the amazing spider man 2

Why are there Spider-Man fans who support racebending other characters in the Spidey movies and other MCU movies but find it unacceptable to do this for Peter Parker, Spider-Man HAS to be an originally poc character.

I don’t recall anyone pissed off that Electro was black in Amazing Spider-Man 2 instead of us using Tombstone or Mister Negative as the bad guys.

I seem to recall loud cheers over Zendaya possibly playing Mary Jane and loud boos at people who were mad MJ wasn’t gonna be white…but nobody was mad about Cindy Moon, Sajani or Gloria Grant not being in the movie instead.

People were mad as Hell over the Ancient One being whitewashed (understandable) and Dr Strange being played by a white actor, but aokay with Baron Mordo being played by a black actor just last year.

So…why is racebending for the purposes of increased representation okay for basically every white character…except Peter Parker…why all of a sudden is the only permissible way to get a better representative Spider-Man for it to be a wholesale different character instead of a talented poc actor simply playing the original Spider-Man?


She’s Absolutely Right….