the alpha and his moon

Werewolf!Namjoon (Boyfriend)

And now it is time for the first half of Vmon, my lowkey spirit animal, an amazing leader who !!! is !!! looking !!! so !!! good !!! like he always looks great but we’ve got brown haired!joon back what a gem I’m so happy, I will support all the hair colors he has bc he deserves lots of support, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • I’ve written three things for werewolf!joon so far, there’s the description of him as a werewolf in general, which is part one (here) part two is him falling in love with a human (here) and of course, werewolf!joon as a father (all of the father related posts are here)
  • Since one of the requests was for human!reader, I’ll be using that to start off with
  • Goofy sweetheart with a heart of gold what a good boyfriend
  • Just think about this for a moment
  • You’d have unlimited access to joon’s closet and he’s super okay with you wearing his clothes bc he thinks they look 100/10 on you
  • They always smell like his cologne or the laundry detergent he uses and his hoodies are the best to wear bc he wears them the most frequent around the house so they smell the most like him and they’re always really warm and soft and he always gives your head a lil kiss when you wear them bc he thinks you look really cute
  • The weather starts getting colder right and it’s snowing one day and you’re turning the heater on and getting in all the comfy sweaters 
  • That’s when you first see him in his wolfy state
  • It’s pretty hard to get him cold bc werewolf, he’s like a personal heater which comes in handy on days like this, but even he gets cold that day bc it’s just freezing outside, neither of you even wanna think about leaving the house anymore
  • So joon has to go into his wolf form bc it’s just that cold and as a wolf, he’s more built for the cold bc fur helps out a lot
  • He gets all under the blanket while you take a shower to heat up and he let Rapmon snuggle with him bc two heat sources are better than one and soon it’ll be three once you get out of the shower
  • He kinda assumes you’ll be okay with it, you already know he’s a werewolf so surely this will be okay right??
  • But he forgets about the fact that you haven’t seen him like that yet
  • You don’t notice until you actually get into the bed bc he’s tucked under all of the blankets so you’re a bit ?? when you feel fur against your legs
  • You assume it’s Rapmon until you see his lil paw sticking out from the blanket, too far away from you for it to be him
  • You look under the blanket to see this giant ass wolf and you don’t really know how to react
  • You know in the back of your mind that it’s most likely Namjoon bc he is  a werewolf after all, it wouldn’t be that weird if he could become a wolf but that part of your brain doesn’t get acknowledged at first bc there’s a fucking wolf in your bed how does one react to this
  • You kinda just stare at each other for a few seconds and he’s trying to judge your reaction while being half asleep and you’re trying to figure out what your reaction should be
  • It isn’t until you see Rapmon cuddled up to the wolf that you figure it’s safe bc surely rapmon wouldn’t do that to a wild wolf plus Namjoon wouldn’t just casually let a wolf into the house and not tell you about it
  • It’s actually kinda cute to see him like that bc he’s got these really long legs and he’s h u g e like he’s the second biggest in the pack and he’s got this long dark brown fur that’s s o soft but then his eyes are still the same as his human eyes, they’re still so bright and you can see the happiness in them when you pet him and you can just imagine the smile that would be on his face
  • Giant wolf but an even bigger puppy
  • You weren’t scared of him to begin with but any chance of a fear is long gone the minute you’re rubbing his belly and cooing at him and playing with his ears
  • So he’s the alpha of the pack right
  • Full moons are always something he needs to be there for bc he likes to make sure everything is going okay for everyone, no one needs any help controlling any urges, no one’s playing too roughly, the humans are safe, etc.
