the amazing las vegas comic con


   Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con was a blast!! My newly found Squad and I are already planning for what we can do next year, what improvements we can make…and how much more con-time we can nab! (Going only one day was not enough, we found out quickly…!)

   If anyone has any pictures of us from the con, send it our way! Lots of pictures are out there, we just don’t know where, however….

Do we have some cosplayers out there?

If so, who do you cosplay as? Do you have more than one? What’s your favorite? Which is your most popular/liked/recognized?

Personally I have made and assembled tf2 medic, Tsukimi from princess jellyfish, rip van winkle from hellsing ultimate ova, riddler, Zacharie from Off, and have two more in the works as surprises for amazing Las Vegas comic con.

Forgot to ask the question I really wanted to ask: Would you consider cosplaying as an rpg maker game character? Examples would be heart and soul from soma spirits, yume nikki characters, so on and so forth

So, my best bro Dean ( theflamesthesword ) cosplayed as Valdimir to surprise us when he came to con with us on Sunday.

He’s a big fan of Vlad and Matt as a ship, so I let him get shippy pictures with my wife. xD And as a joke, I screamed, “DON’T TOUCH MY BOYFRIEND” and pretended to kick him in the stroganoff. 

These things happened. 

I’m not saying I’m proud, they just did.