the anbu

One of my biggest gripes in the series was Hiruzen’s dealing with the Uchiha. 

He literally just sat and did nothing while he knew the Uchiha were planning a coup d'etat against Konohagakure; there was no sending in the ANBU to arrest them or sneaking in at night and taking their weaponry. [Honestly, did Itachi not give them any real details about the Uchiha’s plans]. This indecisiveness of his then provided Danzō with the opportunity to coerce Itachi into slaughtering the Uchiha for his own ulterior motives [This was also HIGH TREASON since Hiruzen NEVER gave the word for action to be taken against the Uchiha]. But instead of having the two of them executed for their treasonous actions, he had the gaul to thank Itachi for it, since the elimination of the Uchiha Clan as a threat allowed him to remain in his comfy little chair.

Idiot deserved to die.

I remember when he’s brought back as edo tensei, Sarutobio said he left Danzo to do the dirty work, referring to the massacre. So, he didn’t call it wrong, he just thought it’s dirty work lol. He just didn’t want to do the dirty work himself, and he’s fine with insubordination and high treason as long as he didn’t have to make decisions and be held responsible lol.