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This project was extremely fun to make. I was thinking of this project around December of last year. So glad I got to make this dream come reality. I wanted to film for a longer period of time. I was thinking of having an insanely amount of footage and upload it around the fall. I couldn’t wait as you can clearly see so I did some now. Maybe I’ll do another one who knows. But the weather also took a toll on me on trying to finish this. This was extremely hard to upload at 2k resolution because FCP doesn’t have the right 2k video dimensions. After the 5th upload I finally managed to figure it out. It was well worth the struggle and the headaches because the shots you get with this guy are incredible. Worth every headache I got when trying to upload this lol.



Tada! A Full color 1920′s Ganondorf for you all! 

This commission took some time to do, but it was so much fun! I tried not to go overboard on it and limit myself to a maximum amount of time and I’m pretty happy with the results~ =W= 

 Thank you very much to my friend and patron for this work, @keimakaito​ for letting me have the time to create something I’ve wanted to do for a long time! 1920′s Ganon in color! Hope you guys like! 

More 1920′s ocarina of time, if you’re interested! 

Please do not edit, re-upload , or post my work on other sites without permission first, thank you!! 

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For the AU headcanons meme, I'm always up for more Mace Windu Unfucks the Timeline Verse

  • At some point, Mace Windu had to help bb!Ani with his homework and promptly found out he was not as good at astrophysics and engineering as he thought he was, holy fucking Force, is this even in BASIC?? That is a thing that happened. 
  • I was legit not kidding about the space promise rings, I know I’ve mentioned them a thousand times by now but I don’t know if I’ve made it clear that THERE ARE LITERAL SPACE PROMISE RINGS. They are like cute little ring-shaped holo-lockets and have tiny holoprojectors in them. Anakin spends a truly embarrassing amount of time fluttering over the slowly-growing collection of Padmé pictures in his, featuring such classics as: “That Time My Angel Looked In My General Direction And Kind Of Smiled”, “That Time My Angel Called Rush Clovis A Tool On The Senate Floor”, and “That Time My Angel Kneecapped A Bounty Hunter For Me”. Meanwhile Padmé has exactly one picture in hers for, like, YEARS: “That Time Ani Took A Selfie For Me To Upload To My Promise Ring”. She spends almost as much time as Anakin being dopey and sappy about it, though. Mace ignores them both, because he still has hands and hands are WONDERFUL. Seriously. So wonderful. Hands are just amazing. Hell, HE could wear a ring if he felt like it NO JINN JUST NO WE ARE NOT GOING THERE. 
  • Palpatine really did just finally run out of patience on his fucking thousand-year plan in Anakin’s early twenties and straight-up kidnap him. He had dark and terrible plans to force him to Fall and they MIGHT’VE worked if he’d had any time whatsoever to implement more than the most basic beginner-level torture, aka if he had been aware that he was gonna be Mace Windu’s FIRST FUCKING STOP on the “GEE I WONDER WHO THE FUCK COULD’VE POSSIBLY MANAGED TO ABDUCT MY VAPAAD-MASTER PADAWAN, I WONDER” world tour. 
  • Anakin and Padmé’s children like to travel in packs whenever they’re out and about, partially because decreased risk of being fucked with by idiots but mostly because they are pretty much all soppy attachment-obsessed little bastards and “YOU WILL PRY MY SIBLINGS FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS YOU MONSTER” while their teachers are just like “… you’re in different grades, for FORCE’S sake, that is ALL.” At home they will legit climb BUILDINGS to get alone-time but out in the world it is the Naberrie Children Hour all day every day. 
  • Between Anakin’s inability to correctly birth certificate when excited, certain Order members’ tendency to call Mace “Mom Windu”, and some idiot reporters who can’t fact-check for shit, a not insignificant portion of the galaxy has come to think that “Mace” is some kind of gifted/earned title and not a name. They are not 100% on what it means but theories range from “sabermaster” to “skilled Force-user” to “stone-cold badass do not fuck with do not fuck with HOLY SHIT DO NOT FUCK WITH”. After Mace Luke and Mace Leia make their public debuts as ass-kicking peacekeepers, everyone decides it was the third option. It was DEFINITELY the third option. OH MACE MOM WINDU HOW NICE TO MEET YOU PLZ DON’T BLOW UP OUR SPACE STATION WE JUST HAD IT POLISHED. DDD: 

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Is the new baby skin released look like black and white with writing in the middle? I'm not sure if I'm using the correct skin. It looks gorgeous by the way! Thank you!

