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with Oscar Isaac and Diego Luna becoming fandom faves, I think it’s important to take a moment to re-evaluate the way you talk about your latinx faves.

as a latinx, I have often seen people talk about these actors and their characters in a way which makes me uncomfortable. this mostly comes in the form of them and their speaking spanish. for example: I have seen a lot of people referring to Diego Luna’s accent when speaking English as “cute” or “adorable”, yet these are a lot of the same people who would side-eye any Mexican/latinx with English anything less than perfect. It also relates to the immediate sexualization of the spanish language when it comes to these actors. I cannot count the amount of times people post things such as “[insert latinx character] speaking spanish during sex”. It makes it seem as if speaking their native tongue is inherently a sexual activity. I also see videos of them speaking spanish being posted with captions calling them names like “papi” and this is extremely harmful to the way people view the latinx community. there is already an extremely sexualized view of latinxs, specially women, as they are expected to be suave and sexy and curvy thanks to media stereotypes. By constantly assigning a sexual value to a person speaking spanish, you are helping to perpetuate this which ultimately is not gonna help anyone.

there is a very vast difference in the way people talk about their white faves vs. their latinx faves. there is an immediate sexualization of spanish only when it’s convenient. by praising these actors for speaking their language, you are making it seem as if spanish is only beautiful when spoken by a lucky few, only by the people you deem worthy enough to speak the language and be praised for it, while latinxs everywhere get harrassed for speaking it on the street. I understand this is not the intention of most people, but it still comes off that way and it is very harmful. Even when headcanons say things such as “[insert character] swearing in spanish when they’re mad”. It glorifies these aspects of them being bilingual but only when done by them, if a normal latinx swore in spanish in public while mad they’d be viewed as aggressive. These actors/characters are viewed as a show, kind of an extension of the “omg say something in Spanish” phenomenon. You’re viewing them through a lens that makes them into objects due to their ethnicity.

In summary, I am 100% on board for latinx characters and actors becoming fan favorites. I cannot begin to tell you how happy it makes me. However, be careful of how you speak of them. Appreciate the spanish language and their latinx roots, but do it in a way which is mindful and respectful.

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Why does no one ever talk about the amount of times Namjoon has called Jimin "sexy" or "cute" this is very relevant information

It’s just so lovely to me that he LIVES with him like he gets the Full Park Jimin experience every single day, and yet he is still after all this time so affected by it that he very genuinely cannot contain himself. He’s just gotta squeal about it when he sees it. It’s so fucking relatable. Like Kim Namjoon is me if I was tall, hot, and talented. 

Happy World Premiere Day of Viceroy’s House at the Berlinale to everyone who is going and meeting Gillian Anderson today! 

Happy first day of the Hell or Highwater US Tour to everyone who is going and meeting David Duchovny today!

I hope you all know the drill!


I cannot wait for my dash to be full of cute, sexy, sweaty David pictures and videos with a fair amount of perfection and class that Gillian will bring to the Berlinale. 

It’s been a long time since we had such a treat, so be nice, enjoy and have fun on this great day of February 😉😉

Little things from TouMyu Bakumatsu Tenroden Live to enjoy

(Apart from Yasu’s cuteness)

aka “why you should definitely buy it if you can afford it”

(if you were wondering, no, I don’t have a life)

1. The Venice-like opening and the way they just throw their mask away

In other news, they all are welcome to fuck me any day
Also, everything about these costumes. Good. 10/10. Shame they don’t keep it longer but well, they can’t really dance with that cape I guess…

2. Avoiding responsibilities, Kotetsu level

[this isn’t a gif, don’t wait for it to load]
No seriously I know this isn’t probably what’s going on but the only thing I can think about to caption this is “must look busy to not get interrogated”

3. Covering your eyes: you’re doing it wrong (but let’s be real, everyone wants to see Kashuu’s abs)

I can’t with the amount of cuteness here. My brain melt everytime I look at this gif and I can assure you I’m looking at it pretty often. (I’m in love with Horikawa btw)

4. That part where Yasu, Kashuu and Nagasone revealed that they actually were acrobats all along


5. Kashuu being a bitch

I love him (sorry Yasusada)

6. The otp standing next to each other

[This isn’t a gif either because I’m lazy and I’m already crying too much over this] 

7. Yeah so I’m pretty sure that this should be illegal

Imari Yuu is too beautiful for this world

8. I still can’t believe this is official content

Someone save me from this hell please

9. Also please someone keep Soji away from me because he is such a cutie I can’t deal with it

Make Kondo-san proud Soji, we all super believe in you!

