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Comic-Con: 'Supernatural' Casts Rick Springfield as New Lucifer
The music legend will play Lucifer's new vessel, a "washed-up aging rock star."

“Supernatural is usually a little bit country, but it’s getting more rock and roll in season 12.

The long-running CW series has cast musician Rick Springfield as the new Lucifer, the show’s executive producers Bob Singer and Andrew Dabb revealed during the drama’s Comic-Con panel on Sunday.

“Lucifer is going to try out different vessels and the first one he feels comfortable in is a rock star named Vince Vicente,” Singer said. “We have cast that role.”

Singer then pitched the casting announcement to moderator Richard Speight Jr. who played arch angel Gabriel on the series.

“Rick Springfield is going to be the new Satan,” Speight said.

Dabb added, “Lucifer got what he wanted last season, his face-to-face with God [Rob Benedict]. Now he’s out in the world. We see Lucifer on vacation and he wants to have fun. This is a real role. Great actors have played this before like Mark Pelligrino and Misha Collins a little bit, so we needed someone who could act. Most rock stars can only sing and very few can act. If you’ve seen Ricki and The Flash or True Detective recently, he’s really great.”

Vincente is described as a “washed-up aging rock star,” and will appear in the first few episodes of the season. Springlfield shot his first scene on Friday.

The packed panel kicked off with a sneak peek look at the season 12 premiere, which featured a continuation of the season 11 finale cliffhanger. A shocked Dean (Jensen Ackles) found his long-dead mother Mary (Samantha Smith) alive in the woods, still dressed in the nightgown she died in when he was just a boy. He asked her if she was real, and she wrestled him to the ground, showing off her hunter skills. The rest of the sneak peek showed dark glimpses at Sam (Jared Padalecki) being held hostage and getting tortured, possibly by the British Men of Letters, Castiel (Collins) alive but in a knock-down, drag-out bloody fight and Dean getting held at gunpoint. The ominous footage ended with Mary’s voiceover saying, “I never wanted this for you and Sam.”

Later during the panel, a man dressed as “fat Castiel” proposed to his girlfriend before asking a fan question, and the entire Hall H erupted in cheers when she said yes and he went in for a passionate kiss. “I love when satanically themed television shows bring people together,” Speight joked.

And continuing its tradition, the Comic-Con panel ended with the debut of the previous season’s blooper reel. This year’s included Padalecki and Ackles doing model poses next to the show’s iconic car Baby and Ackles washing Baby while wearing jorts. The audience went crazy, with the screams sometimes drowning out the actual audio from the footage.

Supernatural returns for season 12 on Thursday, October 13 at 9 p.m. on The CW.”

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magnaflourious-nerdity​ asked: make me choose - gabriel or balthazar?

“You two mutton-heads broke the world and you want me to fix your mess.”

The Angel Gabriel

Boullogne Louis the Younger (1654-1733)

This drawing is a detailed study for the Annunciation of the Lady Chapel at Versailles

© RMN (Musée du Louvre) / Thierry Ollivier /

17th century, 18th century, modern period (Western Europe)

blue paper, black chalk, heightened with white

height:  0490 m., length: 0310 m.

Paris, Louvre, D.A.G.

Mythical Overwatch AU

Think about it.
Werewolf McCree having to disappear once a month
Vampire/Wraith Reaper with giant fangs and scarlet eyes.
Mercy obviously being some type of celestial being (Angel?)
Torjborn being a dwarf (if not already)
Junkrat being able to shapeshift
..guys,, the possibilities,,

So I got my Supernatural tattoo this morning!! I came up with the design idea over a year ago but only got it done just now, and I’m so excited and happy to finally have it because this show has been so important in my life and I’ve been in love with the idea ever since I thought of it. (Also my tattoo artist was called Falcon so I literally got tattooed by an Avenger.) Super glad I got this done in time for Minncon!!!!


Camera rises up to reveal Mount Baldy, 1278 meter high peak in the San Gabriel Mountains, highest peak in that range, just north of Los Angeles, California. 2 million years ago the rocks at the top were in the ocean, they’ve been thrust up along the San Andreas system.

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do you know any fics where castiel has overprotective older brothers? but well-meaning ones, not ones interested in controlling him for their own gain or anything. Thanks :)

Angels! Let us tell you how much we love them. We have Angels I tag for fics with winged angels in SU and SU+AU fics and Angels II tag for fics with angel name counterparts in human AU fics. All fics on the posts list the angel names. Angel Family tag is used for fics where Cas has a huge family/ a lot of relatives.  

Since angels/ angel named humans are used quite a lot in fics and sometimes it is not so easy to tell good ones apart from evil ones (ok, Zachariah is always evil!), here’s recs with some well meaning, protective siblings, relatives and sometimes even supportive parents. We also included fics with only one protective sibling.

I. SU and SU+AU fics (with canon like supernatural elements) 

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