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For the character question, Charles and 14! If you're willing to do more than one, also 4 and 5! :)

14. Charles - ingrained habits/forces of habit

In answer to this character headcanon ask meme 

It seems I decided to turn these headcanon asks into drabbles. Do not know if I will continue in that vein, but should I do so they will henceforth be known as the Headcanon Drabbles!


He was tapping the tip against his lips. Lips that were already obscenely red, now made all the more so by wet flicks of Charles’ tongue. He let the tip slip slowly between those gorgeous lips, humming absently, taking in a bit more, then backing off, before repeating the motion. All Erik could do was watch, driven to distraction, and hopelessly ensnared by the most perfect pair of wet, berry red lips he had even seen.

Soon, it was more than he could bear.

With a small surge of power, the metallic pen whipped out of Charles’ sinful mouth and into Erik’s hand.

Charles gaped, lips falling apart so that they made the perfect ‘o’. This did nothing to stem the rising tide of Erik’s arousal.

“Erik, I’m nearly done grading these papers. I know it’s getting late, and you wanted to watch Forged in Fire, but I hardly think that’s the most mature way to get my attention.”

It was Erik’s turn to gape. “Do you really not know?”

Charles’ brow furrowed. “Know what?”

Slightly incredulous, Erik pushed his mental image of Charles fellating his pen into Charles’ mind.

This time Charles didn’t gape, he blanched. “No- I- there’s no way I look *that* filthy when I do that. That- that’s- that’s pornographic.”

Erik raised both eyebrows. “Why do you think I’m always coming on to you whenever you’re writing?”

Erik wasn’t a telepath but he could see Charles flipping back through his memories of their sexual encounters and knew the moment realization slowly began to dawn. What happened next was one of Erik’s favourite things. A deep pink flush spread across both his cheeks and Erik knew, intimately, that it was travelling down past Charles’ collar to stain the top of his chest.

“Oh god. Please tell me I don’t do that in front of others.”

“Any time you’re concentrating, Schatz.”

Charles’ head dropped to the table and a small moan of dismay. “Why have you never told me?”


I always imagine Charles, when he’s grading papers, writing papers for scientific journals, doing the New York Times crossword (because YOU KNOW Charles totally does that), that he always has the tip of his pen/pencil against his bottom lip or just a little bit inside his mouth.

And those moments?

Drive Erik mad.

Of course!

Also ‘Forged in Fire’ is an American reality contest program about blacksmiths forging swords. I imagine Erik watches it, and gets all irritated and makes acerbic comments about their efforts because he could do it so much better and faster. Charles just laughs and asks why they bother watching it if their lack of craftsmanship annoys Erik so much.

Two headcanons for the price of one!

huge film rec list
  • films about teenagers and coming of age: ghost world, a bronx tale, the breakfast club, girl interrupted, perks of being a wallflower, blue is the warmest color, rushmore, the last picture show, the virgin suicides, submarine, stand by me.
  • films about running away from home to find yourself: frances ha, spirited away, moonrise kingdom, 127 hours.
  • films about transgression, nihilism, and altering reality: fight club, american psycho, donnie darko, naked, the matrix, the piano teacher, martyrs.
  • films about finding your passion: kiki’s delivery service, american beauty, reality bites, school of rock, harold and maude.
  • films about drugs and existentialism: requiem for a dream, enter the void, trainspotting, spun, fear and loathing in las vegas, the trip, christiane f. 
  • films about deconstructing the manic pixie dream girl trope: scott pilgrim vs. the world, amelie, fucking amal, paper towns, shame, annie hall.,  500 days of summer.
  • films about punk rock: sid and nancy, we are the best!, jubilee, rock n roll high school, suburbia, the runaways, rocky horror picture show, ladies and gentlemen the fabulous stains. 
  • films about lesbians: fucking amal, bound, saving face, blue is the warmest color, heavenly creatures, the kids are all right, high art
  • films about unconventional love: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, adventureland, silver linings playbook, amelie, lars and the real girl, when harry met sally, lost in translation.
  • films about art & artists: the antics roadshow, ai weiwei: never sorry, fame high, just like being there, woodmans, who the fuck Is jackson pollock, jean-michel basquiat: the radiant child, my kid could paint that, mona lisa smile
  • films about girl best friends: thelma & louise, spring breakers, thirteen, pitch perfect, dreamgirls, mystic pizza, the last days of disco, frances ha

message me for any requests!


