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So I just saw Big Hero 6 and you have no ideahow attached I am to San Fransokyo. 

Being half Japanese and half American, like Hiro and Tadashi, I often find myself trying to explain to people how I don’t necessarily feel part J and part American, but rather a part of a hybrid culture of both.

Long story short, San Fransokyo is the city of my dreams.

It’s exactly what I imagine when I try to explain my American and Japanese hybridized culture. The city has enormous diversity in its population, it seems that people are bilingual (for example, most of the street signs are in Japanese while the entire movie is spoken in English), and most of all the city doesn’t have Japanese and American sectors, but rather a completely hybridized culture. It’s the city of my soul.

It also doesn’t help my sadness that this city doesn’t exist that I’m a total tech nerd, and would love to attend San Fransokyo Institute of Technology (T^T)

(Picture credit to Disney. Concept art of San Fransokyo)
Why Isn't Anyone Lobbying For Climate Change?
BY SENATOR SHELDON WHITEHOUSE - Washington's dirty secret is that even the American companies that are really good on sustainability put net zero effort into lobbying Congress on climate change.
By Capital Flows

“Throughout the American corporate sector, corporate leaders I’ve talked to about this problem uniformly assert fear of retribution as a reason to stand clear. The Republican Party is now so intertwined with the fossil fuel industry, and so dependent on it for “dark money,” that fossil fuel interests can deploy Republican politicians to exact retribution for lobbying on climate…

In my experience, plenty of Republican members of Congress would like to get to work on climate change, for reasons of principle, or because of constituent demands, or from simple fear of being appallingly wrong on a vital issue. But their immediate calculation is that the fossil fuel industry will punish them if they dare, and they won’t have a single trustworthy friend at their side.”