the amazing spiderman: civil war

So I'm going through my closet..

And I find this dress and I was like, “hey! I forgot I had this!”

Then it dawned on me. 

I wore this to MY. FIRST. HOMECOMING. (it was superhero themed)



“Y/N? as in THE Y/N? Captain America’s best friend, top Avenger and literally every persons Woman Crush Wednesday since the New York attack?! and Captain America was fine with you flirting with her?!”

“not really. i started flirting with her.” Peter stated, “then he beat me up.”


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Story time of when Tom’s new Spider-man was announced...

So I used to really love Andrew Garfield’s Spider-man who am I kidding i still do #sexyspiderman amirite and my parents knew that- so when they heard there was going to be a new Spider-man in Civil War, (I hadn’t heard yet somehow they found out before me which was weird) they thought I was going to be bummed about Andrew. Consequently, they tried to get me hyped by presenting me with a new Spider-man t-shirt and proudly announcing to me that a new Spider-man was joining the mcu. They took me out to eat after that and tried to make it a happy night thinking I was going to be so upset lmao.

Jokes on them though hah I took one look at Tom, stalked him for a little while and I was s o l d.


you hid under the blankets as Peter struggled to jump from the bed and throw on a shirt. Ned just stood there watching in shock.

“what are you doing here?!” Peter said, trying to sound nonchalant about the fact his friend had just walked in on him.

“me? what is she doing here?” Ned motioned to where you were hiding under the covers, “you know who she is right? thats Y/N. she’s an Avenger.” he paused, “is she like… your girlfriend?”

“yeah, basically.” 


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Dating Peter Parker Would Involve

Each one I do of these is longer than the last…

  • Peter would have asked you out kind of awkwardly and he would have expected this so he would have written everything down and as he would be explaining how he knows it’s cheesy and dorky you wouldn’t be able to stop smiling so you’d ask him out yourself and he would just have the biggest grin and kiss you.
  • Peter dropping down in front of you or swinging in out of nowhere to give you a kiss
  • Rooftop dates and study dates and ‘lets do random crap’ dates
  • Getting 1am calls from Peter to ask about homework and school and- basically he just calls to talk to you
  • Peter walking you to your locker and home from school everyday
  • Sitting together in every class and always standing up for each other and also laughing and helping each other with the work set
  • Peter drawing you little doodles in the classes you don’t have together because he can’t take his mind off you
  • Watching Star Wars together and Peter not shutting up about how he applied Empire Strikes Back knowledge in real life which makes you laugh and kiss him on the cheek because he’s adorable when he blabs
  • Spontaneous trips to the rooftop of the buildings when one of you can’t sleep so Peter shows up at your window and the two of you sit on the roof together
  • Kind of being complete dorks together but not minding at all
  • Wearing his clothes because his sweaters are warm and comfy and mmm
  • Shutting each other up by kissing each other since you both have a tendency to babble (which Peter would happen to find adorable by the way)
  • “Have people really not worked out you’re spiderman?”
    “Shhh! My Aunt might hear!”
    “You haven’t told her?”
    He’d step forward, leaning closer so you keep your voice down. You’d be smirking and teasing him now.
    “You’re the only one I’ve told.” 
    And then you’re kissing and his hands are in your hair and on your waist and it’s just this hot, adorable mess of bodies.
  • Constant hand holding
  • When you’re upset Peter just pulls you into a hug and kisses your forehead telling you he loves you so much
  • Peter skyping you after the airport battle and being completely exhausted but when you ask him how it was he just goes “Wow it was amazing! Captain America and- Giant man and star wars and-” And it would be difficult for anyone else to make sense of it all but you’d be able to understand 
  • Peter would give you piggy back rides and you’d just be laughing and burying your face in his neck and he’d spin around and pretend to lose his balance and swing you off and kiss you
  • “I’m coming with you.” 
    “No, you’re not.” 
    “It could be dangerous.” 
    “Yes? Exactly?”
    “Why is it okay for you to put yourself in danger but not for me?” 
    “Because you’re my- Because I lo- Because I’m the one with superpowers here!”
    “Well too bad I’m coming.”
    “Okay come if you can.”
    “Peter… Did you just web my hand to the doorhandle?”
    “No.. Maybe… Yes?”
  • Aunt May would often invite you around for dinner, and lunch, and breakfast - basically she ships you and Peter a lot.
  • “I love you. I love you. I love you.” Big kiss. “You’re amazing.”
  • Being able to be yourselves around each other without fear of judgement.

It took me a few tries, I finally finished it. Captain America Civil War was one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. Thank you Tom Holland for giving us an awesome Peter Parker and Spider-man!! Also thank you Kienan Lafferty for making youtube videos of your photoshop techniques!!


I am a big Spideypool Fan!!! They are so awesome and funny :) I wish so much a Spideypool Movie :D
Edits made by me :)