the amount of cute is unholy

So this was originally supposed to be cute fluffy yoonmin but then it somehow ended up with tongues, them both with swollen lips and Jimin with hickies and tbh I’m not even surprised because yoonmin are killing me right now (and the amount of yoonmin smut I’ve read over the past few days is unholy…I should probably go to church or smth)

And when did my sketches become so gross omfg xD

I’ll eventually get around to polishing this up, but I’ve gotta get back to commissions heh~

it takes eight years and an unholy amount of whiskey but they’ll get there.

the concept;; an introduction

it’s nearly two a.m. and the ground outside is covered in white. they’re drunk and huddled around the kitchen table in clarke and octavia’s apartment. playing a game raven’s made up. ‘describe what your perfect girlfriend would be like.’

round and round the table they go spouting out characteristics they’d want. until o falls silent, head quirking. they were describing each other. their ideal girlfriend would be all four of them mushed together. a giggle tumbles from her lips and then, ‘heh, we should all just date each other.’ three pairs of eyes are on her instantly. three versions of, ‘what? explain. huh?’


So some of you don’t know this but I make display/art pieces for insect specimens. I wanted to post an example. I originally had this giant stick insect glued to a plain paper backing. I decided this was too boring so I melted the glue with a hair dryer and made a much more visually appealing display for my stick baby. I used an unholy amount of various mosses because the dimensions are 11X14" and I added a wooden frame I painted to make the bug stand out more. I’m not 100% satisfied, I feel it’s missing something but overall I really like the display. Normally I don’t like posting my projects on here but I thought this one was cute 💕✨🐜🐞🐛🐝