10. Fuck this guy

But also fuck him (do him Horikawa. do him for all of us)

This will always be my favorite picture of you,
An image of a beautiful family,
A loving mother, a protective father,
And a daughter who’s everything they ever dreamed of.
Those sweet and playful moments I always long to see,
A reminder that there is no amount of treasure can replace the love of family.
Parents who taught children that their mothers and fathers will do anything for them,
A daughter who proved that there’s nothing more sweeter than witnessing her parents’ love story.

I miss you everyday, I miss every second of fluffiness,
The cuteness, I cannot stand
I miss that feeling of gasping for air,
God! The king and queen always take my breath away,
The princess I fondly call the “ray of sunshine,”
Her funny and adorable moments always make me laugh,
Reliving those memories has become a habit, to ease the pain and longing.

I’m not sadistic or anything like that,
But I torture myself, imagining the air and sunshine still exist
Giving life and light to our shining knight,
I hold on, no matter how painful it is,
Hoping for that reunion we would love to see,
Just one episode, just a few minutes to make it up
To the soul who was imprisoned in an incompetent persona,
The destined keeper who was murdered unjustly,
The king who was robbed of everything,
And the army who’s still hoping.

-Vivid by: Iris


Note: Little shady on the last part, I know, I know that. And sorry I’m not sorry for feeling this way, I’m not going to think of a less harsh term or make it sound too fancy just to make everyone think that this is poetry, I put my feelings into words and whatever word or term that comes into my mind I use it okay? I write it down, I have been shooting fires at the “sapi-girl” eversince you guys know when and I have no intentions of dousing it off, if she wants to redeem herself, then she better do it on her own, for now, I’ll watch her burn. That’s for the injustice she gave to both Amihan and Lira.

Photo credits: @GMAEncantadia (via Twitter)

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"To be quite frank, I could write a whole other post about how funny it would be for Saeran to flip-flop between trying to convince you that you’re a good person, denying that he likes you, and then also getting mad that you can beat him in a fight while trying to challenge you to duels and pissing-contest-esque debates of who can do cooler shit, all the while living with you." ...If you could you totally should just sayin

just twist my arm why don’t you. This is a continuation of Saeran’s portion from this post.

An Ex-Hitman Smooches a Cultist: A Story of Lust, Love, and Wholly Unnecessary Violence Told in Four Acts.