Thank you sweetcheeks! I believe it is, you can always send me a picture and I can confirm or not.. off anon of course! ♥ I dont bite hehe

On another note regarding the skin, (not for you sweet anon but for those that have put me on sim secret) 

(: If anyone has a problem with my cc or think that they’re ugly. You really dont have to use or look at it, it’s totally optional + the fact that it probably took you the same amount of time to make memes, edit them and send them to Sim Secret as it did me to even upload the skin HAHA. 

Just an extra PSA ♥♥♥♥♥


Interview with Denis Stoff, 2015 (Ukrainian and Russian)

English translation: (I can’t guarantee it’s 100% correct, if you’re a native speaker and you find any horrible mistakes, feel free to yell at me. Neither English nor Ukrainian are my native languages.)

Interviewer: “Denis, thanks for coming to my basement.”

Denis: “Of course”.

Interviewer: “So, you’ve got an invitation to join a British band as a vocalist.”

Denis: “That’s right.”

Interviewer: “You’ve already recorded a song together, haven’t you?”

Denis: “Yes, it’s been released recently, during the night of June 27. So, the track got over 600000 views on the first day.”

Interviewer: “On Youtube, right?”

Denis: “Yes. Now the track is number one in charts around the world. So far, so good.”

Interviewer: “Super. And why have they turned to you?”

Denis: “Probably I am the man they should turn to.” (laughs)

Interviewer: “ How old are you?”

Denis: “I’m 23.”

Interviewer: “So, you’re 23, and you’ve got a proposal from a band with millions of Youtube views and which excites everyone at gigs in Britain, yes?”

Denis “Yes.”

Interviewer: “And you become a British rock star, don’t you?”

Denis “Well, yeah.” (laughs)

Interviewer: “And now you are involved in concert activity, world tours and stuff, right?”

Denis: “I’m getting a Schengen visa in a few days, and then I will go to Czech Republic for a festival, where we will play for 45000 people. Then I’ll get fully acquainted with the guys as a member of the band, shake their hands, then we’ll try to figure out a set list for today, and just do our first gig straightway.”

Interviewer: “Why are you so confident about your first performance?”

Denis: “Because we are good musicians. I am sure we’ll be great.” (laughs)

Interviewer: “That’s quite immodest.” (laughs)

Denis: “You know, it’s rock-n-roll.” (laughs)

Interviewer: “I know that you had two bands before. But they were popular abroad, rather than in Ukraine. What were those bands called?”

Denis: “Yes, the first band was “Make Me Famous”, and second “Down & Dirty”.”

Interviewer: “Denis, how did you start? How did you get in this rock show business, how did you become a metalcore star?”

Denis: “It probably began when I started to shoot small cover videos with a cheap camera in my bedroom at home in Khartsyzk*. Youtube had just launched and I saw that people did covers. I liked them and thought: “Why not to do it myself? I’m a musician too, i play guitar, try to sing”. So I took action, and over some time I got an increasing amount of views and subscribers, people liked it and wanted more. I just continued to do that. Most of my views came from USA and Europe, and that helped me to bring my music out. When I uploaded my first song on Youtube. i already had people who wanted to watch it, and they just spread the video. I started to get massages from record labels, management companies… So that happened.”

Interviewer: “All right. Denis, thank you for dropping by. I wish you and your new band success. Come to Ukraine with a big concert in Sport Palace or Olimpiysky stadium, not only Vakarchuk** could gather enough people for it.”

Denis: “Thanks! Hopefully.”

