the amount of tears that i cried with her


dad!luke coming home for a 2 week break on tour and tears welling in his eyes watching his little girl spring from your arms and latch on to his legs as she cries into it, rambling about how much she missed her daddy and hated him being gone for so long and luke feels a bit guilty being away from toddler hemmings for even the most minuscule amounts of time but he nods through his tears and reassures her that daddy won’t be gone much longer 

aaaaaaand why am i doing this to myself :’-)


The exploration took less time than it would have taken her to lace a pair of sandals, but at least it served to keep the tears at bay for a time. Arianne found a basin and a flagon of cool water and washed her hands and face, but no amount of scrubbing could cleanse her of her grief. Arys, she thought, my white knight. Tears filled her eyes, and suddenly she was weeping, her whole body wracked by sobs. She remembered how Hotah’s heavy axe had cleaved through his flesh and bone, the way his head had gone spinning through the air. Why did you do it? Why throw your life away? I never told you to, I never wanted that, I only wanted… I wanted… I wanted…

That night she cried herself to sleep… for the first time, if not the last. Even in her dreams she found no peace. She dreamt of Arys Oakheart caressing her, smiling at her, telling her that he loved her… but all the while the quarrels were in him and his wounds were weeping, turning his whites to red. Part of her knew it was a nightmare, even as she dreamt it. Come morning all of this will vanish, the princess told herself, but when morning came, she was still in her cell, Ser Arys was still dead, and Myrcella… I never wanted that, never. I meant the girl no harm. All I wanted was for her to be a queen. If we had not been betrayed…

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Shadowhunters 1x09

*clutches heart, a tear rolling down her face*

The amount of gayness in this episode was so beautiful I cried.

We had:

Magnus/Alec: If anything would’ve happened to you-” [*tries to ignore what happened after*]

Alec/Jace:It’s about your feelings for me!” + gorgeous fighting scene [no srsly the stunts were soo good, and their faCES]

Raphael/Simon: “Welcome home” [excuse me while I go cry about this some more]

*lies down and cries happy tears forever* I am so proud of my Hime. Her battle prowess and resolve is showing in such subtle ways, but it’s quite evident she has come a long, long ways to get to this point. Not only that, but the amount of /trust/ and /understanding/ that’s obviously going on between her and Ichigo is just…*clutches heart*

On a related note, I know Ywach probably considers Ichigo the bigger threat to deal with, but I find it mildly interesting that he acknowledges Orihime is there and has the ability to heal Ichigo quickly (and is likely very aware of her reality-warping powers), but does not appear to be focusing any attack on her specifically. Does he really not consider an immediate cause for concern, or is there something else in play here?

Like The Moon And The Sun Pt.2

 Part One Taehyung angst with a happy ending (2/2)

(I know it’s late I’m so sorry!!)

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“The sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.”

You stare blankly at the tiny screen in front of you. It was playing some movie you payed no mind to, as you found yourself deep in thought again.

Four days, it had gone four days and if someone were to ask you if you were okay, you’d say no, because you were far from it.

You spent two days crying and the amount of tears you cried had probably run you dry. You spent those two days in misery, as all the thoughts were running wildly in your head. All the unanswered questions you were left with was driving you crazy. You couldn’t help but think about what could have possibly gone wrong and you hated how your heart yearned for him. You couldn’t eat or sleep properly and you found yourself immobile.

On the third day was when you finally snapped out of it. You had run out of tears, and you forced yourself out of bed and into the bathroom. Ignoring the poor image of yourself as you passed by the mirror, you took a shower in a desperate attempt to wash the pain away.

You stared as the water trickled down, and a cold feeling settled in your chest and spread throughout your body. The pain was replaced with ice and you felt yourself go numb. Deciding that it’s better to be numb, than not being able to do anything without bursting into tears, you wrapped yourself in a towel and got out of the shower.

When you entered your room, your eyes found the piece of paper you had hung up weeks ago. The calendar next to it, was counting down the days for the big event.

Anger settled in and you found yourself marching over to the other side of the room and then you tore down the ticket you had bought weeks ago. The thought crossed your mind to rip it to shreds and scream, but you found yourself smiling sadly at the ticket instead.

You were supposed to surprise him, but then he did what he did. With that the thoughts came barging in again.

How could he? How could he just break you like that? How could he just throw away your three years together so easily? And how could he do that to you over the phone?

After an intense inner conflict, you had come to a decision. If he was going to throw away your three years out of nowhere, fine, but he could do that to your face while looking into your eyes. You deserve that at least, you thought. And that’s how you ended up on plane, on your way to the guy who broke your heart.

