the amazon rain forest


Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Mark

Rating: PG-13 

Word Count: 4,448

Summary: On a night out with your friends, you accidentally text the wrong number for advice. The guy on the other end of the phone is abrupt, harsh and kind of an ass - but he also happens to be right. Which explains why you keep texting him. Right?

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Zombie Ant Fungus

The Zombie Ant Fungus (Ophiocordyceps unilateralis) is an entomopathogen, or an insect-pathogenising fungus. The fungus uses its spores to infect Carpenter ants. Infected ants leave their canopy nests and foraging trails for the forest floor, an area with a temperature and humidity suitable for fungal growth; they then use their mandibles to affix themselves to a major vein on the underside of a leaf, where the ant will remain until its eventual death. The process leading to mortality takes 4–10 days, and includes a reproductive stage where fruiting bodies grow from the ant’s head, rupturing to release the fungus’s spores.


Lycaenid butterfly (Arcas imperialis) by Geoff Gallice
Via Flickr:
Lycaenidae Los Amigos Biological Station, Madre de Dios, Peru

This is a Nephrite’s Glorious Hair appreciation gif, to @airyairyquitecontrary, with love.

CRAIG: Oh my god. Are you serious?

CRAIG: This is a field trip compared to the shit we’ve gone through with Stan’s group.

CLYDE: Literally, in this case!

TWEEK: Yeah, this isn’t nearly as bad!

CRAIG: Like, I’m scared as I can be when it comes to the stupid shit that usually goes on.

CLYDE: It gets kind of hard to be surprised after a while…

CRAIG: This is definitely better than that Peru bull crap.

CLYDE: I mean, we’re only on a bus right now. Do you think we’re gonna end up in some awful place or something?

CLYDE: Like… Arizona or something, I don’t know. Canada? Argentina???

CRAIG: Clyde, those are all in three totally different directions. Pick one.

CLYDE: Honestly I wouldn’t mind going to Canada. Well…

CLYDE: I don’t know. Their heads freak me out.

CRAIG: Look, all I’m saying is that this situation is probably already a thousand times better than the other stuff they’ve done in the past.

CRAIG: Remember when I told you guys that I shot lasers out of my eyes?

CRAIG: That wasn’t fun.

CRAIG: Remember when I said how giant guinea bees ate the only two adults who were guiding me and them through the hundreds of miles of the amazon rain forest?

CLYDE: Dude, you should’ve been back in South Park. There were giant guinea pigs everywhere.

CRAIG: Yeah, it’s all because of those assholes.

CLYDE: But I thought it was because of that one guy that was evil or something? Didn’t you say something like that?

CRAIG: Stan’s group caused the whole incident in spirit.

CLYDE: Fair enough.

CRAIG: It really can’t get any worse than that.

CLYDE: One time, Eric convinced me to go to Somalia to become a pirate.

CLYDE: And none of us knew what we were getting into, we just thought it was going to be cool sword fights and treasure hunting.

CLYDE: But instead we just stole things from people and sang really bad songs while Eric swung a toy sword around.

TWEEK: Jeez.

CLYDE: Dude, the first thing that happened to us when we got there was us getting kidnapped by real pirates.

CLYDE: Kyle’s brother hit me a couple times along the ride.

CRAIG: Ha ha, you got beat up by a kindergartner.


CRAIG: Good thing I’m not you.

CLYDE: Point is, it sucked and it was totally all Eric’s fault.

CLYDE: I guess Stan and Kenny didn’t really have anything to do with it. Kyle did in spirit, since he was the one who convinced Eric to go in the first place.

TWEEK: Have we all been taken to a totally different country because of Eric and his friends???

CRAIG: Did they trick you into doing something stupid, too?

TWEEK: Of course!

TWEEK: They convinced me to help sneak into George Lucas’s home and steal the original Raiders of the Lost Ark reel!

TWEEK: That’s all the way in California, dude!

CLYDE: I thought California was in the US. I don’t think it’s another country…

TWEEK: Well– but–

TWEEK: The premiere!

TWEEK: After we all got caught stealing it, they took Eric, Kyle, and Stan with them to the movie premiere for the enhanced version of their movie!

TWEEK: They decided they were going to hold it in the same place as… as that one scene from the movie, you know. The desert chase scene?

CRAIG: Wasn’t that in like, Egypt, or something.