Act 1: Fuck Off You Edgelord, That’s My Goddamn Pudding You’re Eating

  • It was your pudding, and seeing Saeran chowing down on it was pretty much the last fucking straw.
  • To give some context into your relationship with Saeran, let us state three points. One, on that awful day where everything with Mint Eye exploded, you stopped Saeran from shooting V by oh-so-cleverly getting shot instead. Recovering from those injuries will take months and a decent amount of surgery, so you’re just generally irritable about not being in top form.
  • Two, you are now living in the ex-murderer edition of the Breakfast Club, since you, Vanderwood, and Saeran are all crashing at Seven’s place while he recovers emotionally from years of lies and betrayal and helps the lot of you evade your prior employers (and the law.)
  • Three, you are completely oblivious to Saeran’s huge crush on you, developed from a week straight of basically stalking you on the internet and from seeing your heroism at Mint Eye, and therefore you don’t understand why he is being So Fucking Weird about things.
  • Saeran is enormously erratic around you. He responds to the guilt of having shot you and his desperate desire to hold your hand by verbally belittling you, acting sulky and surly, and trying to prove he’s better than you at Everything On the Planet. This is unfortunate, because he is not in fact better than you at Everything On the Planet, but your skillset is a predominately active one that your doctors have banned you from engaging in. Even more unfortunately, you’re competitive as shit, so no, you’re not going to let him say that “oh, if you want your pudding back so bad, fight me for it” because god fucking damn it you’ve kicked this little shit’s ass you will do it again.
  • [Cue ambulance sirens.]
  • Is being sent to the hospital again only a week after being discharged a new personal best? Probably.
  • Anyway, Saeran shows up to visit you with flowers, saying that he didn’t want to but Seven made him. When you ask your pal Saeyoung why the fuck he made his idiot brother buy you flowers, you just get long series of question marks in return. That, in essence, characterizes the next few months of your life - spats of mockery and violence followed by weird gestures of affection from your local sweater wearing loser.
  • Like, for instance - the time he said your hair looked like a rats nest and maybe you should comb it sometime, you said that his hair looked like something out of Santa’s Workshop and maybe he should go back to the Christmas Elf Parade, and then the next day he got you a really pretty hair clip “so you can look less ugly” but, funnily enough, it was something you’d been fiddling with in the department store when you’d taken him clothes shopping.
  • Or the time that he was staring at you, and you were like the fuck is your problem, mate? and he just looks away and says you have a really ugly zit and he was just horrified. 
  • or the time when you were five shots into a bottle of whiskey and you started trashing yourself - god, you’re shit, you’re a garbage person why did you get to live when so many others died - and he grabs onto your hands. “you’re not a bad person,” he says, weirdly serious - and anxious, too, like he’s afraid you’ll disappear if he lets go. “you’re nice, and kind, and you help people like it’s no trouble to you at all.”
  • (you tell him that doesn’t make you a good person, and he tells you to shut up.)
  • Over time, you kind of… get used to him. Oh, you still argue over dumb shit - like who’s taste in television is better, who can get more kills in a shooter you both play, or in a sword-fight between the two of you, who would be the victor (spoiler alert: it’s you)
  • (cue ambulance sirens)
  • but there’s… other stuff, too. Deep, late night conversations where he talks about how angry he is all the time. Moments where he tells you about his nightmares, and you’re like get over here you dumb shit as you pull in into a hug. You talk about that filthy feeling the two of you share - of having killed, of knowing what you’re done - and you talk about what it’s like to…

  • …Not be loved. And how you both want to be better people.
  • In the morning, of course, you’re back to fighting… but when Saeran is about to break, it’s you he comes to, because you understand. And when you are falling into the pits of alcoholism and despair…
  • It’s Saeran who sits with you, says you’re not as bad as everyone else, he guesses, and runs his fingers through your hair.

(more under the cut!)

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Can i ask for sweet talking hcs for the strawhats and sabo

+ Kid and Shanks because of this ask

Sure thing! :D


  • *completely out of the blue* “(Name), you look pretty.
  • Do you want a bite of my steak? You can get it!
  • *pointing to his cheek.” “Give me a smooch, (Name)-chan.
  • Shishishi, I like it when we cuddle.”


  • *blushing and looking away.* “Stop being so cute, you idiot.”
  • I say it rarely, but I’m happy you’re with me.”
  • *grumpily moving behind you to be the big spoon* “I cannot sleep when you’re having nightmares.
  • I didn’t think that there was something as important as my goal, until you came.”


  • I would not give you away for any amount of money in the world
  • *massaging their shoulders* “Does that feel good for honey?
  • Wow, somebody looks stunning today.”
  • “Kissing their wrist* “Thank you for being here, baby.”


  • *awkwardly rubbing the back of his head* “I can’t believe, you’re with a loser like me.”
  • The best thing that comes out of my actions is you being happy.
  • *shyly kissing your cheeks* “You’re so pretty, (Name)
  • Hey (Name), I have a new story, it’s about you and me your prince in shining armor.


  • I love you so, so much, my heart hurts.”
  • You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.”
  • *giving you a rose* “It’s still not as pretty as you, but be sure it was the prettiest I’ve come across.”


  • (Name)-chan, don’t worry, I will protect you!
  • *tackle hugging them while crying* “I missed you so much!
  • Wow, you’re so pretty!
  • *doing his awkward danceStop complimenting me!


  • *touching you’re cheek and smiling warmly* “
  • I won’t let anybody lay a hand on you.”
  • *reading something to you, while your head rests on her lap* “Would you like to cuddle instead?
  • It takes long for me to trust, but I trust you so much (Name).”