  • He would get a bit protective over you with the other wolves just bc he knows that sometimes they don’t realize their own strength
  • And while another wolf can take that too-rough bite and shake it off, a human can’t so joon does hover around you when he sees another wolf with you
  • He knows they would never intentionally hurt you but he also has that wolf side of him that’s just like gotta protect gotta protect gotta protect
  • But that’s nothing compared to if it was a serious threat
  • With the other wolves, it’s more of a warning growl here and there if they start playing too rough, it’s keeping an eye on them
  • But if it’s serious, that’s an entirely different story, if there’s one thing you never wanna do, it’s threaten an alpha or their love bc then you have the entire pack chasing you down and BTS has a hu g e pack, it’s the boys, their parents, their siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, family friends, it’s not a pack you wanna try to challenge
  • Regardless of whether it’s the alpha or not, they’re gonna defend their own but if it is the alpha, it’s like trying to poke a crocodile with a stick, they just get even more protective bc the alpha is like the glue of the pack, it’s up to Namjoon to keep everyone happy and healthy and make sure no one’s pissed off at each other for too long, he keeps everything running smoothly
  • So the last thing anyone wants is to see him upset bc they’re all v v grateful for him and appreciate him a lot so his love is gonna be protected, not only that, but you also have Namjoon that isn’t about to let that happen
  • He’s normally really humane despite being part wolf so if he’s growling (and it isn’t just a lil warning type of growl, like the one he gives the younger wolves when they bite at his ankles or bite down too hard) you know shit’s about to go down
  • As I’ve mentioned in the other posts, jealousy isn’t the same for a werewolf as it is with a human bc werewolves mate for life, once they love you, they love you, that’s it, there is no chance of them falling for someone else or cheating or even thinking about anyone else in that way
  • He does jealous but it’s in a “hey I want your attention” type of way so if you’re spending too much time with one of the other pack members, he’s gonna try to get you attention back on him, hugging you, giving your cheek a kiss or two, dances around you, anything like that
  • But if you were to get jealous, since you are human, he’s gotta laugh at the fact that you think anyone could even come close to taking him from you
  • “I’ve got my love, why would I wanna give that up for someone I don’t know??”
  • If you were genuinely upset over it, he would of course take it much more seriously and not giggle about it but if it was just a bit of light jealousy bc someone hit on him or was too touchy with him, he’s just gonna think you’re really cute
  • But he does take insecurities about being human more seriously
  • His father is human so he’s grown up hearing the stories of how it’d taken his father a while to get used to being a human in a pack of werewolves and how he used to wonder if his mother would’ve rather been with a werewolf bc they’d understand everything about being a werewolf that a human can’t fully understand
  • And you feel that same way bc you’ll never know what it really feels like on a full moon, you can’t relate to that side of him on a personal level, whereas another werewolf could, very easily
  • But he reassures you that he doesn’t care that you’re human, especially since he was raised with a human parent
  • He’s totally open for having a serious conversation about it, if that what it takes to make sure you know he really genuinely 100% doesn’t care that you aren’t a werewolf
  • “You know me a l o t better than any other werewolf ever could, I’m good with my words aren’t I?? I can just describe how it feels”
  • Werewolf!Namjoon as a boyfriend is just really cute, always up for cuddles and always okay with belly rubs

