the analysis of beauty

Coming down 

“I got something to tell you but don’t know how I'mma say it,

I guess that I could only say one thing,

Girl I been bad again

Girl I been bad again”

I know what happened the last time, but I just couldn’t help myself. I know you’re disappointed but I need to vent to you 

“‘Cause with this money comes problems

And with these problems comes solutions,

And I use em’ when I’m faded I forget

Forget what you mean to me,

Hope you know what you mean to me”

I’ve been getting more and more successful but with that, I’ve been getting more stressed out. This makes as a means to escape. When I get too fucked up however, I forget how much I really need you. I hope you never forget that. 

“Pick up your phone,

The party’s finished and I want you to know,

I’m all alone

I’m feelin’ everythin’ before I got up”

I need to talk to you. Please answer me. My high is wearing off and I need you next to me right now. I don’t have anybody else


“I always want you when I’m coming down…

I always want you when I’m coming down…

I always want you when I’m coming down…

I always want you when I’m coming down…

I always want you when I’m coming down…

I always want you when I’m coming down…

I always want you when I’m coming down…

I always want you when I’m coming down…”


“Poppin’ again

I tried to quit again

I’m always tight with something I begin

That’s why my niggas got me to the end”

I’ve been doing drugs all night. I’ve tried to slow down but I just can’t. It’s apart of me now. My crew understands it, that’s why I know I can count on them to come through for me 

“Supply what I take, I take what I spend baby,

I ain’t lying to nobody but me.

And you, and me,

But you especially”

I tell myself that I’ll be done with it, but I know that’s a lie. I tell you I’ll be done with it, and you know that’s a lie. This is something that goes back and forth with us, but we both know the truth. 

“Pick up your phone,

The party’s finished and I want you to know,

I’m all alone

I’m feelin’ everythin’ before I got up”

“I always want you when I’m coming down…

I always want you when I’m coming down…

I always want you when I’m coming down…

I always want you when I’m coming down…

I always want you when I’m coming down…

I always want you when I’m coming down…

I always want you when I’m coming down…

I always want you when I’m coming down…”

What I love most about the growl scene is its underlying message.

Belle asked the prince if he fancied growing a beard. This can be inferred that she was deeply unsure and wanted to know that the man in front of her is really the same one she knew, not the selfish and unkind prince whom he used to be.

The growl he gave to her is the proof that he’s still the sweet, gentle and kind beast she knew so well and fell in love with. It is a part of the beast who had changed into someone better. Even though he transformed back to human form she never knew, a part of that sweet beast she fell in love with remained in him and ensured the changes in his heart.

It worries me when people actually believe that Beauty and the Beast is about Stockholm Syndrome and/or abuse. Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation, for sure. But when people start shaming others for enjoying the tale, it becomes a problem. 

Let’s break it down:

Beauty and the Beast shows how Stockholm Syndrome works

Actually, Stockholm Syndrome is yet to be recognized as an actual mental disorder, and people who have been part of hostage situations have denied it.

Stockholm Syndrome involves adapting your actions to please a captor when you feel threatened. It is a survival mechanism. In this case, Belle never changes for the Beast, and instead challenges him every time.  

But Beast kidnapped and captured Belle in his castle. He is a captor

He didn’t kidnap her. Belle chose to take upon herself a penalty that fell on her father due to his trespassing. 

Also, let’s remember that we can’t analyze a film without taking its historical setting into account. The story takes place in a Royal background during the 18th Century,  when the justice system was nothing like ours.

As a result, Royalty -to which the Prince, who is now a Beast, belonged to- dealt with trespassers much differently than we do, as they believed their word to be the law. 

Yes, the Beast/the Prince is her captor. But only because he is punishing her for what he considers to be a transgression on her father’s part. Let’s remember: this is a character that lost his kingdom, and the only power he now has, has been reduced to the castle and what exists in it. Growing out of this mentality and what has been wrongly taught to him, is part of his character arc (and it’s also why it makes sense that an Enchantress would want to teach a lesson to a Prince and not someone like Gaston, since the entire kingdom depends on him).    

But he’s abusive

The Beast never insults or physically harms Belle. At most, he’s rude and demanding…in 2 scenes. Yes. When people talk about the Beast’s abuse in the animation, only two or three scenes where he’s yelling or smashing furniture are used to support the theory.


1- The scenes (being rude to Belle on the way to her room, demanding Belle dines with him, and throwing her from the West Wing and smashing furniture) occur on the same day. The very same day he’s had to interact with another person for the 1st time in 10 years, after almost becoming a complete animal. There’s pent up anger, for sure. But never again do we see the Beast being either forceful or violent. On the contrary, he learns his way into gaining his human behavior back.

2- In each of the scenes, the animators made careful decisions to show the Beast’s instant regret. When analyzing a film, we can’t forget the visual cues that it gives us.

3-  Belle doesn’t fear him. Even after seeing him easily take on the wolves that attacked her (that is, at his most violent), she confronts him and calls him out on his rudeness. A scared person wouldn’t dare to do so. She’s an immovable force that the Beast doesn’t know how to deal with, not a victim.

4- We can’t choose to forget that the Beast sets her free, which is no small feat for someone who has been brought up in a royal background. 

But it glamorizes abusive relationships by making girls believe they can change men

No. Choices made by Linda Woolverton (script) and Howard Ashman (lyrics) focus on Belle and the Beast as outcasts, and forcing her to stay in the castle is a plot device to help the characters get to know each other (and, like I mentioned before, it’s justified by the messed up royal background of the Beast).

It doesn’t ‘glamorize’ an abusive relationship. When the Beast is rude and violent, Belle doesn’t take an interest in him and she actively rejects him. It’s only when the power balance shifts and they treat each other as equals, that the friendship and attraction begin.

The tale is more about outcasts finding solace in each other, than about a woman changing a man to fit her standards. Both Belle and the Beast change in some way. Both must look past each other’s appearance and behavior (both are stubborn and set on their ways) to find what is within. The fact that what is in there pleases them both is what makes the tale great. After all, Belle could have found another Gaston inside the Beast.

But in real life people don’t change for other people” 

In real life, people don’t turn into beasts and furniture. There are no curses or enchantments. We’re dealing with a fairy tale that shows us how the world should be, could be or we would want it to be. And if things didn’t work out for the better, there would be no story to tell.

Let’s never forget the striking difference between fiction and reality. And if you’re worried kids will get the wrong message, talk to them. Don’t blame it on the films or the stories.  