Marcus Scribner of ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ is taking action to protect the environment

I’m sometimes asked why I’m so passionate about environmentalism, and my answer is always pretty straightforward. As a Los Angeles native, clean air to breathe and water to drink are two things I don’t take for granted. I’m 17, but I grew up hearing the horror stories about what the city used to be like: Downtown Los Angeles smothered in a cloud of smog so toxic that students had to wear masks outdoors and drink water from wells contaminated with industrial pollution.

We still have a long way to go before everyone gets the clean water and air we deserve. But I’m proud of the progress my city has made. And that progress didn’t magically happen — it came, in part, because of the Environmental Protection Agency.

A lot of people, and young people in particular, might not know much about the EPA, so here’s quick history lesson: In 1970, President Richard Nixon – a Republican — signed into law legislation that established the EPA. Back then, there was overwhelming support to protect our environment (and considering just how awful environmental pollution was back then, it’s easy to see why.) Republicans and Democrats came together to pass some of the most ambitious environmental legislation ever. The Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, for example, are just two of the many important laws that EPA enforces to protect human health and the environment.

Today, many people my age might assume it was always like this: that clean air and water have always been seen as a right, essential for everyone. We never saw rivers literally on fire, because they were so full of highly flammable pollution. We never saw smog so thick it billowed over cities like a fog. That is what the United States was like when my mom and dad were kids.

Continuing the progress EPA is making to clean up our country is common sense. But you may have heard not everyone in Washington feels the same way. There are some elected representatives who claim that protecting the environment must come at the expense of prosperity.

But this could not be further from the truth. There are now more Americans employed in the solar industry than there are in the coal, oil and natural gas industries combined — and in 41 states plus Washington, D.C., clean jobs outnumber those in the fossil fuel industry. The clean energy revolution will continue and its benefits will be felt beyond those who are securing jobs.

But President Donald Trump is following through on his pledge to reverse much of the progress made under President Barack Obama. Through executive orders, the Trump administration has started to dismantle many protections that are designed to cut dangerous emissions from power plants, cars and trucks and the oil and gas sector.

To make matters worse, Trump also proposed to eliminate the EPA office responsible for coordinating environmental justice programs in its entirety. Vulnerable communities from Flint, Michigan, to Spartanburg, South Carolina, have much to lose if these unconscionable cuts become reality. Mustafa Ali, who recently resigned as head of EPA’s Environmental Justice office, said it best: that to protect public health and the environment is to “make the American dream a reality for all.”

I know many young people question whether they can have an impact on the direction of our country. Believe me, I understand as well. But I know that even in these uncertain times, we can rise up and make our voices heard to our elected leaders. With the March on Science and the People’s Climate March happening on consecutive Saturdays, young people around the world are letting us know that they want to be heard.

It’s a personal mission of mine to make sure the old days never come back — it’s why I work with Defend Our Future, a campaign empowering millennials to take action to protect the environment. Defend Our Future is making it as easy as possible for you to get in touch with your elected representatives. Please take a few minutes to send your senators and representatives a message. Let them know that you want them to protect EPA and our health. Even though I can’t vote yet, I have already reached out to my local representatives, and encourage you to do so as well, because together, we can and must defend our future.

— Marcus Scribner. Marcus Scribner plays Andre Jr. on ABC’s “blackish.” He is an honor student and has been honored with the Peabody Award, multiple NAACP Image Awards and several Emmy nominations.

