the anchorite

a medieval hannah montana-style show about an anchorite who tunnels out of her cell at night and gets up to merry harlotry in the town 

Non-Human Trans Representation

As a source of media, comic books trend towards the science fiction and fantasy genres much more heavily than other forms. As a result, trans representation within comic books also tends toward these genres as well.

One example of this is the propensity of characters who are genderfluid to also have the power to shapeshift. One character the is an example of this is Xavin from The Runaways. Xavin is a member of a species of shapeshifting aliens called skrulls. In Xavin’s first appearance (The Runaways Vol. 2 Issue 7), they state that for Skrulls “changing gender is as easy as changing hair color.” Xavin also has an ongoing narrative of finding their “true form”

Another shapeshifting character who identifies as genderfluid is Loki from Thor. Loki is a trickster god who has magical powers which tend towards illusions. In the series, Loki: Agent of Asgard, Loki began being written as a shitching between male and female presenting forms at will. When asked about shapeshift later, Loki respinds that they can change into anything “as long as it’s me”

Yet another example is Sera from Angela: Asgard’s Assasin and Angela Queen of Hel. Sera comes from the realm of Heven where gender dynamics are very different than human ones. Women are winged warriors who run their society while the men are weak and remain cloistered and protected as Anchorites. Sera was among the anchorites but was not truly one of them. Enlisting the help of her future lover Angela, Sera was able to escape and become her true self.


[Vaughan, Brian K. (w), Miyazawa, Takeshi (p), Yeung, Craig (i).] Runaways, Vol. 2 #7 (2005). [Marvel Comics].

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We are incredibly thrilled to present our 56 Ring in the New Year with Reylo fics!

Thank you so much to every single one of our writers. Authors are anonymous for now, but will be revealed on January 6th. Please leave some commenting love for our amazing writers, and feel free to guess who wrote what before the reveal!

Home Is… by Anonymous for Sydney508
“Building a life together” is more than just a phrase. For Kylo and Rey, it literally starts with building a home, one little step at a time (but please don’t let them play with electricity anymore.)

Just a Dream by Anonymous for kmanion
At night, desperate to sleep, Rey imagines an island.

we must be killers (children of the wild ones) by Anonymous for personalphilosophie
He chuckles. He can’t help it. “You have to stop terrorizing the merchants, my love.”“I’m ‘your love’ now, am I? You were calling me 'little idiot’ a few days ago—”“Who,” he snaps, “in their right mind would just drop down into the middle of a pack of Sith hounds?”“Element of surprise?” she offers. “Anyway, they were only Sith hounds."There is refuge even here, in their little games. He can’t remember precisely when it started. It crept up on him like salvation, like forgiveness, like dawn seeping through.

Fugue by Anonymous for Queronea
Kylo and Rey keep their marriage in secret during the war, but in the final fight with Snoke, Kylo gets hit in his head and loses all his memories of Kylo Ren. Now he’s Ben Solo, balancing work in the Resistance base, his Jedi training with Luke, the disappearance of his father, and the constant fights with Rey, the only person in the base he cannot seem to get along with.

A wig and glasses isn’t enough by Anonymous for TheJGatsby
Rey meets a celebrity in disguise, and things only get crazier from there… 

Gideon’s Sacrifice by Anonymous for Ceallaigh
Since the loss of Rey, Kylo Ren’s pursuit of these new enemies has been relentless. Planets of no consequence, like Serpindal and Belkadan have gone completely dark from technology - there were no electronic subspace transmissions. Later his Knights of Ren discovered the planets were destroyed by space anomalies, such as the moon crashing into Serpindal, and an overgrowth of insects on Belkadan. His daughter has been left in the care of his mother, Leia. However, in this last visit, New Republic Forces have chosen to arrest him and try him for his crimes against the galaxy from the last war. The war the First Order lost to the Resistance. He was tried by grand jury of the New Republic and convicted of various crimes. His sentence was to be placed in Carbonite stasis by a new protocol that would cause him to be devoid of the Force. Leia refuses to let Kylo Ren surrender to them. Kylo Ren has other plans.

Love makes the galaxy go round by Anonymous for bittersnake
Their masters make a secret arrangement behind their backs.

The Word of Skill by Anonymous for onstraysod 
When Kylo Ren kidnaps Rey from Ahch-to, he expects her to be a worthy rival and a pupil. He’s already seen enough to know she’s a girl who can match him in wits and in Force power. But it’s the other things Rey learned during her years of neglect on Jakku that will make all the difference; not only to Kylo but to the other inhabitants of the Finalizer, and perhaps the Galaxy itself.

The most beautiful souls by Anonymous for dustoftheancients (The_Hollow_Bones)
Rey is a Jedi, trained by Luke Skywalker, granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi, another famous Jedi master.
Kylo Ren has moved his first steps as a Sith: he’s sure of himself, stubborn.
They have felt in love too soon.[Jedi/Sith AU]

Heart Craters, Filled With Light by Anonymous for KagamiSorciere
Rey has never been able to celebrate Christmas before. Kylo can’t help but become a little invested.

