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ARMY: must watch shows

Here is a list of shows you should watch if you’re into BTS. ALL of these are for free and they have English subs.Hope you enjoy! 

American Hustle Life EP 1-5 (ENG SUB)

EP 1, EP 2, EP 3, EP 4, EP 5, EP 6, EP 7, EP 8, Boy In Love( LA Version) 

Rookie King EP 1-8(ENG SUB)

1,2,3 (this one isn’t available in my country but I still included it),4,5,6,7,8

BTS 1st Birthday(eng sub)

BTS 2nd Birthday(eng sub)

BTS 3rd Birthday (eng sub)

BTS 4th Birthday (eng sub)

pt 1, pt 2 

BTS GAYO Track Episodes 1-9(eng sub) 


BTS WINGS preview show (eng sub)

and I wanted to include this video of two girls who met BTS during American Hustle Life 

I missed a lot of videos, but it’ll take time to find the links so maybe i’ll do a part 2?

Hope you guys like this




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  • Milk?
  • Jimin BTS and Tony
  • American Hustle Life


Jimin: Tony…. do you like yogurt?

Tony: …?

Jimin: Yogurt

Jungkook: Yogurt

Tony: Yogurt?…. *Nods* …*yeah so?* *Only got the yogurt part*

Jimin: Yogurt. Do you like?

Tony: ?

Jimin: uuuhm How can I explain it? Wait!

Tony: *laughs*

*pouring a glass of yogurt(?)* 

Jimin: Tony~

V *on the backround*: Are you ready to turn up? (?)

Tony: This is yogurt?

Jimin: Yeah!~

Tony: Is there milk in here?

Jimin: Eh?

Tony: Milk?

Jimin: Molk?

Tony: Milk

Jimin: Myork?

Jungkook: Mik

Jimin: Ah! Milk!

Tony: Milk?

Jimin: Aaaah milk~

Tony: Milk * worried* Is bad for me

Jimin *to jungkook*: What?

Tony: Is bad for me

Jimin: Ah? So that’s a no?

Tony:… I´ll *drinking* / Jimin happily watching

Jimin: ¡!  Ahhh~ you okay?

Tony: *done*

Jimin: Thank you~

Tony: Thank you

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remember the time jin ate a fry off some random man’s plate


my favorite part of american hustle life