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Rachel is a time traveler  - a fan theory

I have a theory that Rachel has time travel powers (and I believe it was already stated that she would have some power). Things obviously took a turn for the worst and maybe she decided to go back in time and fix her mistakes. It’s extremely clear that Rachel has a thing for Chloe  and cares for her. She also acts with a confident and attitude beyond her years not exactly fit for just a 15-year-old, but closer to 19.

I think Rachel not only already knows Chloe, but knows everything about her. Which would explain why she knows too much that she shouldn’t and couldn’t about Chloe, so early on. They were best friends in the LiS timeline, maybe even were friends with benefits from time to time, but maybe Rachel was always afraid to confront the relationship and the fact that she is into girls.

Being gay is not an easy thing for the post popular girl in school, especially for one that’s so drop dead gorgeous like Rachel. So maybe she always had feelings for Chloe but never consummated them, never was able to bring herself to act on them. Maybe it was too late. In the BtS timeline, maybe it shows what would happen if Rachel got time travel powers and decided to go back in time, before she was murdered, and make things right. A proof of this is the fact that Frank said Chloe was part of the problem, and that he was jealous. Maybe her and Chloe got closer and closer but then it became too late for her to fix things.

Maybe, like Max, when in Jefferson’s lair and about to die, he dropped some of her old photographs, including the selfie she took at the Firewalk concert - the first time she met Chloe. Or maybe it was another picture, and she went back little by little, as she tested how her powers worked. Maybe that’s when she originally got her time travel powers - just before death, in a moment of ultimate crisis - I can’t be sure.

Rachel’s reactions to Chloe in BtS strike me as sincere and original, like it’s the first time she hears some of the things from Chloe. Most importantly, I think Rachel is genuinely pleasantly surprised at how hard and fast she is falling for her best friend, when she decides to do things right, and she decides to be as assertive as humanly possible to get her girl.

But I will finish my rant with this:

Rachel calculated things so carefully so that Chloe would open up to her (a possibility to indicate that maybe in the LiS timeline Chloe had never told Rachel how she fully felt either, afraid, and in her own words “Didn’t want to push, in case…” in case she was straight. It seemed in LiS more like Chloe was following Rachel around like a puppy. I think that’s also a reason why Rachel is so terrified in the junkyard scene because it’s too early in their relationship for her to ruin the seduction and let Chloe sees how she cries, and she knew she would. Maybe in this new timeline Rachel found out about her dad having an affair with Sera. Maybe the reason she’s so upset at her dad isn’t only that he cheated, but because she knew he abandoned her in the time she most needed him and he didn’t even try looking for her during the 6 months she went missing. Maybe he even knew she was dead, because of all the shady business Sera was in, causing all sorts of trouble. How would Rachel know that? Another theory for another day.

I believe Rachel has the same time travel powers as Max. I think Rachel went back in time to try to fix her mistakes and to get with Chloe, who she obviously had to always be attracted to. What she maybe hadn’t expected was to fall for her so fast and hard, and to realize that this was truly the love of her life. So, she did it all for love. To me, this is beautiful beyond words.

In this scene, the moment when Rachel breaks away from the kiss, she has a look of surprise that says “Wow, she’s the one. I did things right.”



I’m not gonna lie.


Also me: Oh, and Ben, dear. Congratulations on your new role as Billy Russo in the Punisher. I loved every second of your performance. I am so proud.

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Best Marvel Netflix Supporting Cast:

Not the entire cast depicted but definitely my favorites and a little rant to boot…

Billy Russo: If there’s one thing this series made sure of it was that they made you hate every bad guy and truly none more than Billy Russo. What’s worst is a character you love becoming one you hate and then they still give you those feels of endearment by their personality and wishing they could just be good. With Billy Marvel gave us someone to really dig into on an emotional rollercoaster loving the persona, cherishing his comrade, falling sympathetic to his story, hating his alliances, hating his decisions, hating his face. And the flashback of them at the park at the end tie it all off was one of the most heart wrenching scenes to date.

Curtis Hoyle: Honorable, loyal, and brave. Curtis is probably the greatest example of a hero on the series. Even at his worst-a lie to a friend that he ultimately reveals when asked. In turn when Frank discloses the truth on history between them, Curtis is quick to forgive. He doesn’t pity himself, and shows compassion to everyone including a friend who betrays his trust or especially to a troubled individual who continually spits on it. While being a badass in his own right he withholds from the violent solutions and when it counts he was always dependable.

Dinah Madani: Talk about tough. A middle eastern woman coming over from working in Afghanistan to Homeland Security Agent in Charge-instantly faced with racism and sexism to her stature and then a reincarnated serial killer and and CIA investigation under her watch. Madani called the shots and then got in there whether car chase, firefight, or disconnecting from her personal life. She demonstrated strength of emotion which is highly underrated, including being vulnerable and true to herself. She didn’t just do the job, but she did what was right in a morally blurred world of good and bad or justice and revenge.

David and Sarah Lieberman: I couple the couple not because they don’t deserve they’re own individual praise but because they need each other to truly explain who they are. David was a brilliant but desperate man who’s only true motivation was always his family. On the opposite end you had a woman who was simply as Frank said “being human” and trying her best each day to be strong and the understand to which both of these qualities prove undeniable. David was one of the greatest people doing incredible things-impossible things in his and Frank’s campaign including getting the Punisher to trust him and work alongside him and eventually to even befriend him. These two aren’t complete with Leo who we should all rally to protect-that sweet, brilliant angel. And of course the young man of the house, Zach who is still just a son in need of a hero.