His Desire by Anonymous for Ghostsdontdie
Kylo Ren’s hopes and dreams are fulfilled with a marriage to Rey, but he remains uncertain and unsatisfied.“Which of us is happy in this world? Which of us has his desire? or, having it, is satisfied?”
― William Makepeace Thackeray, "Vanity Fair”

the hint of hope that is you by Anonymous for ReyloTrashCompactor (NextToSomething) 
Rey, Poe, Finn, and the rest of the staff at Recto et Verso Books are gearing up for the holiday season when a surprise mass shipment throws them off balance.
Selling 742 copies of anything would be a challenge for a store their size.
Selling 742 copies of pretentious, free form, emo poetry by some asshole named “Kylo Ren” is next to impossible…or so they think.BookstoreAU written for the lovely ReyloTrashCompactor for the “Ring in the New Year with Reylo” challenge. If you love tea, books, and truly horrifying poetry, this story is for you.

let the silver arrow fly by Anonymous for LarirenShadow
Leia plays cupid, and fires a few misshots before getting it right.

Retrouvailles by Anonymous for NatMatryoshka
: The joy or happiness of reuniting with someone after a long separation.Prompt from NatMatryoshka: “Padawan Rey and Senator Ben Organa Solo: Rey and her master Luke escort young Senator Ben Organa for a noisy party in Coruscant. What will happen?”

The Fickle Finger of Fate by Anonymous for OfHealingLove
She should not be afraid of him. She does not understand. She will. He will make her.

such language holds the solemn sea (to sands upon the shore) by Anonymous for cassanah
They only ever met in large cities where they could blend into anonymity. This time they were in a city called Tvell’ia on a bustling trade world in the Outer Rim. Kylo came here once when he was not Kylo Ren. He remembered how the luminescent algae in the ocean glowed in the darkness of the night here, and he wanted Rey to see it.

Stay by Anonymous for Thelittlescrimshaw
Prompt fill for Ring In the Reylo New Year’s gift exchange.

Sins of the Father by Anonymous for Hormonal_Trashbag 
Unable to outrun the sins of his past, Ben Solo is faced with a ghost from that life that threatens his chance to finally find a peace he has sought his entire life.

The Five Times We Met At The Train Station And The One Time We Did Not by Anonymous for the-reylo-void (Anysia)
Exactly what it says on the tin(or the five times rey assaulted ben in some way lmfao)

Clockwork by Anonymous for Vickyshipsreylo
He is young, and there are two things he fears above everything else: death, and clockwork.

Family issues by Anonymous for Artemis1000
Rey tries to understand her feelings for a redeemed Ben Solo while his mother and uncle treat her like the hope for a better galaxy. It’s not easy when you have to be a jedi, a friend, a warrior and a lover.

That One Time Rey Got Drunk by Anonymous for dungeoncrawler
Rey is drunk, Kylo is impulsive, and neither of them can admit their feelings. They can, however, express them through physical intimacy.

Take my hand by Anonymous for tyrantsandcreampuffs 

Opposition in Vain by Anonymous for solikerez
Rey is a factory girl living off of meager pay and the hope that her parents will return. She’s given a new chance at happiness when the parson Luke Skywalker (a former student of her grandfather’s) adopts her. Years later, the Skywalker-Solo merchant business is facing financial ruin. In order to save her found family, she enters into marriage with the prodigal Ben Solo, who became wealthy through betrayal. But there may be more to this arrangement than what meets the eye…

Anchorite by Anonymous for momo_official
It was right, Rey thought, that he had to bend so low to speak to her. Men like Kylo Ren were made to kneel.

the one thing you leave behind (is how did you love) by Anonymous for diasterisms
Kylo’s orders are to turn Rey to the Dark Side. His personal feelings may prevent him from doing so.

Clandestine by Anonymous for kuresoto
She should have just done her job as a Jedi, should have remained detached yet polite, should have guarded Senator Ben Organa, and should not have jumped into bed with him.

Bound in the Balance by Anonymous for TheBridgeIntoYourMind
He sees her struggles. He feels her frustrations. He senses her presence in the Force, a sensation that echoes his own. He feels compelled to help her, to tell her the truth about herself and himself. How much he ends up telling her, he didn’t expect.

Solace for the Damned by Anonymous for incognitajones
Christmas Eve, and a lone priest of a tiny, isolated parish works feverishly in the snow until an old friend drops by. She misses him- what will it take to lure him away? When will he stop hiding behind the cloth?

The Planet of Fates by Anonymous for Juulna
Simple scavenger Rey was almost ready to find Luke, to bring peace to the galaxy once again, until a mysterious force pulled her into the dreaded Kylo Ren’s path. Though this may be a trap, something bigger seems to be playing out for the two adversaries. And it won’t be like anything they’ve faced before…

Between Daydreams and Nightmares by Anonymous for BeMyDarkling
“Bring the girl to me.”
Kylo begins to train Rey after her abduction; however, as he attempts to draw out the Dark Side in her, she ignites the Light in him.

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit by Anonymous for SouthSideStory
A diplomatic mission to Fest goes differently than expected.

Shadowed by Anonymous for Limra
The war is over. It has been for years. A damaged Kylo is forced to face his fears when Rey tells him that she wants children, believing that the sins of the father would be passed on to the children – his children… much like the sins of Darth Vader ruined the reputation of his mother, then-Senator Leia Organa.Rey? Well. Rey thinks that it’s about time that Kylo faces what people really think about her husband.

A Ghtroc 690, Fully Restored by Anonymous for Chthonia
This is the Force, Rey knows, trying to draw her to Kylo Ren, but she doesn’t care about whatever greater purpose a higher power has in store for them. She hates this man, and she despises any connection they have, no matter how divine its origin. (Or: the Force ruins Rey’s first vacation.)

