the altair project


Update from The Altair Project:

I made the belt and the sash! For the belt I used pleather and felt. The sash is just thin linnen.

I tell you, making the belt was horrible and I wanted to give up several times. I’m not very good at working with a sewing machine (well, it’s the first time I’m working with one, so it’s no wonder) and sometimes it just looks plain horrible. But I’m coping. I reached the point where I’m proud of what I did even though it’s miles from being perfect. But hey, first cosplay where I’m actually sewing my own stuff and not only buying things. I think I’m doing fine.

When I finished the belt yesterday I even did a small ‘I DID A THING’-dance…

Next stop: Bracers….(I have NO idea what I’m doing)


Aaaaaaand another update from my Altair Project. (Yey!)

Yep. I did something else the last nights….till 5 am….yes, that’s in the morning. It was already dawing. Birds were sing- … yeah, you get the drive.

I did the strap and the sheath! And even though my mother told me that it would never work you can totally wear the sheath upside down, exactly how it’s supposed to be. Tale that, mum! The sword won’t fall out, I tested it (by jumping through our flat like mad).

I used pleather and felt again, and some cardboard to stabilise it a bit. Also some metal rings (obviously) and linoleum for the decoration. The rest was just sheer luck and a lot of guessing. Well, it worked out in the end.

I didn’t make the weapon, though, I bought it from maskworld. It’s LARP-compatible which is important because I plan to take it with me to ConQuest this year and do some battle, yeeha!


Update from The Altair Project

I worked without any help today (as you can see my seams are a bit wibley-wobley). BUT I made the upper tunic. Yey! 

The black seams are still missing, as well as the ornaments on the shoulders…I still don’t know if I should stich them are just paint them on…ah well.

Next task: The hood. Hopefully I will be finished with it this evening. Because I’ll leave my mother’s place (and her sewing machine) tomorrow.


Yet another update from my Altair Project

I made some bracers, folks! And it was quite easy, as you can see they are really just the basic stuff. It cost me some hours but mainly because I don’t have access to a sewing machine anymore.

I hope all steps for making them are clear in this photoset but if you have some questions feel free to ask :)

The materials are pleather, felt, eyelets and some leather straps. I used a eyelet plier as well.

Next step: The bracer plates. Yey.

I need help from some fellow cosplayers!

I’m currently working on my Altair Cosplay (I like to call it The Altair Project). But I struggle with making the vambrace plates.

I’m not sure how to make them. I read a lot about carving them out of leather or foam, but I’m not so sure about that. My mother offered to make them out of metal (aluminium I guess), but that would mean I couldn’t make them myself and I really want to do this on my own.

A friend of mine who studies art told me about linoleum which is very similiar to leather actually, but I don’t know about that either. I went to the art store and touched and bent it a bit, but I have no idea how it reacts to paint or if I can paint it at all.

Ugh. It’s terrible. Maybe some of you could give me some advice? Maybe someone made these plates before? Or something simliar? That would be awesome!


Update from The Altair Project

Yey! Today I made the under tunic! I used a paper pattern meant to create a robe and altered it a bit. I worked with white linen, a lot of it actually, and this beautiful Pfaff sewing machine (made in Western Germany, haha. yeah it is actually that old!). I’m still learning how to use these machines and my Mum is such a great help.

Most of the time I used white yarn, but in the end I decorated some seams with black one.

Ah, and also I cheated a bit. I worked in a zip fastener on the back so it’s easier to put the whole thing on. But you won’t see it later on because of the upper tunic, so no harm done (no one will see the plastic :P )


Update from The Altair Project (again)

So, my Mum just bought the leather as well, apparently. She said I could pay her back…whenever I’m ready. okcool. <3

This is all I need for the under and upper tunic, the hood, the sash and the leather parts (like the belt, the sheath, bracers and the gaiters). It cost much less than I expected which is a good thing. So I have some money left for adding details later on. I already have the sword and a medicin pouche.

Stuff that’s still missing: The hidden blade (grandpa’s still working at it), the decorated plates for the left bracer (still not sure how to make them…Foam? Linoleum? Aluminium?) and some throwing knifes (I will actually make them out of wood I guess). Apart from that I’m fine. Yey.

Oh, I’m excited. We start sewing tomorrow (and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing).