the alpha mate


Nero and his alpha mate, Ago Aapeli, a chocobo rancher.

The first time he meets him, one of the chocobos had gotten loose and approaches a wandering Nero, his princess charm working it’s magic and all. Nero finds the bird’s tags that mark its owner, and sets out to find the chocobo’s home. He rides the chocobo until they near the ranch, at which point the bird breaks into a sprint at the sound of the dinner bell ringing. Nero’s never ridden a chocobo beyond a gentle trot before, and ends up holding on for dear life.

The alpha sees his missing chocobo come running in, a mysterious panicked angel on her back, rushes up to hush the bird, and pets it’s beak as it calms down and ruffles its feathers. He looks up to Nero, the prince staring down all starry eyed, with some strands from his braid having fallen loose.

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Trying to hide presents for a household is nearly impossible and requires a lot of planning and family secrets to hide scents that only the alpha (and their mate) knows. The old Hale way was lost with Talia, but Stiles is there to help create a new one.

Luckily, Stiles started practicing hiding presents before the kids came along, and challenging Derek to find them. It turns out that yes, paprika will hide the scent of a present, but it’s also a dead giveaway when the sock drawer smells like paprika and your werewolf has a sneezing fit. 

Stiles tries magic after that. Derek doesn’t smell anything for eight weeks. 

Stiles gives up after that. 

When Claudie is three–old enough to be very interested in uncovering presents–Stiles worries that none of the gifts he and Derek and the rest of the pack have bought her will stay hidden long enough to be a surprise by Christmas. 

In the end, John turns up, shakes his head and sighs. “Give me your presents.” 


“Give them to me,” John says. “I’ll lock them in the holding cell at the station, like I had to with you.” 

Which is the perfect solution for at least a few years. Until their second kid turns out to be a mage. 

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Do you gave any hc about genital dysphoria in female omegas? Or just transgender hc?

Boo you’ve waited so patiently for this answer I’m gonna try to give you my best one! *cracks knuckles* 

P.S. sorry if I bounced all over the place :3

~ They are very self-conscious for most of their HS career

~ Female Omegas feeling more like an Alpha (male or female, you decide)

~ It’s considered weird to be a primary trans (boy/girl) but to be a secondary trans is completely socially unacceptable

~ Omegas have a much harder time because they are under their parents until they find their mate

~ However, the omega would get the shock of their life to find out that their mate is totally accepting of it

~ It’s easy if an A/O want to be a Beta, they can use scent blockers and such

~ It’s harder to identify as an A or O because you cant just bottle an Alpha or Omegas scent 

~ Female Omega using scent blockers then rubbing an alpha scented toy all over themselves to make them smell like an alpha

~ Alphas doing the same except with omega scented things

~ A/O friends lending them some clothing so they can smell like their friends dynamic

~ Primary transgender people would still have to go through the same process as they do rn. Plus the scent thing if say a female omega felt most right as a male alpha 

That’s all I have, I hope you like these, I kinda like this idea of secondary or primary transgender (or both). 

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How would Alpha Tetsutetsu court a mate that is rather hard to get and difficult to approach?

How would he? HOW WOULD HE!? Well, to find that out, just look below! I hope you enjoy this my lil’ sapling! Have yourself a heckin’ amazing day sweetie! But since you weren’t incredibly specific, I’ve made it that it’s hard because the mate-to-be is shy.

- Momma Eclipse🌱🌱🌱

🍈 Tetsutetsu is admittedly, a lil’ awkward when it comes to this sort of thing!

🍈 When he first tries to approach you, you don’t speak to him, at all, instead, you run away from him while he stands there with a bewildered look on his face; what had he done?

🍈 So, to begin with, he leaves you small presents he thinks you would like, mostly when he accidentally bumps into you.

🍈 He notices you slowly start to warm up to him, he could have sworn he heard you mumble a soft “hello” to him at one stage!

🍈 Boy works hard, slowly gaining more of your trust until he can get close enough to have a normal conversation with you.

🍈 When he can eventually get you to go out on a date with him, he makes sure that everything is perfect and if you look even remotely cold, his gloriously scented jacket is going over your shoulders, enveloping you in warmth!

🍈 He’s a rough lil’ melon but he can be sweet if he puts the effort in!

Like Wolves - JiYong SMUT *REQUESTED


The week had gone by fast, way to fast for your liking, when the pack got the news of the ritual they jumped of excitement, finally the grandson of the alpha had a mate, and a human mate, his friends never left you alone, if jiyong wasn’t with you seungri was by your side and if seungri wasn’t there then it was youngbae’s turn to guard you, because the pack had a lot of enemies it was really important to keep you safe, especially considering that you were just a weak human in their eyes.