Quiet Words by Anonymous for RacheyMayBe
She wants to take his heart in her hand and dare it to beat when its fickleness is the reason Han’s never will again.(She doesn’t know yet that this fury doesn’t wholly belong to her.)

One Thousand and One Nights by Anonymous for TehanuFromEarthsea
Really, Rey ought to kill him. But instead she found herself fascinated by him

Trapped by Anonymous for PalenDrome (nerdherderette)
Rey and Kylo get trapped on a shuttle in the middle of deep space. Inspired by ChroniclyFlaming’s “Revanche" 

Jazz Night at the Jakku Philharmonic by Anonymous for SaintHeretical
Rey expects nothing good when the Jakku Philharmonic plays an outdoor gig with weird and reclusive jazz legend Snoke. As for his backing band, they’re something else. Kylo styles himself as "the loudest trumpet player in the universe”, and his mic stand is right behind Rey’s chair in the woodwind section.

This Darkness Which You Know You Cannot Fight by Anonymous for OccasionallyCreative
Rey gives in to her anger. It has been a long time coming.

Fight Like Me by Anonymous for SWAG_77
After mysteriously crashing on a moon, Rey and Kylo Ren find themselves Forced to fight together.

The Force Works in Mysterious Ways by Anonymous for agirlfromniima 
Sometimes you just know what you need to do.

Tall Tales of the Western Wilds by Anonymous for Vivien
They say there’s three sides to every story: his side, her side, and the truth. No matter which you choose to believe, Ragin’ Rey Kenobi was the greatest bounty hunter there ever was.

Exigence in Force Majeure by Anonymous for MostTulip
This war has raged for ages and most of the leaders at its helm are long gone. It’s left to Kylo Ren, and Rey, his constant opposing force, whose minds have seeped so far into each other as to make planning in secret impossible, to come to some accord or else watch the galaxy burn in their futile efforts at mutual destruction.

Muscle Memory by Anonymous for thewayofthetrashcompactor (BriarLily)
The war may be over, but Rey is still encountering Kylo Ren far too frequently for her peace of mind.

Two Comets Lost, Following the Trails of Stars Unknown by Anonymous for Karla_shadow
He calls out to her as if through the Force, a pull that repels and attracts her in equal measure. He draws nearer to her as if he can’t help but follow that strange call.She backs away.“You can’t fight destiny.”

i’m always in this twilight (in the shadow of your heart) by Anonymous for jitterygummy
Coded on a secondhand datapad in a run-down motel room in Mos Eisley, deleted and never sent: Everything about us was a whirlwind.Written on a scrap of durasheet in a Tion Cluster outpost, the words fading after a while into air and ghosts: You shouldn’t have forgiven me for any of it.Scraped into the bark of an oak tree on the Argazdan homeworld: You won’t believe the dreams I have about you.

climb so fast to fall by Anonymous for LueurdeLaube 
Kylo Ren arrived at (crashed into) the Resistance base and fell in front of the general, broken and bleeding. No one was very happy about this development, least of all Rey.

All That’s Best of Dark and Bright (Eallach Monstrosus) by Anonymous for cuddlesome
noun mon·ster \ˈmän(t)-stər\
: a strange or horrible imaginary creature
: something that is extremely or unusually large
: a powerful person or thing that cannot be controlled and that causes many problems
-Source: Mirriam-Webster’s Dictionary
A Beauty and the Beast pastiche

In Balance by Anonymous for Fangirltrashbaby
Kylo Ren arrives on Ahch-Too with some surprising news. Rey is hesitant at first but when Luke strands them on the planet she has to learn to get along with him.

soon I know you’ll see (you’re just like me) by Anonymous for KyloWren
She crooks a finger. He kneels.

desperado (where you gonna run to) by Anonymous for La_Catrina
'It is my personal opinion that we cannot take Snoke down without you. Sorry excuse of a man that you are at the moment.’ Rey’s eyes skimmed him up and down as though searching for something, and coming up wanting.Kylo could not fault her for that. He’d failed at being a good man a long time ago, and a bad man more recently. He was adrift between two worlds, belonging in neither.

Captain by Anonymous for politicalmamaduck
“Why?” she blurted.He blinked at her for a few seconds. “Why am I bad at flirting? Or–”“No,” Rey cleared her throat. “Why me?”His head tilted inquisitively, and she felt his gaze as it traveled from her face. “Honestly? Han told me he was looking to hire another pilot. I saw you alone in here and…” he trailed off, glaring at his second whiskey.“And?”He met her eye, squaring his shoulders to say, “I’ll pay you double for the same job.”

Blades Crossed by Anonymous for second_chances
Notorious figure skater Kylo Ren has had a rough few years; once a decorated competitor, now it’s hard to say what he’s losing faster, sponsors or partners. With Nationals just six months out and no qualified partner on the horizon, Kylo finds himself begrudgingly skating with college hockey phenom Rey Kenobi, a scrappy forward coming off injured reserve who doesn’t know a lutz from an axel. It’s only for six months, but family drama, a twisted coach, and a budding closeness to his new partner ensure that this will be the most eventful competition season of Kylo’s career.

Rare and Imprecise by Anonymous for WildConcerto 
Soul bonds are rare and imprecise. Few beings took any stock in their occurrence, though the midwife cooed that it was a sign of great luck to have a son born with an omen etched down his back.Leia didn’t like it.

