the amount of times i have watched this scene now ohh boy it will never be gone from my head

Silver Tongue Pt.2

The ride to the club was wild to say the least, which is just how you liked it. You and J were laughing the entire ride there. especially after J had scared the hell out of a little old lady trying to cross the street.

 “You’re pretty spry for an old bat,” he had half shouted half laughed at her, after she jumped out of the way with alarming speed. 

Stepping out of the sports car, J linked your arm in his and walked into the club. Music was blaring, lights were flashing, the people were dancing and adrenaline was flowing. Just how you and J preferred it. Your eyes danced across the room analyzing your surroundings, assessing any risks and keeping mental note of anything that looked off. You spotted a shifty character with a black hoodie on, sitting in a dark corner booth by himself. You marked him with your mind and agreed to keep tabs on him throughout the night. 

J led you to the VIP area while barking at a waitress to bring him his usual. He didn’t order anything for you knowing you preferred to stay alert at all times in public. He’d never admit but J liked knowing you always had his back. After J was seated with his drink in hand he ordered Frost to let his first client in. You sat next to J, legs crossed back straight and business persona on. 

A 6 ft, tan, muscular, male, made his way through the curtain of beads. He was wearing black jeans and a red Henley shirt that came to his forearms showing off his pleather of tatts. His long brown hair hung loosely around his face as he bent over to kiss J’s ring. He waited for J’s nod of approval before occupying the seat across from you and J. For never having met with J before he was quite knowledgeable about J’s regulations for his meetings. He had kissed his ring, waited for approval to sit, and hadn’t even made eye contact with you. You thought to yourself. Now let’s see if he keeps this going by talking first. 

Everyone knows when it comes to negation that whoever talks first loses the upper hand. And you had never seen J talk first. You had once waited an hour before the man J was meeting with, finally succumbed to J’s penetrating stare and spoke first. J obviously shot the man before he could finish his sentence, just because he had dared to challenge the King himself. 

 "Mr.J, an honor to meet with you,” the man said.

 God he’s really done his homework you thought. 

 J’s face broke into a large smile, “Ohh I like you, mister man. Whats say we talk about this deal-o my higher ups discussed with you?” 

 "Of course Mr.J, as I told your men I’ve recently come in contact with a new middle man who is willing to sell copious amounts of merchandise” 

 Another box to check of the list. Always referring to drugs as merchandise rather than contraband. 

“For half the price and twice the potency.” He said while scratching his left forearm.

 J kept quiet willing the man to go on.

 "Anyways, I need your help. I don’t have the manpower to get the product into Gotham without the feds sniffing around. I’d be willing to go 30/70.” 

 J growled at him.

“…uh of course the 70 being yours,” he said nervously still scratching his arm.

 "Well now that sounds like a deal if I’ve ever heard one! HAHA! Let’s do some business boy!” J stood to shake his soon to be business partners hand.

And that’s when you saw it, one of his tattoos on his left arm had a smudged edge.

 "J” you spoke softly. 

His eyes snapped to yours. You shook your head. He grinned. And then BANG! 

Just like that the long haired man’s head was splattered on the wall behind him. J laughed and nodded to one of his henchman to check the body. He blew the smoke off the top of his gun and tucked it back into his holster. 

"Mr.Joker, he was wearing a bug.” The henchmen searching the body said while holding the dead man’s earpiece in his palm for the Joker to see. 

 You took the earpiece from the henchman while stepping over the corpse. You lifted it to the light inspecting the device. 

 "It’s government issused, he was probably undercover for an attempt to get you to fall for a sting operation.” You said dropping the device on the ground and smashing it with your heel. 

You looked over your shoulder to see J grinning at you from ear to ear.

"God, you’re sooo good,” he purred while striding across the room and sweeping you up in his arms. 

He kissed you passionately, his silent thanks for what you just did. You eagerly kissed him back saying ‘you’re welcome’ with your tongue. 

After J order Frost to take care of whatever low level henchmen let the fuzz in while wearing a bug, the meetings continued. They went off without a hitch, when they bored you your Y/EC eyes would look over to the shifty man in the booth. You couldn’t see him his face was covered in shadows. As time went on you got more interested in him. He just sat there never talking to anyone, never moving out of the shadows, not even ordering a refill on his drink.

It was the last meeting of the night for J and it seemed to be going well enough. You honestly had been paying too much attention to the man in the booth, to know what was going on. And it had not gone unnoticed by J, you were starting to irritate him every time you would glance out on the club. He was so busy watching you, watching the man in the booth, he couldn’t even keep track of what the man across from him was proposing. He was becoming extremely agitated with you. Why weren’t you paying attention to him? What was so goddamn interesting that you couldn’t keep up with the conversation?! And then to his utter astonishment you left the meeting. Looking like you were in a trance when you exited the room without even asking him. 

You couldn’t help leaving J and the meeting. There was something so familiar about the man in the booth. Sure, you couldn’t see his face. But you felt like you knew him, no, you were sure you knew him. You were drawn to him. You glided down the stairs and across the dance floor almost making it to the man when you heard a gun go off. 

You automatically hit the floor and pulled the gun from your clutch. You looked up into the VIP area to see J with his gun pointing at the man he was meeting with. Most of the henchmen in the room had their weapons pointed at him as well. But some of them were crouched over something or somebody you couldn’t see. You tore your eyes away from the scene in the VIP area to the man in the booth, but he was gone. He must have slipped away in the commotion the gunfire caused. 

You look back up to J and his eyes lock with yours. He was fucking livid. His chest was rising and falling heavy with anger. You wanted to run away and flee, but you knew it would only make it worse. Picking yourself up from the floor you made your way up to the lounge. You could finally see what the henchmen were gathered around. Frost. He had been shot in the shoulder, one of the medical henchmen was applying pressure to his shoulder. The other henchmen had the shooter tied up and shoved against the wall. While you were watching frost on the ground you caught the Joker slinking around the room up behind you. You took a deep breath and turned around to face him. 

"You got my frosty shot. By taking a walky walk out of the fucking room. Now… i’m going to ask you once, where were you going?” 

Your heart skipped a beat. 

"I went to get you a refill J.” you said calmly. 

“You just lied to me,” he growled.

"Ohhh dolly, dolly, dolly…you really, really shouldn’t have done that.” J growled his lip turning up in anger.

His breathing was heavy and his eyes were wild. He stalked toward you, you took a step back. He took one forward, you took one back. He took one forward, your back made contact with the wall. He descended upon you. He gripped your jaw in his left hand and clasped your wrists above your head with his right one. Your eyes were wide with fear. As he pressed his body against yours, he leaned in and whispered in your ear,

“You fucked up this time. Boy oh boy, did you fuck up.” 

 You knew you were in deep shit, and you didn’t see yourself talking your way out of this one.