Interviewer: “Super. Thanks!”

*(town in Donetsk region, Ukraine)

** (frontman of Ukrainian band “Okean Elzy”)


“My dad would die if he heard this.”



Well hello March!!

It took me a while uploading this post.. believe me, I drew this the first days of March, but as I am postponing many many things (oh yes, one of my bad habits I find super difficult to cut). It is mad with gouache paints. I thane tried them at the art school but never gave them a chance. Now it was time to experiment with these magic little creatures and I loved it! They are a bit tricky to use at the beginning because you need to find the right amount of water in order to dilute them, but after you cross that comes the joy! The colours are more opaque and vivid comparing to watercolours (if you of course like that effect) and they could be mixed more easily. To me, they look like acrylic at some parts.. I don’t always like this opaque quality they have but now, that spring is coming and I want to fill my drawings with colours, they are the best! This time of the year, an excitement about the new season that is coming, is getting over me and I am so happy, only because I see flowers blossoming, I smell the orange trees that I absolutely LOVE their smell… it is a weird is as if everything and everybody is rebirthing :)

Have a fabulous spring ;)




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If you want to, could you write a thing w/Isaac from TW, where he and y/n are best friends (who both have secret feelings for each other), but one day they end up getting into a massive argument and both go too far and end up badly insulting and hurting each other? So they fall out, and are both too pissed off to apologise, so they continue being purposely really horrible to the other until some of the pack get sick of it and try to force them into confronting and talking it out with each other? by anon.  

A/N: This took an inordinate amount of time and I apologize!!! But it’s finally finished and it’s super long, honestly I think that’s why it took so long, there was so much I wanted to put in!! Let me know what you think and requests will reopen soon! xxx

(Ps the next upload will be Mistaking Faces Pt 2)

You had enjoyed yourself, you really had but…it just wasn’t right.

Even without the usual, constant, messages from Isaac causing your phone to blow up every five minutes, it wouldn’t have been quite right. 

It was a shame; he was a nice guy, a normal guy, a human guy, but the date just hadn’t managed to blow you away. You had gone bowling, something you and Isaac had done plenty of times over the years, but he had just seemed so shy. It was sweet, really, how nervous he had been but he hadn’t managed to set your heart pounding or your thoughts whirling.

You loathed to admit it, but you had gotten a little bored by the end. So, when Scott had called you in the middle of dinner, asking to borrow your laptop you may have over-exaggerated the urgency of the situation; you had anxiously apologized for having to leave, telling him that you absolutely had to go and meet Scott at his house. 

You had been purposefully vague about the situation, having not had the energy to come up with a good enough lie. 

But, unfortunately, your plan had backfired immensely. Seeing the urgency plastered upon your features, he had quickly stood and insisted that he drive you to Scott’s. Feeling slightly trapped, and that you couldn’t refuse, you had nodded awkwardly, a grimace upon your features.

So now, you were sat in his dirty blue car watching the passing headlights nervously. You were fairly certain that Scott’s mom was on a night shift but you knew that the two boys; Scott and Isaac were definitely there.  

It wouldn’t have been so awkward, but the pack didn’t know about your date. You had doubted they would approve, being one of the only humans meant that they could be a little overprotective, so you had kept it to yourself. 

The journey was short and mostly silent as you sat, stewing over possible ways to fix the ridiculous mess that you had gotten yourself into. 

Unfortunately, your planning was cut unreasonably short as the car pulled up outside of Scott’s house far more quickly than you had anticipated. 

Wanting to exit the car as quickly as physically possible, you turned your gaze to the boy beside you, flashing a fake, warm smile. “Uh, I had fun.” You lied, knowing  that honesty would be more than a little rude but not wanting to encourage him too much. “See you at school.” You quickly muttered, practically throwing yourself from the car and striding quickly to Scott’s front door. 

“Wait.” You heard behind you, grimacing at how loudly he spoke; knowing that the two werewolves inside would surely hear him. You turned to face him slowly, sighing in defeat as he came jogging towards you. “I’ll at least walk you to the door.” Once again, you were struck by how sweet he was but, disappointingly, you still felt nothing. 

