the american journey

The story begins with a person who is an orphan; or someone who feels like an orphan, alone, separate, different, and misunderstood. This character has questions about their circumstance (for example:”Why did my parents die?”, “Why doesn’t anyone like me?”, Why am I always in trouble?”, “What will I do with my life?”, etc.). These questions set off the journey.

Menton J Matthews


in order to give my eyes a break this summer, i’ve been doing a bunch of 9x11″ drawings of literally


mad sweeney

i haven’t drawn in traditional like this in YEARS. i’m using pencils and pens that’re actual decades old but i think i’ve been wanting to prove to myself that i can still handle old-school methods, regardless of the fact that i’ve dealt in digital for the greater part of the last decade

only tools i’m using in these pieces’re graphite pencils (mostly 4-6B!), charcoal, tissues, black india ink, white out, and an old broken traditional ink pen

People gather on the steps of the Capitol in Santa Fe, New Mexico in support of “The Journey for JoVita” a rally and march against drunk driving

Photographer: Edward Vidinghoff
Date: 1989
From the Santa Fe New Mexican Collection, Negative Number HP.2014.14.745

Caption: “More than a thousand marchers converged on the steps of the Capitol Monday marking the end of ‘The Journey for JoVita’ an anti-drinking-and-driving march that started in Gallup, NM, 12 days ago. Many carried signs bannering the group’s collective message for the Governor and the state legislature.”

“The Twin Cities” sounds like a destination in a high fantasy novel that you can only reach by climbing a mountain and solving a dragon’s riddle but instead they’re in Minnesota

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Hey! I'm back sorry but I'm telling the story now and its kinda long so it would not fit in just one post, so Blur performed at the Theather on Nov 1991 and they became friendly with the local staff and later invited them to their after party (1)

So they were in a such a little place but they had lots of booze and they bring some girls that were on the concert and everyone got drunk VERY FAST and the place was full so at some point nobody knew were Graham or Alex were but they ignored it. My uncle said Damon was such an extrovert who talked with everyone and super smart and very attractive but also so fucking annoying and arrogantats some point during the party he was with a group chatting when he said he was “off the loo” but someone told him “no to bother his mate cuz he was getting some action in the bathroom"so Damon acc thought it was Alex in there and said that he loved teasing him so he went there and opened the door and SURPRISE it was Gra giving head to a girl. My uncle recalls him literally freezing at the door all livid for a minute but then he shouted “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS” all loud so everyone in the place listened, but then Damon went crazy and had a massive tantrum and cried like a scorned child. Everyone got scared cuz he began screaming to the girl calling her a cheap bitch and keep saying “leave him fuckig alone” and when Gra who was drunk as hell tried to interfere he almost punch him and told him something like “why?” “i hate u” and he was all melodramatic telling Graham he couldn’t belive what he was doing and that he was stupid for fucking a stupid girl making him feel guilty and Graham then began crying too and apologizing to him no stop, like it was weird af. Literally my uncle thought Damon was weird and an hyprocrite lol cuz he was moments before flirtting and kissing random girls as well saying he had a “girl that was driving him crazy back home” (justine obvs) and after that the party crashed their tour manager had to be a mediator between them because it was getting pretty nasty and Damon stormed off and everyone was like wtf what are they??? So my uncle just assumed they were on the closet, and NOW I’M CRYING KNOWING THIS SHIT😭😭

i do not know whether to believe it or not but i like this deadass wild story a lot so let’s pretend it’s real

tbh i can’t even imagine damon crying but the thought of it breaks my heart my poor baby 
why graham why would you do this to him??:(

but the most important question is WHY THE FUKC ARE THEY ALL SO EXTRA™ 

Sephardic Journeys: Bar Mitzvah Speech

The rare books and artifacts in this exhibit, Sephardic Journeys, reflect a rich tradition of scholarship and culture shaped by migrations, and they invite, in turn, reflection upon the physical, emotional and spiritual journeys of Jewish history. 

Item above:
Bar Mitzvah Speech
Morris Tarragano
(New York, 1933)
Ladino, English

Morris Tarragano’s family, as many Sephardim after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, immigrated to the West. A second generation American, Tarragano was a native speaker of English and Ladino, which was used both for sacred and secular speech. This Bar Mitzvah address was written first in Ladino and then transcribed into English, a sign of the changing linguistic preferences of American Sephardim.
Gift of the author, Mr. Morris Tarragano

Excerpt from the speech From Hank Halio’s Ladino Reveries: Tales of the Sephardic Experience in America, pp. 66-68

Dear Father, Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother and Honored Guests:

Thirteen years ago I first saw the light of this world. During these thirteen years your thoughts have been on me. I look back on the years of my childhood with great pleasure. For years you watched over me with great care. Days that were enlightened for me through the sincere eyes of my dear mother, and guided through the advice of my dear father. Today I understand all the work you have done for me until now and how much work and anxiety I caused you.