CLYDE: Calm down, Tweek. That was like, a while ago.

CLYDE: …Right?

TWEEK: Yeah…

CRAIG: You know, this kind of shit happens to them on a daily basis.

CLYDE: I don’t understand how they’re able to handle it all.

CRAIG: They’re all insane, that’s how.

TWEEK: Stan, Kyle, and Kenny aren’t that bad. Neither is Butters.

TWEEK: It’s mostly just Eric.

CRAIG: Yeah, but by hanging out with them all the time, they’re crazy by association.

CLYDE: We’re guilty of hanging out with them sometimes.

CRAIG: There’s something about them that just makes it hard to stay away from them.

TWEEK: I think it’s just that Eric’s really good at manipulating people into doing what he wants.

CLYDE: Maybe…

CRAIG: But, yeah. Anyways, overall this is situation is practically a day in the park.

TWEEK: Agreed.

CLYDE: Yeah.

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Ainbo is an animated film by José Zelada at Tunche Film (Peru). Ainbo is a girl born in the Amazon rain forest. She is protected by Motelo Mama, a gigantic turtle and the most powerful spirit of the forest. Her life changes when Yacurunu, an ancient demon, threatens her home. The project will be presented in Berlin for international sales, but the delivery date is still unknown.

Oh my gosh, it looks SO cute! 

Check it out!

Lust Spilt from Mason Jars

Painting was Levi’s worst habit.

He wished he could stop painting the blues and greens of those ocean irises and sunkissed skin sitting vulnerably in front of him. He wished he could stop, but he knows that he can’t. He was in too deep - too addicted to those chocolate mocha curls, the defined muscles that curved and mended his body, the bonfire scent that never failed to stimulate and heighten his senses, the raspy morning voice that seemed to always tumble out through those lustrous looking lips. He was hooked - completely enraptured and addicted to this man. And none of it was his to own. This man was a desire made to be off limits.

Eren was like an endangered species, a rare and exotic mammal worshipped and praised in a world filled with power thirsty men. He was the branches of the tropical trees reaching for the rich, moist air of the Amazon rain forest - the dew drops slipping off the fresh, greenery leaves and into the rich soil of the Earth. He was the desperate intake of air when rising from the depths of Washington’s freezing waters. He was an area of unknown wonders. An area of vast curiosity. A mystery.

On the other hand, Levi was - well he was the crumpled piece of paper at the bottom of his plastic blue dented trash can. The plastic blue dented trash can in his overcrowded room of pencil shavings and unfinished canvases. He was the smeared smoky watercolors staining the cold concrete flooring of his studio, the sketchy amateur lines inscribed into the massive piles of sketchbooks on his overly cramped desk of spilt mason jars and matted paint brushes. He was an uncompleted mess of cheap clutter - a hoarder, a waste of space.

He wished he could limit the amount of hours that he spent in his studio painting and perfecting those colors flourishing in his eyes, trying to convey the same range of sea green and cerulean blues swimming behind those thick black lashes.

There was just something about those sultry eyes staring back at him all posed and lazy on the stupid old rickety stool he bought from a yard sale but never had the guts to get rid of. He was a true hoarder of the meaningless things, the things that were never picked up by outstretched hands for their cheap outlook. Just like him. Cheap and meaningless.

He looked down at his canvas and cleared his dry throat, his eyes reverting back to the model posed in front of him. He wanted to paint this otherworldly man in red - in the color of passion and lust. He wanted to be the air filling Eren’s lungs that filtered through his body with every intake and exhale leaving his nose. He wanted to be the six hundred dollar trench coat clenched loosely in his white collared fingers just so he could feel him mold around the crevices of his naked skin and drown in his sweltering heat. He wanted to invade every inch of space between Eren’s widespread legs dressed in ripped light washed cutoffs so he could watch their shadows play out the joint connection of their bodies moving and joining in sweet ecstasy. He wanted to be painted in his red.

Levi took in Eren’s full parted lips letting out wisps of generous breaths and listened to the labored breathing of his healthy lungs tumbling through his smooth fleshy pink lips, completely entranced by his caramel chiseled chest slowly inhaling and exhaling. He swallowed.

“Something the matter, Levi? You look…distracted.”