We can’t and shouldn’t judge a film on account of its validity in real life. In real life, most of us wouldn’t support vigilantism, yet we enjoy films like Batman or The Avengers without a hitch. In real life, we would probably reject terrorism, yet we enjoy Heath Ledger’s Joker (The Dark Knight) and Hugo Weaving’s V (V for Vendetta) despite the fact that both can be labeled as terrorists. 

I’ll be writing more about this soon, but for now, I truly hope people will take a closer look at a film before just glancing at the plot and thinking: “oh, this sounds too much like this other thing! It must be the same!”. 

Take the time to consider all the elements in a story before letting a Meme or a Tweet define how you see it. 

anonymous asked:

Forgive me if you've been asked this already but at what moment do you think Clarke fell in love with Lexa, or realized she was in love with her? I believe Eliza had trouble answering this at a con (I think she said it was before the bow though) so I'm wondering what you think.

Mmm that’s hard to say, and honestly, that’s kinda what I love about it. Because you can’t always exactly pinpoint the moment you fall in love with someone, right? Maybe it’s a feeling that grows gradually but unstoppable, maybe it’s like a wave hitting you at once, it varies. And that’s how I think it was for Clarke.

The way I see it, it was sudden for her at first and then everything slowed down and it naturally developed. It wasn’t love yet in the beginning, but there was definitely a realization that she had feelings for Lexa. Just look at her face after storming out of Lexa’s tent in 2x14. 

Why else would she looked so bothered? If she had just been upset about their argument she would have had an angry face. Instead she looks like she’s literally trying to physically restrain her feelings, whatever they may be. She takes that deep, shaky breath in an attempt to collect herself because, what the hell just happened inside that tent? Did Lexa really just confess she has feelings for me? And why does it affect me so much? What am I feeling? This is what I think is going through her mind. And then of course we have the confirmation of this, when she gladly replies to Lexa’s kiss. Even after she rejects her, there is no indication of that being a definitive rejection. There is no feeling of “I’m sorry, but I don’t reciprocate.” Clarke is not ready for a relationship, and it’s right that she was honest with Lexa, but she rejects her in literally the softest way possible, AND leaves the door open for the future. Not yet. That means she already sees herself considering a relationship with Lexa in the future, after healing, when she’s finally ready. And look at how tender and somewhat tamely longing her gaze is even after she rejected Lexa.

She is definitely aware of her feelings for Lexa here. But then the betrayal happens and ah, they take 46 steps back.

Now, of course, Lexa’s betrayal causes Clarke to close herself off. Clarke is angry at Lexa, she’s angry at herself, she’s in pain, every other feeling pales in comparison. And obviously, so much of Clarke’s suffering is tied to what Lexa did, so it’s definitely not a surprise that romance is out of the question when they first meet again. Clarke’s pain is consuming her, she is definitely not thinking about whatever she and Lexa had. And yet…

This isn’t a romantic moment by any means. But we’re talking about Clarke realizing she loves Lexa, and I don’t think we can’t gloss over this moment. When I say that I don’t romanticize this scene, it’s because this is not a cute moment. This isn’t a “oh my God, she loves her!” moment, this moment is sad. It’s painful, it’s heartbreaking, but it’s so damn important. Clarke can’t kill Lexa here. How much easier would it be for her to shut her heart out entirely, to blame Lexa for everything and just kill her without feeling anything? I bet in that moment, a part of Clarke wants that. But Clarke feels, and she feels for Lexa. She has these feelings and they won’t go away, not even when she’s at her lowest. So yeah, not a romantic moment, but definitely essential to understand Clarke’s complicated feelings for Lexa.

After the bow, Clarke is a little more trusting towards Lexa, but she’s definitely still closed off, she’s not ready to expose her heart yet. And we get to the “I’m doing it for my people” episode, 3x04. Right from the very beginning, Clarke spends the entire episode trying to find a way to keep Lexa safe, to protect her. But every single time she voices her concerns to Lexa or hell, even Titus, her preoccupation feels far more personal than political. She’s worried, she’s agitated, she even seems angry that Lexa won’t listen to her and step away from the duel. It’s a crescendo of apprehension and frustration and anxiousness as every single one of Clarke’s attempts fails, crescendo that culminates in an emotional explosion.

The second gif is particularly telling. Titus interrupts them, the moment is gone and Clarke finds herself having to face what just happened. Look at her face, at how she looks away from Lexa and sucks a breath through her teeth. She’s restraining her feelings, but she’s a little too late this time. And it’s not only Lexa who is shaken by Clarke’s emotional outburst, it’s Clarke herself too. She doesn’t catch herself in time and now she can’t pretend with herself that those feelings aren’t there. I think this is when the true first “shift” after the betrayal happens. Clarke wants to keep Lexa at arm’s length but Lexa might very well die that same day and, despite any resolution she had, the thought terrifies Clarke. And she’s so scared that she’s never going to see Lexa again that…

I could write an essay on all the emotions Clarke experiences before and throughout and at the end of Lexa’s duel, but the gist of it is that during this tense moment, with Lexa’s life on the line, she can’t bring herself to hide her feelings. It’s all there, on her face. 

Only when things settle down she is able to collect herself again. Lexa comes visit her that night and we see Clarke pull her walls up again. “I was just doing what was right for my people.” BUT! Even if Clarke is not ready to open up her heart again, that scene is infused with intimacy. Even Clarke’s “rejection” is filled with emotion.

Clarke is the opposite of cold here. The way I see it, she is pulling away because she’s realizing she’s close to giving in, but she’s not yet ready for that. It’s so clear that here Lexa is talking about what happened at Mount Weather too, this is another quiet apology that Clarke obviously recognizes. If she went with her feelings, Clarke would have to admit that she does understand Lexa, that in her heart maybe she’s already forgiven her. But in that moment it’s too overwhelming, so she looks away and avoids the conversation, avoids Lexa’s gaze, avoids having to focus on her feelings.

She literally keeps having to look away because things get too intense but at the same time there’s a tenderness in her eyes that she can’t hide. And once Lexa is gone and she can breathe… bam

All the feelings she restrained, everything she tried to hide merely minutes ago hits her full force. I said I think Clarke’s love for Lexa developed gradually, naturally, but if I had to pick a specific moment and say that’s when Clarke realized she’s in love with Lexa, it would be this one.

By the time we get to 3x06, I do believe Clarke knows and has accepted she is in love with Lexa, but she’s still struggling to admit it out loud, especially to Lexa. That episode happens roughly 7-10 days after the events of Hakeldama, and when we see Clarke and Lexa again, they are closer than ever. There is a sense of intimacy, of almost domesticity between them. They are comfortable with each other’s presence. There’s not really a reason for them being in the same room in that scene: Lexa fell asleep while reading and Clarke is drawing (there are other sheets in her folder, which makes me think she was drawing other things before focusing on Lexa). They don’t have to talk or interact, they simply are together.

