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PTSD: Kakashi Analysis

Because having a bit of a free psychology lesson with our favorite character is always the best thing ever yeah? Nevertheless, this is a real issue that you might witness in war veteran. If you happen to know someone that suffer from PTSD, please provide them with help as much as possible.

Some basic on PTSD:

PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can cause by perceived lack of social support, traumatic events during one’s lifetime, trauma severity, difficult childhood. People can be influence easier because of low IQ (In which Kakashi is not, so low IQ does not qualify in his case). 

Cases of PTSD usually lead to persistent avoidance, re-experiencing trauma, illusion, hallucination, and distress. 

Some symptoms that you might see in a person who suffers from PTSD: hard to sleep, irritability, hypervigilance, exaggerated startle response. 

For a person to be diagnosed with duration PTSD, the symptoms had to be showing for at least 1 month. Acute PTSD will be less than months. And chronic PTSD will be 3 or more months.


Kakashi had obviously experienced a traumatic event when he was young. Sakumo committed suicide

However, there was no evidence in the anime showing that he suffers from any trauma or nightmare after Sakumo’s death. All we are seeing is Kakashi’s resolution to become stronger and stick with the rules.

However, because of Sakumo’s death, Kakashi had to suffer a harsh life condition with absolutely no help from others, making him enduring a difficult childhood

Kakashi is a pro at avoiding other people and continue to avoid social interaction. He mainly don’t want to talk in general. Not because he is anti-social, but may be interacting will make him being open to the concept of “bond” and “comrade”, causing him to remember what happened to his father because of “bond” and “comrade”. It will make him re-experiencing everything over and over again. 

And so, he continues to be cold.

Take a look at this GIF (Found here)

His face, full of irritation and persistently trying to avoid Gai. And most importantly, he is in distress. 

Unknowingly to Minato, sorry Minato, I love you, but Minato had missed Kakashi’s symptoms and move him into ANBU…that caused him to be more distress. Death after death after death, it pressing on his shoulder. That was one mistake that Minato had done. This had caused Kakashi to be more distant, not to even mention that Kakashi had completely depend on the ANBU for his coping mechanism. Sadly, it did not help him. 

Nightmare and unwanted thoughts of his two best friends’ deaths will keep on haunting him, adding to the stress that he already had to bear in his childhood day. Research shows that the earlier a person suffered from a traumatic event (for example, Holocaust victim), the worse stress they will suffer when they get older and the more they will become vulnerable to it. In Kakashi’s case, the first trigger was Sakumo, and then Obito and Rin. 

PTSD patients might also suffer from night terror, which cause them to wake up in sweat and unable to fall back asleep.

Hallucination is not uncommon in PTSD. Kakashi was seeing Rin’s blood on his hand and continue to wash his hand repeatedly (which also lead to my theory of him being OCD according to  some evidence that shows his obsessive unwanted thought, cleaning habit and cleaning hand after having nightmare habit)

Guilt isn’t uncommon either, or something we usually know as “survivor’s guilt”. He continues to blame himself, having nightmare with disturbing illusion and hallucinations.

I think it is safe to assume that Kakashi does have PTSD, this is not a headcanon for me anymore, or at least my psychology textbook doesn’t tell it is just a theory. To some of us, it is more than obvious. (poor my baby Kakashi)