  • You’re almost as suuuuuper as me..fine even more!.”
  • *while transforming* “(Name)! You have to get on with me!”
  • WOW, is that my attractive s/o?
  • *putting an arm around them* “Let’s show them what a powercouple looks like.”


  • Yohoho, whenever I’m with you I can forget what happened to my old crew.”
  • *playing the violin* “(Name) it will be even better if you sing along with me!
  • (Name)-san, my love, thank you so much for being there for me.”
  • *picking you up bridal style* “I hate seeing you upset, so let’s dance!


  • As rarely as I say it, I’m very glad you and I are together.”
  • *blushing* “I don’t talk that often about you, don’t look at me like that.
  • *putting both his hands on your shoulders* “I will protect you and I will defend you, as much as I can, because I love you.”
  • You always seem to know, when I need your near.”


  • HEY I have the prettiest s/o around!
  • *nibbling your arm* “I heart you a lot.”
  • *surprise smooching you* “Your my favorite thing in the world.


  • “I guess you ain’t that shitty.”
  • *putting an arm around you* “shut up and enjoy.”
  • “Fuck, I have got to be the luckiest bastard on the planet.”
  • *Kissing your cheek from behind* “Looking, gorgeous today.”


  • *touching his scar* “You always make me forget about that
  • You’re perfect, little dove.”
  • *kissing your knuckles* “I’m so mad, I cannot spend more time with you, (Name).”
  • I will always protect you, no matter what, always.”


  • What’s with that face, (Name), you’re way to pretty too pout.
  • *kissing your cheek* “I love you, I hope you realize that.”
  • I think you somehow look even cuter when you blush
  • *running his hand through your hair* “One of the lucky things that happened to me, is you.”

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Can I just say your Jimin "our little family" has me JUNGSHOOK!!! Oh my gosh my heartu cannot handle the amount of cuteness. I died. Literally died. My body hit the floor and my spirit left my body. YOUR A AMAZING WRITER!!! Keep up the good work!! 💚😭🖤

well this comment has ME JUNGSHOOK!!! Thank you so much for liking it hahahah but pls don’t die you still need to be alive for the rest!

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Lol I just saw one of your reblogs (and it was a pic of airport fashion j hope w/manager at the back) and I let out the weirdest most high pitched giggle when you mentioned how cute manager-nim is in your tags bc I agree so much

oh gosh anon you have no idea how relieved I am!! I honestly thought I was the only one who thought manager sejin was cute (o˘◡˘o)

i’m going to casually take this opportunity to do a manager sejin appreciation post because i obv cannot contain my love for him

**pic/gif credits go to the owner

first off, manager sejin is a giant! hes taller than joonie and makes bangtan look smol

he’s also super built and buff
like daamnn those deltoids and biceps 
his button is about to burst and so is my heart

i just want to koala hug him…and never let go…

but contradictory to his huge and almost scaring looking body, he has such a cute baby face?!?!??!!


but the thing that caught my attention is the amount of love he has for bangtan
he loves them so much… he’s only been with them for about 2 years(?) now, but hes gotten so close to them it’s heartwarming….

hes really close to tae, he always holds his hands at the airport…how cute is that…
and dont forget manager sejin went on the swing ride with tae during now 3…


(I’ll fight you if you tell me he said that for broadcasting purposes)

TL DR; I really really love manager sejin

sorry for the long post ( ˘•ω•˘ )

Top Ten Reasons Servers Hate Teenagers/ Young Adults

Hello young-lings
I would like to take this opportunity to teach you a very valuable life lesson.
When you and your other young teenage/ young adult friends come out for a meal at a restaurant, here is a list of things you DONT do so we don’t end up hating you like usual….

1. Don’t ask me how much every little thing is on the menu. There are prices next to it for a reason.

2. Don’t try and be slick and try to get alcohol when you clearly look 18. We will ID you and don’t get mad when we do, bc it is our job and we could lose it if we got you a damn beer

3. Look at your server when they talk to you. Speak up bc miss mumble I don’t know wtf you’re saying

4. Don’t treat your server like scum. We are human beings just like you. We are working hard for our money to make you guys have a good experience. Some of us only make $5 per hour or LESS!!! That is WAY less than minimum wage.

