the andaman sea


Corals are the ultimate hybrids; each individual consists of a symbiotic pairing between plant and animal. They can photosynthesize during the day (as the purple and gold one doing) and then filter feed on nutrients during the night. Corals that depend more heavily on the latter tend to live in areas with moderate to strong currents - photo taken in the South Andaman Sea


YELLOWTAIL DAMSELFISH (juvenile 30mm) por Sonja Ooms
Por Flickr:
Adults individuals of yellowtail damselfish can grow up to 13 centimetres (5.1 in).There are two varieties of adult coloration. The adult individuals from the western Pacific Ocean have a tan front and a yellow back. In the area ranging from the Andaman Sea to Japan, adults are black. The two varieties overlap around the island of Bali. Juveniles have a yellow coloration with 2 horizontal black stripes. Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

a Hawksbill Sea Turtle reaches adulthood at around 30 years old, with a lifespan into its 50s. Weighing up to around 200 pounds, they’re one of the smaller turtle species in the ocean. The Hawksbill earns its name from its birdlike beak, which it uses to reach into cracks and crevices along a coral reef, feeding on sponges and small to medium sized invertebrates - photo taken in the North Andaman Sea, Thailand

Map of possible plans for the Kra Canal.

The Thai Canal, also known as Kra Canal, refers to proposals for a canal that would connect the Gulf of Thailand with the Andaman Sea across southern Thailand. It is envisaged that such a canal would improve transportation in the region, similar to the Panama Canal and Suez Canal.

When an octopus touches an object it can feel the temperature, colour and texture and adapt thusly. They are the ultimate experts of camouflage and extremely clever.

Sometimes we like to interact with small ones, but only if they are in the mood. We put out a figure and wait for a response. Normally they reach out a tentacle and wrap it around you to check you out. It is like an octopus handshake!