the amazing yeos


This is from my heart.


PENTAGON’s full performance at TV5′s New Year Countdown 2017 in Manila


can we please take a minute or two to recognize lee dong wook for the outstanding actor that he is??? he has undoubtedly been the scene-stealer in goblin (don’t fight me on this, you will lose). whenever he appears, his presence is so powerful the screen either lights up or glooms and that’s astounding to watch. he’s good at comedy, making us laugh whenever he goes on dates with sunny or messes with goblin, but he is also good at full-blown drama; the cathartic force he brings to scenes like the one with sunny in episode 12 is earth-shattering. i don’t care what anyone says, but lee dong wook is one of the best actors i have EVER encountered and i’m SO glad i did. he deserves way more recognition and, above all, appreciation.