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is it worth buying new furniture or getting second hand furniture?

If you’re a broke twenty something like I am, money is tight and new furniture isn’t something that fits into my budget at all. My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to receive lots of furniture from our families. His grandmother actually moved into a nursing home right before we moved into our apartment, so we got all her side tables, glasses, and her pull-out couch. Also an assortment of truly hideous lamps.

My advice to you is to take all the second hand furniture you can get. Ask your family members if they have any lamps, tables, chairs, or dishware that they aren’t using. I promise you that every single member of your extended family has something in their home that they’ve been waiting for the opportunity to get rid of. Also check out yard sales, if you tell the little old lady who is running the yard sale that you are about to move out of your parent’s house and live on your own for the first time, she might give you a deal. I got an entire glass set for free this way. Really talk yourself up!

I know that used furniture doesn’t match and isn’t always sleek looking in your new home. But having old furniture is better than having no furniture at all. You can always throw out anything that doesn’t work in your apartment, or that you later realize is too old to properly function. I throw out used furniture as I have the money to upgrade to new furniture. My downstairs neighbors recently moved out, and they gave us their nice looking IKEA table. This was great, because it meant that we were finally able to get rid of the horrible claw-footed split table that my aunt gave us three years ago. Just leave your old furniture by (not inside) your dumpster.

Remember to wash your “new” used furniture with soapy water several times to properly clean it. Be mindful if you’re buying anything fabric like a couch or a stuffed chair, these need to be cleaned thoroughly as well.

That said, there are some things that you should absolutely never buy used. Never EVER buy a used bed or mattress. You are just asking for a whole world of trouble right there.

Buy Used

  • Dishwasher (plates, cups, silverware)
  • Pots and pans
  • Lamps
  • Couches (if you are comfortable with cleaning a used couch, it’ll save you serious $$)
  • Chairs of all sorts (dining room chairs, stuffed chairs, lounging chairs)
  • Tables (end tables, coffee tables, and dining room tables)
  • Microwaves/coffee pots (but always check to make sure they work first)

Buy New

  • Anything bed related (mattress, bed frame, sheets, etc)
  • Vacuums (they’re pricey but they’re worth it)
  • Standing fans or heaters
  • Computers
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Hello everyone, it is friday and I would like to share this small section of a drawing that contains a friendly bee who is sunbathing

thank you xox