the angelic rune

Modern angels

Angels smoking cigarettes off of balconies. They write proverbs on bathroom walls and sing hymns in the aisles of grocery stores.

Angels still filled with fury from before. They hold a grudge. They carry a knife. Their words are sharp and hurt worse than any blade ever could.

Angels with soft voices and hard eyes. Angels trying to fit in. They’re trying to erase the pain

Angels with wrists covered in runes, angels trying to speak in the tongues that used to come so naturally but this mouth just can’t form the words.

Angels you meet on the street. They touch your shoulder and you’re struck with lightning.

Angels filled with ideas. Their mind is buzzing. Covered in paint and chalk, you know they’re miles ahead of you.

Angels on their front porches, drinking sweet tea with a goddess. It’s nothing like ambrosia, but it’s close enough.

Angels with bloody noses and a smile. Angels who’re confused by this life. It’s not so black and white anymore.

Angels who speak with their fists and are close to none. Their Father has left them in the dust. No one can help them.

Angels holding their partners close while dancing. This life won’t last forever, so they wanna hold her tight while they can.

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Livvy and Ty's Relationship in a Nutshell
  • Livvy: *follows Ty around*
  • Livvy: Ty come on think about it. Sibling parabatai are so cool, imagine how admired we'd be! I know you want to go to the Scholomance but-
  • Ty: *stops*
  • Ty: *pulls earphones out*
  • Ty: *slowly turns around*
  • Ty: *looks Livvy in the eyes and makes dramatic pause*

clary fray + gay pink aesthetic

[Caption: A moodboard composed of 9 images. The main colours are pink, black and white.

In order: a pink rainbow pin; a pin of a hand holding a knife on a pink background; Clary’s bare legs, upside down; a black angelic power rune, on a pink background; a picture of Clary, turned away from the camera with her hair in a braid; a pin that says “artist”, on a pink background; Clary’s back - she is wearing a black bra; a patch with “pow!” written on it, on a pink background; a pin of a coffee cup, saying “I need coffee” in black letters.]

So I’m majoring in Business in College, right? And I’ve just had this amazing idea.
Supernatural restaurant and Bar.
-waiters wear Plaid
-devils traps, men’s of letters insignia, angel banishing runes, enochian symbols all over the place.
-Drinks and food named after characters and references to the show
-side room for special season premiers and finale days (obvs used all the time but special on these days) possibly other Fandoms included
- anti-possession stickers & fake tattoos given.
-FANART ON THE WALLS (maybe like a fan art of the mobth????)
- Just everything is a reference

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Jimon 17

“looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

Jace was sitting on the floor his head in his hands. “Why did I agree to this?”

Simon glared at him from where he stood, looking around the dark room they were stuck in. “In fairness,” Simon muttered. “This seemed like a good idea at the time.” he jumped up on some boxes, looking out a window. “How long do you think they’re going to stay out there.”

“Who knows.” Jace sighed. They were in a warehouse specially set up from Magnus–there were spells, along with angelic block runes that would make them unable to be tracked. They were running from a bunch of vampires that were after Simon and Jace, now that Simon was a daylighter, and the vampires knew that it was Jace’s blood that had made him able to do so. 

“You could be a bit more helpful.” Simon snapped, jumping down from the boxes. 

“Listen, they’ll give up eventually.” Jace shrugged. “Let’s wait it out until we can get back to the Institute.” 

“I thought you were mister head first guy, or whatever.” Simon murmured. He walked over to Jace, and Jace watched him come. This person, who was neither friend or foe sat before him, gracefully dropping to the ground. “Well, looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

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