Being unable to refuse and ruin his earnest expression, you nodded stiffly and began walking beside him. You almost tripped over your own feet in haste. 

Due to your exuberant walking, you reached the door in a short few seconds, muttered a quick “thanks” before moving to pull open the door without so much as knocking. 

Before your outstretched palm could grasp the cool door handle however, his hand came to rest on your arm, pulling your attention back to him. He looked nervous, with his eyes shifting to the side and his tongue darting out to wet his lips. “So… maybe we can do this again sometime?” 

Glancing towards the door, hoping desperately that the boys were too distracted to hear the words, you glanced at him kindly before spewing more half-truths. “Yeah..” You said, rather unconvincingly. “Maybe.” 

And then, with no warning or grand fanfare whatsoever, he pulled you forward and pressed his lips to yours. You barely had time to react, to push him away, before the harsh sound of an opening door forced him from you. 

Flushed and entirely embarrassed, your head whipped to the side. 

“Isaac.” You breathed, unsure of what else to say as he stood, staring between the two of you with gleaming eyes. 

“I thought you said it was Scott that needed you.” Cringing at the awkwardly pitched voice of the guy beside you, you nodded and replied quickly. 

“Yeah, he does. Isaac-” You started, feigning confidence as you gazed into his unhappy eyes. “-where’s Scott?” 

You watched as his eyes shifted from your features, to the boy beside you suspiciously. To say that you were confused by his murderous expression would be an understatement. 

Something else must be wrong, you thought urgently, becoming anxious to get inside. Isaac merely nodded, eyes cast downwards, gesturing for you to enter the house. 

Entirely grateful at your eventual escape, you bounded through the door hearing nothing but a hurried “see you around” before the door slammed behind you.

Wheeling around to face Isaac, concerned by the anger he was displaying, you took a cautious step towards him. “Isaac? You alright?” You had only seen him this way a few times, and it had never ended well. 

He gave you a little half smirk, stepping towards you just slightly. “You were out on a date?” He asked, as though it were the most ridiculous notion in the world.

Crossing your arms over your chest, suddenly feeling defensive, you held your head high and replied. “So?” 

“So?” He repeated, as though his annoyance should be obvious. “You didn’t tell anyone,  anything could’ve happened!” He almost growled the words at you. At your lack of response, words flew from him again. “You could’ve gotten hurt.” 

“Hurt? We went bowling Isaac, not… werewolf hunting.” You told him, exasperation seeping through your bones; you just wanted to go to bed. 

“Something could have happened,  without us there to protect you-”

“-to protect me?” You asked, indignantly. “Isaac, I can look after myself!” You yelled, angrily, almost stomping your foot in absolute aggravation. 

“Can you?” He asked, eyebrows raised in disbelief. 

Mouth opening in an unattractive gape, unable to believe the biting tone he was using, you stepped towards him. “Yes I can! Why are you being such an asshole!?” You screeched the words at him, your face becoming hot with boiling rage. 

“You’re just a human.”

Just a human? Just a human? You balled your fists, nails biting into your palms, as you practically shook with anger. You were sure that, were you a werewolf, your eyes would be shining a bright yellow. 

Just a human?” You asked him in avid disbelief, voice shaking with a terrible anger. “At least I can lock the door behind me without becoming freaking terrified of confinement!” Even as you screamed the words at him, you felt a searing regret, but you held your head high; your pride powering you now. 

“At least I don’t have to rely on everyone else to look after me! At least I can do things for myself!” 

“What like when you got all beat up and I had to clean you up? You remember that?” You practically screamed at him, having moved closer to yell in his face. “Your superior werewolf powers didn’t help you then, did they?” You spat out, icily. 

He rolled his eyes at you, a scoff escaping him. “My ‘werewolf powers’ didn’t work because of that wolfsbane bullet. You remember? The one I took for you?”  Shit, you’d almost forgotten. 