Liam as an alpha about to experience his first full moon and him being afraid that it messes with his control, all this Alpha power now, so he pleads Theo to chain him up during the full moon. Better safe than sorry, right? 

But Theo refuses, believing in Liam’s control, staying with him and talking to Liam the whole night but never once using the chains they brought along with them. Not even when Liam tells him he’s afraid of hurting Theo, Theo simply smiles and shakes his head. “You would never seriously harm me. Alpha or not, we’re past that.” And Liam asks him where he got this confidence from and Theo just shrugs. “You don’t believe in yourself at the moment, so I’m doing it for you.”

When the night is over Liam kept his control and the bond between the two boys is stronger than ever, turning them even more into the dynamic duo they became over the months prior. 

Reaper User Manual

Hello! Congratulations on purchasing your very own Reaper™ unit. This will be your manual on the care and maintenance of your unit. Take proper care of your Reaper™ unit and he will be a wonderful companion for all your needs.

What Comes in the Box:

-          1 Reaper™ Unit
-          2 Shotguns
-          1 Edgy Owl Mask (Unless you order the Pumpkin, Nevermore, Plague Doctor, El Blanco, and Mariachi skins. They will come with their respective masks. Blackwatch Reyes will come with a beanie that you put on his head.)

Customization: Reaper™ normally comes with a default skin, but you are able to customize the unit before or after you receive him. If you know what custom skin you would like ahead of time, you can put which skin you’d like in the customization box. If later you decide that you would like to change his skin, call a representative and they would gladly help you through the process. You do have to pay for shipping and handling if you want to customize after you receive your unit.

Skins available: Default, Blood, Midnight, Moss, Royal, Desert, Wight, Nevermore, Plague Doctor, El Blanco, Mariachi, Pumpkin (exclusive), and Blackwatch Reyes (exclusive).

Turning On Your Unit For the First Time: To turn on your Reaper™ unit for the first time, just take his Edgy Owl Mask and put it on his face. Be sure that before you turn on your unit to turn off his Shadow Step and Wraith Form abilities, also have his shot guns hidden away. He may glitch and try to use those abilities off the bat. Give your unit time to boot up and download any recent updates. You will know that he is done when he says, “Death comes.” When he is on the first time, introduce yourself as his master.

If he does not recognize you as his master and attempts to attack you, just knock off the mask and he will automatically turn off. Please do a reset by giving your unit a hug. He probably needs it. Try turning your unit on after half an hour, if this problem persists please call Customer Service and they will help you troubleshoot.

If Reaper™ recognizes you as his master, at this time you can download the Reaper™ app and connect via Bluetooth to your unit. The app allows you to make adjustments to his personality.

Custom Wake Up Sequence: After turning on your Reaper™ unit for the first time and connecting him to the app, you are able to set a custom wake up sequence for him. It will allow you to wake up your unit after it powers down for the night (i.e. a kiss on the cheek or squeezing his juicy thighs). Just turn on the app and find the Wake Up Sequence option in the settings. Then execute the actions on your Reaper™ unit and click Done. It will then register your actions and you can use that sequence to wake up your unit from then on.

Personalities: Reaper™ is able to be programmed with a set of personalities that will affect the way that he will behave. He already has some personalities pre-made, but there is a customization option for you to mix and match what you want.

-Default: Reaper’s™ Default personality tends to be on the more serious and brooding side. He also tends to be conceited, sadistic, and petty. So you’re in for a lot of work if you keep him in his Default personality. He has gone through a lot, so that’s how he turned out that way. Slowly get his trust and give him lots of hugs and compliments. He will eventually warm up to you and do all he can to protect you. Be sure he doesn’t murder, we are not liable for anybody he kills. He is your responsibility.

-Blackwatch Reyes: The Blackwatch Reyes personality can still be as serious as his Default personality, but he does have a silly side to him. He is really only serious when he is working or trying to protect you. Overall, he likes to sew and pull pranks every now and then. He also might try to take in a Deadlock McCree™ unit.

-Alpha/Omega: Reaper’s™ Alpha personality can be a little intense. He will get extra protective and he will be nearby at all times. He might try to scent you as often as he can, so that other units will stay away. Every few months he will get extra aggressive, because he is going through his rut. You can either switch his personality for his rut, or you can try your best to deal with it. His Omega personality will still be a little clingy, but he will not be as aggressive. He is pretty docile and affectionate. Every few months, he will start stealing soft things to make a nest and will start being clingier. It is him going through his heat, do not be alarmed if he humps your leg. To deal with his heat, just deal with him like you would his ruts in Alpha mode.

-Werewolf: His Werewolf personality is almost like his Alpha personality, but when a full moon is about to come, his personality will be about five times more intense. He will be protective, snippy, and horny. Do not be surprised if he transforms into a werewolf with the edges of his fur turning misty. He will be needy and requires extra attention. He will be very much a lap dog and will growl at anything and anyone that approaches you.

Maintenance: Your Reaper™ unit will normally try to act independent if you have his Default personality on, but he does need some attention, a hug every once and awhile will do. Also he has a bad habit of throwing down his shot guns when he’s done with them, so you might need to pick up after him or teach him to pick up after himself. We do not recommend the latter.

Interactions With Other Units:

-Soldier: 76: He might become a little murderous when he comes in contact with a Soldier:76™ unit, quickly try to get your unit out of the area and calm him down. Maybe introduce him to a Widowmaker™ unit, they will talk about some evil schemes, but as long as you keep an eye on him he will not do anything too bad. He might get snarky for awhile.

