic pause*

“And I’m suppose to sit by while you date boys and fall in love with someone else, get married…?“ His voice tightened. "And meanwhile, I’ll die a little bit more every day, watching.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Glass