But you were ok with it, if it made jiyong feel calm knowing you were safe then you were going to endure it.

But you had to go with your day by day routing pretending that you weren’t going to tie your soul to a werewolf who happened to be the love of your life, jiyong had lied to you saying it wasn’t anything big, just a small ceremony, but when his sister and mother came to your house with ten different dresses for you to try on you realized this was something like a werewolf wedding and your nerves got worse, you had to thank them though, they helped you a lot, they prepared you for everything they told you everything that will happen, and what you could expect and somehow you felt relieved you didn’t know what you would do without them.

And there you were in the middle of the woods, surrounded by the whole pack while the alpha tied a silver sting on both of your hands, you were smiling and you felt you heart getting bigger at the way jiyong was looking at you, as if you were an angel that came from heaven just to make his life better, you were beautiful with your long white dress, you had spent the whole day trying to make yourself look perfect just for this special night and from the looks of it you achieved your goal, no one could take their eyes away from you, whispers were heard, compliments thrown to you and to jiyong, his friends kept saying how lucky he was for having someone as beautiful as you as his mate, and he would smile and you would say how lucky you were to have someone like him in your life.

And the moment came, when the moon was on top of you in the sky, the moonlight shining over you, jiyong looked at you and moved your hair from your neck, he leaned in and you suck in a breath, he kissed you on your sweet spot and before you could do anything you felt his teeth on your skin.

It wasn’t painful like you thought it would be, it felt really good, you felt pleasure running through your veins, you felt your skin burning up and instead of being uncomfortable you felt like you were in heaven, you opened your eyes when you felt his lips leaving your neck, you looked up to see him smiling at you, his usual light brown eyes were dressed in a bright gold color, you smiled at him and placed a hand on his cheek, bringing him closer to you so you would kiss his lips, as soon as your lips touched his it was as if something ignited inside of him,he grabbed your hips and pulled you closer, you were so lost in the kiss you didn’t notice people cheering around you and you didn’t hear the alpha say to the pack that the ceremony was over, what you did feel was jiyong picking you up bridal style and walking away from the circle as his friends patted his back.

He didn’t let you down, he walked while you looked at him with all the love of the world, if you weren’t in love before you sure as hell were now, it was as if everything you shared together was multiplied by ten, as if the marking united the two of you for the rest of your lives, that’s exactly what it did but you were so overwhelmed by emotions you couldn’t think straight, the only thing that was on your mind was jiyong and your immense love for eachother, it was something you couldn’t quite express with words.

You were brought back to reality when you felt jiyong letting you down, you reacted and placed your feet on the ground, your eyes still on him, he smiled at you as he caressed your cheek, he looked up behind you and you turned around to see what it looked like a big tent, surrounded by candles that light up the whole place, you looked back at him and smiled when you saw him looking at you adoringly, he sighed “i am not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do, we can just lay in there and cuddle the whole night, i don’t really mind” you kissed him before he could keep talking, you knew how the ceremony would end, you two would have an entire week where no one inside the pack would interfere not even the alpha, you two would be left alone to work on your newly strengthened bond and that assured a lot of sex, you knew the pack would expect you to get pregnant but because you weren’t a werewolf that pressure wasn’t placed upon you instead this week would be used for you to think about the possibility of turning into a werewolf a power only alphas had, and you would be lying to yourself if you didn’t think about it.

You stepped back and looked up to see jiyong staring at you with wonder, you smiled and you slowly took off your dress, revealing your naked form, he groaned as he saw your naked body, the fresh bite turning into a deep purple in your neck decorating your skin that was glowing in the light of the moon light, you smiled at him and walked into the tent leaving him standing there with an open mouth and a very noticeable hard on, after a while of just standing there, he shook his head and smirked making his way into the tent to find you laying in the makeshift bed, he smiled at you and started to undress himself, you thought that you would be nervous, but it wasn’t as if you were a virgin or this was your first time ever, you thought you would feel nervous because of the special bond created you didn’t want to disappoint the pack, but you didn’t feel nervous or anxious at all.

As soon as he got rid of his clothes he kneeled over you and he admired you before leaning down to kiss you.

