the amount of jack in one picture

Lets talk about biotics for a second

One of my FAVOURITE things about the Mass Effect Fandom is head canons about biotics. 

Feeling your hair stand on end as you hug Liara

Watching your beer glass explode as Jack doubles over with laughter (probably at something Grunt said)

Feeling the air buzz as you step into Starboard Observation to chat with Samara

And don’t get me started on biotic foreplay… 

One thing i’ve found really interesting from reading fanfics is the idea that biotics run a little hotter than non biotics, and have a higher metabolism. That being said i always thought it would take a huge amount of energy to maintain the kind of power biotics display in combat, especially for species who are not naturally biotic. I pictured them having to eat a special super high energy food on duty that would kill a normal person, to avoid succumbing to exhaustion in battle. Perhaps Shepard (mine is always a vangaurd/adept) can feel her biotics aren’t as powerful when she’s on shore leave and she’s back on normal food. (Just looked this up on the wiki and apparently they are given higher food rations, but i still feel like it would take something more, as in almost poisonous to non biotics.)

On the subject of a biotic Shepard, i always thought it was a shame that so little attention was given to this in-game. Other human biotics in the ME universe suffered great hardship to become as powerful as they are (both Kaidan and Jack suffered abuse because of their powers). Perhaps Kaidan could express how grateful he is that Shepard is a few years younger than him so by the time she went into training student welfare and teaching methods were more regulated/improved. That would explain why her development as a biotic is never really touched upon, although it doesn’t explain how powerful she is. 

Bitty loves to dance.

Bitty loves to dance, and there’s no denying it. On top of that, Bitty is genuinely very good at it; his repertoire ranges from waltzing at a numerous amount of debutante balls, to shaking his tail feathers at a kegster. There’s something magical about the way that Bitty’s moves captivate a room, and it’s something he’s used to his advantage back when he was competing as a figure skater.

But sometimes something even more magical happens when he’s making breakfast in Jack’s apartment, when there’s nothing but the soft sound of birds chirping, eggs and bacon sizzling in the skillet, the sound of coffee dripping into the pot, and then, the soft shuffling of footsteps.

Bitty feels two strong arms slip slowly around him, and hears Jack’s soft humming at his ear, tickling his neck, sending chills down his spine. His eyes close as the two of them rock back and forth, bodies moving in sync, their love taking form in the nameless melody that escapes from Jack’s lips.

Bitty slowly spins around so that he can face the tall, smirking French-Canadian, and Bitty can’t help but grin. For someone who can seem so stiff around other people, Jack guides Bitty around the kitchen with ease, and the two of them glide around the apartment. Sunlight slowly creeps into the room, turning dust into glittering aureoles, and illuminating the stars in both of their eyes.

Their waltz ends in Jack picking Bitty up, and spinning slowly. His humming has given way to the two of them laughing. They kiss, and Bitty chirps Jack, saying that he better not complain if their breakfast is charred. Jack smiles as Bitty hums a nameless melody and sways back into the kitchen.

Gosh, Bitty loves to dance. 

And there’s no denying it.