the amory war

Claudio Sanchez also announced that The Amory Wars will be making a return in April!

The 12-issue “The Amory Wars: Good Apollo” series will debut in April from BOOM! Studios, with Sanchez co-writing alongside Chondra Echert, and art by DC Comics veteran Rags Morales, returning to an extended monthly comics run for the first time since his New 52 “Action Comics” run.

[All Mother:] ‘You fought to withdraw from a location which has, inside it, severe, quantifiable pain. I nearly terminated the mission… nearly terminated your life. Yet, you desire to set course back to it. I am not equipped to comprehend human rationale. Sirius… is this what love is?’


[Sirius Amory:] 'Yes.’

—  Coheed and Cambria “Dark Side of Me” (All Mother to Sirius Amory)
  1. have you been to any coheed concerts? how many?
  2. what was the first coheed song you ever heard?
  3. do you collect albums/CDs/merch? what all do you own?
  4. do you think claudio will ever cut his hair off?
  5. do you have any coheed tattoos? if not, would you ever get any?
  6. how old were you when you started listening to coheed?
  7. are there any tracks that are very dear to you? can you describe why?
  8. are there any tracks that you prefer as acoustic?
  9. do you think YOTBR is a bad album? 
  10. are you interested in the amory wars?
  11. have you met any of the band members?
  12. chris pennie OR josh eppard?
  13. mic todd OR zach cooper?
  14. what are your favorite lyrics?
  15. your top 3 favorite music videos? 
  16. your top 10 favorite songs?
  17. top 10 LEAST favorite songs?
  18. favorite and least favorite albums? 
  19. can you rate each album on a scale of 1 to 10?
  20. do you have any coheed-related confessions to make?