the amount of cute is unholy

Do you ever read a fic that it’s so fucking cute and sweet that you had to stop reading, lock your phone, cover your face with your hands and roll around your bed, kicking while making a strangled noise, only to immediately unlock the phone and keep reading with the most unholy grin on your face?..

No? Me neither lol

I’m lying plz send help I think I’m going to die, I am not worthy of such amount of cuteness

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Tagatha for the ask thing! (living for the new blog look btw)

of course!

(thanks ⭐️ i didn’t want to change my icon though, so we still match 😜)

who’s the cuddler:
i mean i feel like this is canon already, right? it’s tedros. who are we kidding. come on

who makes the bed:
agatha. she didn’t grow up as a royal, so she still has those household-chore behaviors ingrained in her. tedros never makes the bed because he’s one of those people who argues, “why would i make the bed when i’m just going to MESS IT UP AGAIN?!?”

who wakes up first:

tedros wakes up at an ungodly hour for his workout routine. agatha will try to make him stay in bed with her (sometimes it works.)

who has the weird taste in music:
both of them? i feel like agatha would listen to weird remixes of popular songs, and tedros likes disco and an unhealthy amount of britney spears.

who is more protective:
agatha. tedros knows she’s not a dumbass (unlike him) and won’t wind up in bad situations, but agatha is constantly worried his disney-prince naïveté will get him killed.

who sings in the shower:
tedros. agatha wakes up to him belting showtunes after his morning workout.

who cries during movies:
oh, man. both of them. tedros is quicker to cry during a movie, but there are certain scenes that will make agatha start bawling (the end of The Wizard of Oz, the beginning of Up, the entirety of Dumbo, etc.)

who spends the most while out shopping:
tedros has very expensive tastes, and will buy agatha things that cost an unholy amount of money. (he’s whipped don’t judge him)

who kisses more roughly:
agatha. tedros is a very soft boy around his ladylove. agatha just wants to make out for like 15 minutes in a broom closet before her next etiquette lesson. she doesn’t have time to be soft.

who is more dominant:
i’m blaming @ladylesso for this response: AGATHA.

my rating of the ship from 1-10:
11,000. i’m somehow blessed with a ship that has both fluffy cute moments AND snarky comments.

i spent wayyy too much time on this but you can blame @pumpkinpaperweight for that

So this was originally supposed to be cute fluffy yoonmin but then it somehow ended up with tongues, them both with swollen lips and Jimin with hickies and tbh I’m not even surprised because yoonmin are killing me right now (and the amount of yoonmin smut I’ve read over the past few days is unholy…I should probably go to church or smth)

And when did my sketches become so gross omfg xD

I’ll eventually get around to polishing this up, but I’ve gotta get back to commissions heh~

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Speaking as someone with far too much merch and plushies, how do you think the rfa would react?


  • he’s so amazed
  • how many plushies are there he’s so curious
  • sits down and asks what each one is and from what show it is
  • rip yoosung he doesn’t understand how long it would take
  • really admires it as a passion 
  • also he the cute ones and if there’s one that looks like a LOLOL character he’s going to be so happy
  • bonus point for a lolol plushie/merch and he died probably


  • she is just amazed at how so many merch and plushies can fit in a room
  • she would judge but
  • she does have her zen merch….
  • she probably helps MC organize the stuff if it’s not already organized
  • when she imagines MC moving into her house (or she moving into MC’s place), it makes her happy to know there will be place for her to put her merch too


  • 10/10 MC owns Zen posters and probably those handsewn plushies they sell in ebay but of ZEN!
  • and he finds that so flattering
  • not only that but he also finds it adorable to see MC in a room with walls lined by plushies and merch
  • he just thinks it shows how passionate MC is as a person and he is 100% into that


  • he finds it very similar to a collection hobby
  • he also finds it very cute how MC explains the origin of each piece of merch or plushie
  • buys MC an unholy amount of merch and plushies
  • he wants to make MC happy but
  • there’s just no space in the room for even more stuff when he brings over his gift??
  • he has no chill ok he wants to see MC bursting with happiness and if that means he has to fill a swimming pool with merchandise and plushies he will


  • he’d be so curious when looking at everything
  • like a child in a museum
  • he finds it really funny that MC collects all of this but also really nice
  • in his mind he’s secretly making plans about the day MC moves in and how he’s going to fit all this stuff into the house
  • he can imagine himself on the bed full of plushies and dressed as a maid along with MC just to bother Vanderwood and the thought is very nice to him

kujung  asked:

the imitation thingy but the other way around? :D

psst requests are open!

{gotchu man}

k u r e t o [aka eyebrow-san]; he was getting a headache already and it was only 6am. rubbing his temples he watched as his s/o filled in their eyebrows the same as his and pranced around ordering any soldier in their way random orders, making everyone laugh left and right. it was a sight to see. hey, you with the fucked up fade! fix your co--his lips crashed onto their in a means of silencing them. all eyes went on them. he pulled away with a cocky grin on his face as he watched the blood rush to their cheeks. still want to mock me now?

g u r e n; he drummed his fingers on his desk as he watched his s/o mock his signature smolder, running their fingers through their hair and sighed dramatically. it’s so hard taking care of angsty teens. he raised an amused eyebrow at them, and a tiny smirk adorned his face. his s/o then pointed a thumb to their chest with a confident grin. you can even call me dad. he just stared at them until they burst out into laughter. are you done yet?

s h i n y a;
he sighed as he watched his s/o imitate every move of his. he knew quite well it was just because they were bored and nothing better to do, but honestly all he wanted to do was just finish the last few pages of the book he was read. was that really too much to ask.s/o, we can do whatever you want after i finish this book okay? their face immediately brightened and their back straightened as they clasped their hands together.really? he grinned at them, turning the page. really. they jumped for joy and shinya couldn’t help but grin. they were so cute when they were excited.

c r o w l e y; how’s the weather up there? they grinned, face to face with him. his s/o was currently standing on a chair just to get to an equal eye-level but even then they still weren’t tall enough. he chuckled at their playful behavior; it was rare seeing them so very bout you tell me. he mused, picking them up off the chair earning a burst of giggles and large amounts of irresistible cuteness. they kissed his nose and he scrunched up his face making them giggle once’s rather breezy


So some of you don’t know this but I make display/art pieces for insect specimens. I wanted to post an example. I originally had this giant stick insect glued to a plain paper backing. I decided this was too boring so I melted the glue with a hair dryer and made a much more visually appealing display for my stick baby. I used an unholy amount of various mosses because the dimensions are 11X14" and I added a wooden frame I painted to make the bug stand out more. I’m not 100% satisfied, I feel it’s missing something but overall I really like the display. Normally I don’t like posting my projects on here but I thought this one was cute 💕✨🐜🐞🐛🐝