-Strike Commander Morrison: If he sees one of these units, he might become broody. He is still angry that Strike Commander Morrison™ gets more of the limelight than he does. Please try to encourage him about his achievements to cheer him up.

-Widowmaker: He normally feels indifferent to the Widowmaker™ unit, and only sees her as a co-worker of sorts. She is a good unit to use to diffuse a situation between him and Soldier:76 since she can talk to him about plans to destroy him. He will visibly be in a better mood.

-McCree: He is very much annoyed by the McCree™ unit, but underneath that annoyance he does care about him. Might throw a few insult McCree’s™ way, but will not do anything inherently violent.

-Deadlock McCree: If he runs into one of these units, he will react similarly to the regular McCree™ unit. But he will also try to take him into your own and straighten him up. Either buy your own Deadlock McCree™ unit or try to get him away from the unit before he takes him. It is rude to take other people’s units. You could even set up a play date if you’d like.


Q: Why is my Reaper™ unit clinging onto me so much? He whines every time that I try to leave for work or errands.
A: It sounds like you have Reaper’s™ Werewolf personality on. There is probably a full moon coming soon, so he is getting ready to transform and wants all of your attention. He is like a puppy and needs it. If you did not turn on his Werewolf personality on, you can switch it in the app. If that does not work, call Customer Service.

Q: My Reaper™ unit has kidnapped a young looking McCree™ unit, I don’t know what to do.
A: We suggest that you do a quick shutdown to bring the McCree™ unit back to his owner. From there you can either reset him or distract him to make him forget about the whole situation. Be sure to keep an eye on him from now on.

Q: My Reaper™ unit tried to kill me???
A: He probably does not recognize you as his master. Please do a reset and go through the turning on process again.

Disclaimer: Although Reaper™ is a product that we sell, anything that happens after he leaves our factory is not our responsibility. We will not be liable for any of his actions or anybody he kills. It is your job as the master to be sure that he is in tip top shape and to keep him out of trouble.

Hunger - chapter 26

Hunger master post

The full moon rises over the Preserve, and Derek closes his eyes at its silver light washes over him. There’s a pull to the moon, a compulsion to lift his face and bathe in her light, and Derek doesn’t fight it. It’s been so long since he gazed at the moon with his human eyes, but she still recognizes him. She still watches over him. Now more than ever, he thinks.

The moon led him to Stiles.

Derek glances across the clearing, to where Stiles is standing. His breath is hangs like mist on every exhale into the cold air. He’s wearing his hood pulled up, and he’s shifting his weight from foot too foot in anticipation. His eyes are bright.

John is standing beside him, watchful, but Derek can’t smell any fear coming off him.


The Stilinskis are pack. Derek knows it, and Peter knows it and, Derek suspects, both Stiles and John know it too. The instinct is there, even in humans.

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Pull Of The Moon

Pull Of The Moon

Hannibal lays in bed waiting for Will to get back from his last run of the evening with his dogs, propped up and reading in the low lamp light.
Pausing for a moment when he hears multiple sets of nails clicking across the Italian marble kitchen floors, a half smile curving his lips as he turns back the covers in preparation for his lovers return to their bedroom.
Just as Hannibal goes back to reading he hears the unmistakable sound of nails raking against the heavy wood panel of their bedroom door. Closing his book after marking his place, sliding on his slippers as he gets up to open it.
Once upon a time Hannibal had demanded that the dogs not be allowed in their chambers. Especially after he’d discovered several mauled ties that had been pulled down from the rack where they’d been placed.
But that was so long ago.
And Hannibal had finally relented to the younger man and allowed them to sleep in the room. But not on the bed. He still managed to find animal hair between the sheets, however.
Opening the door a crack at first to see if the entire group would be joining them, stepping back, surprised to see just one fur covered body in the hallway.
Opening the door further to allow the large chocolate colored beast into their room.
It walks by him without a sound, head hanging low.
Letting out a sigh as Hannibal closes the door back, making his way back to the bed.
Patting Will’s side as he picks his book back up.
The beast jumps up after a moment, laying its massive head in the cannibal’s lap. Rolling its eyes up and making a soft whimpering sound low in it’s throat.
Hannibal closes his book once again and stares down into those haunted blue eyes, murmuring softly.
“I know, Will. I’ll change when the moon is full. This does not mean you can’t still sleep in your bed.”
Will, as an Omega, was weaker than Hannibal and he couldn’t resist the pull of the moon as well as his Alpha.