Sex with jiyong has always been a mind blowing experience but now it was ten times better, his touch on your skin felt like a drug, his kisses on your lips, his cock inside you making you experience a pleasure you thought you have felt before, it all felt new to you new and better, he dived into you at a slow pace and you thought it was because he didn’t want to hurt you and you were ok with it because it didn’t matter if he was going slow it still felt like heaven, his hands on your hips grabbing you pulling you closer to him, the noises he was letting out were pulling you closer to the edge, his sweet voice that has turned husky and deep whispering compliments on your ear “you are so beautiful, i can’t believe you are mine, so damn sexy” he said as he kissed your forehead your cheeks your lips, he thrusted into you with power finding your g spot in no time, you put your hands on his neck so you could bring him closer to kiss him but instead of kissing you he turned his head so he could place his lips on the new bruise.

You never felt something like that, his lips on the sensitive skin made your whole body burst in flames, the knot inside your stomach exploding into millions of butterflies that filled your whole body with an ecstasy you never felt before, you thought you were on heaven your body felt so light it could be floating, your senses were on overdrive and after feeling everything at once you suddenly felt nothing, peace surrounded you, your body calming down and coming down from the great pleasure you felt.

Suddenly you felt cold and you noticed jiyong had gotten up to look for something and you frowned, did he cum too? You were so lost in the orgasm that you didn’t even know if he got to cum, he turned around with what it looked like a very big fur blanket and he laid down next to you, putting the cover over the both of you, he put an arm around your waist and you laid your head over his chest, you frowned confused “ji…did you..did you cum?” you asked and you felt his chest shake as he let out a laugh “yeah i did, but you were so lost in the orgasm that you didn’t notice, i don’t mind though you look really good when you cum” he said as he started drawing circles on your naked back producing some goosebumps along the way, “that was amazing i never felt like that in my whole life” you said as you kissed his chest, he smiled and played with your hair “that is the bond doing it’s magic, get ready though, after that we are going to do a lot of it” he said and you giggled at his words.

“I don’t really mind” you said as you felt your whole body drift into dream land, “good night princess” jiyong whispered keeping you closer to him.

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So... I'm still no to this "Omegaverse" thingy... Do you mind explaining a bit? I'm curious to understand the classes and the ways that they irk and such...

Sure thing, love!

Ok so, many years ago in the deep dark recesses of (or maybe it was AO3? It could have been Wattpad tbh) someone wrote a fanfic (I think it was Supernatural or Teen Wolf or something) where one character was an alpha, who went through ruts and had scent glands and the other was an omega, who was dependent on the alpha, and went through heats and was submissive


There are three dynamics that are generally accepted (I say this because some people add in gammas and deltas and zetas, and these can adhere to any headcanons you want, because they’re unusual and vary greatly)


Alphas are generally accepted as the dominant, strong fighters, much like the hyper masculine image that is forced on men. They can be tall and lean, or short and muscular. Both male and female alphas possess a penis and a knot. Female alphas have the ability to retract their penis, and although they possess a vagina, they aren’t able to get pregnant or menstruate. Alphas will go into ‘rut’ (which can be triggered, or a monthly thing, depending on your headcanons). My personal headcanons are that alphas go into rut when the omega they’re bonded to goes into heat, and most alphas will experience rut-like symptoms during puberty


Betas are the closest to actual human in omegaverse. Male betas are able to impregnate betas and omegas, and female betas are able to be impregnated by alphas and betas. They sometimes get the short end of the stick, and are there just as mediators because some say they have bad senses of smell, and are there for more level-headed and aren’t affected by scent the way alphas and omegas are. I disagree with this COMPLETELY because it’s very unfair. I think betas have a far better sense of smell, and just aren’t evolutionarily programmed to respond to scents the same way omegas and alphas do. Betas tend to be the least aggressive/emotional of all the dynamics, and are a calming presence on both alphas and omegas


Depending on your headcanons, omegas are generally put into two different categories: submissive and weak, or powerful and revered. Both male and female omegas go into ‘heat’ every month, which is a period of 3-6 days where their scent becomes sweeter, they become more physically appealing, and they become incredibly fertile. Some headcanons state that the scent of an in-heat omega drives an alpha crazy and leaves them almost unable to stop themselves from mounting and knotting the omega right there and then. I disagree with this. I think instead that an alpha can tell the difference between an in-heat omega and an out of heat omega, recognise that the scent is pleasant, and move on. Both male and female omegas have a uterus (the males’ uterus lies flush against his stomach, and is accessible through his anus). Male omegas are unable to impregnate other omegas, or female betas. 

