the anchorite

a medieval hannah montana-style show about an anchorite who tunnels out of her cell at night and gets up to merry harlotry in the town 

Reflections - 2

“—manipulate the mind of the next person that travels through here. See if you can make them end their own life.”

What was that? Rook had just said something, and Orynthia had been too caught up in her thoughts to listen. “I’m sorry, Rook,” she said politely as she tilted her head. “Could you repeat that, please?” She blinked at the man, her brow quirking as she laced her sinewy fingers together. Her teacher in return offered a look of annoyance as he states plainly, “You will be taking control of the next person that walks by and effectively making them end their own life. Do you understand?” He said it so casually, as though Orynthia would be buying an ingredient for a meal or completing some sort of mundane, everyday task.

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y’all know about anchorites? anchorites were raw as fuck. people (usually women) who wanted to abandon the secular life and devote themselves fully to god but like, decided that just going to a monastery or a convent was not #drama enough, so they would go out and find a cathedral that was willing to take them on as an anchorite and they would swear an oath of allegiance to the church and god and then they would step into a small enclosed cell just off the wall of the church and the churchgoers would brick up the cell WHILE THE BISHOP DELIVERED A FUNERAL SERVICE and the anchorite would just live out the rest of their life in this tiny cell, which had a little window to watch mass and also to like, give the anchorite food and water, and pass their chamberpot in and out, but that was it. you become an anchorite and you just sit in a tiny room reading the bible ‘til you die. there were HUNDREDS of these. HUNDREDS of people did this. and then henry viii founded the church of england and that was the end of that but like, what a time.

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Any combination of Len, Mick, Barry--Crusades era AU (I suppose similar to your fantastic Anchorite fic)

Well, since I’ve already done the Anchorite fic (glad you liked it!), let me try something different.

1 - Mick is the third-born son of a very rich family who has a bit of a problem with lighting fires all the time, making him a fairly serious threat to their townhouse and the surrounding city (made of wood!) or the farmland around the castle. As a result, they decide to send him to become a priest. Mick has zero interest in religion. This does not stop them. Mick is a bishop now. He is super unhappy about this.

2 - Len is a Jew that got brought in for conversion-or-death for one of Mick’s newest and ends up having a chat with Mick about how religion sucks. It’s somewhat startling for him to realize he’s talking to the bishop, mostly because that doesn’t come up until after they’ve slept together (Len thought he was going to die - may as well die for sodomy as for Judaism, honestly).

3 - They end up running away together to join the Crusades, because Len really can’t stay where they are at the moment (people might get suspicious as to why the supposedly converted Jew doesn’t seem all that converted) and Mick likes the idea of being the sort of bishop that lights things on fire.

4 - Barry joined the Crusades as a cook because he is neither nobility nor rich, but he’s not a serf, either. He left his hometown because the love-of-his-young-life (Iris) made a very favorable match with one of the city elites (Eddie) with whom she is actually in love, and while Barry totally supported her, he also did not want to stick around for the wedding. He hopes it will pay for a pilgrimage somewhere to pray for his father’s release from prison, which he believes is wrongful. He’s assigned to cook for bishop Mick and his ‘valet’ Len.

5 - Mick and Len adopt Barry because he’s the only one who calls them thieves right to their faces, which they find charming. They are, of course, but no one ever says as much. They end up travelling all over and Mick is eventually recognized by the Pope as being particularly heroic (he blew up a gate, thereby permitting a city to be taken) and manages to finagle a church-blessed pardon for Barry’s dad.

6 - eventually they settle down somewhere. Mick is still the world’s worst bishop, but Barry makes friends with an order of (rather militant) nuns and they settle into a very happy relationship that involves inventing new types of artillery while not interfering with each other’s lives. Everybody knows not to ask Mick any questions about religion, but they all write very nice things to the Pope about their “most holy bishop” being excellent. Mick’s family is pleased, albeit confused. Len quietly organizes the town to be a safe space for Jews trying to avoid persecution. Their town becomes very popular as a result. Not every town where the bishop is best friends with a Jew, after all, and it’s very hard to justify persecution when the local bishop is against it.

Verse 28. The wise one dispels negligence by means of mindfulness; he ascends the pinnacle of wisdom and being free from sorrow looks at the sorrowing beings. Just as one on the mountain top looks at those on the plain below, so also, the wise one (the arahat) looks at the foolish and the ignorant (worldliness)

Verse 61. If a person seeking a companion cannot find one who is better than or equal to him, let him resolutely go on alone; there can be no companionship with a fool.

Verse 62. “I have sons, I have wealth”; with this (feeling of attachment) the fool is afflicted. Indeed, he himself is not his own, how can sons and wealth be his?

Verse 152. This man of little learning grows old like an ox; only his flesh grows but not his wisdom.

Verse 184. Forbearance which is long-suffering is the highest austerity. The Buddhas declare nirvana to be the supreme state. Verily he is not an anchorite who harms another; nor is he an ascetic who causes grief to another.

Verse 372. There is no meditation without wisdom, and there is no wisdom without meditation. When a man has both meditation and wisdom, he is indeed close to nirvana.

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greek mythology as verbs
  • to icarus: when you know something is a Bad Idea but you do it anyway and fail spectacularly
  • to medusa: when you level someone so completely with a verbal beat-down that they're left unable to even respond
  • to sappho: to hit them with The Gay™
  • to anchorite: to say ✌️ and live a discourse-free life
  • to achilles: to fight anyone at anytime all day every day

“Exile is a separation from everything, in order that one may hold on totally to God.  For it is said, ‘Learn not from an angel, not from man, and not from a book, but from Me, that is, from My indwelling and illumination and energy in you, for I am meek and humble in heart, and in thought, and in spirit, and you shall find rest from conflict,
and relief in your souls from thoughts’.”

~Saint John Climacus

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Tiny plot elements in Bravely Second that amuse me to no end
  • The Anchorites are a race of towering, ominous, owl-headed demons that all, with one exception, speak in the same squeaky, scratchy voice.
  • There’s one sect of them that timidly teach you how to use summons by blasting you with them and rewarding you with the knowledge if you survive. They’re actually significantly toned down from Default, where the summoning stood a very real chance of killing you outright regardless of your level. 
  • There’s another sect that worships the Chomper line of enemies as if they were gifts from the heavens.
  • And they might actually be from the heavens. Chompers are everywhere, adapt to every climate with ease, have been around since the beginning of recorded history, and no one knows what the fuck they are or where they came from.
  • Starkfort (For Sale By Owner)
  • French people come from the moon. 
  • Norzen is so fucking huge that people end up addressing the face-like astrolabe he wears on his chest, mistaking it for an elaborate mask.
  • Bella and Geist frequently play board games together. Geist uses his Undo power to reset the board when he begins to lose, and Bella uses Ventriloquism to call him out on it from every direction at once.
  • Cu Chullain destroys every doorway he passes through with such frequency that by the time you visit the Skyhold they’ve outright stopped using doors.
  • Every cat on the entire planet is part of a hive mind.

The other night I dreamt I was finally out of college
In my own pair of sandals, I had turned into my father
Whistling my tune about the Rio Grande
Like an anchorite in June I took hold of my own hand


We have an internal distribution list that lets people know when we’re clearing out the departmental bookshelves (a mammoth undertaking we do once a month or so, to keep from accidentally walling ourselves in like so many office anchorites). It’s maintained by the marvelous and wonderful Kim Bryant, NPR’s Director of Operations and Special Projects (whom we may have mentioned once or twice before) and she ALSO made these ADORABLE bookmarks in a book-shaped holder, that now live on our main giveaway shelf. So crafty!

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