Who’s the Alpha?

Owen Grady x reader

Sent in by: anon

The night was warm as any other nights, but you had always enjoyed every sound the night would bring - now it was making you paranoid. With every sound that would come from the trees that surrounded the raptor exhibit.

Even Zach, your brother, did not like to be outside anymore. You two had always found the night interesting, but after the events that had happened - you really wanted to lock yourself into a room. 

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Hunger - chapter 21

Hunger master post 

The wolf can hear three heartbeats outside the door. The wolf likes those odds. He has his alpha to lead him and his human pack mate by his side, and the two other humans as well. The two others are not pack, but also not enemies. The wolf is confused by them, but his alpha trusts them, and the wolf trusts his alpha.

The wolf is wearing his human skin now, but he is pushing away his human thoughts. They are waiting like the hunters behind the door, ready to burst in and try to overwhelm the wolf. It is easier, for now, to think in the wolf’s terms. His alpha is here. That is all the wolf needs to know. The human clambering in the back of the wolf’s mind is to be ignored for now. That human, Derek, that boy, who wants to hug Uncle Peter and cry and demand the answers to a hundred questions there is no time to answer. That boy who thought his uncle was dead along with the rest of them. That boy who thought he was the last surviving Hale. That boy retreated long ago and left the world to the wolf. And the wolf is ready to fight.

Beside him, his Stiles is armed with a piece of chain.

The wolf feels a growl begin to rumble in his chest. It is a sound that signifies a hundred different things: a warning to his boy to be careful, a warning to the hunters that his boy is deadly, a signal to his alpha that he and his boy have his back, a reminder to the moon that he knows she is watching him, and an acknowledgement that he will soon be tasting blood.

The wolf is proud of his boy right now. Stiles has been so small and so scared, but here at last is the anger he has honed to a sharp edge. Here at last are his teeth and claws. Here at last is his chance to fight. Here at last is the measure of him, and the wolf knows he will be magnificent. Stiles has the heart of a wolf.

The heart, yes.

Not the muscle though.

The wolf won’t only be guarding his alpha’s back out there.

His boy catches his eye and nods.

The door bursts open.

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A companion piece for my Omega!Bones piece:

Alpha!Jim feeling the constant need to fight or fuck or just prove something finally begin to fade as he steps onto the transporter. He then feels a rush of heat and chill when a whiskey reeking omega sits next to him and threatens to throw up on him.

Alpha!Jim biting down a growl when the angry omega storms into his their dorm, setting down rules and getting his scent everywhere. Jim swears he only nods silently because the scent of whiskey has disappeared and the man’s smell is so sweet.

Alpha!Jim being unsettled and on edge so he cooks and cleans and studies and everything else until Bones finally staggers home from his too long shift. He’s both soothed and electrified when the exhausted omega nuzzles him sweetly with a tired Thanks.

Alpha!Jim almost running himself into the ground to achieve perfection in all of his courses, restless and unsettled. He only stops when the fed up omega lifts up his blanket, whines about being cold, and Jim feels compelled to fix that problem immediately with his body heat; he falls asleep instantly.

Alpha!Jim acing all his courses and feeling on top of the world until Bones tells him that he’s joining him in space. Then he feels over the moon.

Alpha!Jim storming or sulking or shaking on his way to Medbay; the nurses don’t even make note of the captain’s presence any more. Sometimes he just walks in, inhales, and then calmly walks back out; they don’t even need to look up from their work.

Alpha!Jim being overheated and worked up from only the smallest whiff of Bones’ pheromones. His eyes go bright and intensely focused, and other alphas avoid looking him in the eyes directly, softening their shoulders to not postulate challenge.

