the amount of green in this tho

@thirst-mom tagged me in a thingggggg Answer these questions and tag up to 20 followers gender: female star sign: Aquarius height: 5'7ish 5'8? sexual orientation: bisexual hogwarts house: Ravenclaw I think?? It’s been i while since I took the test so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ favorite color: it tends to change between maroon and lime green favorite animal: Gotta love thos birds average hours of sleep: depends on the amount of homework I had the night before and what time I have class the next day, so it typically ranges from like 5-12 hours lmao number of blankets i sleep with: I generally sleep with like 5 at home at least, but my dorm is really hot so about 2 favorite band/singer: damn I mean probably Panic! At the Disco, but what I listen to changes so damn often dream trip: I always think about how nice a trip to Venice would be, I’m absolutely would love to see those canals dream job: Probably like character design; that’s what I’ve been looking into recently. But also having my own comic (but I need self motivation for all that that ;) ) Or maybe having my own little greenhouse! How lovely would that be holy moly. Uhh…I tag @starwolfen @auntienoiz @sophieisticated @notactuallyjesus @dirovinare @thequeercats @problematicbrowngirl @knockknockitsyourdrunkaunt or anyone that would like to do it, go ahead and say I tagged you, and tag me so I can see! Sorry if I missed anyone :o

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Name: felix


Gender: chill as fuck bro man

Star sign: aquarius

Height: 6'1"

Sexual orientation: ace is da place

Hogwarts house: whatever the evil one is. slytherin? yeah

Favorite color(s): all of them really, but two combinations off the top of my head are black and red and blue and green

Favorite animal(s): reptiles, birds, and housecats

Lucky number(s): 23 was when i was a kid until that dumb movie, other than i don’t really have one. i’ve always had a preference for odd numbers tho, specifically ones ending in 7 and 9  

Average amount of sleep: 8-10 hours

Cat or dog person: cat. dogs make me nervous

Pokemon team: i can’t check my DS right now but iirc it was scrafty, banette, krookodile, gliscor, gengar and escavalier. ghost and dark types are my obvious favorites with some fairy, bug, and grass mixed in

Favorite fictional character: 

(and many many others)

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1

Favorite singers/bands: lauren bousfield/nero’s day at disneyland

The song that’s stuck in your head:

Last movie you watched: It’s a Disaster

Last TV show you watched: does baseball count?

Dream trip: geez i wanna go everywhere but if i had to settle for one place it would be somewhere i could stay in a spooky castle/mansion. so transylvania or something. also japan probably, and edinburgh cuz it looks goth as fuck

Dream job: professional supervillain (living the dream)

Wearing right now: boxers

Time right now: 10:52 PM

When was your blog created: late 2011

Current number of followers: 523

Number of people you’re following: 410, i could probably afford to trim down that number considerably

When did your blog reach its peak: it’s getting better every day, i’m on my way up baby

What kind of stuff do you post: anything i find interesting, cool, cute, or strange

Do you get asks regularly: no not really, though i had them turned off for like four years

Any other blogs: drunkyokai is my music blog, i also run thebest90sravecovers with @takara-tomy, and fire-blox-with-me with @quietvillage where we post weird roblox findings

Why did you choose you URL: ninja gaiden

don’t feel like tagging anyone, but this was fun! that’s all folks


The youngest of my offspring plays the sims.  A few days ago I opened her game to check things out.  She built a really great house.  Unfortunately her decor was lacking.  So, being the good parent that I am, I made a new save and re-decorated a bit.  Her sim is a plant sim, I guess? (she’s green), a scientist and has a ridiculously large collection of frogs.  I had an idea for a really bright and colorful house, but that sorta died a slow painful death the longer I decorated. Keeping in mind that her sim had to be able to move about freely, I was careful of the amount of clutter.  Anyway, she’ll probably hate it and delete the save, but it was fun nonetheless. 

Kinda got carried way with the ivy, tho.  I’m sure she’ll make some smart ass comment on how unrealistic it is.  oh well. 8P