When Lexa wakes up from the nightmare, Clarke doesn’t hesitate to jump next to her and comfort her, with soothing touches and calming, reassuring words. And then we get to the moment Lexa notices the drawing. A lot has been said about Lexa’s face, but instead look at Clarke’s.

This is the exact opposite of what I was talking about in 3x04. Lexa sees the drawing and is taken aback. That she doesn’t know whether she should hope for anything is another story, but the look she gives Clarke is very telling. And Clarke doesn’t avoid it. Yes, her first instinct is to play it off as something meaningless. “Uh, that’s not- it’s not finished yet.” But then Lexa looks at her, confused, surprised, a tiny bit hopeful, and Clarke meets her gaze and they just stare at each other. Look at that little pause she does before lifting her eyes. That’s when she chooses not to hide. As I said, I think that here Clarke has come to terms with her feelings for Lexa, but here for the first time, she doesn’t hide them from Lexa. Her look is just as telling as Lexa’s. They aren’t saying a word and this is one of their most honest, important conversations. Clarke is silent, but her eyes are speaking, her untold feelings are there, and maybe letting Lexa know isn’t so unfathomable anymore. Maybe, maybe Clarke this is the closest Clarke has been to being ready.

So this is what i think. The way I see it, it’s tricky and complicated and simply beautiful.

Just saw Beauty & the Beast, & I can confirm:

Lefou is super fucking gay.

If you watch the film, watch his face when he looks at gaston: you’ll see it before the end. 

I’m not gonna spoil anything, but when asked “Why can’t you get any girls, Lefou?”, he has the face of “Jesus fucking christ I'm gay asshole”.

Sort how the Finn and Dameron interaction went, it’s subtle, so make sure you look for it.

Anyways, the film was great, animations were fucking fantastic, though I didn't really like Emma’s singing, it was very enjoyable (and gay).

Yuri On Ice + Background Music

Because I don’t see people talking about it enough

I just noticed that the BGM in this scene 

Which I’m sure you all remember


This beautiful moment

By the way if you’ve forgotten the music, it’s a very cute melody and I’m linking a sample of it here for your listening pleasure

What does this mean? Well, it just makes Yuri!!! On Ice that much cleverer, using the same music at two incredibly important developments in Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship, as well as Yuuri’s character itself. It showcases a contrast in meaning. Establishing a certain musical theme, and then coming back to it later, is a well known tactic that is very often used by filmmakers etc. (an example being Pixar) to create more emotion, and YOI does it brilliantly here

Oh, and the best part? Towards the end of the song, the cutesy melody stops and alters a little part, during this exact moment

And also this moment

I swear to god, the implications of this… the ‘Yuuri buying the rings’ scene just became a whole lot more feels worthy 

YOI staff, I bow down before thee

The truthiest of truths: the further I get into my teaching career, the more I hate repeating myself and the more I take the time to find ways to make it so I can say, “I have already gone over that, but you have the tools to find the answer to that question in your possession. I suggest re-reading the handout.”

Let’s talk about Kit Walker.

Who is this smiling darling, you ask?

Well that would be Kit walker. And this is his beautiful wife.

They’re very in love. And very happy.

Of course, until their home is invaded by aliens.

And he’s abducted and experimented on.

Oh, and he wakes to find his wife has been skinned and beheaded.

and is accused and arrested for her murder.

So dear Kit is wrongfully locked in an insane asylum..with this abusive nun…

and he gets beaten.

and a Nazi doctor messes with him.

Chance to escape?! Gets ratted out.

He and accomplice will be punished? Takes his friend’s punishment on himself. Twice the lashes.

But look! They escape!!

To be attacked by zombies and run back to the asylum.

but hey! He’s falling in love with Grace!

Nevermind, she got shot.

oh, and his therapist is his wife’s murderer.

More torturous Nazi experiments

But hey guess what! Grace is alive, and she’s had Kit’s baby! ah, the miracle of life.

Ah, screw that. The asylum takes their baby.

Wait, things are looking up! Kit’s proved innocent and released!
Time to take the fam home. <3

 …where his presumed dead wife is chilling with his baby.

Cue weird domestic polygamy.

Maybe things are gonna be okay for his little family!

nah. one wife murders the other.

Still, Kit cares for his murderous wife in the asylum.

Til the day she dies, of course.

Then he finds the abusive nun who beat him senseless…

Who he shows compassion to.

takes into his care

for the rest of her days.

After all of this, Kit is not bitter. He is not broken. His light is not hindered by the darkness which devoured his life.

Kit was beaten, tortured, manipulated, and brutally lost his loved ones. Yet he continued to forgive. To love unconditionally. And in the end of his life, was deemed too beautiful for even death itself.


Beauty and the Beast

We all talk a lot about Beauty and the Beast—especially me. Of all the fairy tales I’m obsessed with, this has always been my favorite. And right now, I think the Beast is an excellent way to continue this discussion on rape.

What do you know about him, you who grew up on Disney?

The Beast was a jerk, right? He was mean to some fairy, so she turned him into a monster as a well-deserved punishment.

My favorite version of this story is La Belle et le Bete, a novella by a Madame Villeneuve. It’s the version of this story type that our current version is most directly descended from. And it doesn’t focus a lot on this aspect of things, but here is what I have always taken away from this story:

The Beast is the victim.

He’s young. Young enough that he can’t be left home alone when his mother the queen goes off to war. So they leave him with a fairy woman.

The fairy falls in love. The Beast—future Beast—doesn’t feel the same way. That—not wanting a romantic relationship with his guardianthat is what he’s being punished for.

So we’ve got a young man, sexually harassed, at the very least, by a woman he trusted to take care of him. He gets tossed into some new body, monstrous and unfamiliar. But wait!

There’s more. Part of the spell is that he must seem as stupid as he is hideous. You’ve got this child, abused, tortured, transformed, and not even able to properly express himself—able to think just as he normally does, but unable to express those thoughts, unable to communicate effectively, unable to even let the Beauty get to know him as he really is.

I’ve read a lot of weird, intense, depressing fairy tales, but I’ve never encountered a character I felt more sympathy for than the Beast.

Now, let’s talk about what we’ve done to this story over the years, and what it says about us as a society.

This awful thing that happened to the Beast was his own fault, naturally. A very young man is sexually abused, essentially, by an older woman who is supposed to be taking care of him, and we change this into the story of an unpleasant young man being justly punished by a good woman. And then—then we do the exact same thing Beauty spent the entire story learning not to do. We immediately assume that ugliness of body must signify ugliness of spirit, and we adjust the story accordingly.

