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I love Danielle Breton so much ok she’s like a huge comfort character to me and I relate to her a lot and I love her but holy shit obnoxious anti-sjw Danielle is the funniest goddamn thing like. Danielle saying to Grace in her gentle French accent, “Are you, how do you Americans say, triggered?” or saying the word “S-J-W” like “ess-jay-double you” all softly kdksjdksjjdkd i wanna die I hate Brian De Palma

Safe For Now
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The American Scene - Safe For Now

We turned rest into home, and sank into the things that we didn’t know.
We took off our clothes to keep away from what seemed to be so impossibly unavoidable.
And we might need to come back down; we might not lose the love we found.

I’m not leaving this room till you can tell me the truth.
Did you really think I’d just watch you leave?
Like that’s just how it is? Yea that sounds like me.
But I knew better than to think that you’d be done with this so soon.

And I could feel the cold creeping out of your skin.
Calmer by the second we let silence settle in.
And left the things we couldn’t say buried with those bedroom days,
That blurred into an image of the simplest parts of us.

Did you get it all out?
Are we safe for now?
Did this brittle boned bending of mine make you feel a little more alive?

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