Some useful terminology

Knotting it what alphas will do during sex with an omega. At the base of an alpha’s penis is a ‘knot’ (like a dog penis). This knot locks into the omega when the alpha orgasms, and keeps them locked together for a duration of time (anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour; it changes depending on your headcanons)


All dynamics possess scent glands on the trapezius muscle (the junction between your shoulder and neck) the inside of their wrists, and their inner thighs. Scenting something is done by rubbing your scent glands over it to spread your scent over it. Dynamics will do it to clothes, blankets, their mates, and basically anything that they want other people to know is theirs


Bonding is done during sex by biting the scent gland at the trapezius muscle. The bite has to be hard enough to break the skin, and it’ll basically bond the two people together (so it’s a bit like marriage but on a biological scale). The bite mark will scar over and will always be visible to the naked eye


Omegas build nests. Depending on your headcanons, they can build nests just when they’re in heat, or when they’re pregnant, or just whenever the hell they want to. A nest is a small area (like a bed, or a closet) filled with blankets, clothes, pillows and stuffed animals that is just a nice, soft place for the omega to lie and sleep. Omegas get very protective of their nests, and usually only close friends, mates and close family members will be allowed in. The items used in a nest will sometimes be scented by the individual’s mate, if they have one


When two people get into a relationship, they will be considered ‘mates’. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an alpha and an alpha, or a beta and an omega, or an omega and an alpha, they’re called mates. If they’ve bonded to each other, they’re known as ‘bonded mates’

Think I missed anything? Let me know, and I’ll add it!

Mate. Claim. Home. 

Sterek AU: Alpha Mates

Stiles found the perfect gift to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of their Mating ceremony. Who knew a tattoo of Derek’s cherished triskelion in the midst of his claiming bite would drive the born wolf frantic in all the right ways? 

Stiles could have only hoped.

It was the rarest of occasions,True Alpha mates torn apart for hundreds of years, cursed to tread the earth forever in search of a part of themselves long lost; restless, without an anchor. Until one day, fate found a way. A sliver of light upon a hidden path, a way back to each other, a way back home.

A little glimpse into a fic I’ve had in the works for the past 7 months. 


Happy Summer, @sterek! Hope you enjoy some wonderful Sterek <3

Alpha!Sterek AU:
Being Alpha mates doesn’t come without struggle. Just because the Stilinski-Hale Pack is one of the most renowned in North America, it means that Stiles and Derek aren’t butting heads constantly. Even if the bickering is mostly about how they’re in love with each other.

by @stilesandderek

The Revered Omega

I am a sucker for the headcanon / AU of a Revered Omega where the Omega is seen as some delgacy and should be treated like royalty.

  • These AU’s tend to have a low precentage of Omegas in their world.
  • Omegas would never be allowed to go anywehre without a Beta or Alpha accompanying them.
  • They tend to not be allowed jobs unless it’s family related.
  • Being mated to an Omega is an honor!
  • Suiters would shower them with gifts.
  • Parents tend to arrange their Omega child’s marriage.
  • These Omegas are usually not allowed to do any sports.
  • They probably tend private schools or are home schooled.
  • Their life is usually controlled by a parent figure.
  • These Omegas tend to be shy and soft spoken.
  • They can also be undeceive or uncaring of what to decide when given choices. Like, “Why should it matter? You’ll end up making the final decision anyways.”

But, I also like the idea of a Reverd Omega who is outspoken and a handful

  • They would always be running off to go see what is in a shop’s window.
  • Their Beta or Alpha care-taker is always sighing. Their job isn’t boring.
  • These Omega are always making new friends, no matter the dynamic.
  • They don’t like their dynamic stop them from wanting to work or doing activities that make them break a sweat.
  • Totally the type to sneak out of the house with their friends. Then they get grounded for two weeks.
  • They beg their parent’s to go to a public school.
  • They dress themselves, they start trends.
  • Some Alphas or Betas see this Omega as un-mate-able because this Omega is outspoken and not stereotypically submissive.
  • Arranged marriage? They think not!
Pack Mom - Derek Hale x Reader

Originally posted by hvproductions

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Prompt: You’ve always been the mother figure to everyone in the pack but when the pups start calling you mom they also start treating you as Derek’s mate, awkwardness and confessions ensue.

Warning: Smut! and other shit! :D 



You hopped out of your newly bought Mustang, you knew the pack would be shocked at your new car but the moment you saw the sleek black vehicle you knew it was the one. Your last car got trashed in a car chase with the Calaveras but you dug into your inheritance and decided to get something nicer. The moment one foot stepped out of the new car Stiles was on you with a million questions.

