the amount of sass this man has

Dean as Cas’s Lily

Let’s recap the Isham and Lily story.

Lily summons him, not knowing what sort of power or presence she accidentally brought on to the earth. She clearly revered and adored him and he, in turn, gave her all the angels super secret secrets because he fell in love with her. She say him as nothing more than an Angel, a holy being she worshiped. She had no other interest in him, and slowly started getting uncomfortable with his demands. Luckily, she knew enough now to summon a guardian angel (and I believe that was all Akobel was, but consider the times- a man and woman could not live together without the pretense of marriage)   

I don’t know how Akobel managed to hide her, but he did. Isham, enraged, sought them till he found them, killed Akobel out of nothing more than jealous rage. According to Isham, he’s blameless. He believes that he’s ‘given’ Lily the information she sought, and he loves her, so she now ‘owes’ him her body and heart. Very rapist-like, ugh. And because she refuses, because she still resists, he kills May.

And all the barbs Isham throws at Dean and Sam- that all humans lie, they’re filthy, they’re harmful to angels.. very similar to what some men say about women being sluts or cockteases, just because they won’t put out.

Back to present day.     

Think about it. Isham openly saying he envied Castiel- for surviving hell, for being God’s chosen. Cas survived hell for Dean. Cas was the one who saved the Righteous Man, and clearly that was a tremendous honor. Cas, who was once below Isham, yet seemed to have been the only one to rise in the ranks… While Isham and company stayed where they were.

So there’s some amount of professional jealousy involved.. and a lot of the personal.

Cas rescued Dean from hell, they fought together for years. All of the angels know this. Now when Isham first sees Dean, the human has just barged into the diner FIVE minutes after Cas because he was worried. And he proceeds to just sit there and sass Isham right back. He doesn’t care that Isham is far more powerful than him. He just sits there, nestling close to Cas, arms out and on the table. And in front of Isham, they present a united front.

Even later, when Cas is about recount the story, Isham stops him and proceeds to insult Dean and Sam. Cas refuses to listen, he treats Dean and Sam like equals and friends. And they reciprocate by trying to talk to Lily, putting themselves in harm’s way for Cas. 

When asked to chose between Dean, a mud monkey, and his brother, Cas chooses Dean without hesitation. This is the final straw for Isham who proceeds to say this interesting bit-

I couldn’t have the human I loved and desired, so you can’t have the one you love and desire either!

Only Dean’s prepared to blow him away. So Isham tries to use Dean’s love for Cas, knowing deep inside that it’ll work. And it does. 

Dean won’t roll the dice. He’s willing to die for Cas. 

Cas has this human’s love without even trying.

Cas didn’t have to tell Dean all of heaven’s secrets or threaten or bully Dean into loving him. Dean just loves him.

Can you imagine how galling that must be to Isham?

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Things I loved in Spider-Man: Homecoming (No Spoilers)

1. Tom Holland. His Peter was shy, smart, wanting to prove himself like how we wanted to prove ourselves in high school, and with the right amount of sass as Spider-Man. Tom Holland has delivered a straight-from-the-comics iteration of the webbed slinger. I’m looking forward to him exploring the character more because he has brought a vulnerability to it without going over-the-top. 

2. Michael Keaton. This man started my love of Superhero movies since I saw his Batman before I’ve seen Christopher Reeves’ Superman. His vulture was compelling and sympathetic. His character illustrated what systematic oppression can do to the smaller people. The man has a commanding on-screen presence. His savageness transcends the screen and even in silence, he seethes with charisma. 

3. Gone are the old tropes. I am happy that the high school in this movie did not go by the usual nerds get bullied trope. That would have been tiring. Flash Thompson still bullied Peter but he is part of the nerd troupe and also wins with them. The movie showed us that bullying is prevalent in all cliques, even in the nerd group. 

4. Diversity. I think by casting teens of different ethinicities to be part of Peter’s high school, it felt natural. It did not feel like a set-up where it was only white kids or african-american kids. It was a community and it resulted in the perfect background for scenes to unfold. 

5. Nerd Troupe. They were memorable. It may have been a small part of the whole movie but I can still remember their faces. That does not happen to me in other movies set in high school so I think Marvel has done a great job with Peter’s friends. 

6. Ned. I know he will be hobgoblin in the comics but I hope he still is Peter’s bestfriend in the sequel. Him being the chair guy is questionable though because Peter has…

7. Karen. Oh god. I love Karen. She reminds me of EDI from Mass Effect. Jennifer Connelly is also back in the MCU because she voices Karen. Pete and Karen are like an old married couple which is funny (at least to me). Also, she seems to love going on “kill mode” and Peter has to reign her in. 