Pushing the strange, tingling emotions that arose at the thought of what he had been willing to sacrifice for you, you attempted to focus on your anger. 

“I wouldn’t have even been in that situation if it weren’t for you Isaac! If it weren’t for all your werewolf bullshit, I’d never have even been shot at!” You watched with satisfaction, and a small lacing of regret, as his face fell just fractionally.

But then his face shifted back into anger and he opened his mouth to fling another painful retort your way, but the sudden voice of Scott cut him off. 

“That’s enough!” You and Isaac both turned to face the boy.

You glared at Scott for a moment before sighing heavily and nodding in defeat. Wanting to escape the confines of the house, and Isaac’s heavy glare, you moved to the door. 

“Where are you going?” You heard Isaac ask angrily. 

“Home.” You spat before yanking the door open and striding through. 

The next morning was a strange, awkward mix of anger and regret. 

You had woken up to bright sunshine streaming through your blinds and you had barely had the energy to roll out of bed, let alone get ready for school. 

Unfortunately for you, you had already had already too many days off and your mom wasn’t about to let you have anymore time off, especially not because of some ‘angsty argument’, as she had called it. 

So here you were, traipsing through the hallways of school, shuffling slowly as you attempted to completely avoid anyone you knew; not being in the mood to talk to anyone after your screaming match with Isaac.

But, you really should have known that Lydia Martin wouldn’t leave you be.

“So, what happened with lover boy?” You groaned as she asked, having already rushed towards you as though she would burst if she didn’t ask right away.

“Who?” You asked, feigning indifference and ignorance as you opened your locker.

“Oh c'mon, you know who.“ 

You put on an innocent shrug, but the slam of your locker gave away your frustration. “Isaac.” Lydia eventually told you, her face portraying her desperation for answers. 

Huffing, you ran a hand down your face, before replying. “How do you even know about that?” You asked, in a hushed tone; hoping to keep the ‘gossip’ from any prying ears. 

“Scott told Allison and then she told me.” Her tone seemed far too pleased. You groaned at her explanation, slightly confused as to why Allison would have even told her but not having the energy to think about it too hard. 

“It was just an argument, Lyd. Nothing too exciting.” You glanced sidelong to her as you walked down the hallway, hoping she would just let it go. 

Obviously, she didn’t. 

“Was it because of your date with David?” 

“No- wait-” you began, confusion setting in, “how the hell do you know about that?” You asked, exasperated by her apparent omniscience. 

She made a high pitched sound, indicating that it didn’t matter and that she wanted you to continue. “No, it wasn’t that. He was just being an asshole.” You told her, stopping quickly outside of your classroom. 

“I bet he was jealous.” 

Ignoring the somersault in your stomach at those words, you forced a scoff and replied. “No, he really wasn’t.” Before Lydia could so much as think of another word, you had disappeared into class. 

For the rest of the day you had successfully managed to avoid everyone; Allison, Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Jackson, David, Isaac, everyone, until it was time to go home. 

Scurrying back to your locker, you gathered your things in a reckless haste, resulting in your books scattering noisily to the floor. Leaning to pick them up, you almost jumped out of your skin as a second pair of hands snatched them up. 

Glancing up, apprehension bubbling to the surface, you came face to face with David; your date. 

“Hi.” He sounded way too enthusiastic about seeing you. 

“Hi..” You mumbled, glancing sideways for an escape. 

“So, uh.” He started, handing the books back to you before awkwardly scratching the back of his head. “I was thinking that uh if you were free tomorrow night, then maybe we could do something.” Clearly not sensing the awkwardness that you were exuding, he soldiered on. “My friend knows this really great-” 

Deciding it was best to cut him off, reject him quickly, you interjected. “Look David, I had a great time, I really did, but-” 

“Oh look who it is.” You closed your eyes in exasperation and annoyance at the sound of his voice. 

Heaving a heavy sigh, you glanced to him. “What do you want Isaac?” You could barely control the anger burning through your veins as you recalled every word he had spoken the previous night. 