5. Dine and Dashers: FUCK YOU YOU USELESS PIECES OF SHIT. When you skip out on a check no matter if it $10-$200 we can get in some serious trouble. Possibly even lose our jobs bc of it. Not to mention any hope of a tip we might have “thought” we would receive. So when you ask me for an extra to go bag and you run out without paying bc you think it’s FUNNY, fuck you bc we remember faces and if you come back WE WILL know you and YOU WILL get in serious trouble.

6. Don’t insult my intelligence. Telling me to get another profession instead of serving is infuriating. Especially if this job is paying for my schooling, phone, clothes, car, apartment, and any other needs I may have so I can get another “profession” of my choosing.

8. Campers
When you go out to eat and you plan on sitting there for 4 FUCKING HOURS don’t expect me to go super hard for you. You are taking up a table where 4 other groups of people could’ve came and went and I could’ve made more money. “You don’t have to go home but you have to get the fuck outta here”

8.If for some reason you come on a busy Friday night, chances are your server has more than one table. Sometimes we can have up to 8 (if your good) YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES IN THE RESTAURANT. When I am at another table getting someone’s order or drinks, DO NOT: snap your fingers at me, yell to get my attention when I’m clearly talking to another table, grab my arm to stop me. DO. NOT. TOUCH. ME. If you need something be polite and just raise your hand and say “excuse me miss?”

9. If for some reason your food is taking a bit longer than expected, don’t blame your server. I am not in the kitchen. I do not make the food. When you ask me where your “3 well done sirloins” are after only being sat for 15 mins, you look like an idiot.
OR: If your food comes out slightly wrong or not cooked enough or overcooked DO NOT yell at me. I do not cook your food! And don’t take it out on my tip when I can control how the kitchen works.

10. “Keep the change”
Let’s say your bill is $100.50 When you hand me $101 and say keep the change (as my only tip) that is not only cheap but very insulting and rude. When you go to a restaurant people usually tip on a scale of percentages. The normal amount to tip is TWENTY PERCENT OF YOUR OVERALL BILL BEFORE COUPONS
So when you spend an average of $100 on food you should tip your server AT LEAST $20. If they were great taking care of you and you felt like they did a good job. If your SERVER sucked then I understand less than that. BUT if you cannot afford to tip your server after he/she busted they’re butt to make sure you have a great experience then FUCK YOU.
**And if you leave your phone number at the table bc you thought your server was cute and you gave him/her a Shitty tip DO NOT expect a text except maybe a fuck you for leaving me $2 on a $120 bill

We all work very hard to make everyone have a good experience. So pleaseeee keep this in mind when you are going out this year ESPECIALLY during the holiday season. And feel free to share this with friends and family bc lord knows some adults can’t grasp this concept either.


for my lucie, staggeringlyjily, whom i endlessly adore and never want to ever be unhappy. 


Often, James has to leave the class because he’s laughing so hard at his own joke. Often, Lily cannot believe she loves such an utter moron.

Because he is a moron, he likes singing songs with drunken people while completely sober at parties, refuses to eat green beans and calls Sirius his ‘one and only’. Lily cannot believe the staggering amount of nerd he has crammed inside his body, it is honestly a marvel.

He also calls her darling, which is not moronic but rather cute. ‘darling pass me my book’, ‘darling flick Remus on the eyelid I think he’s fallen asleep’, ‘darling I do I believe I love you.’

The last one is Lily’s favourite because of the way he says it. ‘darling I do believe I love you’ like it’s an accident, as if one day he wasn’t in love and next he was, without warning. She tells him this and he grins his half grin and says it again and again and again until ‘darling I do believe I love you’ plays on loops when Lily is lying in bed.

One day, she plans, she’s going to buy a house with him. It’s going to be little and white with window sills she can put vases on, she’ll plant flowers and then they’ll inevitably die because she’s Lily and she can’t garden for shit, but the thought would be there. She’s going to buy a house and make potions all day for the rest of forever, and James can play Quidditch and talk to her through the open window.

