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Things Men Who Want To Support Feminism Need To Do:
  • stop watching porn
  • stop using slurs against women
  • speak out against these things
  • refuse to laugh at sexist jokes, even when no women around
  • stop telling sexist jokes, even when no women around
  • talk about women you admire (for non-sexual reasons) to other men
  • refuse to participate in “rating” women
  • vote for representatives who will make women’s rights a priority
  • when you see a woman being ignored or spoken over, say, “I think she had something to say, and I would like to hear it.”
  • give women credit for our ideas and accomplishments, make sure to voice appreciation for women’s contributions often taken for granted
  • stop asking women to do menial things you can do for yourself–example, Terry Crews got himself a purse because he realized he was always asking his wife to hold things for him
  • if you are straight or bi, educate yourself on the female body. read the Vagina Monologues, etc..
  • consume media with female main characters, normalize the idea of relating to and empathizing with women’s experiences

The Canadians

Shock troops.

Canada automatically joined Britain when war was declared on Germany in August 1914. The Dominion’s government, however, was free to choose its level of involvement. Following Britain’s lead, Canada declared war as well and created the Canadian Expeditionary Force to send over to France as soon as possible. Canada only had a small standing force and not much history participating in Britain’s overseas wars. Nevertheless, thousands of Canadians immediately volunteered.

Five Canadian divisions were raised between 1914 and January 1917, but the first ones missed the bloodshed of 1914, arriving in Britain in early 1915 before heading to France. However, they had the dubious honor of being among the first Allied units to experience a gas attack, when the 1st Canadian Division was sent to fill a breach in the line at the Second Battle of Ypres in April 1915. Fighting with urine-soaked flannel over their mouths as their only protection, the Canadians established a reputation as tough and reliable troops who could be trusted to plug a gap in the line or lead an assault.

In the early 1900s Canada retained very close imperial ties to Britain. in fact, more than half the men in the CEF were British-born immigrants, and over three fourths of the first contingents to arrive in France had been British-born. Whereas English Canadians resolutely supported the war, however, French Canadians felt more lukewarm about a conflict they felt was mostly being fought for the British Empire. Tensions between the English and French Canadian communities remained long past 1918, when widespread rioting broke out in Quebec after the arrest of a French Canadian who refused to be conscripted. 

Canadian soldiers with their finicky but deadly Ross rifles.

Canadian soldiers wore British uniforms, but first arrived in France with a unique Ross Mark III rifle. Although the Ross was exceptionally accurate, it was too sophisicated and finicky for the muddy trenches, and by the Battle of the Somme all Canadian soldiers had been armed with the Lee Enfield SMLE, although a few Canadian and British snipers held on to their Rosses.

Canada did not need to impose conscription until August 1917, over a year after Britain. By then Canada was having a hard time replenishing units which had taken a bad mauling at the Somme and then again in April 1917 at Vimy Ridge. The battle at Vimy remains etched into Canadian national conscious, similar to Gallipoli in Australian memory. Canadian soldiers succeeded in taking Vimy Ridge in one day, against incredibly strong German opposition that had resisted every Allied attack since 1914. Beforehand many had believed it to be impermeable. The fall of Vimy in one day was one of the war’s most remarkable feats.

Perhaps an even greater achievement, however was Canada’s role in the Hundred Day’s Offensive in the summer of 1918, when Canadian soldiers breached the defenses of the German Hindenburg Line. The successful achievements, as well as the sacrifices, of Canadian troops during World War One helped establish a sense of Canadian nationhood when the CEF returned after the war.

Canadian soldiers arrive home in Toronto, 1919.


ok for y'all interested, here was my take on the game. So me and my friend got there around the middle of the first half of the germany vs. england game. It was pretty chill and people were starting to file in. The crowd went wild when germany scored. When the game ended, Tony duggan from england saw a sign for her and went over to take some pics. A lot of the german players were cooling down in front of us so we moved one row up to try and get pics. They were super nice and so many of their players stayed and signed almost everything that everyone on my side had. Alex Popp was super cute and so nice and took pics with us. She also gave away her cleats to fans. I saw the german goal keeper did the same with her gloves. Marozsan (german captain) stayed the longest and signed pretty much everything. She was talking to some of the girls next to us with Germany jerseys on and was really appreciative of us. The gals finally came out to warm up and were super pumped. I saw allie and pughs hand shake in real time so that was amazing. Wish i recored that. Tobin and christen were shooting on goal together and they were on fire. Alyssa was warming up so well and ash kept patting her and giving her thumbs up. The game started and the crowd was pretty interactive. Halfway thru the first half the subs came to keep warm a few feet from me. Everyone kept yelling for julie and then we started chanting her name and she looked so cute and bashful and smiled. Ali and ash were attached at the hip the whole game. They warmed up together, would turn and talk about the game, and then warm up together again. During pregame/national anthem ali moved to stand by ash and then she was talking to kelley after and moved all the way down the bench to sit with ash. Too cute. after half time everyone was definitely frustrated with the game. Everyone was praising alyssa so that was super sweet. You could tell the team was getting frustrated, ali and ash were warming up in front of me when the 3rd goal went in and ash just shook her head and turned away and ali game a closed lip upset/disappointed look to the stands. After that they walked back to the bench. After the game, the girls stood around during the ceremony and looked so sad. It hurt my heart. after that, kelley left right away (probs bc of her injury), and so did jill (which she better have because so many people had some stuff to say to her…) and then the girls started signing stuff. Press came our way but didn’t sign muted. She looked like a sad puppy which made me so sad. She didn’t say a word to any of the fans. Carli looked pissed (understandably) but came over and took pics and signed stuff and was a great sport. Moe came our way and was super sweet and smiley and appreciative of the fans. Lynn also came to us and signed everything given to her. She was super sweet and was chatting with some of the littler girls beside us. Ali stayed the longest (I’m guessing cuz DC) and she signed so much. She came our way but turned which made me a little sad, but i was appreciative that she stayed so long for everyone. She was very smiley and was deff being a great sport also. Becky i think did some media so she was the last to leave the field but she was waving and thanking everyone, true hero. Although it wasn’t a great game, i can say it was a great experience. Ps allie long was so funny all game she is deff one of my faves. She looked like she was being so interactive with fans