The Wheels Keep Right on Rolling by Anonymous for Hamliet
Ben Solo is brilliant and handsome. He is also insufferably arrogant, a flagrant womanizer, and a total ass. On certain days, they get along as well as oil and water. On others, it’s more like ammonium nitrate and TNT.Which is why the prospect of spending the next 48-hours cooped up in a car–on a road trip with the man–has left Rey feeling a bit out of sorts….

Convergence by Anonymous for Elywyngirlie
Whatever the next steps are, I want to take them with you.

anonymous asked:

Hey, do you have any favorite historical fiction? I work at a bookstore and want to order some in

yes i do!

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden (takeas place in medieval russia and has a fantasy element to it)

The Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee (about a 19th century courtesan)

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi (about two sisters in 18th century Ghana, one who stays and the other who is sold into slavery and gets sent to america and about their two branches of family up until the modern day)

Illuminations by Mary Sharat (about Hildegard van Bingen’s lif)

The Steep and Thorny Way by Cat Winters (a young adult novel about a re telling of hamlet in 1920′s oregon with the a mixed race girl as the lead)

The Wolf Trial by Neil MacKay (okay full disclosure this is a horror novel that takes place in 16th century germany about a man who arrested as a werewolf and it is g o r y and really horrible things happen but it’s really good)

The Wonder by Emma Donoghue (takes places in 19th century Ireland about a woman sent to a small village to investigate if the claims made that a local girl can survive without eating)

The Daylight Gate by Jeanette Winterson (it’s about the 1612 pendle hill witch trial in lancanshire)

The Anchoress by Robyn Cadwallader (about a 13th century english nun who becomes an anchorite)

Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin (a series by the late Ariana Franklin about a sicilian woman who is a doctor a moves to 12th century cambridge at the bequest of king henry ii absolute great series and top notch depiction of henry ii)

i have loads more but i’m tired to type it out so just check out my goodreads shelf i u want more (there 200+ books there lol)

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relationship status: anchorite

favorite color: that translucent purple you only find in amethyst geodes and in the sky at certain times in the mid-to-late evening

last song i listened to: says it was dryswch by com truise

last Movie i watched: wonder woman 2017 dir. patty jenkins sis

top 3 characters: enjolras, sam clay, kit kittredge (formative)

top 3 Ships: macdennis is my life right now and has been for some months, luke/han, enjolras/grantaire

books i’m currently reading: kids of appetite by david arnold, everything everything by nicola yoon, the inexplicable logic of my life by benjamin alire saenz, born to run by bruce springsteen, in cold blood by truman capote, i have… a lot on the go

fun fact: when i was about five i watched a movie about anne frank and all my five-year-old brain was able to make of this was that germans = bad and scary, so then a few days later i was at some sort of fair or outdoor event with my family and i said i had to go to the bathroom, and i started ambling over to the porta-potties and my mom said, “no, not the porta-potties, they’re full of germs” and i thought she’d said “germans” and i had a full-blown screaming crying panic attack in public thinking that hitler himself was hiding in those porta-potties and he was going to get me. i was a dumb kid.

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Verse 28. The wise one dispels negligence by means of mindfulness; he ascends the pinnacle of wisdom and being free from sorrow looks at the sorrowing beings. Just as one on the mountain top looks at those on the plain below, so also, the wise one (the arahat) looks at the foolish and the ignorant (worldliness)

Verse 61. If a person seeking a companion cannot find one who is better than or equal to him, let him resolutely go on alone; there can be no companionship with a fool.

Verse 62. “I have sons, I have wealth”; with this (feeling of attachment) the fool is afflicted. Indeed, he himself is not his own, how can sons and wealth be his?

Verse 152. This man of little learning grows old like an ox; only his flesh grows but not his wisdom.

Verse 184. Forbearance which is long-suffering is the highest austerity. The Buddhas declare nirvana to be the supreme state. Verily he is not an anchorite who harms another; nor is he an ascetic who causes grief to another.

Verse 372. There is no meditation without wisdom, and there is no wisdom without meditation. When a man has both meditation and wisdom, he is indeed close to nirvana.

(chosen Parts)

anonymous asked:

do you have any poetry recommendations? authors, fragments, entire works. anything really


jeanann verlee –  lessons on loving a prophet ; communion ; the unkindness ; finally i allow him the pen
margaret atwood – psalm to snake ; the saints ; the robber bridegroom ; helen of troy does countertop dancing
richard siken  – landscape with a blur of conquerors ; litany in which certain things are crossed out ; snow and dirty rain ; little beast
frank o’hara – meditations in an emergency ; having a coke with you ; three airs
sandra cisneros – valparaiso ; loose woman ; dulzurawith lorenzo at the center of the universe, el zócalo, mexico city
gregory orr – trauma (storm) ; glukupikron
adrienne rich – diving into the wreck ; power ; cartographies of silence ; xvii
wars an shire – questions for the woman i was last nightcrude conversations with boys who fake laughter often ; bonewhat they did yesterday afternoon
marina tsvetaeva – bound for hell ; where does such tenderness comee from
nayyirah waheed – birth lessons ; kindness is a form of intelligence ; therapy ; emotional nutrition