8. Costume. I don’t have to explain this because the Spider suit is amazing but more than the suit, I want the Vulture’s wings. 

9. Tone. The tone was balanced. Marvel was able to put together a film that is both fun and serious. The scene between Peter Parker and Adrian Toomes was tense and well-acted, and Peter Parker feeling scared and vulnerable in one scene lifted from The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #33 will make you root for Holland. 

10. Dad Tony. No. RDJ did not steal the movie. His appearances were brief but they made sense. He was not put there to glorify the movie. His Tony had a purpose and his Tony was able to deliver that purpose because the Tony we have now has learned many things. 

11. Easter Eggs. Look out for them. :)

Alyadrien Week Day 2 - Banter

If you don’t think Alya and Adrien would argue about books and shows and stuff, then you are wrong. 

“Hey, dork!” Alya yelled as Adrien closed the door of her car. He waved vigorously and she laughed.

Adrien ran up to meet her on the steps. “Hey. Did you see the new episode?” He asked Alya, grinning widely.

“Yeah. And I was right. I predicted it.” She said smugly. “You were so off.”

“I mean, it didn’t contradict my idea!” He insisted. “I still think it would be better in the long run.”

“Look at this guy.” She said to no one in particular. “Someone tell him how wrong he is.”

“Hey, hey, hey. Don’t go trying to drag people into this.” Adrien chastised, laughing. “This is between you and me.”

“Do you really want to go one on one with me?” Alya raised an eyebrow in a way that would chill a lesser man to the bone.

“I’ll take you anyday.” He said smugly.

“Oh really?” She asked, with all the sass she could muster. It was a considerable amount of sass. “Take me where?”

Adrien hesitated before gaining confidence again. “To… a nice dinner!”

Alya tried to suppress a blush and maintain her sassy demeanor. “Ha, like you could take me out to dinner.”

“Shows what you know.” He said, nearly matching her in sass. “I’ll pick you up at 7 tomorrow night.”

“Sounds like a plan!”

The two looked at each other for a moment before bursting into laughter.

At the beginning of this episode, Yami proves he is unfazed by the vagaries of a changing animation budget.

Fire in episode 14.

Fire (and sass) in episode 15.

PK, on the other hand, is very fazed by Yami continually calling him a coward. He shoots fire at a shackled teenage boy every time, to prove how big a man he is, but Yami doesn’t seem to consider attempted murder by fire to be bravery. Yami continues to deal with that through an inordinate amount of sass and self-assuredness.

“I’m not bothered moving more than I strictly have to to avoid death.”

PK is also shaken by Yami’s cocky assurances that he has his strategy in place to take him down in a given number of turns, which the animators are very anxious to make sure we are following.

First, Yami just _says_ how many turns there are left.

Then he also holds up that number of fingers.

Then dozens of that number spill excitedly towards the viewer!

And then a big number comes up on a garishly pink background with an exciting musical cue. 

And then Yami wins using the most ridiculous of bullshittery, in the manner immortalised on this tshirt which I have always wanted and still do not own.

External image
(This doesn’t even cover the part where it looked like he had misjudged the attack because the Swords of Sealing Light kept the castle in the air until he said he ended his turn.)

Then PK straight up tries to kill him, but luckily, Yami is a spirit with magical powers, including the ability to shield himself from fire.


Yami solves this problem with a simple Mind Crush and the episode glosses over how he got himself out of the shackles. Maybe they release when PK’s life points hit zero?

Mai tries to refuse her Star Chips back from Yami, saying she can’t accept them, so Jou plays some mind games of his own.

And Yami’s just standing between them being a dork…

Seriously, I love that Yami did it for Mai, I love that Jou knew just how to get her to accept them, and I love that Mai promises to pay her debt and, when she feels worthy of him, challenge Yami to a duel. He says he’ll be waiting and then makes this face…

Regalshipping vibes…

sweet-n-tangy  asked:

How are the quidditch games in the HP!AU?

oH MAN I haven’t really thought about it yet but-

  • Seeker Kageyama has probably caught the snitch with his mouth one too many times 
  • Commentator Futakuchi needs to lower the sass but no one wants him to because it’s hilarious seeing the Professors blanching and they’re also pretty on point
  • “ROLLING THUNDER!!!” [somersaults in mid-air]