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The Amityville Boy Ghost

In 1976, during the Amityville horror house investigations lead by demonoligists Ed & Lorraine Warren, this photo - out of hundreds of photos from rolls and rolls of film was taken inside the house that is to this day, infamous for its demonic chain of occurrences.
Discovered 3 years after it was taken, it continues to be analysed and ‘debunked’, but the story of how this 'boy’ was captured is as follows :

Gene Campbell, a professional photographer working with the Warrens, set up his camera stored with black and white film on the second floor of the house in order to capture infrared shots. Discovered 3 years later by George Lutz, who experienced the horrors of the house, when he was looking for photos to include in his book.
George lutz states that when he asked his children if they recognised the boy his daughter, Missy stated it was the little boy she used to play with in the house.
The figure in this photograph has been theorised to be a 'demon who shapeshifts into whatever it wants’, one of the youngest DeFeo children who was murdered by Ronald DeFeo or simply one of the investigators on the case Paul Bartz, who was kneeling and happened to be caught on film.

We will never 100% know, making it one of America’s ever lasting mysteries.

The Amityville Ghost Boy

Taken in 1976 by Gene Campbell during an investigation by Ed and Lorraine Warren, the Amityville Ghost Boy has been a subject of much controversy. The ghost in the photo is said to be the spirit of John Defeo, one of the family members murdered in the home just years before. The Lutz family lived in the home after the murders but fled the home after a series of terrifying paranormal events within a period of 4 weeks, leaving everything behind.

The Amityville Horror has become one of the world’s most famous hauntings, and has become the subject of multiple books, movies, documentaries and other media. The house recently just sold for $850,000 to brave new owners. What do you think of the photo? Genuine or staged? It is no doubt that the home is haunted, is it really that hard to believe that this photo could be genuine? The answer lies in the home, perhaps the new owners will have some insight into the activity within the house.

Real Talk: Amityville

The True Story Behind The Amityville Horror

The DeFeo family moved to Amityville, Long Island, New York in 1965.  Ronald and Louise DeFeo were second generation Italian Americans looking to make a life for themselves.  Altogether they had five children: Ronald Jr. (Butch), Dawn, Allison, Marc, and John Matthew (oldest to youngest).  

At about 3:00am November 13, 1974 the DeFeo family was brutally murdered.  The exact details of the murders remain a mystery today since all family members were found shot dead lying face down in their beds.  The parents were shot twice each, while the children were shot only once.  Basically people are unsure how a whole family could be murdered by rifle without any sign of struggle.  Some theories involve multiple murderers or some sort of conspiracy between family members, but again it remains a mystery.

Initially Ronald “Butch” Jr. was taken into custody for his own safety, but soon after he confessed to murdering his whole family.  His motives also remain unclear to this day, particularly because he continues to change his story.  The peaceful town of Amityville was shaken to the core and a once quiet town became a name infamously known across the United States.

A year after the DeFeo murder the Lutz family, George and Kathy and their three children, moved into that same home in Amityville.  The house having been the scene of a tragic crime was being sold for a bargain price.  The Lutz family shortly began experiencing strange things in the home that led to them literally fleeing in the middle of the night only 28 days after they moved in.

There are a lot of theories behind what went down during those 28 days.  The Lutz’ continued to their deaths insisting that the home in Amityville was haunted.  The famous paranormal investigator couple (we saw them in The Conjuring) Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated the Amityville home and sensed a great evil presence.  Another medium believed the home had been built on a Native American burial ground, although nearly everyone finds that theory total bunk.  

Other theories are that the Lutz’ made the whole thing up for money, although problems with that theory are that a) they really didn’t get that much out of the whole deal, and b) they left literally all of their belongings in that home when they fled.  It’s a totally reasonable theory, but it does have flaws.

Personally, I like to believe the “homes aren’t haunted, people are haunted” theory.  The Lutz’ were Catholic.  This isn’t to bash on their religion, but Catholics have a strong belief in demons and possessions and exorcisms.  It’s a lot easier to see/feel something when you believe in it.  I think a handful of weird things probably did happen, which led the Lutz family to believe that their home really was haunted in some way.

Even the Lutz’ admitted that both the books and the movies way over-exaggerated their story, even including facts and details that were completely new to the Lutz’.  But George and Kathy took to their graves that that home in Amityville was haunted.


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Hallowe'en Prelude: The Amityville Horror House on Spirit Lake, in Kenosha County, Wisconsin.

This house was used for the filming of the 2005 movie remake. It is currently on the market. The real horror is that after spending $1.6 million USD to buy this property, you will still need to shell out untold thousands for updates and renovations. 

And it’s haunted.