You shake your head and take a bite out of the now cold airplane food.

“You deserve the world.” The words echoes in your mind and you close your eyes.

Then why did you take it away from me Taehyung?

“You don’t deserve someone who’s never there for you.” You grab the armrest of your seat and you beg for it to stop. You didn’t want to torture yourself with the same thoughts you had been crying over for the past few days.

Sure there were a lot of lonely nights, a lot of nights spent missing him, and crying for him but it was worth it. He was it for you, and you wouldn’t let something like distance and time apart get in the way of the person you swore was the one. 

Maybe you’re not it for him. Please stop, please.

He’s the one who deserves better and you knew that. His idol friends, his fans, the rest of the world knew that he was way out of your league, and you knew that too. You were the lucky one in the relationship and everyone knew it and he deserved someone better.

Maybe he realized you weren’t good enough for him anymore.

You clutch at your head as you prayed for the thoughts to stop.

Maybe he has somebody else.

No…no, there was no way that he had found someone else. He didn’t have the time and he would never do something like that… right?

Then maybe he just doesn’t love you anymore.

This snaps you out of it and you feel how hot your eyes have become and the tears you thought you had ran out of, was trickling down your face.


You stand still as you stare at the entrance of the hotel. The determination that got you here was fueled by anger, and that anger had disappeared and the nervousness had swooped in and replaced it.

You were going to go inside, take the elevator up and get your heart broken again. Why were you doing this again?

Doubt settles in and you shake your head at yourself. Stupid, why did you think that this was a good idea in the first place?


You still at that and debate with yourself whether to walk inside or get back into the cab.

You deserve answers, you deserve closure.

You look up at the moon but this time you don’t feel the comfort it usually brings. Instead, you feel nothing but dread and doubt.

“Miss?” the nice cab driver calls out. You turn to him and he offers you a sympathetic smile. You had been a nervous wreck the whole drive from the airport to the hotel and he had been nice enough to chat with you to try to get your mind off of things. Making up your mind, you bid him goodbye and then you enter the building.

The guards at the floor let you past them as you walk side by side with the boys’ manager. He smiles at you unknowingly, and slides the card through the slit. You bow as he turns to get back to his room and you open the door and find yourself walking into a heated discussion.

“—broke up with her? Are you stupid? Why would you do that you brat?” you identify Yoongi as the one who’s asking.

“Hyung-“ your heart squeezes painfully at the voice and you pass the small hallway-like passage way with open closets on each side and make yourself seen.

“I would like to know that too actually,” you barely get out as the emotions inside of you start suffocating you when your eyes fall onto the person you came here for.

All of their heads turn to you simultaneously but your eyes stay focused on him.

He looks tired. His eyes were lifeless, and the sunshine like smile of his was nowhere to be seen. He looked like hell, and it made you feel somewhat good to know that you weren’t the only one suffering. His eyes widen at the sight of you and he opens his mouth to speak.


Don’t call me that,” you hiss, and you notice how his eyes widen even more at your hostility before they turn sad. The boys move to get out of the room but your eyes stay on him. Yoongi slows down when he gets next to you and gives your shoulder, what you interpret as an affectionate squeeze before he follows the boys out.

All you hear is the door close and your gaze never falters. Both of you are silent and you wish that he would just say something, because you didn’t know where to start.

“What are you doing here?” he whispers and your eyes narrow as you stare him down feeling the anger seep in at his question.

“I booked the flight weeks ago because I wanted to surprise you. Seems like I was the one who got surprised huh?” you chide and he looks away guiltily.

“I came here for answers Taehyung,” he winces at your tone but stays silent, his head hung down like a child being scolded.

“If you’re going to break up with me, then you can at least do it to my face can’t you? Or don’t I deserve that?”


“Did three years not mean anything to you?” you feel the questions you’ve been torturing yourself with the past days spill out of you but he keeps silent. Frustrated, you can’t help but yell out.

“KIM TAEHYUNG, ANSWER ME,” you cry out pleadingly, and his watery eyes meet yours.

“I just want you to be happy,” he whispers and then you feel something snap inside of you.


“Jag- Y/N-ah-“

“Is there someone else?” you ask and he stills. His eyes harden and he lets out a strong protest.

“NO! Of course not,” his brows furrow in disbelief at you even thinking that was a possibility.

“Then what is it Tae?” All the anger leaves your body and you’re left tired. You were tired of the pain, tired of the thoughts driving you crazy.

“Am I not good enough anymore?” his eyes widen incredulously at what you’re asking and he takes a step towards you, but you take a step back which makes him stop in his tracks, hurt flashing in his eyes.

