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Again these are unedited, but I can post before an afters if you guys want! Andy Biersack was one of my favorite people to photograph.

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Morning sex

This is relatively long,and I was inspired by this gif of Andy. If you like and want more please feel 100% free to let me know! Feedback to this is also greatly appreciated.

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I groaned as a sliver of sunshine creeped through the blinds temporarily blinding me.  Still exhausted I turned around, immediately catching whiff of the man soundly asleep right beside me.  Andy was facing me, his eyebrows furrowed. He had one of his arms lying on my waist while the other rested in front of him resting casually. Brief images of the events of last night flickered through my head. A small grin spread on my lips as I watched him. His lips slightly spread ajar. For once, everything was at peace, in my world and his. No arguing, no accusations, no tense moments, just bliss. I was happy and hopefully, so was he. Andy had been back and forth between the studio and home. Slowly getting better at juggling his time. I remember when the imbalance caused arguments, not anymore though. He was here, and all was right.

   Suddenly, the blankets shuffled and Andy’s eyes slowly drifted open. His eyes instantly locked with mine before he briefly closed them to stretch.

“Good morning” he mumbled, looking back up at me, attempting to shield his eyes from the bright rays.

“Morning” I replied. I slid down so we were face to face. His piercing blue eyes gazing straight at me.

“Do you have to work today?” I questioned, taking his hand within mine and intertwining out fingers.

He shook his head. “I took a few days off” leaning up and moving his body over mine, his hair tickling my nose.  “To clear my mind and spend some more time with you” Andy brought his head down lightly dusting his lips across my jaw.

“…And what do you have in mind?” I asked knowing full well were this was going.

Andy lifted his lips up to meet mine, kissing me slowly savoring each other’s taste and feel. A small moan escaped me when his tongue flickered against my lips, questioning for an entrance. I happily gave it, allowing me to slide my fingers through his hair, relishing in its softness.

Andy planted his hands on either side of my hands, bending his elbows so he could move closer to me. His body rested over mine. My chest barely touching his.

The kiss got more intense and my breathing became more erratic. I tightened my grip on his hair, attempting to pull him closer and earning myself a harsh groan from andy who broke away. God, his sounds were so sexy. A glint sparkled in his eye I could only interpret as pure lust. He grinned, not the soft, warm smile he usually gave; But the kind that made me squirm and restless.

With one quick movement he pulled the covers over his head, leaving me alone in the room flustered and with the lingering feeling of his soft lips on mine. I felt him trail his tongue across my neck occasionally softly kissing me. I could tell he was still a little tired, he was going slower, his actions were gentler. I watched in pleasure as I watched his body move under the covers. It added an extra level of interest and intensity because I didn’t know his next move. Andy was full of surprises and he wouldn’t hesitate. I bit my lip in anticipation for what he would do next.

   I felt him hover over my breasts, his breath sitting in the valley between them.

“Andy” I whined, frustrated by the lack of contact. His hands trailed up my sides brushing his thumb against my nipple, perking them up instantly. His fingers crept down my body, tickling the skin. Reaching all the way down, his fingertips slowly make their way down to my most precious and sensitive area. I didn’t bother trying to stifle my moans, it was only us. And I wanted him to hear me, I wanted him to hear the pleasure he gave me. He kissed the tender spot below my belly button while dipping a finger inside me and bringing it forward. My wetness easing his way. At the same time he brought his head up and took my nipple in his mouth, suckling it and drawing it deeper. I groaned, grabbing the sheets and holding on as tightly as I could. His fingers strumming my clit, adding a little bit more pressure each time. A whimper escaped my lips.

Andy began thrusting his finger at a more rapid pace.  I couldn’t control my breathing, all of my focus was aimed towards the beautiful man currently between my legs.  

Andy released his mouth from my breast with a popping sound. I felt him smile against my skin, moving lower and lower until he finally gave me what I needed. He took hold of my thighs spreading them farther apart so he could fit comfortably. Giving me a quick kiss on my thigh, he wasted no time. He kissed me tenderly, sweeping his tongue through my folds. My moans turned into drawn out sighs of pleasure. I released my grip on the sheets and reached under the blanket immediately feeling Andy’s silky hair covering his shoulders. All of a sudden my hands were wrapped in a tight grip and forced to either side of me, essentially pinning my arms down and preventing me from touching him. The limited movement caused me to arch my back off the bed. His sweet torture continued and I could barely think properly. He continues his licks, pushing me farther and farther until I begin crying out.

I have no idea how long he was down there. I couldn’t think about anything but him. “Andy” I moaned out. Suddenly he released his mouth and peeked his head out from under the covers, kissing whatever inch of skin was in his path. “Fuck” Andy breathed. His eyes glued to mine. His legs moved in between mine, spreading my legs even further.  His erect length teasing my entrance.

