the amazing spinerman

The Art of Sharing

Finally got my best friend to watch ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ (she’d only ever seen the 2010 Reboot film). Ten minutes in and she had already fallen for Brent Spiner; calling Data 'adorable’ and 'a total babe’. Lore, she decided, would be a perfect Loki.

After we ran out of episodes (I only brought the equivalent of half a season with me) she thought that was it and was rather put out. Until I mentioned the other 6 seasons and 4 films. “Great!”, she said, “I can watch them before I finish 'Being Human’! Is there any more Trek stuff I can watch? The new film sucks compared to this!” So I told her about TOS, Deep Space 9, Voyager, Enterprise and the films. If you start now, I said, you could have them all finished by final exams… the year after next. Her response was, “I hate you. This is payback for me getting you hooked on Being Human, isn’t it? At least it doesn’t go for SIXTY FREAKING YEARS!”

My work here is done.