Alpha!Jim knowing that Bones is in heat before the scent in Medbay even reaches him, before he senses every other tense and wired alpha on the starship itching to make a claim. Jim melting and igniting at Leonard’s pleading words, only for him, panting back Yes, omega,  always.

Omega!Bones being spent and satisfied and content, lying in the arms of the alpha as he finally begins to cool from his heat. The omega whispers softly, fondly, It was always you, kid. ’Course I was too stubborn to let anything short of a poorly timed heat bring us together.

Alpha!Jim on one knee in their shared quarters, watching his beautiful, rather upset omega become flustered and flushed and nod furiously as he failed at words. Jim laughing warmly, euphorically as he slipped the ring on Bones’ finger and the man finally managed, I may throw up on you.

Jason McCann Werewolf Imagine Part 3

Part 2:

You watched eagerly out your window waiting for your mate to arrive “Silver we have a pack meeting, come.” Your father spoke startling you slightly, you hadn’t told him about Jason yet because you knew he would over react. You turned back to the window biting your lips nervously, it was now or never “Dad I found my mate.” You blurted out before you could stop yourself, his whole body froze.

“Who?” His tone was dangerously low, you could tell the alpha in him was taking control “Dad before you say anything you should know that I don’t want to marry Alpha Morgan’s son, now that I found my mate all of that has changed.” You spoke confidently, watching as his eyes flashed with anger.

“I asked who Silver.” He growled lowly, you drew in a breath before looking back into his dark eyes “Jason McCann, Alpha to the Black Moon pack.” Your words came out slow, a feeling shot through you and you knew Jason was nearby, your wolf began to whimper and pace in excitement.

Before your father could speak the door swung open revealing Beta Luke, he bowed in acknowledgment before speaking “I have Jason McCann in your office sir, he said it was very important business and wishes to speak to you and Silver immediately.” Your heart soared at hearing your mates name, without a word you hurried out of the room and down the hallway to your father’s office where there indeed stood your mate.

“Good morning love.” He smiled opening his arms, without hesitation you flung yourself into them and wrapped your own around his tall toned figure “I missed you.” You muttered against his shirt, he chuckled placing a kiss on the top of your head “And I missed you.”

Your father walked in making Jason’s arms detach from you, he bowed respectfully towards your father who surprisingly did the same “Jason, I assume you are here to take her away from me?” He spoke walking over to the liquor cabinet where he poured himself a glass of aged whiskey as well as one for Jason.

“I am here to take my mate home to be Luna to my pack as she belongs sir, with this I plan to make a strong alliance between our packs.” You smiled at Jason’s words, you could tell he spoke with pride in calling you his mate and that made both you and your wolf happy.

The two talked for a while and your father finally agreed to give you away to Jason with the promise of a never broken alliance and waiting to complete the mating process until after your wedding. You smiled looking back at your house standing beside Jason “I can’t believe I found you.” You murmured leaning into his side, his arm wrapped around you pulling you closer into him “I knew I’d find my mate but never did I expect her to be so beautiful, confident and loving, everything one craves for in a mate.” He spoke pressing a soft kiss to your lips.

“Now that you’re mine I refuse to ever let you go.”

Do you guys want more parts?


obsessedbybucky  asked:

I AM CURRENTLY DYING FROM JACKSON-STILES BROTP FEELS AAAAARG could you pretty please awesome people update the tag? xxxx

better call an amberlamp

Eye of the Storm by MsEmli (Cever09) (½ | 2,944 | PG13)

Stiles is thinking back on Season 5a, and all changes in his life. This includes his new relationship with Derek Hale, and his strange and weird (long-distance) friendship with Jackson Whittemore.

Part of a storm by JayKnowsya (9/12 | 28,096 | NR)

Stiles comes home from college, to find that her best friend Scott has been bitten, now she has to figure out how to control his wolf, before the full moon, and before the alpha makes him apart of his pack.