kristina haynes ( fleurisheswe’re all terminal ; silly girl ; we try to love 
ashe vernon ( latenightcornerstore ) – profane ; to myself in my last relationship ; the pomegranate
emma bosacki ( agooduniverse ) – regular boys ; vigilia ; principia mathematica
azra t. ( 5000letters ) –  olivia pope ; brown girl ; whale song
elisabeth hewer ( elisabethhewer ) – obituary for the princess who forgot to be fairytale ; dear apollo, let her goxxvi
emily palermo ( starredsoul ) – on loving a monster ; genesis ; the kings and queens make constellations out of bones
natasza stark ( anexpansionlikegold ) – anchorite ; monasteries ;  how to love a god, part ii
r.i.d ( ink skinned ) – untitledcome over. the quiet ones are the most dangerous, i’m told ; untitled ii
salma deera ( writingwillows ) – habits i can’t quit ; what delilah says to samson years on ; reasons to stay


marina tsvetaeva – my poems: selected poetry
nayyirah waheed – salt.
sandra cisneros – loose woman
stephen mitchell – the selected poetry of rainer maria rilke
anne sexton – the complete poems
richard siken – crush
sharon olds – satan says
margaret atwood – selected poems ii: 1976 - 1986; interlunar; power politics: poems
yrsa daley-ward – bone


notbecauseofvictories – chrysopoetics
louise gluck  the triumph of achilles 
jameskirke untitled
wytchbytch – the seven muses of the 11 o’clock news
brotticelli for the boy with the devil in him
percy bysshe shelley – ozymandias
lysander j. anderson ( godmaking ) if i had lived
y.z. ( rustyvoices ) - endangered species list
whatlouisbird – poems for october 30
elisabeth hewer – what colour would god bleed?
shinji moon – advice from dionysus
jeannine hall gailey – the snow queen
jendi reiter – leaving olympus
r. mckinley 8 ways to say i love you
darshana suresh ( afterthelonely ) – the untameable
jeffrey mcdaniel – the archipelago of a kiss

Noble Attack Foiled, Missing Doctor Spotted

By Risri Elthron

The Special Investigations Unit is seeking information or witnesses to an attack in Elwynn Forest on Tuesday, May 16th. In a suspiciously timed assault, almost within the same hours as Lady Addington and Lord Blackfyre were separately attacked and kidnapped, another attack was attempted on a noblewoman traveling to a wedding in Stormwind.

Lady Raschel, a distant cousin to King Anduin, was traveling with her grandmother and two members of the Church of the Light-Anchorite Kha’tal and a Sayyadina Farrah. In addition, three guards traveled as protection for the young Lady. The assault was carried out via a winged ornithopter. The guards shot down the vehicle leaving the pilot dead and the co-pilot severely injured leading to their subsequent death, the third member of the attackers escaped after parachuting to safety, though not without injury.

Investigators are looking into former Lordearon citizens turned criminals as the parachutes used by the attackers had seals indicating connections to the lost kingdom. The three guards are also sought by investigators as it was revealed during the course of the interviews with Lady Raschel and her grandmother that the three guards may be the missing Lord Doctor Wellson and persons of interests in his case.

Doctor Wellson has been missing since late last year. The two other guards are suspected to be two individuals the Special Investigations Unit has been searching for in connection with Doctor Wellson’s disappearance. A Miss Dove and a Miss Quai Mason, who was thought deceased, were identified by an anonymous source after the interviews with Lady Raschel and her grandmother. All three are now being sought in regards to the attempted attack on Lady Raschel as well as for the escape of Miss Dove from her Abjuration in January this year.

Special Investigations Unit requests any information leading to the finding of the remaining attacker or to the discovery of Doctor Wellson and his compatriots to be sent directly to their office in Stormwind care of Major Glenice Morcant.

The Royal Courier will continue to track this case.

(@quai-mason, @monettemason, @brian-wellson, @justinegrotius, @juniper-rose-blower, @malorincan, and @heyzailene)ely

wanna be like an anchorite except im in one of those little caves and theres a tv set playing the tv show friends from start to finish until i die and once a day someone crams a bag of cheetohs and a quart of apple juice through this little door. idk why im in a church if im jewish but everybody just hears me going to town on this shit and the christ men (men of christ) try to just subtly start talking louder but the crunching and gulping and horrible crinkling sounds do not cease till the end of the service 

greek mythology as verbs
  • to icarus: when you know something is a Bad Idea but you do it anyway and fail spectacularly
  • to medusa: when you level someone so completely with a verbal beat-down that they're left unable to even respond
  • to sappho: to hit them with The Gay™
  • to anchorite: to say ✌️ and live a discourse-free life
  • to achilles: to fight anyone at anytime all day every day

“Exile is a separation from everything, in order that one may hold on totally to God.  For it is said, ‘Learn not from an angel, not from man, and not from a book, but from Me, that is, from My indwelling and illumination and energy in you, for I am meek and humble in heart, and in thought, and in spirit, and you shall find rest from conflict,
and relief in your souls from thoughts’.”

~Saint John Climacus

(Photo of Cave of St. John Climacus via

The other night I dreamt I was finally out of college
In my own pair of sandals, I had turned into my father
Whistling my tune about the Rio Grande
Like an anchorite in June I took hold of my own hand

Amma Theodora also said that neither asceticism, nor vigils nor any kind of suffering are able to save, only true humility can do that. 

There was an anchorite who was able to banish the demons; and he asked them, ‘What makes you go away? Is it fasting?’ 