He merely smirked at you, unfazed by your show of shaking rage, and stepped forward just slightly so that his face was inches from yours. You hoped, knowing it was pointless, that he wouldn’t hear the spike in your heart rate. 

When he smirked smugly again, and raised a mocking eyebrow, you knew that he had heard. 

Silently cursing his werewolf hearing, you stepped to the side, allowing him access to his locker. As he stepped slowly forward you shifted your gaze back to David, who was awkwardly standing on the side. 

Noticing your shift in attention, Isaac spoke up again. “Oh were you two having a chat?” The sarcastic tone of his voice suggested that he was perfectly aware that he was right. “Well don’t mind me, carry on.” 

Feeling ready to throttle Isaac, werewolf strength or not, you bit your lip and turned to David. “Look, I’ll call you tonight. We can talk then.” He finally seemed to clock on to how uncomfortable you were. 

“Did I do something wrong?” He asked, his tone of voice sounding so confused that you almost felt bad for rejecting him. 

Just as you were about to open your mouth to tell him no, Isaac cut back in. “Oh she wouldn’t know.” He said, smirking. “She’s only ever kissed one other guy and that was a dare, so I don’t really think that counts.” He said, making a face as though he were deliberating the matter. 

Seeming unsure of how to deal with Isaac’s general attitude and your sudden embarrassment, David glanced at you, mumbled a quick “talk tonight,” and left without another word. 

“Wow, he’s a keeper. I thought guys were supposed to ‘defend your honor’ or something?”

Letting out a quiet, but obviously enraged, yelp of frustration, you rounded on him. You pushed at his chest with both hands, effectively pushing him into the lockers behind. You weren’t egotistical enough to believe that your own strength had done so, he had obviously allowed you to force him backwards, but you didn’t care.

“What the hell Isaac?”

He opened his mouth to respond, most likely with another insulting remark, but was cut off as you were unceremoniously yanked away from him.

You didn’t even have to look up to know that Scott was the one gripping your arm tightly. Allowing your shoulders to droop, knowing that there was little chance of Scott letting you attack Isaac, you turned to face him.

“You two need to stop, something’s happened.“

You had heard those words countless times before, but they somehow still managed to make your heart sink. “What is it?” You asked quietly, hoping to keep your conversation to yourselves.

“Not here.” Scott stated, in a hushed whisper, whilst glancing suspiciously around to the last few, straggling students. “C'mon,” He murmured.

The two of you followed after him, awkwardly avoiding the other’s gaze. You weren’t sure when exactly it had happened, but Allison joined you at some point in the walk.

After a few moments of swift walking, the four of you reached a darkened hallway. When Scott stopped in front of you, you halted and peered around suspiciously. “What is it?” You asked, expecting something awful. 

Scott merely glanced to a door on your right, leaned forward and pulled it sharply open. You gave him a questioning glance, uncertain as to where he was going with this, but he merely nodded for you to enter. 

Creasing your eyebrows together in confusion you walked through the door, expecting to be hit with a gruesome sight but instead you saw nothing but stacks and stacks of books and supplies. 

The supply closet was actually quite big, about a quarter of the size of a classroom, but the racks and stacks against the wall made it narrow and uncomfortable. Hence your surprise when you turned back to find Isaac right behind you, wearing an equally confused expression. 

Glancing over his shoulder, to Scott and Allison, you asked; “what’s going on?” 

And then, they locked you in a small room with a claustrophobic werewolf. 

 Pushing past Isaac, you somehow reached the door first. “Scott, what the hell are you doing?!” You yelled through the door, turning the handle uselessly. 

Unfortunately, you didn’t hear Scott’s reply as Isaac had appeared beside you, banging on the door with balled fists. “Scott!” He yelled, his voice raw with anger and fear. “Let us out!” He shouted, barging against the door with his shoulder. 

“You can come out when you learn to get along.” Getting irritated at Scott’s amused, nonchalant tone, you glanced towards Isaac whose eyes were already shining a bright yellow. Shit. 