               “Wait” I said pushing my hands on his tattooed chest. “I want you to relax” my voice was low. Last night, just like this morning, Andy had done all the work. Not that I didn’t appreciate it, but I wanted to give him the pleasure he gave me without him doing anything. I pressed on his chest, attempting to turn him over. His look of confusion slowly vanished as he succumbed. He was stronger than me and if he didn’t want to let me push him, he wouldn’t have.

 Andy looked up at me, laying down on his back.  I never broke eye contact as I reached between us, stroking him a few times before raising my hips letting him slip inside. We both groaned in unison. The familiar amazing feeling of fullness returning. This was about him and I was determined to make him feel good.  

               I began rolling my hips and Andy’s moans began lost in a growl. His breathing became staggered. I was becoming more and more aroused watching him. I reached down pushing his hair back, allowing me to see the entirely of his face.  He really was so beautiful.  Andy closed his eyes, and I reached down taking his hands bringing them up and placing them on my breasts. Letting go, he began massaging me, occasionally pinching my nipples. I leaned down for a moment, kissing him deeply before placing my hands down and moving my hips, finding a faster rhythm and the angle that hit my pleasure point exactly. Lost to passion, arousal pooled in my stomach.  Andy opened his eyes, his usual bright eyes darkened. His hands grabbed ahold of my hips.

    “Dammit, you’re going to kill me.” He sucked in a breath. Reaching down circling my clit with his thumb. Heightening the pleasure even more. I had wanted this about him, but I couldn’t muster up enough energy to stop him. I embraced the sensations flying through my body. I began chanting his name, his name the only coherent thought in my head. The way he hit me so deep, in places with little effort, pressing against the center of my nerves in areas only he could reach. I felt my body bubbling over. I was so far I couldn’t feel the pain of his grip on my hips. Andy’s eyes tightened and I knew he was close. One final thrust and I froze, twisted in all the emotions and feelings racing through me. Andy let out a final loud groan as he rode out his release. Watching him explode I had no strength to hold myself up anymore. I collapsed onto Andy’s chest. My face cradled in his neck.

“I love you” he whispered in my ear. “I made the right choice taking those days off.” I smiled. “Obviously” I replied.


Jaded 😞

So I’m becoming a little jaded with my current stories. I do enjoy updating when I can, but I need something more. I also noticed that I’m not getting as many asks, messages, reblogs and likes as I used to. (Which I understand is my fault, since I haven’t updated much in the past year 😖) but I want to start taking requests again.

Send in your requests and ideas! I’ll get to as many as I can! If you happen to request something I may have already written about, I’ll gladly link you to the story 😊

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Ouija *Part 2* (Andy Biersack Imagine)

Late at night downtown when the danger begins to arise is where you just so happened to be. You weren’t excited about it, but you had no choice this evening. You’d gotten off work extremely late and there wasn’t any way to get around it, no matter how hard you tried. It wasn’t common for you to be out during the wee hours, anyway. You figured if the only places that are open are convenience stores, there’d be nothing to do but to find trouble. Not that you were the troublesome type, however, many people that hung around this late were.

You scurry as quick as you can to your apartment. You lived only a few blocks away, but the time it took to get there would be just enough for anything to happen. Your shoes scuffed along the cracked cement, practically running home. Not a single car had driven by, nor street light was on to help you see far ahead.

“You’re almost home…” you whisper to yourself.

A few steps in, you’re greeted by a group of obnoxious guys sitting on stairs in front of an apartment building. They’ve started to hoot and hollar at you, approaching you rather quickly. You immediately begin to panic, unsure if you should run the opposite way or scream in terror. You couldn’t really see their faces, since it was too dark, but you knew that there were too many to take on you alone.

“Come on inside with us,” one sleazily says to you. “It’s too late for a pretty thing like you to be alone in these streets”

“I’m- I’m just trying to head home from work…” your voice shakes. “I don’t want any trouble.”

“Trouble? She looks like a lot of fun to me!” Another calls out. “Look at her, she’s helpless!”

Two strong arms grab you from behind, picking you up. You kick and scream for help, as the other grabs your legs, attempting to carry you off.

“Shut up!” Your mouth is covered by rough, callused, hand. “Or it’ll be the last thing you do!”

You feel something cold and sharp pressed against your throat. You can’t scream, but you begin to cry hysterically, unable to muffle words out. Your mind begins racing at a million miles an hour. You thought that this would for sure be the end of you. This group of monsters literally has you by the throat and you’re unable to escape, to cry for help, or even hope for someone to drive by and see what was happening.