They replied, “we do not eat or drink.’ 

‘Is it vigils?’ 

They replied, ‘We do not sleep.’ 

‘Is it separation from the world?’ 

They replied, ‘We live in the deserts.’ 

‘What power sends you away then?’ 

They said, ‘Nothing can overcome us, but only humility.’

‘Do you see how humility is victorious over the demons?’

The Departure of St. Abba Nofer the Anchorite.

On this day, the ascetic father, Abba Nofer the Anchorite, departed at a good old age, and of a glorious memory, in the desert of Upper Egypt. The grace of God had moved St. Paphnoute (Paphnutius), and he longed to see the servants of God, the Anchorites. He saw many of them, among them St. Abba Nofer, and wrote their biographies.

He said that once he went into the desert and found a well of water and a palm tree. Then he saw the saint coming to him, naked, and the hair of his head and beard covered his body. When St. Paphnutius saw him, he was afraid and thought that he was a spirit. Saint Abba Nofer encouraged him, made the sign of the cross, and prayed the Lord’s prayer, then said to him, “Welcome O Paphnoute.” When he called him by his name, St. Paphnutius calmed down. They prayed together, then sat, and talked about the greatness and goodness of God.

St. Paphnutius asked Abba Nofer to tell him about his life and how he came to that place. Abba Nofer replied, “I was in a monastery wherein lived holy and righteous monks. I heard them talking about the greatness of those anchorites who dwelled in the desert and their good virtues. I said to them, ‘Are there any who are better than you?’ They said to me, 'Yes, those anchorites who dwell in the wilderness. We live near the world, if we are sorrowful or sad, we find someone to console us; if we are sick, we find someone to visit and treat us; if we are naked, we find someone to clothe us. Those who live in the wilderness lack all these things.’ When I heard that from them, my heart became anxious.

"When the night came, I took a little bread and I went out from the monastery. Then I prayed to the Lord Christ and asked Him to guide me to the place where I was to live. The Lord facilitated my way and I found a holy and righteous man. I dwelt with him, and he taught me all about the life and the ways of the hermits and the anchorites. After I came to this place, I found a palm tree, and a well. The tree bore twelve clusters of dates each year. One cluster of dates is enough food for me for a month, and I drink water from this well. I have lived here for sixty years during which I have never seen the face of a man except yours.”

While they were talking together the angel of the Lord came down, and told St. Abba Nofer that his departure was near. Straightway, his color changed and became like fire, then he bowed his knees and worshipped God. After he embraced St. Paphnutius, he delivered up his pure soul. St. Paphnutius wrapped him, and buried him in his cave. St. Paphnutius wished to live in the place of Abba Nofer. But after he had buried him, the palm tree dried and fell down and the water of the well dried up. That happened by the Will of God, so St. Paphnoute would return to the world and tell us about the holy hermits that he had seen.

May their prayers be with us and Glory be to god forever. Amen

Aftermath: Life Debt by Chuck Wendig. ( Warning: Spoilers!)

SPOILERS – THIS REVIEW WILL CONTAIN MAJOR SPOILERS FOR LIFE DEBT AND POSSIBLY FOR  Episode 8. If you don’t want to be spoiled then please stop reading now.

First of all, if you can, please buy and read this book yourself! I highly recommend you do.

In this review I will try to focus on the characters that people seem most interested in, this book is long and so much happens that I simply cannot cover it all in one review. Nevertheless I am happy to answer any questions that anyone does have regarding the rest of the narrative or I can do further posts about less well-known characters like my favourites Temmin, Norra, Sinjir, Rae Sloane ect…

‘Life Debt’ is the second book in The Aftermath Trilogy, these stories are designed to fill in the gaps between episode 6 and episode 7, the action takes place roughly a year after the Battle of Endor. I don’t think its essential that you read the first book, however you might not understand who the new characters are like Norra Wexley or Rae Sloane and Wendig does refer back to the events of the previous novel a few times. So read the first Aftermath book if possible! For those of you who did read the first book, I can assure you that the writing is so much better this time around and the whole plot is far more narratively rich and engrossing. I literally gasped out loud several times because I was so excited about what was happening, I can’t encourage you guys enough to read this book, which comes out tomorrow for most of you. Also please feel free to completely disregard my thoughts on the text to draw your own conclusions/speculations. I have tried to remain as impartial as possible in this post, any opinions I do have on the text are purely theories and conjecture, not canon. I have compiled all this information because I know not everyone will be able to buy the book tomorrow. Enjoy. 

Here is the a basic summary of the plot from inside the book:

 Is Snoke in the book?

MAYBE. I cannot be anymore conclusive because we still don’t know enough about the character in question and he is never called ‘Snoke’.

Could he become Supreme Leader Snoke?Yes, potentially.

 Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax

At the very beginning of this book there is a Prelude and at the end of the book there is an epilogue, both of these chapters are titled ‘Three decades ago’. Therefore these two chapters take place during the era of the Galactic republic (between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones).

Prelude: Young Gallius Rax or ‘Galli’ is an orphan on the planet of Jakku carrying out manual labour when a black ship flies overhead, he feels forced to follow the ship; ‘He was compelled, as if by destiny’. He runs after the ship, following it all the way until it lands in a location that is considered ‘holy’ by Jakku anchorites; Galli then witnesses six droids and a man dressed in a purple cloak emerge from the ship. Galli knows that he should return to the other orphans now, but he feels like he can’t leave:

‘And yet he remains compelled. As if something invisible is tugging him along- an unseen thread bound to his throat, leading him like a leash-and –collar. I will get closer. I won’t be missed’.

