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So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.

star wars aesthetics - padmé amidala (requested by @phereinnike) (x) (x)


BOOKS READ IN 2017: infini by krista & becca ritchie

I have lived partially. Halfly. Incompletely. To be whole, I did not know until my bones thundered and bellowed for more. I am whole and happy. And this is more.


Happy Birthday Elena ( @xoxomyseriesxoxo )

say a little prayer
for you and me

(I bid farewell to love)
誓えない 愛を
(that can’t promise us)
(an eternity anymore)

- Re:pray by Aimer


-Who are you kidding? Girls can’t play softball.
-What did you say?
-I said girls can’t play softball.
-Uh oh.


The House of Bëor was the name given the first of the three Houses of the Edain to cross the Ered Luin into Beleriand after travelling west, driven forth by the terrors wrought by Morgoth in the east.

The House of Haleth, also known as the Haladin was the second House of the Edain. It survived longest of all three houses, owing to their defensive strategy during the Wars of Beleriand.

The House of Hador was the name of the third House of the Edain to cross the Ered Luin. They were originally known as the House of Marach but were renamed during the reign of their later ruler Hador in honour of him.

birthday was a blast - friends visited, we had a lovely picnic and thank you all for kind messages; London trip was superfun, got a lot of cool stuff and a bunch of pics on my instagram // thank you all who participated in this!! / winner bolded + 2-3 runner-upshall of fame / prizes /

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