“Let’s take her inside where we can make her nice and hot”

Your stomach turns to knots at the sick tone in his voice. As your being carried off up the stone steps, a loud rush came through, almost like a heavy gust of wind, knocking the men down. The two carrying you fell down the steps, knocking their head onto each one, leaving them unconscious and bleeding. You fell to the ground, landing on your side. Wincing in pain, you drug yourself up to your feet, quickly limping your way home. You were distraught, horrified, and dizzy from landing so hard on the ground. No matter how painful it was, you couldn’t stop running. You weren’t sure what knocked them down, and you didn’t care. What was important is that you got out alive, just in the nick of time.

Bursting through your front door, you slam it shut, locking each of the locks and push a chair underneath the door handle for extra security. Leaning back against the door, you put your hands on both sides of your aching head, regaining focus. As your vision becomes clearer, you see a dark figure stand before you, motionless.

You belt out the biggest screech, throwing whatever you could get your hands on, but nothing was hitting this thing. In fact, they were going through it!

The figure approaches you, becoming more and more visible. You sink down onto the floor, covering your face, shaking in terror. You weren’t sure if the attackers had followed you home and had broken in or what.

“No, no! Don’t be afraid!” A soft, yet weary voice says. “I won’t hurt you! It’s me, Andy! Please don’t be afraid!”

Cautiously, you peek above you, seeing the spirit, ghost, whatever he was in front of you from last time.

“Get away from me!” You shout, throwing a punch. “I told you to stay away!”

Andy looks concerned by your actions. Your fist didn’t even connect with him, it went through him! Just like the other stuff you threw his way.

“(Y/N), Please!” He begs. “I’m not here to cause you any harm! I’m here to protect you! I stopped those men from hurting you!”

“That was you?!” You pick yourself up from the floor, sitting on your sofa. “Why do you keep attaching yourself to me?”

“Because you called me from the Ouija board, remember? I told you, I chose you. I picked you.”

“Why?” You say. “You’re wasting your time!”

Andy loosens his shirt, revealing a harsh line across his neck, presumably from hanging himself.

“I’m so sorry…” you say guilty of what you’ve done. “I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay. Life didn’t treat me well during my time on earth, so I found you. I fell in love with your soul, your spirit, even before you were conceived. I’ve never felt so protective of anything in my life, before and after. I knew that I needed to protect you from all that hurt me. So when you were finally born to your family, I couldn’t belive what a beautiful baby girl you were! I knew from that moment forward we’d be connected for ever. I used to visit you and play with you as a little girl, as your imaginary friend, like I told you last time. I know everything about you! As you grew up, I had to give you more. I had to provide you with all of the love and safety I could give you. And tonight, I think I failed you…”

“So, I was yours before I became my parents child?”

“In a way, yes. You’ll always be mine, (y/n). You always were. I gave you to your parents because I knew they’d be best for you in your physical, mortal life, and I think I picked them out very well.”

“How come I don’t remember you?” You’re skeptical of him, just as you were the previous time. What he said seemed farily convincing, but could he prove it?

“You and I weren’t supposed to meet until it was your time to pass. At that time, we would be reunited, as spirits once again, and in that case, you would remember me.”

“So if I died, I’d know you again?”

“Essentially, yes. But my objective is to keep you alive and well for as long as a mortal can live. I do not want you to die. Your time will come when it’s ready, but it is far, far, far, from that time, my love. Death will not do us part.”

Man, was he telling the truth. Andy loved you unconditionally, from beginning to end. You’ve made some mistakes in life, some that you weren’t too proud of, but regardless, he didn’t stop fighting for you.

“You’re my angel, (y/n). If I hadn’t have hanged myself those centuries ago, I wouldn’t hacr you. Without you, I am without purpose and may be damned to the underworld.”

“Well, I’m no angel, but im glad-”

“You are an angel. You’ll see, my beautiful. You were made to do incredible things for mankind, even if you do not belive so.”

Now you’re beginning to question if he was in love with you, or loved you from a paternal standpoint. Did he only hold onto you for romance in the afterlife, or did he want you back to care for you, as his ghost- wife, if that was even a thing. You wondered if he knew your future, or if your entire life was dictated by him this entire time. Even though he knew you, he was still a stranger. A surreal stranger at that.

“Please let me be with you? I will not be a bother. It worries me to know you’re in this world alone. I want to keep you and your household safe. My soul would die if you were to he harmed.”

Your lips pursed together as you stared into his hollow eyes.

“Please, my love? I will never let you down. I give you my word, and my honor.”

“Okay.” You decide. “You can stay, but under one condition.”

“Anything for you, dearest.”

“Do not summon anything else. I’m not familiar with wherever you’re from. I don’t know what that’ll bring, and I would rather not know.”

“I would never. You have my promise.”