It’ll be cramped and too little; when they eat breakfast they’ll do it cross-legged on their kitchen table because they have no room for chairs. He will be all warm bleeding heart with thrumming fingers on the counter that bring her yellow flowers on her birthday. She will kiss his cheek and put them on her windowsill. She will continue to have orgasmic hair like a shock to the brain and he’ll still be him except with longer legs she can tangle hers in on their couch.

She daydreams about this when she has nothing else to think about, and when he looks at her like he does the fantasy forces itself to forefront of her brain. She wants her cramped little house and yellow flowers on her birthday. She wants it so badly that she forgets it’s not a something she needs.

But it is James, and she needs James. Moronic stupid James who gets sent out of charms for killing himself laughing at his own freaking joke. Half the time they’re not even good jokes. It’s utterly infuriating that she laughs at them every single time. God, she’s so in love with him it’s disgusting.

And she’s seventeen with a boyfriend she loves rather a lot. He’s full of complete moron, crappy flower puns and drunk slurring and eating without a spoon and prancing around the common room doing impressions and loudmouth. But he’s also kissing temples and laughing into her textbook and spinning down the hallways and smartsmartsmart and ‘darling I do believe I love you’

EXO react to you having insecurities

You’re all so sweet, thanks so much for your support bae bae. TT.TT <3 

SIDE NOTE: I just returned from the lovely Exoluxion concert in LA! If you guys want, I could make a post about the experience overall? :) An Exoluxion analysis? 

*Gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due.

*Written with you having body insecurities. Also written assuming you haven’t displayed your insecurities prior

Xiumin: He would take this in the very sweet and comforting route. With a sympathetic smile, Minseok would do everything in his power to bring the jocularity back to your face, trying to take your mind off your uncertainties. It wouldn’t take long for him to pick up on what is transpiring the moment you refuse to revel the swimsuit you’ve picked out for this beach date. Minseok will opt to use aegyo and lots of affectionate cuddling/hugs to get you to a content state of mind. “Come on jagi! You wanted to get in the water right? Well, let’s go!” he would remind you, wanting to elicit a smile from you. He won’t coax you into showing your skin if you truly feel uncomfortable–in fact, he wouldn’t bring it up unless you desired to talk about it. But, he’ll still make sure you’re having fun and enjoying yourself at the beach. Prepared to be showered with lots of adorable kisses and back hugs.  

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Luhan: Luhan would feel a bit disheartened to see you writhing in discomfort, trying your best to keep a towel wrapped around your body while you’re traipsing around the beach. Though he wouldn’t display his concerned disposition wholly, he would still bring it up. “Baobei, what’s wrong? You’re not acting like yourself…” he would softly inquire, maintaining a gentle demeanor. Once you revel your self doubts, he would chuckle softly, wrapping an arm around you lovingly. “I won’t force you to do something you don’t want to, but at least show me your smile love. Please? You look stunning when you’re happy.” Just to emphasize his point, he may even poke the side of your mouth, in an attempt to upturn it into a smile teeming with jubilation. Because he would want your beach date to be enjoyable and brimming with mirth, he wouldn’t bring it up throughout the duration of the day. Eventually though, Luhan would end up talking with you about your anxieties. 

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Kris: Puzzled as to why you bear an agitated glaze in your eyes, Kris would carefully ask what’s wrong, determined to get answers. Once you admit to the discomfort you feel with going out in public with your form-fitting dress for dinner, Kris would feel genuinely empathetic towards you. He would want to do anything and everything to dispel any insecurities or worries you have about yourself, because he fails to see any imperfections…therefore, it would break him to know that you’re unable to see this congruously. “You’re perfect to me baobei,” he would murmur slowly, trying to keep his voice from wavering, “there’s nothing wrong with how you look. Wear it. Just remember what I said about you being perfect.” At this, he would then embrace you as though you and been separated for an eon, truly wanting you to espouse his idea of wearing the dress with confidence. If you choose to not wear it, he would be a bit disappointed, but wouldn’t force you to do anything. Yifan would be concerned for you though in the future. 