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A/B/O Starters

I tried to keep these as gender neutral as I could.


“I can smell that you’re in heat”
“You’re such a cute little beta/omega”
“Here, let me take care of you”
“I can’t wait to have kids with you”
“You’re sick, go back to bed beta/omega”
“Let your alpha take care of you”
“You look lost beta/omega”
“I promise, I’m not like other alpha’s”
“God I want to breed you.”
“You shouldn’t be walking alone beta/omega”
“I will always protect you my beta/omega”
“You’re irresistible when you’re in heat”
“Did your heat just start?”
“I need you my little beta/omega”
“I’m an alpha, you’re a beta/omega, it was meant to be!”
“I’m an alpha, not your captor.”
“You’re so hard to resist.”
“I want to claim you as mine”
“You shouldn’t be stressing yourself out like this, I’m your alpha, I’ll take care of you.”
“I don’t want to be just any alpha, I want to be your alpha”


“I almost envy omega’s/Alpha’s”
“It’s so hard being in-between an omega and an alpha”
“I just want to find a nice alpha mate”
“I just want to find a nice omega mate”
“I don’t want an alpha or an omega”
“We need more beta’s with other beta’s”
“I could swing for either an alpha or omega”
“Stop treating me like an omega”
“I’m only a beta, but I still want to claim you”
“I’m only a beta, but I still want to breed you”
“Being with an omega is hard, we sometimes go into heat at the same time”
“You know beta’s face a lot of discrimination”
“Beta’s are very misunderstood”
“I want you to be my alpha/omega”


“I may have just started my heat”
“I’m an omega, not your prisoner”
“I can’t be with a beta, I’m sorry”
“I need you to claim me”
“You can’t claim me yet!”
“I need my alpha/beta”
“Being in heat is killing me”
“You’re my alpha/beta, I should be the one taking care of you.”
“I want kids with you”
“Please breed me!”
“I need you to be my alpha/beta”
“A gang of alpha’s/beta’s was harassing me earlier today”
“I just want to find a nice alpha/beta”
“I couldn’t care less about finding an alpha/beta”
“I’m ready to be bred”
“I’m not ready to be bred”
“I’m a living being! Not just a set of holes to fuck!”


Rating:Mature (I guess, closer to explicit without being explicit?)

Fighting the Galra and following distress beacons rarely leaves the Paladins with free days so when they have the opportunity, they take it relaxing to the fullest. There’s Coran who checks in on the ship’s status, Allura and Shiro finally stopped beating around the bush, They were somewhere making lovey dovey faces at each other and In one of the common rooms the rest of the Paladins gathered  trying to make heads and tales of a new game Lance had created. In the middle of his animated explanation something low in his stomach lurches stilling his movements. He was doing something, what was he doing? The room swims dizzily and,Why. Can’t. He . Just. Focus? Then there’s a buzzing in his ear.

“Lance, Lance!” “Huh?” he turns and the world tilts on its axis. “Lance are you ok?”  He frowns was he?  “I don’t- I don’t feel so well.”  he stands takes a step stumbling into Keith. “Lance what the hell?” Keith catches him a hand brushing against his neck and Lance’s legs buckle. Keith looks down at the Blue Paladin he’s surprised to see him staring wide eyed at him.

“Lance?” His breath quickens as his face heats. “Alpha.” The Alpha growls possessively his hand already coming to grip his neck. Lance feels his body go limp and his head falls back as he bares his neck. The beginnings of the sweet scent of slick floats through the air. From somewhere on his left Keith hears his name and another growl rumbles in his chest. The Omega in his arms squirms lazily pawing at his clothes. “Keith!” The realization that Lance was going into heat and he was only egging it on sobered him up. “I can’t” he gasps as he lets go of Lance forgetting that his legs had turned to Jelly.  Lance yelps, the rejection cutting deeper than the floor. Breathing hard he pushes off the ground. Keith already clear to the door leaves trying to forget the devastated look in Lance’s face.

Hunk places a steadying hand on Lance. “You ok?” Lance takes a moment to answer still slightly lost in the haze, and Keith’s scent clinging to his clothes aren’t helping. He was far from Ok but he wasn’t going to tell Hunk that.

He clears his throat “Yeah, I guess it’s just an off day,” he pats Hunk’s hand in thanks “I’m gonna go lie down maybe that’ll help”

The walk to his room has him insanely agitated not in the angry way but the way the leaves a bad taste in his mouth and the feeling of bugs crawling under his skin. Pair this up with the worst feeling of rejection and embarrassment you could muster and you had Lance.The action of  Keith pushing him away broke something in him. They’ve been on the way to dating still butting heads occasionally,but now he doesn’t know where they stand. It’s like all their connections have been severed. If he had actually paid attention to the Garrison’s Pack Behavior course, he would have realized it was essentially due to his status in their little pack.

