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🌙🐚How to cleanse your home before  bed 🐚🌙

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So I’ve seen many spells and rituals made by many witches about how to cleanse, but none have been quite as effective as I would want. So I thought I would make my own using some sea inspired tools! 

you will need:

🕯  2 white candles

🕯  amethyst (for psyche healing, evokes deep sleep)

🕯 black tourmaline (for grounding and purifying, protective, clears energy blockages)

🕯 sea salt

🕯 sea shells (2) 

what to do:

1) take your sea shell(s) and put a little sea salt in them

2) place one shell (with salt inside) nearest your front door

3) place the black tourmaline in the shell on top of the salt

4) take your other shell (with salt inside) and place it at your back door

5) place an amethyst on either side of the shell

6) light your candles as you enchant them with warm, cozy energy and place them in front of or behind your shells. Feel the warmth of the flame, and let it soak into you until you are all warm and cozy inside!

💖 blow out your candle, cozy up into your blankets, and sleep well! wait until the morning to clean up your ritual 💖

(optional) before you start, light some amber and cedar incense (:


After coming back from Iceland I have a few new items in my shop!

tiny sea witch altar - available on ETSY

This kit is both for those who are land-locked and who live by the sea. It was put together from materials I’ve gathered during my travels. When used for meditation it will help you connect with the sea and draw from its power.

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So with all my (no)moneys, I bought a Labradorite head piece. Yah, you see that thing in the middle? That’s mine! 😝 (well, similar. Each one is hand made slightly differently) It will be here in about two weeks (its being hand-crafted now by a beautiful spiritual soul, so it will be choc full of good energy).


🔮 a protective stone that is known as the ‘Bringer of Light’ as it deflects negative and unwanted energies from outsiders.

🔮 it banishes fear and insecurity, and brings a grounding emotional stability. Like an emotional bullet-proof vest that reduces the negative impact from outside situations on your psychological state.

🔮 it boosts the ability of the mind to analyse a situation rationally and with that brings intuitive wisdom from the subconscious.

🔮 it stops energy loss (keeps stability in your aura - note if your energies are negative to begin with i.e. You are chronically angry or depressed, then then the negative aura will be held steadfast with the inclusion of this stone. Best for when dealing with a pre-determined potentially upsetting situation.)

Overall, Labradorite is a very strong, stable and grounding stone that assists the wearer in being unfazed and indifferent to the negative activity around them by holding their energy aura steadfast, and allows them to wisely plan a positive reaction to any given difficult situation. Best for potentially difficult emotional times, such as the decline of a relationship or a potentially uncomfortable foreign social situation.


Happy Halloween from some of the Best Witches from TV & Film!

I’ve probably talked about this before but I really love the witches and the witch clans from the series ohhhhmygod I want to know so much more about them in the BBC adaptation or for Pullman to tell us more about them. I want to know even more about their culture and their society works too I just love them so much