the ancient sun warriors

the lunacy of wisdom

“this gnarly karma kills you”
said the zen lunatic
painting poetry
in my
with mindless
mountains and
remote pathways …

“only when you’re gone
will you be fully present”

so i
on clouds
and the moon
kept me safe from
invisible thugs with
mad-talking skeletons

“there is no spirit in
the realm of no-dream”

so i
with ancients and
peerless warriors
perfect days
no moon … no sun …

i walked
miles and miles …

no one
waited for me
at the end of the journey …

“there is no better way
to slough off that gnarly karma
than fornicating with that solitude …”

That yoga pose you’ve been practicing may not be as ancient as you thought. In fact, journalist Michelle Goldberg says that most of the poses that we do in modern yoga classes have no antecedent beyond 150 years ago.

“Probably the greatest myth is when you do these poses, when you do sun salutations or the warrior poses, that that there’s some sort of continuity to what yogis were doing 3,000 years ago on the banks of the Ganges, and that’s just not true,” Goldberg tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross.

But is that necessarily a bad thing?  Probably not, says Goldberg:

There’s no mention of warrior poses or sun salutations in any ancient text at all. That might be a little disillusioning to some people, [but] what I hope and what it ultimately meant to me, is we don’t have to feel so anxious about the authenticity of our modern practices because like anything … it’s a modern adaptation and that might, I hope, let people feel a little less anxious about adapting it for their own needs.

Yeah, no, sun salutations still make me anxious … because I stink at them!  But it’s very cool to learn some of this history behind them – find the full interview here.

– Petra

Please don’t forget that Korra is Inuit. Please don’t forget that the people based in the Avatar universe are based off of multiple Asian cultures. That includes Indian people (Guru Pathik) and (hopefully I’m not getting this wrong and correct me if I am but I’m pretty sure they’re based on them) ancient Native Americans, Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs (The Sun Warriors).

The only reason I’m saying this, is because this fandom is filled with people who think that everyone is white or they have a tan and I have no idea why. Every time someone tries to say that one particular character is… Oh I don’t know… “a pale princess” I get the feeling you mean that she’s white. Shit, I’ve even seen this character be called white. It’s insulting.

I understand that people wanna say Korra is a “woman of color” and I understand the reason behind it (I’m a WoC too), but it’s as if you can’t say Inuit. It’s not a bad word. It’s okay to say Inuit. Korra is an Inuit women. Granted she and her people are based on all sorts of peoples from Polynesians to Indigenous peoples, but there is a heavy influence on Inuit. The problem is, is that there are people who don’t even recognize this AT ALL. Hell, I’ve only read two fics of Korra speaking in another language and in AUs (which are really hard to come by) actually give her an Inuit nationality. Most fics and even people have said that she’s tan. That’s more than a pet peeve for a lot of people. This is racial erasure and THAT is a problem that needs to be fixed.

Please don’t forget this. I know this fandom is filled with mostly white people, but it’s not fair to erase these characters off of the people their based on. It isn’t fair to those who are; it truly is something else… 

Also, If I’ve said anything wrong in this post about who these characters are based on, or anything else, please correct me and point it out for me so that I can learn more. Thank you.