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A Different Fork

For the True Mates day of @hannigram-a-b-o-library​‘s SummertimeSlick event, an Omegaverse re-imagining of Hannibal’s very first episode, Aperitif (part of a series of standalone fics that can be found on AO3).

Thanks for the gorgeous banner go to @desperatelyseekingcannibals​ (look, I’m finally using it hon!).

Also on AO3.

Please let this be a hallucination.

Will closed his eyes and hoped. This had never worked for him before but short of impaling himself on Jack’s coat rack, he had few other options.

In theory, Will knew all about the Omega imprinting impulse and had always thought it was a damn silly trait. The idea that from one scrap of physical contact, an Omega could identify their ideal mate seemed more like something out of a fairytale than a biology class, despite having heard the tales from Omegas who had experienced it.

One scrap of physical contact like, say, a handshake.

Like the one Will had just exchanged, at Jack’s behest, with Doctor Hannibal Lecter. The one which had caused his body to light up like a Christmas tree, or one of his dogs catching the scent of a rabbit. The one that had told him, in no uncertain terms, that the tall, poised, exquisitely turned-out man in front of him was, biologically speaking, a bullseye. A touchdown. Will Graham’s golden ticket.

Maybe Jack had a particularly sharp letter opener on his desk.

The advantage, of course, of the imprinting process, was that no one else was aware of it. The Omega could keep quiet and go about their business, leaving the Alpha in question none the wiser, at least until they could ascertain compatibility in other areas.

Unfortunately, during their brief conversation, Doctor Lecter had quickly proved himself interesting in more ways than just his pheromones. He had matched Will’s mind thought for thought, easily falling into good-humoured (on Lecter’s side, anyway) conversational sparring. In other circumstances, Will would have been pleasantly surprised to be engaged in such a way. In Jack’s office, with Jack’s scrutinising gaze upon them, Will could only be suspicious.

“Whose profile are you working on?” Without allowing the doctor space to answer, Will turned to Jack and iterated, “Whose profile is he working on?” They were going to get precisely thirty seconds to give what would undoubtedly be an unsatisfactory explanation, then Will was getting the hell out of there.

Hannibal slid smoothly into the proffered space, to answer, “I’m sorry, Will. Observing is what we do. I can’t shut mine off any more than you can shut yours off.”

Will reflected that there was little more annoying than someone who really understood you, except possibly someone who could intrigue you when intrigue was the last thing you wanted.

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Hux has been in a loveless marriage with someone high up in the First Order since he was in his early 20s, it was purely political and arranged by his father. Hux meets his new co commander Kylo and eventually starts an affair with him

[Admiral NICOL, 03:07]: My Destroyer will be crossing paths with yours in two standard days. I’ll be coming on board to see you.

[General HUX, 03:08]: As you wish.

[Admiral NICOL, 03:08]: You will be ready for me.

[General HUX, 03:09]: Of course.

[Admiral NICOL, 03:11]: I expect your wedding band to have not left your finger since my last visit.

[General HUX, 03:12]: It has not.

[Admiral NICOL, 03:13]: Good. Have there been any major changes since my last visit?

“Who are you messaging?”

Hux is sitting back against the headboard of his grand bed, and looks up from his datapad and back down to where Kylo lies beside him, eyes blinking open slowly from his sleep.

“Nicol,” Hux answers with a sneer, reaching to brush Kylo’s hair from his eyes. “He’s coming to visit in a few days.”

Kylo groans. Underneath the covers, he slides his arm around Hux’s waist, leaning in closer to kiss Hux’s hip, pressing his open mouth against his pale skin and sucking gently.

“He can’t find out about us,” Hux says, eyes locked on the way Kylo’s lips look divine against his skin. “We’ll have to stay away from each other.”

“Can’t do that,” Kylo murmurs. “I have to be with you. You’re not his to command.”

It’s as though the golden ring around Hux’s finger tightens at Kylo’s taunting words. Hux looks down at it as Kylo shifts next to him, sitting up beside him.

“He’s my husband, Ren. I have to–”

Hux’s sentence melts away into Kylo’s mouth, consumed by his kiss, every one of his thoughts shifting away from his husband and to Kylo Ren; the one Hux wishes he was betrothed to.