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Suho: Similar to Xiumin, Suho would want to get you to focus on having a convivial time, rather than focusing on any adverse or negative energy. Even though you don’t feel completely up for wearing summer clothing, that can be reveling, he would try to get you to enjoy the day rather than dwell over it. “Alright jagi, we’re gonna have lots of fun today right? It’s your only day off the entire week! Let’s make the most of it!” he would remind you, already taking your hand, leading you around the premises of the pastoral park. Joonmyun wouldn’t bring up your anxieties directly, as he would not want to shatter the mirthful thoughts you now bear with his cheery encouragements. Frequently, throughout the date, Joonmyun would take the opportunity once presented to whisper to you how ‘cute you look’ or how ‘lovely your outfit looks on you.’ Just little things to uplift you here and there. Perhaps sometime in the future, he would take some time to help repress your uncertainties. 

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Lay: The absolute sweetest cinnamon roll of all. Yixing would bear some similarities to Yifan in this instance. He would feel greatly empathetic towards you and the way you shield yourself out of self doubt. Again, he views you on such a sacred pedestal, that it would be discombobulating to him how you are unable to see it as well. Watching carefully as you trudge wearily along the beach, Yixing would stop in his tracks, solely to embrace you as a means of comforting you. “If it’s too much for you baobei, we can go somewhere else?” he would offer benignly, granting you a saccharine smile. Whether you take his offer or not, Lay will still permit you affectionate hugs and compliments throughout the duration of the date. “Just know baobei, that you’re perfect in all ways to me,” he would murmur sweetly while stroking your hair softly. Once you arrive home, he would comfort you by producing soothing melodies on his guitar for your mind to wander astray into, while he hums a sentimental tune. 

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Baekhyun: “What? You don’t want to wear it?” Baekhyun would query you with befuddlement as to why you evade from wearing a swimsuit for your date at the local water park. “Why not? You look cute!” Baek would stress to you in hopes of persuading you otherwise. Although it seems like he’s vexed with you, by the way his tone of voice sounds, in truth, he’s genuinely troubled at your sudden demonstration of anxiety. He honestly cannot see where the imperfections lie within the way you look, which would prompt him to want to convince you otherwise. Since Baek is very observant, he would go on to point out all the ways your swimsuit befits you. “Come on baby you look really cute!” he would say, taking notice of your unsure glance. “I mean look how well it shows your figure,” he would comment, slowly approaching you. “It really emphasizes your sides..and it shows just the right amount of skin,” at this, his hand would wander over your sides, ascending to cup your chin, as he grants you an affectionate kiss. “So don’t feel bad jagi,” he would reassure gently. 

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Chen: Jongdae would take the humorous route to uplift your dejected spirit. He would feel for you, but would show more of a jovial side to you. When he takes notice of your initial uncertainty with the dress you contemplate wearing, he would chuckle softly, comfortingly back hugging you in an attempt to elicit blithe smiles from you. Chen would try his best to convince you to keep the dress on, considering how alluring he finds you to be in it. As I stated before, he would use jokes to try and restore your tenacity. “You know something babe? I’ve seen plenty of models…but, let’s be real here: none of them could pull that dress off better than you,” he would snicker, tightening the embrace he’s encircled you within. “Just keep that in my mind babe. You should wear it,” he would add finally just to show his sincerest feelings on the matter. Jongdae would want his girlfriend to proudly stride beside him with utmost assurance. Though he won’t force you to wear it, he would be most proud of you if you opted to. 

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Chanyeol: Immediately, Chanyeol would be befuddled as to why you insist on shielding your body on the beach. His approach in this instance would be slightly identical to Baek’s approach, in the sense that Chanyeol would be emphatic in you wearing the swimsuit. “But, babe….what’s wrong with that two piece? Is there something wrong with it…?” he would be busy searching for some sort of error in the article of clothing, only to find nothing. “Nope. I don’t see anything wrong with it. It looks great,” he would assert, giving you a reassuring ‘thumbs up.’ At this point, although he would really want you to showcase the swimsuit, he would cast those thoughts away and just focus primarily on having an enjoyable time with you. He would chase you playfully towards the water, wanting to make you feel as comfortable as possible; essentially wanting to take your mind off of your anxieties. He would feel most thrilled for you if you ended up unveiling your bathing suit wholly. 