This is meant to be a story about a girl learning to see past appearances—about Beauty becoming a better person. Instead it’s become the exact opposite—Beauty helping the Beast to become better. It’s a redemption story now. The Beast never needed to be redeemed. He needed to be rescued.

I love Beauty and the Beast, in all its versions. I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with the version we tell now. It’s a good story, if a different one. What I am saying is that the way the story has changed over the years can be connected in interesting ways to how we handle the issues it contains in real life.

How many times have you heard the words “Men can’t be raped?” We have this bizarre inability to accept the idea of the guy as the victim in any situation. Anyone who gets raped, our society tends toward the mindset of “They deserved it.” Or we pretend it didn’t happen. And in the meantime, we’ve got all these people suffering the way the poor Beast does.

Imagine how traumatized he must have been. Imagine going through that, and having everyone siding with the evil fairy, everyone saying you deserved it, everyone assuming that because you’re big and ugly, you couldn’t possibly have been a victim here, and in fact, you were probably the perpetrator.

Let’s think less about magic flowers, and more about the incredible abuses of power at play here. The Beast is magnificent. And so many people are going through the real-life equivalent of his problems. We need more Beauties to see the worth in the people we push off to the side. No one real should ever have to suffer like the Beast.    

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Beauty and the Beast 2017: My Thoughts on the Title Characters

I have so many thoughts on this movie that I couldn’t smash all of them into one succinct review, so I’m going to compartmentalize a bit. This is just what I thought of Belle and the Beast and their relationship.

These are my initial thoughts after seeing it once, and as I have more time for everything to sink in, and to see it a second time, I may have more/different thoughts. Spoilers, so don’t read under the cut if you haven’t seen it yet!

Keep reading

i don’t know about you guys, but i was in total awe of oswald’s character development in the last episode. the fact that he went from being completely selfish, hellbent on his own survival, to being willing to DIE for ed is just amazing?? like, i’m still not over it. he was willing to be tortured rather than betray ed, even after EVERYTHING ed admitted to. not only did ed try to kill him (in a very violent, painful, way) but ed admitted to leaving elijah’s remains in a dumpster. (i mean, i think that’s not true, but we all know ed treats corpses badly, so who knows??)

even babs was stunned at oswald’s love for ed. she looks at him like she can’t believe it, and she even has to repeat it back to him. “so you’d rather die than give up the man who tried to kill you?” because this is such a huge deal for oswald, and babs knows that.

oswald was more than willing to let butch shoot ed for “betraying” him in episode 5 (when ed took the money back from the voters). but now? oswald would rather die than see ed hurt, even after everything. i am still so fucking shook over that. it’s such a beautiful thing.

ANYWAY. @colfernygma‘s gifset (here) made me realise something. in season 1, oswald says that love is weakness (“your greatest passion becomes your greatest weakness”) which is an obvious parallel to what ed says in season 2 (”but for you and i, it [love] will always be our most crippling weakness”).

but oswald is now at a point where he doesn’t see love as a weakness. it’s his strength. he was willing to put someone else before himself, and he is now more emotionally “mature” than ed. if you squint, every time oswald talks to ed in episode 14, he’s basically trying to help ed see the truth – that ed does love him, that they need each other, that ed didn’t really love isabella.

he even corrects ed, at one point. ed says “i’ve killed before, oswald,” and oswald says “not like this”. okay, oswald’s making the point that ed loves him, which ed claims to not be true, but COME ON. ed is so obviously conflicted about shooting oswald, it’s not even worth going into here. (but for a beautiful, in-depth analysis of ed’s feelings on the shooting, check out @edngyma’s meta here!) oswald is the more emotionally mature of the two of them, even though ed’s the one in a position of power.

oswald is playing the martyr card really hard in this scene. he’s desperately trying to enlighten ed, to make him see the Truth – that he does love and need oswald. but edward nygma is in so much denial it’s literally tragic. he doesn’t want to see past his anger at what oswald did. he doesn’t want to entertain the possibility that he loves oswald, because he’s too blinded by his own pain at oswald’s betrayal. (again, further proof that oswald is more emotionally mature than ed at this point. oswald was able to see past ed’s betrayal, because he loves him.)

ever since the first season, oswald has been steps ahead of ed, narratively. when ed was a nerdy smol, working at the g.c.p.d., oswald was murdering his way up the criminal ladder. oswald was on his Villain Journey way before ed. oswald really took up the moniker of the penguin at the end of season 1, and ed hasn’t even been called the riddler yet.

and then, in season 2, ed was fanboying over oswald and wanted him to be his murder senpai, because ed was still behind oswald, narratively. ed has always been following oswald’s lead. since getting out of arkham, ed has even dressed like oswald. he’s always been playing catch up.

people have already paralleled ed shooting oswald to oswald pushing fish off the roof in the season 1 finale, so i’m gonna bring that up now. oswald had to kill fish, to fully blossom into a beautiful criminal kingpin in season 2. it was a case of the student becoming the teacher (with a dash of homicide).

oswald has always been ed’s teacher. ed asked to be oswald’s student in season 2. (“i brought you here, in part, because i was hoping you could guide me on this new path.”) and then, after getting out of arkham, oswald gave ed suits, and a home, and a position of power. though ed had become a murderer all by himself, he was still subordinate to oswald. he still looked up to oswald. he even says it (“i continue to be in awe of you oswald”).

in order to fully begin his riddler journey, ed needed to “kill” his mentor, as a symbolic way of letting him go and moving on without him. to edward, oswald has fulfilled his purpose as his teacher. ed has to assert his position as a Badass Villain (in the eyes of babs and tabs and butch) by killing his mentor. like oswald killing fish to show everyone that they shouldn’t mess him with, ed “killed” oswald to prove to the criminal underworld that he’s not someone to be trifled with.

to drag it back to my original point: oswald had already gone through a version of this arc. as with everything, it took ed longer to reach this narrative place. but now he has, and we all know he’s gonna go on to don the ridiculous green suit and bowler hat, and fully embrace the riddler aesthetic.

so, at some point, ed is going to have to come to realisation that love ISN’T a weakness, but a strength. in season 2, when he says “for you and i, it will always be our most crippling weakness”, he’s including oswald in that. “for BOTH OF US love is weakness”. but love is no longer a weakness for oswald. love is a strength.

now it’s ed’s turn to come to that realisation. oswald’s already TOLD him – “you need me, edward nygma. just as i need you. you cannot have one without the other.” oswald and ed are stronger as a team than they are apart. oswald knows this, but ed doesn’t. not yet, anyway.

it makes sense that oswald comes to the realisation that love is actually a strength before ed does. because oswald has always been ahead of ed. this is just a continuation of the pattern that ed and oswald always follow. oswald is, as always, steps ahead of ed.


