the almost dad

So, I dunno if they’ve added some dialogue or I triggered something specific to a rattataki agent, but I just got this (new to me) story from Kaliyo when I asked her about almost getting stoned:

My dad was from a “cursed family,” which is basically tribal propaganda for “we want your land.” Some great grandfather of mine was a warlord. Conquer a few tribes and you’re “Cannibal-demon of the Summit.”

(taking the choice “How did your father and the others handle it?)

Kept their pride, hid the loot. Not that I got anything, or I might’ve stuck around. I hitched a ride on a spice trafficker’s ship. Figured the big, civilized galaxy would have a place for me.


Sometimes a Family is One Daughter and Her Eight Dads

“You told me not to make a big deal but you seem to have forgotten that my entire mission in life is to make a big deal out of your accomplishments. So consider this your graduation party. Surprise!”

“Dad, everyone’s here!”

“Well yeah, everyone wanted to come and support you.”

“Is that… a mac and cheese… bar?”

“Sure is. Fully customizable, down to the type of mac. And there’s an ice cream cake. The good kind with the crunchies in the middle.”

“I… don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything. Just go have fun with your pals, alright? I’m so proud of you, Amanda.”


when your boss forbids you from fighting with the agency but you meet your archenemy


he watched 4 youtube tutorials for this

(the truth behind Shiro’s s3 bad haircut)

People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted

Stranger Things 2 SPOILERS AHEAD

We asked for Hopper to be Elevens dad, and we got it.
We asked for Jancy to finally get together, and we got it.
We asked to meet one of the other numbered lab hostage kids, and we got it.
We asked for a snow ball, and we got it.
We asked for a heartwarming adorable Mileven reunion, and we got it.
We asked for Steve Harrington: Adventures in Babysitting, and we even got that!
We didn’t even ask for some crazy drunk conspiracy theorist to annoy Jancy into hooking up, but honestly I couldn’t have asked for it any differently!
And plus that breakfast scene ‘Pullout’?!
I have loved every minute of season two, and now I am back to being empty, and waiting for season 3.
I should have spread this season out better. I have no self control.

okay but tbh lgbt etc people are more likely to come out in moving vehicles (i would know) so like… trans percy coming out to sally on one of the car rides to their special place, that beach where she met poseidon.

its fugliano’s shitty car and percy hates it, of course, but his mom is there and its so easy to forget all the bad things in their life when its just him and his mom. theyre talking, just catching up because hes been at school, and he says, suddenly, “mom, can you ask you something weird?” and she nods her consent.

percy asks “if i was a boy, what would you have named me?”

its a pretty standard question, lots of kids ask it, so she doesnt think anything of it. she thinks for a long time about it, going through the names she considered before the sex reveal, trying to decide, but then says “perseus” and he hears the name and he loves it so much. he asks her why and she explains, tells the story of perseus the hero, the tale of the hero that survived. when the story finishes, all thats left is the sound of the tires on the road, the wind rushing around them from speed. its a comfortable silence, mostly, but percy is fighting to find resolve and sally can kind of tell.

suddenly, he asks, in a voice so quiet she can barely hear him, “will you call me perseus?” and his voice still breaks and it surprises him more than it surprises sally somehow, who looks over with wide eyes before looking back at the road. she agrees, no matter what, but she asks why. he tries to explain, but he doesnt have the vocabulary beyond “because im a boy.” she agrees again, says yes, of course, anything for my baby boy, and then suddenly percy is crying and hard too.

percy’s tears startle a wet laugh out of her and her voice is thick when she says “oh baby no, no crying, we’re okay, i love you” and percy cant find the voice to tell her thats hes just so fuckin happy so he just smiles as big as he can, laughing too.

im just. really emotional rn

Who put the glad in gladiator? SPACE DADDYYYYYY.
Whose daring deeds are sure to save ya? SPACE DADDYYYY.
Might be cloned, but no one’s braver 
Is he sweet? Our favorite flavor!

I know I wasn’t the only one thinking this when they said “Shiro the Hero”