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  • ban ryu: where the hell is soo ho?
  • sun woo: soo ho lost his passport.
  • yeo wool: soo ho lost the one thing you thought he'd never lose.
  • ban ryu: his virginity?
  • yeo wool: no, the other thing.
  • ban ryu: oh, his passport.
  • han sung: what's a virginity?
  • yeo wool: it's... a popsicle flavor.
  • han sung: is it yummy?
  • ban ryu:
  • sun woo:
  • yeo wool: ... yes.

In comics and graphic novels, Native American characters aren’t usually very prominent. They’re often sidekicks — or worse. But a new publisher focused exclusively on Native writers and artists is changing that. Called Native Realities, the company just released the reboot of the first all-Native superhero comic.

Reporter Megan Kamerick talked to the publisher and some of the creators involved with Native Realities – check out her story here.

  • yeo wool: *taking a photo of soo ho and ban ryu being drunk and doing something embarrassing*
  • ah ro: what are you photographing?
  • yeo wool: what does it look like? i'm documenting two idiots in case i ever need to use it for blackmail. you'd be surprised how much shit i have on these two. it's kind of like my full time hobby. here, let me show you.
  • yeo wool: *pulls out other photos*
  • yeo wool: so this is when ban ryu and soo ho popped molly an hour before the performance.
  • yeo wool: and this is when ban ryu talked about one of your erotic stories for half an hour after hotboxing in the queen's personal bathroom.
  • han sung: hey, ah ro, how come that brownie sun woo gave to me this morning didn't taste normal? because i'm feeling really high.
  • ah ro: ... sun woo, what the hell did you put in those brownies?
  • sun woo: *also really high* a shit ton of dutch weed....
  • han sung:
  • sun woo: i know, right?
  • *both continue to be amazed by amount of dutch weed*

Anonymous asked:

Sorry for the dumb question but I was wondering, what is the difference between alternate future, alternate earth, alternate timeline, alternate universe, alternate history, and alternate reality? Also are these genres or sub-genres and of what???

It’s not a dumb question at all! It’s actually a great question, especially because I think these are terms that are often mixed up or used interchangeably. In fact, it’s very difficult to find definitions that are largely agreed on. So, I’ll answer as I understand it, and then we’ll leave it open to discussion/additions, etc. :)

Alternate History is when the story takes a moment or event from history, gives it a different outcome, and then imagines how it would have gone. For example, “What if Arthur Tudor had been King of England instead of Henry VIII?” These stories can illustrate the event itself, or they can take place long afterwards, up to the present day.

Alternate Future looks at how a past or current event, happening differently, might create a different future than the one we are headed toward. For example, what would America be like in the year 2100 if America had lost the American Revolution?

Alternate Reality is our world with something a little bit different. For example, True Blood is an alternate reality story, because in that world, vampires are real, known, and part of everyday society.

Alternate Universe is really a synonym for “alternate reality,” I think, but when applied to fan-fiction, it refers to anything that diverges from canon, including the placement of canon characters into non-canon settings or situations.

Alternate Earth describes stories that take place on a different version of earth. Game of Thrones, for example, takes place on an alternate earth. The general physiology and dynamics of the planet are the same, but there are different land forms and bodies of water, different people and nations, different plants and animals, different cultures and religions, etc. No nations, historical events, people, cultures, religions, languages, etc. from our earth exist on that version of earth. Sometimes you’ll see people describe far-future tales as “alternate earth,” but this is often a misnomer.

Alternate Timeline is used a lot in time travel stories, because you have a timeline for when a thing happened, and a timeline for when it didn’t. Take Back to the Future, for example. At the beginning of the movie, Marty’s parents did not ever, during their high school years, meet a young man named Calvin Klein. However, when Marty goes back in time, inadvertently meeting his parents and introducing himself as Calvin Klein, it created an alternate timeline where his parents did know someone named Calvin Klein in high school. Back to the Future 2 addresses the alternate universe that is created by time shifts brought on by an event in the first movie. 

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