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I’m so torn.... spoilers for Magicians 2x9 obviously...

(apologies if this post gets edited as I think things through more)

I’m over the moon with the idea of biracial bisexual polyamory!  My god… THIS. SHOW. IS. PROGRESSIVE.  An African American bisexual man in a position of power is just not done very often!

On the other hand I feel like it’s a cop-out on the show’s part.  They backed themselves into a corner with an arranged marriage for a gay character and didn’t see a way out.

Eliot’s always been gay.  He was gay in the books, and it is something I love about him.  I love gay characters in fantasy!  There aren’t enough of them.  I’m sure Eliot is jumping into it feet first because it’s an escape from straight Fillorian hell he would have faced with just Fen.

They have never been willing partners on his end.  He cares about her, but he doesn’t love her in a sexual sense, and their baby was a product of dub-con at best.  A polyamorous marriage is literally his only way for sexual release that doesn’t involve the golem as a go between.

I love that the show runners had the balls to do this what they are doing, I ADORE Syfy for LETTING them do it. Polyamory, bisexuality, and gay relationships are something I want to see in fantasy.  They play a HUGE roll in my original work.  At the same time I’m bitter that they are rapidly shifting a gay character towards Bisexual. 

Mostly though I’m just plain happy that Eliot is happy!  God my baby, my favorite character… in YEARS.  I mean that.  I don’t know if it’s Hale Appleman’s acting or what.  Regardless, even without Hale, Eliot’s the only reason I’m reading the books past the middle of the second one.    Quentin lost me, and Julia just ruined what was a wonderful dynamic between the 5 physical kids from the first book.

I’m so happy Eliot has a sexual outlet now, even if it’s with a bisexual husband.  He deserved better than a single heterosexual marriage.

I don’t think Fillorians at large are going to be too happy with their king’s decision though!  We still have the FU Fighters to deal with.  I think they are going to become a bigger plot point now that the Wellspring is fixed..

Margo… my god Margo… What have you done? 

i just remembered when i was like 13 i was arguing on a star wars message board with a white american man about the war in iraq and i talked about history and he was like “learning about history is useless” and then me, an 8th grader, had to explain to a grown man why history is important

  • person: can you stop talking about your favorite character?
  • me:
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  •   O
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