“He’s not your husband, Hux,” Kylo says, shaking his head. “You see him once a year where he comes on board, has sex with you, threatens to contact your father about your lack of progress since his last visit, then leaves. A husband is supposed to kiss you good morning, bring you flowers, hug you when you’re down, hug you when you’re happy, fight anyone who brings harm to you, stay with you regardless of differences. So, forgive me for refusing to leave your side once that idiot is on board.”

Hux blinks, amazed and enamoured; feelings that have never once graced his heart in the years he’s been married to Admiral Nicol.

“Careful, Ren,” Hux says, reaching up to cup Kylo’s cheek. “You sound as though you’re plotting treason against my husband. ”

Kylo smiles, eyes locked with Hux’s, a sparkle in his dark eyes that Hux has never seen before. But he’s distracted suddenly by Kylo’s hand smoothing along his own, gliding up his fingers with the gentlest touch that Hux has ever felt. There’s a soft grip around his ring, pulling it away from him until it’s completely off and cast aside, tossed into the darkness that surrounds Hux’s bed.

Kylo says nothing, though neither does Hux. Instead, Hux picks up his data pad, finding his messaging application still open, Nicol’s question still unanswered. With a smirk on his lips, Hux begins typing.

[General HUX, 03:31]: Yes, sir. I’m afraid quite a lot has changed in your absence. But I’m sure we will discuss things upon your arrival to my ship. Let us hope that your journey is a safe one. Best wishes, dear husband, and long live the First Order.

Pregnant!Omega!Reader Fic #1

“What’s wrong baby?” Your Alpha asked, petting your hair soothingly. You looked up to him, noticing a tinge of concern in his eyes.

“Nothing,” you said, laying your head back down onto the pillow. You were currently laying in your nest, wrapped in blankets, and various articles of your mate’s clothing.

“You smell off,” he said, kneeling down and leaning in to scent you better. “You smell anxious, babe, what’s wrong?”

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hoechyeatylerhoechlin  asked:

Hi there, I just found your blog! I'm super excited to have a blog that recs recent fics, I have been finding it so hard to find any lately. So thank you! I saw your merman rec list and am super excited to read all these merman fic I didn't even know existed! Because there so many new fics you recommended that I didn't even know about, I was wondering if you would be up for doing a Werewolf Convention reclist? Of course only if you want to. Thanks so much for putting your time into this blog!:)

Sorry it took me so long to put this together! Only just checked the inbox for this blog yesterday and am so happy to have a first prompt!!! Yay! So thank you so much!! 

★=Fics that could use more kudos, comments, and appreciation.



We Have Potential by @dragon-temeraire (2/2 | 10,196 | Teen)

Derek has finally been invited to the annual North American Werewolf Convention. The only problem? They’re expecting him to bring a significant other. He doesn’t actually have one, but everyone volunteers Stiles for the job.

Enjoyed this so much!: 

Espy Me, While I Watch You by ​frostedgoddess / @derrickhale (11/11 | 30,823 | Gen.)

Derek Hale is a lot of things; Alpha, leader, survivor, and hopeless closet fanboy to the devastatingly cute YouTube sensation, Spark Stiles Stilinski.

Then, Derek’s betas come up with an amazing plan to get Derek an emissary. Any Alpha’s dream come true.

And it will be, if Derek can juggle his responsibilities as an Alpha, judgement, guilt, and roughly a metric fuckton of self-loathing and doubt about whether he’s good enough for a beautiful thing like Stiles.

Wonderful! Will leave you with awwws: 

Mates and Mushrooms by mikkimouse / @mad-madam-m  (1/1 | 11,536 | Explicit)

Derek’s not that excited about spending three days at a conference getting propositioned by every Alpha with a single pack member. Stiles has a plan to make it stop.

It might be a great plan…if only Derek weren’t head over heels in love with him.

It might be an even better plan if someone at the conference didn’t have a vested interest in Derek staying single.

Sweet, sweet, sweet:

Logistics of Traveling with Werewolves by SylvieW / @sylvie-w (1/1 | 11357 | Mature)

The pack attends the National Werewolf Association Conference for the first time since they got their shit together. Derek doesn’t like being away from home, or facing people from his past. Stiles does his best to help out… without letting his feelings get in the way. It’s harder than he thought since they’re sharing not only a hotel room, but a bed.