“What about when I’m dead Scott?” You asked, unhappily, as you watched Isaac warily. 

“He’s not going to kill you.” Scott clearly wasn’t seeing what you were seeing; a yellow eyed Isaac with a heaving chest, nails becoming long and sharp.

“You sure about that Scott?” You asked, becoming genuinely panicked, as you took a step back. 

“Just talk to him, he’ll be fine.” Groaning at Scott’s uncaring attitude, you followed his advice and took a shaky step forward. 

“Isaac?” You asked, voice a breathy whisper. 

“I don’t think this is a good idea Scott.” You tried not to open your mouth and agree with Allison as you watched Isaac’s breaths slow. 

“Isaac?” You asked again, your hand reaching out to softly touch his back. As his eyes turned to glance at you, you tried to remain stoic. His eyes were still the only feature to have dramatically changed, but it was enough to remind you of how dangerous he could be. “Hey,” you started, forcing a warm smile upon your lips, “it’s me.” 

His breathing wasn’t so heavy or frantic, and his focus seemed to have shifted from the door, onto you. “It’s okay.” You told him softly, “you’re safe, Scott’s gonna let you out. You just gotta calm down a little, okay Isaac?” He glanced down momentarily, heaving out a shaking breath, before nodding fractionally. 

His eyes were still yellow, but, as you glanced to his hand, you noticed that his claws had retracted.

Unsure as to where the memory had come from, but deciding that it may be helpful in distracting him, you began to speak again. “Hey Isaac, do you remember that time, when we were kids, my mom took us bowling, but neither of us were any good back then so we snuck off and bought a bunch of cotton candy?” He glanced back to you then, gazing at you as though you were the eighth wonder of the world.

Surprised by your own show of calmness, you continued. “We both felt so sick from all the cotton candy, that my mom had to take us home early.” As you glanced back up into his eyes, laughter on your lips, you felt victory course through you; they were back to their startling clear blue. 

“Yeah,” he breathed, smirking at the memory. “But you knew that I didn’t wanna go home, so you went and insisted that I stay the night at yours.” You smiled at his addition to your memory, remembering clearly how you had stomped your feet until your mother let him stay. 

“I’m sorry Isaac.” You told him quietly, feeling awkward and embarrassed.  

You heard a huff, before he spoke his own quiet words. “Me too.”

Laughing at the ridiculousness of the entire argument you decided to ask “what even started this argument? Why were you so pissed off?” 

He laughed and shook his head, as though the reason was ridiculous. ”I was… jealous.”   

You gaped at him in awe, watching as he awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. “Why?” You asked, completely surprised. 

He raised his eyebrows at you, indicating that you should be able to figure it out. “You have a… thing for me?” You asked, stumbling over the words, still unable to believe your luck. 

Rolling his eyes he replied, “I’ve ‘had a thing for you’ since we were like eight.” If it were at all possible, your jaw dropped even further. “So, I guess when I saw David-” he said David’s name with such abhorrence that you were forced to stifle a giggle, “-kissing you, I kinda… lost it, I guess.” He told you, shrugging as though it were nothing. 

Well,” you started, taking a step closer to him so that your faces were inches apart, “if you had let me finish back there,” you moved even closer, surprised by your own boldness, so that your lips were lightly brushing his, “you would’ve heard me reject David.” 

As he opened his mouth to reply, you cut him off with the press of your lips to his. 

He seemed to entirely forget what he had been about to say but, as he pulled you closer, you couldn’t bring yourself to care. Your hands had just reached up to grasp the lapels of his jacket, when the door opened suddenly beside you. 

“Well, looks like you two could get along after all.” Without a single hesitation, you lunged forward to wipe that smug smirk off of Scott’s laughing face. 

Unfortunately, you were fairly sure that your punch had wounded both your pride and your hand more than it had Scott’s face. But, as you were walking down the hallway beside Isaac, and he laced his fingers through yours,  you couldn’t stop smiling.