“Of course you’re good enough jagi,” you squeeze your eyes shut as he calls you that, trying to keep the tears at bay.

“Do I not make you happy anymore? D- do…d-do you not love me anymore?” you whisper painfully as you pry your eyes open, letting the tears that have gathered fall in the process. You see whatever that was holding him back from you quickly dissolve as he rushes forward to pull you tightly into him, his arms snaking around your waist.

“I do, I do. Oh god, I love you, I love you, I love you,” he unwraps his arms to cradle your face in his hands and then he wipes away the tears that’s running down your face with his thumbs.

“Then why Tae, why are you doing this?” you cry desperately.

He doesn’t answer but he guides you to the bed. He sits you down and crouches in front of you as he keeps his hold on your hands. Being too tired and too weak to fight back, you just watch as he kisses both of your hands and you notice how he’s avoiding your gaze.

You’re about to plead for him to answer when he speaks up.

“You were crying,” he whispers and you tilt your head to the side in utter confusion. What was he talking about?

“We were facetiming and you fell asleep. And… and you started crying while whimpering my name and I wasn’t there jagi… I..I-I couldn’t wrap my arms around you.. I-I couldn’t kiss away your tears, I couldn’t be there for you. You were hurting because of me, you were unhappy because of me,” his voice is breaking and his hands are shaking.

“I promised you that I was going to make you happy Y/N-ah, and I couldn’t make you happy, and you deserve to be happy…”

“Tae,” you whisper as you pull your hands away from his hold. You cradle his face in your hands and you tilt his head up to look at him to find tears running down his face.

“You deserve to be happy jagiya, I’m so sorry,” he repeats sobbingly.

“My love, look at me,” you say and he tries through his tears, his eyes hazy from crying.

“Are you happy?” you ask and he looks down again as he shakes his head.

“Baby, do I look happy to you?” you whisper and he doesn’t even look at you as he shakes his head ashamedly.

“It’s because I’m not. You want me to be happy? You make me happy, you Tae, you.” You say and he’s about to say something but you press your finger against his lips so that he doesn’t get the chance to protest.

“Do you not want to be with me anymore?”

“I do, bu-“

“But nothing. I wish you didn’t see me crying like that Tae, but the thing is that I love you, god I love you. You’re it for me Tae, and if tiny distance and mild complications, that aren’t going to last forever, is the price I have to pay for the one, then I’ll happily wait and count down the days till I get you back in my arms,” you explain. His eyes shine with love and regret and then he stands up and starts angrily pacing back and forth, while pulling at his hair in frustration.

“I’m so stupid, how could I mess it up so badly. I’m so sorry jagiya, I’m so sorr-“ he turns around to look at you but you’re already there by his side, grabbing at his elbow.

“If you promise me that this won’t happen again, then there’s nothing stopping us from putting this behind us Tae,” you offer and his eyes widen at how easily you’re giving him a second chance.

“Are you sure? I hurt you, and-“

“And even though I got hurt I know you just wanted the best for me, and you hurt yourself too, my love,” you whisper as you wipe away a lone tear lingering on his jawline.

“If me suffering was the price I had to pay to ensure your happiness, then I wouldn’t hesitate jagiya, I’d do anything for you,” he says with clear determination burning in his eyes. 

“Tae..” your heart swells up at that and you feel tears prick at your eyes again. 

“I thought that if I removed myself from your life that you’d be happy.. I..” he sighs in frustration.

“I’m so sorry Y/N-ah, I was so stupid, I’ll do whatever it takes, forever if it takes-“

“Tae,” you interrupt him and the words die on his lips as he meets your gaze. You manage a tired a smile his way, before you reach your hands up and wrap them around his neck, pulling him close. He stills for a second before his arms wraps around you, pulling you in closer and you let out a sigh of contemptment.

“I missed you,” you confess.

“I missed you too,” he whispers and you smile as you play with his hair. You both stay like this for a while, the silence no longer uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry..” he suddenly whispers and you sigh.

“Tae,” you pull away to look at him. You’re shocked to find his eyes shining with the same intensity like the night he first told you he loved you.

“You’re it for me too jagiya,” he starts as he places one hand on your cheek.

“I’ll make it up to you, I promise,” you’re about to protest but he pulls you closer to plant a kiss onto your forehead. 

“I love you,” it echoes in the silent room and then he presses his lips against yours. You feel the warmth and sunshine he brings into your life, fill you with every second that passes and you knew then that just like the moon and the sun, you’d always find your way back to each other.