the amount of love i have for annie in this episode is too much

Differences between the Anime and the Manga - Intro

I’m gonna be posting the differences between the anime and the manga for every episode. I’ll be doing each episode of s2 as it comes out, and in between each episodes, I’ll be doing s1.

Just like many others, I was hyped for season 2, so I decided to re-watch season 1 of the anime. It was only my 3rd time watching s1, and this time, I decided to re-read the manga as well along the way, just to see what kind of changes the anime team made.

I read the manga more than 10 times, and even though I knew that there were many changes in the anime, I was still surprised by how much.

First, I wanna say that I love the anime, I think the animation is amazing, the voice acting is perfect, and the music is beautiful. I liked watching every scene from the manga animated, and I liked watching fillers that we knew happened in the manga, but they weren’t shown (for example in ep26 that would be Mike slicing up the Titans, that was awesome).

So I’m hyped for season 2, and I can’t wait to watch all those amazing manga panels animated.

However, I don’t like when scenes from manga are deleted or changed, and I’m not interested to watch someone else’s head-cannons.

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Olicity - A Vaguely In Depth Look At The State Of Affairs Of Our Fave Couple With A Surprising Amount Of Hedgehog References

Okay, so seeing as we have that 3 week hiatus thing going on with Arrow, I thought it was a good time to ruminate on what happened in the last episode and what it all means. I know there have been many most excellent posts made on the subject already (see jbuffyangel and Jenn from Just About Write - soo sorry I don’t know your tumblr handle, Jenn, not that you’re going to read this, but I feel like I should apologise nonetheless), so this is most likely redundant, but that’s never really stopped me before, so I don’t see why it would now. 

I realise that many Olicity fans are still a little 

about what happened with Felicity and Ray in that episode. 

With that in mind, and with me being the ever sensitive soul that I am, we won’t use gifs directly about Olicity due to some potentially fragile states, but rather, much like employing the ‘where did the bad man touch you’ doll, I’m going to use a stand in to work through my thoughts about what is going on. 

To that end, I’m going to use Annie and Jeff from 'Community’ to help me out. If you don’t know about Jeff and Annie and the tangled web they weave… well, this isn’t the posting to bring you up to speed. Suffice to say, they were never meant to be, but the chemistry between the two actors was so explosive that these polar opposites started to have a slow burn tease being written about them. Sound familiar? ;) 

So, Olicity… how did we get from here from there and why does here suck so much? I know what you’re going to say, Felicity boinking Ray, that’s what sucks. Maybe, on first glance, but here’s what really sucks for me. In the beginning, it was Felicity Oliver listened to. She shaped him, told him there was another way, and he listened. Pig headed, stubborn as a mule Oliver listened and not only listened, but took on board what she was saying and actually made changes in his life for the better. She was his partner, she was different to every other woman in his life. And they both knew it and that knowing it just continued to build and build…

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anderwelt  asked:

What your thoughts about Annie ?

That’s a good question. I have so many Annie thoughts that I can’t really consolidate them into anything coherent anymore. Most of my consideration leans toward her interpersonal relationships with other characters, but as the series proves to us, it’s pretty clear that she’s not super close to—well, anyone.

What a shock, it got longer than expected.

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