Then this strange sequence of events happens:

The Prelude ends with Adviser Tashu the ‘purple cloaked man’ getting back on the ship to leave; Galli who is desperate to leave Jakku decides to stow away on the ship before it leaves.

The epilogue: (Obviously a HUGE amount happens between the prelude and epilogue)

Now this is where it gets really fascinating and thrilling, this is the big reveal of the entire novel and will almost certainly affect the future films. The ship that twelve year old Galli boarded in the Prelude has now landed, he is frightened and hiding, unsure of what do next when a voice commands him to show himself. This voice is Sheev Palpatine!  Gallius emerges from his hiding place to face him, however when Palpatine tries to use the Force to draw him closer Galli resists him. Expert below:

Palpatine and Galli then proceed to have a brief conversation where they talk about Jakku, Palpatine then tells Galli that he is a nasty little boy, but it doesn’t matter because he has ‘little interest in goodness’. He offers Galli a choice going forward, either he will die or:

‘ The second choice is, I give you a new life. A better one. I give you a task that, if you manage, will lead you to greater things. Not some thing so mundane as a job, but a role. A purpose. I sense in you potential. A destiny. Most people have no destiny,’.  

Then this happens:

In the main portion of the book Gallius Rax is introduced as a secret adviser to the empire, Rae Sloane is the public figurehead presented to the Empire as leader, but Rax is clearly the puppet master. He was also present in the first book; he was never named but operated from the shadows pulling strings and was the catalyst for major events in the novel. He also double-crossed the Empire; he fed information to the New republic under the alias of ‘the operator’ he did this in order to secretly cull the Imperial ranks of anyone he believed could potentially pose a threat to the Empire. In this book we learn of his mysterious origins, and see a new and more sinister side to his personality. Is he an evil master tactician or something more? His connection to Palpatine certainly indicates that he is more important than the average Admiral.

One of the driving forces of this novel is that Rae Sloane wants to find out who Rax is and where he came from, all that she knows about him is that he debuted at Palpatine’s side age twenty and rose very quickly up the ranks until he was commanding his own Star destroyer.

How he is described, these are quotes mostly from Rae Sloane’s perspective:

·  ‘That is how she feels whenever she meets him, as if she is meeting the hologram of a dead man made to pass as real.’

·    ‘There he stands, no longer garbed in an admiral’s uniform but rather in a floor- length robe. Red as blood’

·   ‘ He turns towards her with that confident, feral sneer fixed to his face. One eyebrow arches and he spreads his arms.’

·     ‘ I see nothing wrong with pushing weak minds to a conclusion we have already reached.’ – Gallius Rax.

·    ‘When will the sea become a storm? Will he become a monster?’

·    Rax keeps too much, too close. His hands on all the controls. Sloane does not know what endgame is here. That troubles her. Gallius Rax is so in love with artifice. So what, then, is he hiding?’

·   ‘Rax is naught but a vapour trail. She’s chasing shadows.’

 ·     ‘….“If only it were that easy. I can’t just push one of these buttons and make him appear. He’s not a hologram.” Though really, he might as well be.’

I think the imagery of him being a ‘shadow’ and a ‘hologram’ is noteworthy in relation to TFA.

 ‘The Empire needs children’, this is probably one of the most interesting and creepiest aspects of Gallius Rax. He believes that the recruitment of Children is absolutely crucial to the survival of the Empire. As shown in a previous post he is insistent that Rae Sloane arranges for Armitage to accompany his Father. Now if this man does indeed turn out to be Snoke, or in line with Snoke then this could be a really fascinating parallel to how Kylo Ren was indoctrinated into the First Order when he was young.

 At one point during the novel Rae Sloane decides to visit the Hall of Imperial register in Coruscant to see if she can find out more about where Rax came from. She finds little information, apart from one old photo of Gallius Rax with Palpatine, age roughly fourteen. In the picture Gallius appears to have a tattoo or a marking on his palm. He is described as being ‘pale’ and his eyes are ‘Each a black hole swallowing the light.’ 

Towards the end of the novel one of Palpatine’s old advisors is freed from jail, Yupe Tahsu. Tashu isn’t force sensitive, but was a ‘Sith cultist’ and studied the dark side of the force. He is kind of the opposite of what Lor San Tekka is.

Here is an extract of him being freed on the orders of Rax, who at this point is being secretly referred to as ‘Emperor’ by his followers:

 The book ends with Gallius Rax and his shadow council (apart from Rae Sloane) arriving in the atmosphere above Jakku with dozens of Star destroyers and previously hidden fleets. The Battle of Jakku is about to begin.

As we know the final book in the Aftermath trilogy is called ‘Empire’s end’ and will be released in January 2017. My prediction is that the next book will end with Rax disappearing, we won’t know if he is dead or left grievously injured (like Snoke).

Leia, Han Solo and Ben/Kylo Ren: 

Unfortunately we don’t get to see a lot of these characters in Life Debt. We learn that Luke taught Leia how to meditate using the force before he disappeared and that she is practising these skills. Han left pregnant Leia in order to help Chewie liberate his home planet, however things went wrong, Chewie was kidnapped and Han vanished. Leia is obviously very worried about them and appeals to the new senate for help, however Mon Momtha is reluctant to get involved, much to Leia’s anger. She takes her own action and sends Norra Wexely and her team to find him- the team do eventually find Han and then help him to save Chewie and the rest of the Wookies on Kashyyyk from the Empire’s tyranny. 

