the angeles

advice for single angels on valentine’s day 💘

• buy yourself a bouquet of your favourite flowers! they’ll look so pretty next to your bed, and you’ll wake up in the morning to their joyful, blooming faces!

stretch. really, really stretch. let your body experience how wonderful it feels to loosen up muscles. this is simple, but so important!

• watch a favourite movie, or several! and it doesn’t have to be a romantic film, if you don’t want it to be. dedicate some comfy time on the couch or in bed to soaking in the imagery, dialogue, and characters of an on-screen world that you adore so much.

• dance with yourself!

• treat yourself to something you’ve really been lusting after. it can be a favourite treat, a whole new outfit, a videogame, lingerie, some beauty products, a book… don’t feel ashamed for spoiling yourself a little. after all, you know yourself best!

• spread love in as many places as possible. smile at people on the street or in a public place. compliment someone. leave a cute note or a good tip on a receipt for a really nice waiter, to show them that they’re important. send valentine’s to your family and friends. let anyone special in your life *really know* that they’re special to you.

• if baths are your thing, go all out with a really special one. spend as much time soaking in the tub as you please, using all of your favourite products! bubble bath and salts, bath bombs, flower petals, oils, bubble bars… do an extra-special face mask, light a pink or red candle, and let your worries melt away! you deserve this.

• take yourself on a date. seeing a movie, eating a favourite meal, going to a favourite store or place or café… or, have a super special day indoors! do things you really love; like painting, singing, writing, gaming, listening to music… or even just being comfy and lying in bed. this day is for you. embrace what makes you tick, and what makes *you* your happiest self.

• dedicate yourself to something really positive and beneficial, like spending time with animals at the Humane Society, chipping in a few dollars to a cause you’re passionate about, or donating things you don’t need anymore. there’s so much love to be spread in so many little corners of the world. ❤️and, of course - have a very happy valentine’s day!