Thirteen years of my life have passed and according to Jewish law, I am Bar Misvah (of age), a son of the Alliance of Israel, and I am considered among the responsible. Today I turn an entirely new page in the story of my life. A path of duty and activity is unfolded before me. Childhood, with its sweet dreams, is no longer with me. The solemnity of life with its fears and hopes confront me. There are difficulties in life. What will support and sustain me to live with love and dignity? What will save and prevent me from falling into sin? Nothing but the faith and belief in God.

Sephardic Journeys is on view through June 2015 in The David Berg Rare Book Room. Sephardic Journeys has been supported by a generous grant from The David Berg Foundation and was created by the Center for Jewish History with American Sephardi Federation. 

To see other artifacts from Sephardic Journeys click here:


Ariel’s Faves (4/30)

(b. April 20, 1949)

“Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness, those are life-altering lessons.”

“I have been a waitress, and I was a damn fine waitress too, let me tell you.”

“I like playing characters who are out there on the edge, where they can explode at any moment or fall off the precipice.”

“I regret those times when I’ve chosen the dark side. I’ve wasted enough time not being happy.”

OCTOBER 29: The Journey is released (2004)

On this day in 2004, the Malayalam film The Journey (സഞ്ചാരം/Sancharram) was first released in the United States. The Journey was the first film about lesbian identity to come out of India since the 1996’s Fire.  

Written and directed by Ligy J. Pullappally, the film follows the story of two girls falling in love in the South Indian state of Kerala. Kiran and Delilah come from a Hindu family and a Catholic family, respectively, but their friendship has managed to last them from childhood into teenage-hood despite the stigma of their rural hometown. When a boy named Rajan realizes he has a crush on Delilah, he asks Kiran to help him write love letters to her. In the process of writing sweet nothings to her closest friend, Kiran discovers that she too has a crush on Delilah.

Although The Journey is often compared to Fire, Pullappally  has spoken at length about how important it was for her to depict lesbians living in rural India rather than in the urban centers and how the lack of resources and isolation that comes along with rural living can impact LGBT youth. Upon its release across the American festival circuit, The Journey was awarded several awards and even the Chicago Award for best film. It continues to be praised and replayed today in 2017 for its subtle handling of adolescent sexuality and lesbian identity within Keralan culture.  



Laine and I met with a lady that works in a program called beginnings. She will be around until he is 22 years old. <I>BEGINNINGS for Parents of Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing is a non-profit that helps parents and families understand hearing loss, and the diverse needs of children who are deaf or hard of hearing </I>
We learned that there is mild, moderate, moderate to severe, severe to profound hearing loss. The audiologist At Forsyth said he has mild hearing loss. But with the beginnings lady said with his number she was confused because it seemed to her she was seeing moderate hearing loss. She requested for me to get his graphs of the tests to see his brainwaves on how he reacted to the sounds he had so she can plot them. Without his hearing aids, he can’t hear the softer words such as; f, s, th, k, z, x , etc. so it makes you think, how many words or sounds he’s actually missing. Example; sit on the chair. We would hear perfectly, for him? It on e air. Make sense? Anything below that line he can hear. But with his hearing aids he can hear the, “ sit on the chair.” If you look up a diagram of the ear( I’ll insert a photo). His outer, and inner ear seem to be perfectly fine, there isn’t any fluids in his ear. But the inside of your ear is basically where the sound will travel to go through to the brain. As you look at these photos, you’ll see a word called, “ cochlea “ someone with mild those tiny hairs are possible broken or bent. Someone with profound hearing loss, they won’t have any tiny hairs which means they are completely deaf. The sound needs to hit those hairs in order to hear and comprehend those words that get sent to the brain. She have A LOT of information yesterday and I tried my best to keep my attention on her and such. Laine was being fussy in the very important parts… so basically all of it. Lol.

As a mother of a hard of hearing child, it is very overwhelming. It makes you think, what did I do wrong? No one in my family has hearing loss. Did I not eat healthy enough ? Is he going to be behind on walking, talking, speech impediments, etc. The answer is, I didn’t do anything wrong for this to happen. It just happens, there is nothing wrong with having hearing loss. You’re still human. They are SO MUCH help out there, and I hope Laine lives a happy life and loves his hearing aids when he gets older. As the lady said, he could not even have a speech impediment, but that’s okay. Because we are all here to help me through everything. It makes me worry, I get myself emotional and worked up because it scares me, we don’t know if it will get worse as he gets older or if it will stay as a mild hearing loss.
Today the 14th, a lady from wake forest baptist health brenners children’s hospital, she’s an early intervention services coordinator which is North Carolina infant-toddler program (CDSA). She’s going to be working with Laine physically to help him with his hearing and development. They will be with him until he turns 3, and then onto a plan we will set up for Laine.
Since he doesn’t have profound hearing, I don’t have to do the American Sign Language. But, we don’t know if it will get worse over time. I would like to learn ASL. I’m currently starting with one word at a time, such as milk. It’s an everyday thing, so I’ll use it everyday when I get his bottle. We are still waiting on getting an ekg. I shall keep everyone updated throughout the process.