I am aware that I am skipping large amounts of the action and the story of liberation of Kashyyyk, but I can’t cover it all because otherwise this post will be far too long. More reason to buy and read this fantastic book!

To cut it short, eventually Leia gets wind that Kashyyyk is being attacked and with an old pilot friend from Alderaan she takes the Millennium Falcon to save her Husband; throughout this rescue mission she feels the Force flowing through her and guiding her, she knows that Luke will be happy about this.

 We are given the impression several times that Han Solo maybe isn’t quite ready for impending Fatherhood. However that could be down to Wendig, I don’t think that he writes Han particularly well in this book, his whole demeanour just seems a little out of character.

 Apart from the excerpt that was released a couple of weeks ago about Leia sensing a darkness surrounding unborn Ben, we don’t get much else about him apart from the occasional sentence about Leia feeling the baby move around inside of her or her growing bump – nothing significant about his future or force sensitivity.

 When Han and Leia are reunited what is made clear is that they are extremely happy together and she is excited about the baby boy growing inside of her. From the descriptions I would guess that Leia is about five/ six months pregnant at the end of this book.

 This part also killed me, Han is saying goodbye to Chewie on Kashyyyk because he is returning with Leia to the New Republic base, which is in turmoil after an attack from the Empire:


Again, like with ‘Bloodlines’ Luke is most notable in his absence from the story. He appears even less in this book, only being mentioned a handful of times in passing. We are given no indication of his whereabouts or what he could be doing. Leia doesn’t seem to know where her brother is either, nor does she seem to be that concerned about him.

 Other points and quotes of interest:

·      Regarding the theories that Palpatine could have had decedents:  ‘ No clear chain of succession was evident. Palpatine had no family of which to speak, at least as far as anyone knew, Vader didn’t have family either’.  Like we saw in Bloodlines, the galaxy at large still aren’t aware that Vader was once Anakin Skywalker or that he ever had children, this brings us an interesting topic of conversation that if people didn’t know that Vader had children – could the same thing be true of Palpatine?

·      The Dark sider Acolytes:  during the novel Wendig adds in little side chapters or ‘ Interludes’ which show us other events around the Galaxy.  During one of these chapters we visit Corellia; in the city of Coronet a security guard spots a teenager spray- painting ‘Vader lives’ onto a wall. Here is a little excerpt about the Acolytes: ‘ Black hood, black cloak. This one doesn’t have a mask, though. A lot of these acolyte freaks, they put together these masks- hammering together plastoid, metal, wood, goggles, ventilators, whatever – and wear them as they harangue the locals.’ The security guard feels uneasy about the kid; his instincts tell him that there is something very strange about him. The Acolytes also seem to have given themselves fake names – this one is called ‘Oblivion’.

Events escalate very quickly; the Acolytes basically invade the city declaring revolution. Another Acolyte rescues Oblivion and they break into a museum basement, emerging with a red lightsaber, they say they have been searching for it. 

·      Another extract is about everyone’s favourite Space pirate/ Cantina owner – Maz Kanata. I’m not going to delve too deep into this part of the book, but I’m going to mention two things. Firstly, one of her Cantina rules is ‘Don’t go downstairs’ – I wonder what she is hiding downstairs? Hmm? Maybe a lightsaber?

Secondly and more importantly, the chapter about Maz ends on an ominous note, she feels that peace still hasn’t returned to the galaxy, she says ‘Some stirring in the Force has made the water turbid. Hard to see. But I think it is best we be prepared.’ To me this SIGNIFICANT because what was happening directly before this chapter takes place- Rax allowing hundreds of thousands of people to die in order to get his own way.

 ·     After the battle of Endor traumatised war veterans were given therapy droids or therapy ewoks! I just loved that idea so much.

 Brendol and Armitage Hux:

 I won’t go into much about them in this review because they aren’t mentioned in great detail and I have already posted the main spoilers about them. However there are a few interesting tidbits that I haven’t mentioned yet.  

At the start of the story Brendol is living on the planet of Arkanis, running a training academy for the empire. ‘ Hux trains children. The best and brightest the Empire has to offer.’ Rax believes it necessary early on in the book to remove Hux and his child from the planet, which is under siege from the New Republic.

 Rax also wants Hux to join his ‘Shadow council’ that he is setting up; the council consists of important Imperials. He hopes to reshape the new Empire with these individuals at his side. Although Rax does make explicitly clear that Brendol Hux is more important than the rest.

So what have we learnt and what questions are left unanswered?

  1. Jakku is very important to the Galaxy at large! This obviously leads us to the conclusion that Lor San Tekka and Rey’s presence on Jakku is very significant. 
  2. What was Palpatine building or planning for Jakku?
  3. Is Gallius Rax force sensitive, it appears so several times. Therefore when Palpatine sends him to guard Jakku - is this part of training, we know from the photograph that he is back with Palpatine only two years later. 
  4. What is Luke doing during this time? where is he? why is he absent in all of these novels??
  5. Who are the dark side acolytes? Why are they collecting dark side artifacts? who does the lightsaber belong to?

Let me know what you think and Thanks for reading!