Emperor’s New Clothes by A_Hero_In_Disguise (6/? | 10,553 | NR)

Sixteen years ago, a demon known only as ‘The Emperor’, the cruelest and vilest demon ever to live, was cast out of Hell by Lucifer himself and into a human form.
Now, going by the name Stiles Stilinski, he is desperate to keep his past as a demon a secret. But when a rumor arises in the supernatural community that The Emperor is residing in Beacon Hill’s, that may prove more difficult that it sounds.

anonymous asked:

how many werewolves does it take to change a lightbulb?

it depends on when because werewolves are human except when there’s a full moon, so you have to take that into account. there’s different kinds of werewolves too… sometimes a werewolf’s final wolf form is a regulo wolf and regulo wolfs can’t change lightbulbs cuz they have paws and not hands. 

if it’s not during a full moon, then we’re basically asking how many humans does it take to change a lightbulb, because werewolves are basically humans with some advanced senses like super smell, but super smell doesn’t help with changin a light bulb. if the bulb is somehow made of silver then that changes things too, since werewovles are allergic to silver. i guess the werewolf in human form would have to wear gloves and you can get those super cheap off amazon so really its no big

if they’re changing the bulb during the full moon, then really it depends on if the alpha is in the room. most werewolves succumb to sexy blood lust and can’t control themselves during the full moon, but the alpha has the will to keep his human mind and also he can bring the other werewolves in line. so it depends… if there’s no alpha in the room but there’s a couple of werewolves then they’ll fight it out to see who the alpha is, and then the alpha will probably make one of them change the bulb. 

UNLESS all the werewovles turn into big wolves with paws, in which case they got night vision so they don’t care about lightbulbs

good question!

The Kitsune: Danny Mahealani

If we knew that Danny was the Kitsune from the start, all the season’s would be ruined really. When Danny started showing a romantic interest in Matt, we would have known he was the ‘bad’ character, it would have made sense. His friendship with Jackson would make sense. “Everyone likes Danny.” Would make sense. People getting their Karma would make sense. EVERYTHING WOULD MAKE SENSE! But thank goodness it has only been found out now, we look back at those moments and smile.
Thank goodness Danny has changed Ethan. For now we know how.

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anonymous asked:

I just a post you made on the Dethan tag and the fact you tagged it 'the Alpha and his moon' just...just gave me powerful feels

thanks! That’s my ship tag for Danny/Ethan :D i like to be as creative as possible with my ship tags hahha.

I remembered that Mahealani is a Hawaiian name meaning Heavenly Moonlight or Full Moon, something to do with the moon. [name meaning sites’ answers vary]

so. The Alpha and his Moon seemed very fitting.

Stranded (2)

Part (1)

While the first day had passed by quickly with the aid of banter, grousing, and general bickering…

The second day had so far been spent in near silence.

It was odd, but although America preferred to have noise and sound and to bother the other nation ceaselessly, if only for his own amusement, he much rather the man be honest about his nature than put up a front as a beta. And, really, now that England’s secret had been revealed, America wasn’t exactly sure what to say to him.

It felt like being re-introduced and wanting to make a good impression, as silly as that seemed, because for all the years they’d known each other, America had never had the urge to prove his abilities as an alpha and now, suddenly, he did.

And, moreover, after a day of walking in the heat followed by a night spent in the cold, everything punctuated by a lack of food and limited water…

England was beginning to get sick.

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It was over.

The night of the Super moon had been the worst since he’d lived in Beacon and it was finally over. He’d held his friend in his arms as she died, he’d believed and allowed himself to be manipulated by a psychopath and worst of all he nearly killed his Alpha, his brother; Scott.

The day following the Super moon Liam stuck to the forest, not wanting to go home. He wanted to go to Scott’s house, apologize, beg for forgiveness; even sitting outside in the forest and staring up at the house. Trying to gather the strength to go in.

But he couldn’t. Before long he headed back into the woods, his red hoodie pulled up over his head as he walked through the forest. He’d told his parents that he’d be at Mason’s for the weekend. Now that Mason knew, he’d cover for him.

Liam kept walking until he heard the crack of thunder. “Fucking…perfect…” he muttered, sighing as he kept walking until he reached Stiles’s house.  

He was unsure if Stiles wanted to talk, or even see him. But he had to talk to someone, and if anyone could help him right now; I’d be his brother. He walked over to the door and knocked a few times, hoping it wasn’t drowned out by the roar of the thunder.