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Yes hello what's your take on a cafe au? :^)

Halloooooo bab!!! <3

Wow this has taken me a while but hey here’s my attempt:

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Welcome To Café Insomnia.

Your friends have been talking non-stop about the new coffee shop that opened up a few weeks ago.

In the very height of finals week, the small shop opened for business and caffeine-deprived, sleepless students wandered in, led by java fumes. More and people came in by word of mouth. 

The coffee was absolutely magical, the pastries divine.

It was what you heard about the staff that urged you to visit.

You decided to go in an hour before class. That would give you ample time to relax and scope out the place. 

When two exiting giggling girls opened the door, the coffee smell hit you as you read the sign: Café Insomnia.

Here goes nothing.

With another puff of coffee air, you walked in. Instantly you were charmed by the great decor. There were floating terrariums hanging by the window, small potted plants on the black bar, red stools lined up. Black chairs and matching black tables were lined up on a checkered-tile floor and a small bar with a cash register on it connected with a beautiful crystalline display case, showcasing today’s sweets and even some sandwiches.

You were met with by a smiling face, “Welcome to Café Insomnia!”

He seemed to radiate sunshine. He had stylishly pointed blond hair, violet-blue eyes and was in a tasteful black waistcoat, white button-up shirt, black slacks and black shoes. he had a red apron tied around his waist. He was on the other side of the cash register. His name tag read “Prompto”.

Oh my God. Your friends were right. 

He was so pretty.

“What can I get for you today?” He took out a sunflower adorned pen and poised it over a paper pad. He was still smiling and you felt yourself melting.

You ordered a cappuccino and a blueberry muffin. He took your order graciously and from a swinging door came another man. His light brown hair was spiked up in the front and his brilliant green eyes were framed by silver glasses. He gave you a polite smile and loaded more pastries into the display cases. 

The blond yelled out as he went to go get napkins, “Ignis! Cappuccino, please!”

“Prompto, you needn’t shout.”

The one called Ignis rolled his eyes and said, “Will you be staying with us or taking away?”

“I’ll stay,” You tried staying steadily. Prompto came back and began tallying up your total. You paid and Prompto said, “Okay, we’ll bring it right over, take a seat.”

You floated over to the nearest table and plopped down.


You dug into your bag for your book. You decided you’d be much too distracted for getting a head start on homework. You started on your dog-eared novel but didn’t get far.

“Hello, you ordered a blueberry muffin and a cappuccino?”

You looked up and met crystal blue eyes. A boy with messy black spiked hair, put down your muffin and took out packets of butter and jam and placed them right next to it. He put down a white porcelain cup of espresso and  began pouring milk in. The milk became a lovely leaf design. 

“Oh wow…”

“I hope you enjoy, thank you!”

He gave you a smile, put down utensils wrapped in a napkin and before he turned away, you read his name-tag.



Such strange, wonderful names. They were all so handsome.

Where did they come from?!

You took a bite out the warm muffin and held in an unbecoming moan. Wow!!

The cappuccino itself was nectar from the Gods.

Oh, you had to come back. No more convenient store coffee.

“Are you enjoying everything today?”

You had to crane your neck up to see the big looming giant of a man.

He was so tall, muscular. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and you could see his left forearm was looping with feather tattoos. His amber eyes burned into yours and his long dark brown hair was tied back into a ponytail.

You nodded and said, “This is amazing! Do you guys hand make this?”

He gave a chuckle and said, “Well, our coworker Ignis is mostly in charge of the baked goods. And Noctis…”

You lost yourself in his voice and listened as he described everyone’s roles. Ignis was head baker and brewer, Noctis and Prompto were baristas and the big guy was in charge of cleaning up and setting up. He did the heavy lifting and took orders as well.

He asked you if you needed anything else.

“No, thank you, I think I’m set for now.”

You read his name-tag. Gladiolus.

Such interesting, wonderfully strange names. Such a wonderful café.

Ahhhh okay!! I hope I did okay!!!!!!! omgggg i missed writing so much!!!

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