Levi licked his lips and lifted his eyes to settle on Eren’s sculpted jawline and sharp nose. He didn’t want to risk looking into his tantalizing glare. He didn’t want to be tempted by the golden treasures lost at deep sea.

“No…I was…um-” He tsked and furrowed his thin brows in annoyance. Why wasn’t he able to speak? He was a fucking thirty year old man. Not a blubbering fifteen year old.

“Taking a short break?” Eren offered, his voice low, gruff, and dangerously husky.

Levi tightened his sweaty fingers around the paintbrush in his hand and shifted his eyes onto his canvas. “I…” He swallowed and licked his dry lips. Why was it so hard to speak to him today?

When he heard the familiar creaking of the stupid old rickety stool and the soft padding of Eren’s bare feet on the smoky water colored concrete flooring of his studio, Levi felt his heart clench and punch against his ribcage. Fuck.


No, I’m not…I can’t-

Mr. Ackerman.” He whispered.

Levi felt his cheeks redden. Why did he have to go and say shit like that? There was a reason to why he told him not to call him by that, and it was specifically for this reason. He scrunched his nose up. The little shit was probably doing it on purpose.

“We should continue this tomorrow,” Levi muttered, quickly putting away his utensils and color palettes. “You have a meeting in thirty minutes anyways.” He continued, his voice calm and collected. The complete opposite to what he was feeling on the inside.

“Then I’ll cancel it.”

Levi deepened the furrow of his eyebrows and gnawed on his lip. “Well, Hanji is supposed to be coming-” He started before Eren grabbed his chin and turned his face to look at him, his eyes meeting his in an instant.


Levi let out a sharp breath and felt his cheeks burn tremendously as Eren’s thumb caressed his bottom lip, continuing to keep their eyes on each other as Eren slowly pulled down his lip. Just when he was starting to lean down, Levi freaked out and moved to grab onto his portable cart of paint to back away from him, but instead pulled it down with him. He panicked and fell out of his stool, spilling all of his bottles of paint onto him and on the floor in all kinds of colors. Levi cursed and wiped a good amount of paint from his eyes as he stared down at the mess he made. Why was he always like this? It was like his whole life was born to be a mess from the very beginning.

Just as he was about to sit up, Eren’s warm hands grasped onto his face and pushed him back down onto the floor, climbing over his body. Levi could feel the spilt paint seeping into his hair and clothes and clenched his jaw. He felt filthy. Disgusting.

He should be getting up to get a change of clothes and jumping into the shower right this second, but with the presence of Eren over his body, he thought otherwise. Besides, he hardly ever got the chance to be this close to Eren and still have the ability to get away with it. It was like a blessing - as if he was in the presence of a deity, a god.

Levi pressed his paint covered hands on Eren’s bare chest and pushed. “What do you think you’re doing?” He asked, trying not to focus on how Eren’s hot skin felt under his cold palms. “I will not be responsible for replacing your expensive fucking pants if you end up getting paint on them.”

Eren chuckled. “I don’t plan on it. Besides…” He started, briefly looking down at Levi’s painted lips before he inched down and brushed his mouth over Levi’s, purposefully coating his lips in a dark shade of blue.

“I don’t mind getting dirty.”

Sophie Turner to star in Girl Who Fell From the Sky

Turner will star in the film and produce it, and the intention is for it to be her next feature vehicle. Stan Brooks will direct the film, and has adapted the script from the book by Juliane Koepcke & Beate Rygiert.

Turner will play Koepcke, a high school senior and the sole survivor of the December 24, 1971 crash of LANSA Flight 508 in the Peruvian rain forest. The 17-year-old was on a Christmas Eve flight with her mother, to join her father for Christmas, when the Lockheed L-188A Electra en route from Lima to Pucallpa flew directly into a thunderstorm and was struck by lightning. The plane was incinerated; Koepcke was ejected, still belted to her seat. She fell 10,000 feet— almost two miles through the air, before the canopy of the Amazon rain forest broke her fall and miraculously saved her life. From there, the teenager struggled to survive an 11-day ordeal, navigating through the treacherous jungles to be rescued.

Like Gravity did with Sandra Bullock, most of this movie focuses solely on Turner, who has come of age as an actress on Game of Thrones and who reprises the role of Jean Grey in the upcoming Simon Kinberg-directed X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

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do you have any gems that would represent beetles/insects?

Sure, here’s some options that could work.