Like What You See? by cloudyskiesandcurlyfries / @dylanlovesthemets (1/1 | 1,691 | NR)

Stiles and Derek have to pretend to be together while attending a werewolf conference. Also Derek’s red thumbhole sweater makes an appearance

Hottt!! 0_0: 

★Quick by LupusScintilla / @inkandblade (1/1 | 433 | Mature)

The sunlight held back by the blinds on the window was almost, but not quite, as bright as the evil glint in Stiles’ eye a few moments ago.



Pack Dynamics Among Born Werewolves by @alocalband​ (1/1 | 3,009 | Mature)

A Werewolf Convention AU in which both Derek and Stiles are complete nerds about supernatural politics.

Short but so sweet and important!:

★taking the pain away by triggeringthehealing / @froggydarren (1/1 | 471 | Teen)

The obvious thought is the werewolf pain leeching power. That is what he’d expect to think of when someone asks about a touch that’s healing. But when the topic is brought up at the meeting of the packs – no, Stiles, you can’t call it a convention, this isn’t cosplay and fanboying – that’s not where Derek’s mind drifts.


★Indulgence by @inell (1/1 | 2,500 | Explicit) 

Derek and Stiles indulge in a mutual kink in a hotel corridor outside a crowded ballroom during a werewolf conference.

Wonderful series!: 

★we crave a different kind by Marishna (1/1 | 2,128 | Teen)

“Right. Your boring, safe life. Sheltered here at the den where you never have to risk anything.” Derek was starting to get angry with the way Laura was talking about him, like he was some kind of shut-in who never saw the light of day but she kept talking. “I challenge you, Derek Hale. The conference is ending tomorrow and everyone will be leaving. I want you to go out tonight, to the bar around the corner I told you about. Have a drink, talk to some people.”


Scott x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: smutty themes

“What’s wrong with Scott.” You asked as you cornered Stiles, who was about to rush after the Alpha, who was storming through the school as if someone had angered him beyond reason.

“Urm, it’s complicated.” He muttered and Lydia glanced over Stiles’ shoulder.

“You can tell us Stiles, we might be able to help, he isn’t acting like himself.” She pointed out and Stiles nodded, taking a deep breath as he gave Scott one last glance.

“I think he might be in… heat?” Stiles muttered and your mouth dropped open until Lydia put her finger under your chin to close it.

“So, that’s why he threw Liam away from Malia this morning?” She asked and Stiles nodded. “And also, why he’s been avoiding (Y/N) … makes sense he’d be most drawn to the member of the pack who needs the most protection.”

“Hey!” You huffed and they both gave you a matching look.

“You are the weakest, you’re human.” Stiles pointed out.

“You’re also close with Scott but you’re close with other male werewolves, Liam, Brett, Derek and Isaac.” Lydia pointed out and Stiles took another turn.

“So basically, he’s probably finding it really difficult to be around you because he’s um… like I said possibly in heat.” Stiles muttered.

“That’s stupid, he’s a guy why would he be in heat.” You huffed.

“Reproducing would expand the pack faster, allows the Alpha to mark a mate without actually turning said mate into a werewolf and it’d give the alpha a chance to have some time with the betas and… strengthen their pack bond?” Lydia offered and you made a grossed-out noise.

“Rhetorical question Lydia, anyway I’ll just ask Scott what’s wrong and prove you both wrong.” You hummed.

“I don’t think you should.” Stiles muttered but you’d already ducked out of the corridor to where Scott had vanished.

“Scott?” You called and followed the low continues growl to a bathroom tucked away at the end of the corridor. “Scott, why’re you naked!” You squeaked and grabbed at his jeans, hoping if you handed them to him he’d get dressed as you tried not to look.

“I was too hot.” He mumbled roughly and moaned when you put a hand on his forehead.

“Maybe I should ask if I can give you a lift to the hospital… you can’t exactly ride your bike.” You mumbled, your eyes widening as he slowly slid your hand down his neck and across his stomach, letting you pull away before he could go any lower.

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Pairing: Jungkook/Jimin
Author: snarcsics
Genre: A/B/O!AU, Dystopia!AU, Soulmates!AU, Pack Dynamics
Rating: NC17

The first time Jimin meets a gaunt, small beta boy named Jungkook in the examination room of Namjoon’s lab, he can’t seem to take his eyes off him. The second time he sees Jungkook it’s because he refuses to eat without him. The third time they meet, Jungkook is more teeth and claws than Jimin can handle.

Admin Notes: this fic is one of the reasons im still alive.. it’s such a unique take on a/b/o, and the sexual tension between jungkook and jimin is thru the roof.. pls give this a try <3

Link: AO3

Don’t forget to leave kudos and comments!

- admin nissi