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D.O: Kyungsoo would be incredibly understanding and patient with the array of feelings washing upon you. The form fitting dress you feel numbed by is nothing but pleasant in the eyes of Kyungsoo, however, he would be able to empathize with you and your feelings on the matter. In fact, Kyungsoo may even go out of his way to buy you different clothes that would make you more comfortable inwardly. He would just be focused on how satisfied you are right then and there, which is what he would want to assure before going out anywhere. Otherwise, in your new set of clothing, the dinner date would carry on smoothly, and he wouldn’t bring much attention to your complexes. Now, you’re out of range, he would make sure to hold your hand affectionately, as a way of getting you to a state of placidity. “Never forget jagi: you’re beautiful no matter what,” he would murmur softly, with a quick, yet loving kiss to affirm his statement.

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Tao: Tao would be very vocal when stressing to you how dazzling he finds you in your swimsuit. “Baobei, how can you not see how great you look? You look stunning!” he would assert, sincerely wanting you to feel confident in yourself and how you exhibit yourself. He would go on about how fitting the swimsuit looks on you, but if you’re still not convinced, he won’t give up too easily. On the beach date, he’ll allow you to shield yourself just this once. In the future however, he would want to expand your confidence, and would start small, prompting you to wear just tank tops out in public. Eventually, you’ll graduate into shorts, shorts and tank tops, one pieces, and gradually into a two piece. Alternatively, I can see Tao doing this all in one setting: he would purchase all these articles of clothing and once you’re home, he would want you to try them on, taking pictures just to show you how lovely he finds you in any set of clothes. “See baobei? I think this one looks especially cute on you.” 

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Kai: Similar to Chen, Jongin would take the humorous route; getting you to enjoy yourself through jokes. Of course, initially he would feel sympathetic for you and the image you see yourself in, which would prompt him to hold you in a zealous embrace while softly kissing your face. “Don’t say that jagi, you look amazing,” he would murmur, still holding you lovingly. A jest would come to mind for Kai, eliciting soft snickers from him. Once you ask ‘what’s wrong’ he would respond with: “babe, I’m willing to take off a few clothes if you wear that swimsuit,” he would offer cheekily, just wanting to get you to a self assured state. Whether you agree or not, Jongin will still stand by his offer, leaving very little clothes on for the other beach-goers to marvel at. “It’s not that bad jagi!” he would call out to you while immersing himself within the water. You may just end up being convinced to show off your bikini with how playful his antics are. 

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Sehun: Sehun’s method of comforting you would be a bit unique to say the least. He would be thrown off by your comments on how you don’t like your appearance in your form-fitting dress, initially. This would incite Sehun to remind you of all the times in which someone has admired your outward appearance. “You don’t like the dress? Well, I’m sure that one lady at the mall wouldn’t agree. Remember when she said that you looked cute in your outfit that day? And let’s not forget that one barisita at our favorite coffee shop.” He would even add a little humor in without even trying to get laughs from you, “and have you seen all the guys around us gawking over how cute you look? I can tell by the way their eyes wouldn’t stop looking our way. What a shame that they can only admire you from a distance and I can admire you in…all…ways…possible.” His hand would snake towards your sides, as he grants you a little squeeze. “So, with all those receipts, I’d say wear it.” *You could put Miranda Kerr to shame in that dress.

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Junkrat is super cute and so are rats but then I remember that I live in Alberta, Canada and we don't allow rats in this province. It's the largest rat free landmass. (It's to protect our crops from millions of dollars of damages) And it's sad, because I would like a cute pet rat, but we're not even allowed those here. D: It's strange. If they find a rat (Dead or alive) it's news worthy and there's sudden panic in the area.


jokes aside, that is a bummer.
I cannot imagine the amount of pest control people on that job D:

But dude, rats are friggin cute.
Obviously there are the weird ‘super rat’ images, but they look more like deranged opossums xD
Any time I’ve seen someone with a pet rat, I’m like, LET ME PET IT.

And funny thing is, I find squirrels to be more of a pest than a rat, but then again, I lived in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Trust me, squirrels got to be the size of cats there and kept scaring birds and eating the bird seed.
Grey squirrels.
Menace to society, my friend.

Even though we had a pet squirrel when I was like, two years old xD