Think you know what true happiness looks like? You might have learned that from Disney.


This thoughtful and beautiful analysis and prediction of what might happen in the next movies is so amazing, go watch it, especially if you ship Reylo <3

A feminist defense of the animated Belle (warning: long)

Ah, Belle. She’s one of the universal favorites of all the Disney princesses and possibly my own personal favorite, hard though it is to choose. She was the first Disney heroine whose screenplay was written by a woman, Linda Woolverton, and has been widely acclaimed as “Disney’s first feminist heroine” (or at least the second, if you count Ariel as the first). Yet as with every Disney heroine, plenty of feminists over the years have disdained and lambasted her. The publicity surrounding the live-action remake seems to have enhanced the criticisms of the original: Emma Watson, Bill Condon, Jacqueline Durran, et al, have all made a real effort to make their version of Belle a more “empowered” and “modern” heroine than the original and emphasized this fact in all their interviews. This is all well and good, but in response, too many people are now claiming that the original Belle was never “really” strong, smart or interesting and that Watson’s Belle is superior in every way. Having grown up loving the original Belle, and knowing about the tireless efforts that Linda Woolverton, lyricist Howard Ashman, storyboard artist/writer Brenda Chapman, and others put into making her a strong, empowered character, I can’t possibly agree with the criticisms. They make some valid points, but on the whole they range from half-truths to total nonsense!

So here’s my feminist defense of the original, animated Belle. I don’t address every complaint I’ve ever read about the character, only the complaints about feminist issues. For example, I don’t address the common claim that she’s “a snob,” because that gripe has nothing to do with gender roles. But even with this narrow focus, be warned: this defense is long, because I’ve read a lot of complaints over the years and I have no shortage of opinions about them.

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Episode 9′s Final Scene, An Analysis of the Images

A lot of people have posted on the words said in the last one minute and fifteen seconds of episode 9, and for good reason. But I want to take a look through the lens of the emotions displayed by the characters in the images we’re shown. Partly because the animation in this entire show is top notch, and the way the animators convey what their characters feel is just so damn human that I want to take a second to applaud it. But it’s mostly because what struck me most in this scene is the facial expressions of the characters and how raw this scene feels. It doesn’t need any words at all, because the images do such a good job conveying what is going on, and what the characters are feeling, and their relationship to each other. The whole show is like this, but this scene struck me in particular. Because we’ve been seeing Viktor displaying a lot more real, deep emotions recently (the carpark scene, the run and kiss, his dilemma over leaving Yuri). But this scene takes the whole fucking cake.

Both of them in this scene are so full of emotion and it’s reflected so well in their actions and their expressions.

Firstly, Viktor comes alone to the airport to pick Yuri up. Fukuoka Airport is about an hour fifteen by car, and an hour forty by train from the town of Karatsu that Hasetsu is based on so we know it isn’t exactly a short trip. And when Yuri came home in March for the first time in 5 years no one came to Fukuoka to pick him up, Minako meets him at the train station in Hasetsu but he makes it that far by himself. Viktor and Yuri haven’t seen each other for maybe 48 hours by this point. But Viktor still makes the extra trip, alone, to see Yuri a few hours faster than he would waiting for Yuri at the train station in Hasetsu. And that alone says a lot.

 But that’s not all, because Viktor looks like shit.

His hair is disheveled, and his eyes have bags, he looks kind of listless sitting there waiting for Yuri to show up. Nothing like the glowing, radiant star we’ve seen thus far. He has clearly not been doing well at all, the last 48 hours have been rough ones. And a lot of that is probably the stress of coming so close to losing his life-long companion, Makkachin. But Makkachin is fine, as we see, and is well enough to join Viktor on his trip to pick Yuri up so he has probably been out of the woods for a while. And yet Viktor still looks rough. But I’ll get back to this later.

Viktor’s immediate reaction to seeing Yuri is to jump up and run. He doesn’t wait to see if Yuri is running to him first, he just takes off for the door to get to Yuri as fast as he can. There are parallels to Episode 7, here. But the tone of the gesture this episode is much different. In Episode 7, Viktor could barely contain himself he was so proud, and excited, and all he wanted to do was surprise Yuri more than he surprised Viktor. That is definitely not the case here. Viktor is upset, not excited.

Yuri’s reaction to seeing Viktor, though, is shock.

Yuri probably figured he would be on his own until he got to Hasetsu like usual. He wasn’t expecting anyone to be there waiting for him, much less Viktor and Makkachin. Yuri wasn’t looking around expectantly for Viktor as he walked out of the terminal, he wasn’t looking for anyone. He was walking looking down thinking about what he was going to say to Viktor until Makkachin’s barking got his attention. That’s when he notices Viktor is sitting there waiting for him and he, too, takes off running for the door. There is no hesitation in his response, either. And the look of desperation on his face is so intense.

And the same look of desperation is mirrored on Viktor’s face as they run.

This is the single most intense moment of the series so far, for me, as far as the emotions shared between these two go. The Episode 7 kiss ain’t got nothing on this sequence of Yuri and Viktor running for each other, desperate to reach each other even five seconds faster. Because we know how much Yuri missed Viktor, he told us himself basically the entire episode just how much Viktor being gone affected him. But we didn’t have any idea about how much Viktor missed Yuri, or how it affected him, until right fucking here. And he looks just as desperate to reach Yuri as Yuri looks to reach him.

They’re looking at each other the entire way, too. Neither breaks eye-contact until they’re in each other’s arms.

Yuri’s face as he runs to Viktor’s arms just says “are you really here right now?” because he wasn’t expecting this, but damn if he isn’t going to throw himself at Viktor as fast as he can because the only thing he’s needed since he narrowly skated into the GPF was a hug from his coach, and friend, and the man who taught him what love is.

And then we get the most emotional expression we have seen from Viktor yet. I’ve made a lot of points in prior posts about how Viktor has spent years emotionally distancing himself from everyone around him, and how in earlier episodes we don’t get a lot of genuine emotion from him, but as the series has progressed we’ve gotten more and more. And all that character growth culminates in this incredibly emotional moment where they are so desperate to get to one another and Viktor looks so upset, and sorry, and like he needs this hug just as much as Yuri does. 

This is so reminiscent of Episode 5 where Viktor holds his arms out for a bleeding Yuri, but the tone is so, so different here. In Episode 5, it was because he was proud of Yuri. Yuri had done well, it was in celebration. Here, it is the opposite. They were separated, and Yuri did okay, but he barely skated through. He didn’t even make the podium. He is disappointed, and hurting, and he fucking missed Viktor like hell. But this hug is for comfort as much as it is an apology for Viktor leaving Yuri to fight alone when Yuri needed him most.