  • Amazonite (Named after the Amazon rain forest, which has a huge diversity of life- with an estimate of 2.5 million species of insects living in the Amazon.)
  • Amber (Famously often has insects inside of pieces of amber.)
  • Ant Hill Garnet (Garnets that are excavated by ants from their anthills. Other names include: Arizona Ruby, Ant Hill Garnet, Chrome Pyrope, Pyrope.)
  • Bumblebee (Alternate names: Bumblebee Jasper, Bumblebee Agate)
  • Dalmatian Stone (Also sometimes referred to as ‘Dalmation Jasper.’ Its colors resemble some spotted beetles, like Ironclad Beetles.)
  • Honey Calcite  (For the association honey has with bees.)
  • Iris Agate (Thinly slice agate pieces that are often iridescent and transparent/translucent- much like the wings of some insects.)
  • Labradorite (Colorful and iridescent, much like some iridescent beetles, jewel beetles, and some butterfly species. See also the variety Spectrolite.)
  • Mary Ellen Jasper (A fossil made out of organisms called Cyanobacteria, the red and black color resembles the patterns and colors of various red and black bugs, including ladybugs and ladybug lookalikes.)
  • Maw Sit Sit (A uniquely colored rock that matches the coloration of some beetles and insects, such as Calligriphra beetles, or some Butterfly species. It also matches the color of the glow of fireflies.)
  • Opals (The shimmering, rainbow-like colors of Opal resembles many colorful and iridescent insects and beetles- such as jewel beetles and Scarab Beetles.)
  • Onyx (Speaking of Scarab Beetles, a hardy black stone such as onyx is fitting for Scarabs and any black beetles, such as Rhinoceros beetles.)
  • Quartzes (The quartz family is large and colorful. It’s easy to pick one to match the many colorful species of insects/beetles that exist. Especially Agates and other types of Chalcedony. This list has a few examples that feel fitting, but there is also a huge variety out there to chose from.)
  • Rainforest Jasper (For the same reason as Amazonite above.)
  • Spiderman Jasper (Spiders are not insects, but they have a close association with them. So I’ll add it to this list.)
  • Spiderweb Jasper (Same reason as the above.)

And here is a list of minerals that give off fluorescence, much like fireflies and glowworms.

I hope this fits your needs! Not many gems or minerals are named after bugs, so I really had to wing it.

- Mod Sapphire ❤

❤  Because we have today, “International Women’s Day” - I wanted to wish all the Sisters in the world the blessings of virtues, graces and the opportunities which give us the Bright Lady (divine Female Principle):   ❤

“When the first chakra is disconnected from the feminine Earth, we can feel orphaned and motherless. The masculine principle predominates, and we look for security from material things. Individuality prevails over relationship, and selfish drives triumph over family, social and global responsibility. The more separated we become from the Earth, the more hostile we become to the feminine. We disown our passion, our creativity, and our sexuality. Eventually the Earth itself becomes a baneful place. I remember being told by a medicine woman in the Amazon, ‘Do you know why they are really cutting down the rain forest? Because it is wet and dark and tangled and feminine.”

~ Alberto Villoldo (art work by Luis Tamani)

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If you were the wedding planner, how would you plan the weddings (color combinations, food, theme, location etc.) of these sns ships: soueri, takumegu, ryoali, eishirin, yukishun, ishinene (and other ships you might like)? Go!

Ok, I got this lol. 


These two are both extra, so their wedding would have to be over the top. I imagine their budget would be damn near unlimited, so there would be no cap on how creative we can get. 
Color Scheme: Black and gold (black velvet tablecloths topped with gold center pieces, invitations on black stationary with the writing in gold cursive, pale flowers wrapped in sheer gold cloth and tied with black ribbons etc.)
Food: Gourmet French food, probably. Erina would only trust a Totsuki alum to cater the wedding, so Shinomiya or Eishi would probably end up doing the honors. Also, a seven layer cake would be absolutely mandatory. 
Theme: There wouldn’t be a specific theme, but Erina’s wedding aesthetic would be informed by the high baroque era.
Location: I could see them renting out a baroque palace for the ceremony and reception (maybe Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna)
The dress: Erina would wear a full on ballgown with some subtle embroidery on the bodice and skirt. 

This Sophia Tolli gown would be the template for Erina’s wedding look.

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