Viktor’s eyes are closed as he embraces Yuri, and this is the last clear shot we have of Viktor’s expression for a few moments. But the amount of emotion on display here is second only to maybe the carpark scene. He is sorry for leaving, and angry with himself for letting this happen, and concerned about Yuri’s mental state, and relieved to have him back in his arms all at the same damn time, and it’s probably the most complex emotion we’ve gotten from him in the series so far.

This hug is so emotionally charged I get choked up every time I watch it. He is so relieved to have Yuri back in his arms, and he looks like he never wants to let him go again. Because they’re both at really low points, here. Yuri did not perform as well as they both know he can, and Yuri almost missed the GPF - the goal they’ve been working towards together, that Viktor promised he’d help Yuri win - all because Viktor wasn’t there with him. And Viktor knows that, he’s probably been thinking about it for most of the past twenty-four hours. 

On the other hand, Yuri looks nervous on top of being upset. 

Because he has built it up in his head that he’ll have to let Viktor go eventually (a lot of people have posted other posts expressing exactly what I’m thinking on this, so I won’t rehash here) but Yuri has decided that after the end of this season he’ll be retiring and he’s about to ask Viktor a very important question, so he’s nervous, but also a little sad. Because he’s about to ask Viktor to stay with him for now, all the while thinking he’ll have to give Viktor up in the end. His eyes are angled away, he’s upset. Unlike Viktor, who just looks relieved to finally be back with Yuri, even if he is upset with himself for leaving in the first place.

And then Yuri pushes Viktor away to ask him to stay, and we don’t really get to see Viktor’s face for the majority of this sequence, it’s blocked by Yuri’s arms and the camera angle throughout. But we do get a glimpse of Viktor in the reflection of Yuri’s glasses as Yuri pushes his away:

And it’s dark, and blurry, but damn if he doesn’t look hurt, and confused. His eyebrows are raised, his eyes wide, his lips turned down in a frown. Like, “why are you pushing me away right now? I just got you back in my arms, don’t push me away right now.” 

Maybe he thought Yuri was going to tell him he wanted a new coach, because we know Viktor isn’t all that confident in his abilities as coach and Yuri did just flub a really important skate because Viktor left him alone (no matter if Yuri himself demanded that Viktor go back). He has probably been doubting his abilities as coach for the past 48 hours, which explains why he looks so haggard. And why his first words to Yuri are about how he has been thinking about what he can do as Yuri’s coach going forward. He’s been thinking about what he lacks as a coach, and what is best for Yuri, and his failures. But instead of blaming Viktor (which he would never do), Yuri asks him to stay with him until he retires. 

Which Viktor obviously wasn’t expecting. Because though we don’t get his full reaction, we do see the bottom half of his face:

And that looks like surprise, to me. His mouth is hanging open, he looks caught off guard. But he quickly recovers, and kisses Yuri’s hand. And he looks damn relieved. Like, he thought he was going to have to give Yuri up to a real coach before Yuri asks him to stay.

And then THIS face. The “of course, you idiot. Like I could consider going anywhere” face!

Which Yuri also wasn’t expecting. Because he doesn’t believe he can hold onto Viktor forever.

But the response makes him happy. And this fucking endearing smile. Just, the amount of love reflected in this one screen cap:

And Yuri steps forward back into Viktor’s arms. His expression is different this time, and he just looks content. He looks relieved. Viktor is going to stay with him, for now. They’ll go to the Grand Prix Final together, and he can hang onto Viktor a little longer.

Except Viktor then tells Yuri that he never wants to leave him, in so many words. Because that is what Viktor is implying. On first watch, I got scared. Because of the word choice used it kind of sounds like Viktor might be acknowledging that he’ll have to leave eventually, which is why he wishes that Yuri never has to retire. But on rewatch three of this scene, I ignored the subs and just focused to Viktor’s tone of voice. And he doesn’t sound sad, or morose. It doesn’t sound like a “we don’t have nearly enough time” it sounds like a fucking promise. Like “I have no where else I’d rather be than with you.”

And Yuri realizes that Viktor doesn’t want to leave him, just as much as he doesn’t want Viktor to leave. Maybe more. And he cries. And it’s different from episode one, where he’s crying alone in the bathroom because he lost, and episode seven where he is having a meltdown in the carpark because Viktor just tried to shatter his glass heart in an horrendously unadvised move.

These are tears of relief. Because maybe he won’t have to give up Viktor, after all.

Monsta X’s Beautiful MV analysis

It’s interesting to see what each member receives in their locked up rooms. And going by All in and Fighter symbols, each prop can’t be random. It must have some meaning. I think each object represents what the X Clan offered them (to keep on the theme).The first thing you notice is that Jooheon is the one who carries them on a silver plate and serves them to the locked up members.

But this happens after the first chorus. Before that, we can see the members struggling to escape the rooms. 

Moreover, at the end of the video, all members are able to leave their room – and we know it’s not Jooheon who freed them, but they did it themselves. The doors were opened from the inside. This probably means that he gave them what they needed in order to escape the oppressive (maybe dystopic too?) society they lived in.

·         The pocket watch for Minhyuk: this one is probably the simplest symbol. The watch represents time. It also indicates 5:14 which was noticed from the teaser – the date of their debut. 

Through this, Minhyuk has the power to turn back time to the beginning. Connecting it with All in and Fighter, it gives Minhyuk the power to turn back the time and save his friend, Hyungwon, from death, to bring him back to life.

His room décor is also full of symbols regarding time stillness, suggesting Minhyuk’s feelings of being stuck in time – or that the time stood still – because of Hyungwon’s death.

·         The hammer for Kihyun: the hammer has been a symbol for power since old times. It represents strength, ambition and, of course, a good physical condition. 

In All in, Kihyun was seen using crutches (he also appears for a very short time in the video). But those crutches disappear in Fighter and in Beautiful. Because by taking the elixir, the flower, Kihyun regained his strength and can walk again. In Fighter he’s also seen carrying what everyone supposes it’s a corpse in a bag. 

The hammer connects to this because Kihyun probably did the hardest thing out of all of their deeds – killing somebody for the clan. And for this you need strength, not only physical but also mental.

·         The flower elixir for Shownu: it took me quite a while to figure this out. Shownu’s room has a fragile white flower in a glass box in the middle. The flower probably represents his dying grandfather whom he loved – maybe his only family. 

He gives the elixir to the flower. We don’t see any change regarding its state though, although we know his grandfather died in All in. My theory is that Shownu found a second family in the X Clan. He had whom to care for and who to look after him now, even if his real family is dead.

·         The mirror for Hyungwon: of course, the first thought that came to my mind is vanity and that Hyungwon is the visual. But the mirror has a deeper symbolism. It shows one’s true identity. 

Hyungwon is shown in the beginning hitting the window of his door, something opposite to giving that soldier a flower in All in. His reaction is the strongest in Beautiful because he had the most to lose by joining the X Clan, since his father had such a high position in the New Order forces. 

The mirror shows that the X Clan offered Hyungwon the chance to be himself, truly himself, to escape from his (abusive) father. He also has sand in his fist at a point that falls through his fingers. This suggests that he was waiting for something to happen, he was waiting to get the mirror and time seemed like a burden for him. 

·         Pen and seal for Wonho: Wonho seems to be stuck in a safe deposit box like some kind of bookkeeper, maybe. 

Jooheon isn’t seen giving him something (tho, he isn’t seen giving Shownu something either, just checking on him after Shownu is seen with the elixir bottle). But later on, we are shown a silver plate with a pen and a seal, in front of a black notebook. 

Throughout the previous videos, Wonho had the role of a helper. He helped Minhyuk to burn down Hyungwon’s father’s building, he built that machine for the elixir. In Beautiful, Wonho is quite passive, he only reads a letter. My guess is that that the letter was actually orders for him to follow, say “burn down building”, “build machine” etc. Wonho has the role of a bookkeeper in the sense that he makes sure the X Clan’s business runs smoothly and helps the other members however he can

·         Match for I.M.: I.M. wakes up in a very luxurious room surrounded by money and gold. 

He doesn’t seem pleased with this tho, carelessly letting the golden coins drop to the ground. My guess is the décor suggests I.M. was well-off but he wasn’t happy with the riches that surrounded him. This time Jooheon has no link to I.M., as the maknae is seen lighting up a match and burning the money that surrounds him. 

This probably suggests his involvement in the fire from All in, but also him giving up on his wealthy condition in exchange for the family he found in the X Clan. I think the match also highlights I.M.’s important role in the clan. He is the spark that starts the fire. Just like Wonho, he had the role of a helper in the previous videos, helping Minhyuk and figuring out how to use the machine Wonho built.

All in all, I still have no idea what’s with Jooheon?? 

Regarding the trilogy’s (or duology and a half? lol) overall symbolism over youth, I think All in showed the struggles you face when you’re young, the oppression of society, family or the miseries you might face such as somebody’s death. Fighter showed the rebellion, the “fighter” spirit that’s characteristic of this age, that drives people to stand up for themselves. And lastly, Beautiful showed the beauty of youth, that beyond all drama and catastrophe you can still be happy and escape the confines that keep you locked up and even find a second family in your friends.

And I think that’s Beautiful. #StanMonstaX

That sneak peek is hilarious!!!

It’s like a few hours later (a day later, at most), and she’s already packing his shit and putting it in the shed? Like…his spot on the bed hasn’t even gotten cold yet, and she be like, “Nope. My fiancé is gone, never to return again. Even though I have all his most precious belongings. He just left them to me because he doesn’t care for them anymore. Just like me. Even his brother’s ring.”

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

Guuuuuuuuuuuurl, do you know how HORMONAL that looks to me?!

Boy took ONE DAY OFF from his pregnant baby mama because they were fighting, and she’s already thrown all his shit out the bedroom window and scattered them all over the front lawn! Because that’s what she feels like he gets for abandoning her after knocking her up. Even though she doesn’t know she’s knocked up yet. She be like, “Boy, you didn’t keep me warm last night! My feet were cold! I needed pickles and ice cream at one in the morning, and you weren’t there to fetch them for me! Take your precious (oh so precious) sea chest and stay out!” Then she goes drinking with her friends and cries over him for hours. She can’t even drink because that was their thing when they were together. (And that’s good cuz she’s pregnant but doesn’t know it yet. And she can’t get the picture of the Wish realm Hook out of her head.)

And it’s only been ONE DAY!!!

Emma’s pregnant and hormonal. That’s what I think. That’s why I think she’s acting that way, which I find utterly hilarious! And Gideon wants to either kill the baby in the womb (by making Emma drink, because dollars to donuts, one of those drinks is laced with poison), or speed up her pregnancy so he can kill the baby outside the womb. Either way, Gideon needs to kill a Savior to get their powers, and that baby would be the next Savior after Emma. That baby is Gideon’s next target. And he most likely got Killian out of the way because he probably knows that he’s the Sorcerer. At least that’s my hope, because I want just a little bit of the Sorcerer storyline in this season. Even just a tidbit that Gideon knows something about Killian and his magic that Killian doesn’t know himself.

Anyway! This whole thing was just to say how funny I found that sneak peek, mostly because it fits with pregnant, hormonal Emma.

Now, Snow and Regina, they have no excuse for acting that way. Well…Snow doesn’t, at the very least, given that she was the last one to see him. Miss Hope isn’t acting very hopeful in that scene. And she wouldn’t be drinking either if she was breastfeeding. And who the hell is watching her baby anyway, if Charming’s asleep?!

So, Emma, I’m chalking up to her pregnancy hormones. Snow and Regina, I have no explanation for, unless…they’re not Snow and Regina. And it’s just Gideon’s trick to get Emma to drink poison so he can kill her and/or the baby. Hmmm…this reminds me of Sleeping Beauty. Well, what do you know! We’re back to that! :-D If Regina is…Regina (Maleficent), and Snow is Gideon in disguise (Maleficent’s hypnosis spell), the bartender could be Rumple in disguise (the spinning wheel with the poison), and then, of course, Emma is Aurora. Killian is Prince Philip, imprisoned by Maleficent (or in this case, Gideon as Maleficent’s magic) so that he wouldn’t be able to get to his true love after she put a curse on her. Huh. This works. This works very much! So we’re back to the Sleeping Beauty storyline once again. With the baby thrown in rather than the sleeping curse. That’s nice! I dig it.

Lol! I started this whole post just to say that I found hormonal Emma hilarious. How did it turn into this again? Hahaha!

Have a great weekend everyone! :-D

PS: The look on Henry’s face: LMAO!!! He be like, “Mom and dad are fighting. I’m staying out of this. I’m just gonna sit here and listen to my music, because there is no way in hell dad would’ve left all his shit here if he had left mom, so…I’m just not gonna say anything until they work their shit out.” Hahahahahaha! He’s like, “Yeah, okay, mom.” *twiddles thumbs, waiting for dad to walk back through the door*

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Haii. Your blog is so beautiful. I'm new to Tumblr. Can you suggest me some httyd blogs I can follow please?

Hey friend! Thank you and welcome to this beautiful place! :D

Aha great question! It’s always important to know who follow when you’re new in a fandom :)

So I will put some HTTYD blogs I follow per classes:

Firstly, you’ve to follow HTTYD official blog @howtotrainyourdragon​ of course!

Then, if you want to see beautiful HTTYD gifs from your favourite show, you should follow @graphrofberk @fankakm @lutavero @dragonlover7860 @dragonlovertr @odair-hofferson @httydofdreamworks @berkedits @astrid-gifs and @queenelinor!

As to the HTTYD quotes, you should give a look at @justgotawesome‘s blog (contains also gifs)

Regarding HTTYD fanarts, there are a lot of persons you should follow: @leffie-draws-fanart @emmalennyeddie @avannak @jennis41digsdragons @wave-artworks-fanarts @snowprincess-artist @bgsdragons and @raide-draws-fanart!

Also, if you’re interested in seeing amazing HTTYD videos, you should watch @22craftgirl and @littlehttydthings!

In their own category, you’ve @tarched and @nightofthefury-3d who create HTTYD animation!

Besides, you have a lot of beautiful writers to follow, their HTTYD fanfictions are amazing: @e–wills @astrxd @chiefhiccstrid @avannak @astridthevalkyrie and @fanwriter02!

Also, you need to follow our fandom wise @kingofthewilderwest who does incredible HTTYD analysis and who is truly a beautiful person!

And if you just want to follow amazing people added to this list, there are: @hello-em75 who does amazing appreciation post and always manages to reunite the fandom together like @angies-team does too! You’ve @the-fanaddict who posts some livestreams I enjoy to see, @crazy4dragons who thinks about interesting HTTYD headcanons and @astridthefearless that always does amazing posts by pointing things we didn’t see in the shows! 

Added to that, if you’re a Hiccstrid shipper, you should follow @dailyhiccstrid and @hiccstridsource :)

I probably forget some other blogs but I don’t know everybody on this fandom and it’s up to you to discover many others HTTYD blogs! Have a nice experience in our fandom! I hope you’ll find amazing people as I did!

If you remember my first analysis of Gaston in the 2017 Beauty and the Beast, then you’ll remember I said I’d make three parts to it! Again, included will be various headcanons of both of them. Here’s part two.

This is split up into Pre-movie, Lefou about Gaston, and Gaston about Lefou.

Gaston and Lefou’s Relationship

Originally posted by reyskyvalker

So I’m going to start at the beginning again, going through the development of their relationship as the movie progresses, and address the potential for a continuation of their relationship.

  • Pre-Movie

Before the movie starts, as Luke Evans cites (link in the first post), Gaston and Lefou have fought in a war together. They’re really close friends, they’ve fought and bled together. That itself presents a special bond. Throughout this, I find it hard to believe Gaston would ever lay a hand on Lefou and abuse him. This is the first major difference between the 1991 version and the 2017 version. Gaston is not physically abusing Lefou, and they have more of an equal-standing. As Josh Gad says in one interview, Lefou thinks of Gaston as his left-hand man. 

So Gaston and Lefou, pre-movie, are close friends, (Gaston refers to Lefou as his “oldest” friend during the movie as well,) and are equals.

  • How Lefou thinks of Gaston

Originally posted by peeechyy

Lefou loves Gaston, admires him, looks up to him, but he doesn’t worship him. In his eyes, They are equal, and all the worship-like stuff that happens, (he mimics his behavior in the mirror scene, and writes an entire song about how amazing he is, praises him,) is a product of his love for him. 

One of the things I love about Lefou in the 2017 version is that he isn’t a mindless follower. He’s constantly questioning Gaston’s actions, in fact he’s the only person in the film that seems to have any kind of hold on Gaston. It’s a fantastic contrast to the rest of the characters, and really empowers Lefou, makes him a more complex character. It indicates there’s a lot of give-and-take in their relationship. Lefou isn’t a pushover.

Lefou tends to see the best in Gaston. He doesn’t have a problem with small violent contact (”Yeah, I saw that coming” when Gaston punched Maurice) but draws the line at anything permanent (his constant nagging at Gaston to go back and set Maurice free again). Lefou thinks physical violence is a necessary evil at certain times, which is why he accepts Gaston’s aggressive nature.

Lefou wants to believe in Gaston. Anything Gaston does will be forgiven because Lefou wants to believe in Gaston, a product of falling in love with him when he was still a decent dude, not twisted up the way he becomes later on in the movie (referencing Post 1). He’s the type to step back and need space when Gaston gets too much, (”We are so in a bad place right now,”) The “right now” implies that they’ll make it through and become friends again. 

Lefou has a very strong moral compass and believes that people can change and become better. There must be something good in Gaston if someone as pure as Lefou believes in him and is willing to be patient and work with him through his episodes of anger.

Lefou views Gaston as an equal, a friend who needs help, and Lefou is more than willing to help.

  • How Gaston thinks of Lefou

Originally posted by alittlebiteverything

Now is the fun part. 

So this is difficult because I have to ask two questions: Is 2017 Gaston as extremely self-absorbed as his original character is? And if so, is he able to be in any kind of healthy relationship?

Original Gaston is a terrible person any way you look at him. He’s disgusting, he beats the innocent, even his closest friends, and doesn’t care about anything that doesn’t directly concern him. Not once does a thought enter 1991!Gaston’s mind that doesn’t directly affect himself.

2017!Gaston though, is a bit different. He does care about other people, namely Lefou. He asks Lefou about his love life, (”How is it no girl has snatched you up yet?” “Oh, Lefou, You’re the best,”) and even respects him and heeds his advice and counseling (”Deep breaths, Gaston. Deep breaths). 1991!Gaston would have just barreled through Lefou without a second thought, never would have even considered asking Lefou about his life let alone complimenting him. 2017!Gaston cares.

But you have to do more than just “care” for a healthy relationship. You have to be willing to work and listen and compromise. Gaston, as he is in the movie, couldn’t have provided Lefou a healthy relationship because (and I’d have to rewatch the movie to make absolute certain) he never gives anything to Lefou. Lefou works and works for Gaston, but Gaston doesn’t return anything. They never make any sort of compromise. 

The only semblance of a healthy relationship is shown when Gaston listens to Lefou when Lefou tells him to calm down, and because that I think their relationship can become healthy.

Repeating: Their relationship is not presently healthy and I do not support it. But for several reasons I’ll explain in a later post, I believe Gaston is able to change for better, and the relationship formed would be necessary and desirable.

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