In my experience tryhard allies don’t like actually arguing with poc that disagree with them and they think they’re doing some favor by adopting a stance of quietism even if they’re being explicitly confronted when it fact it comes off more as dehumanizing

Things only Harmonizers understand:

(Little harmonizer experiment, mark every sentence you know or understand, and reblog)

“Have you ever seen the Impossible become possible?”

“I helped putting them together”

“Lauren’s mine”


“my boyfriend”

“Ally, is not a wedding”

Biggie and Smallz


Harmonize America

Cheechee and Chancho



Thug Harmony


Lern Jergi

China and walz

The Grammar Queen


Fifth Unison


Sixth harmony?

“Bah Felicia”

“Fucking idiots. That’s bullshit”

“We ended up showering together”

the golden fish rap


Cake (No more cake for you)

“hey mama you got a nice ass”


Waffle House

Dancing Like a White Girl


“You smell like spaghetti”

“I tried salmon!”


4th harmony……

“Pero like”

“I’m the father”

“I thought you said balls”

the impersonation of shakira

“but really she wants camila”

the tounge trick

Over and Tellin’ me

Butterfly queen 1 and butterfly queen2

“Very separatly single”

Cool rocker girlfriend

No album era

*Accidentally blocks harry styles*


What happened in the elevator?

The spatula 

Big Rob’s tackle

the Camwich

VMA’s 2014

“I’ve never heard any of you snore andI’ve slept with all of you…” 

Baljeet and *noises*

Forehead mole

Captain chelsea and Captain Dinah

sledgehammer’s laurinah dance

“Girls can do themselves”

Planet green eyes


(comment in the tags if i missed any you think is worth remembering)

I’m critiquing my classmates’ work again and I might cry just bc I’m so sick of short stories that change verb tense every other paragraph.

I’m trying so hard to be nice and considerate but it’s really fucking difficult to enjoy someone’s writing when I’m confused or distracted by these errors.


This literally made me sick. Fucking terrible how people can be so disrespectful, so violent. Please watch this, spread this around and educate your friends, family and anyone who just doesn’t know for a better tomorrow.  The result is a heart wrenching technicolor spectacle that raises questions about gender stereotypes, mob mentality, and violence in America. 

Please share this.

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hi ally! do you have any tips on building an audience for ur art? i just started posting art on tumblr as of last year and it seems really hard for it to get out there. i thought id ask you since i love your art and youre so friendly ;w; thank you!!!!

to me it’s the key is the creativity/originality in your content. (personal opinion!) artists with a great style can stand out, but artists with engaging content (like comics, AUs, comedy gags) are very memorable and people will follow you to keep being updated on such things!

in general, things us fans can’t get in canon?

it’s also fun to keep track on trending memes and videos that you can make use of to parody/refer to to create virality!

lastly, build up on your character! let people know that you’re hospitable and open for conversation, possibly flaunt your sense of humour? ramble your thoughts about the newest episode?

be honest & relatable and reach out to befriend fellow content producers to support each other & build friendships! (Twitter is the best platform for this to happen)

Watch on

Kat Blaque’s Dear Arielle Scarcella: Please Stop

Let me explain something really quickly, I have no interest in watching any more of Arielle Scarcella’s videos because I was personally v offended by another pair of her videos What Lesbians Think of Bisexuals and the accompanying Bisexuals Respond to “What lesbians think of Bisexuals.”  The fact was it was triggering for me on two levels, one because it was just like all the other microaggressions I’ve been subjected to in my life about being bisexual and two because the bisexuals featured in the second vid had prioritized the feelings of lesbians over their own feelings (hi hello that’s fucking gross to watch bi phobia internalized like that, I’m still trying to rid myself of lots of that crap). Fast forward to a few nights ago when my friend messaged me about Arielle Scarcella’s vid (on girlfriends tv), “Would you sleep with a lesbian with a penis?

The reason I don’t recommend watching Arielle Scarcella’s video is because she is a v popular youtuber with over 300k subscribers on her personal channel alone, plus 100k subscribers on Girlfriends tv.  Its basically a numbers game and you are giving her money to be transphobic.  Whereas watching Kat Blaque’s video will give you the perspective from a trans woman on how offensive Arielle’s video was and how it could have been easily fixed.

Finally, I wish I had the guts to make youtube videos, (I’m just too shy, I’ve tried making them before and it was a disaster) because I was so offended by Arielle’s videos. I feel like Kat Blaque has the guts I always lacked in both speaking out against a popular youtuber and just being so open about her personal life. But the moral of the story is that cis white monosexuals like Arielle never consider how much privilege they have and how intimidating it can be to confront or disagree with someone as popular as them. Arielle has a habit of attracting people who agree with her and only featuring them and always prioritizing her feelings (her privileged feelings I might add) over those of other marginalized groups. That isn’t how intersectional feminism works.  I really want you all to understand how much bigotry is rewarded on Youtube (Tyler Oakley is racist, Nash Grier is homophobic, Laci Green is transphobic), especially if you’re a white cis monosexual. So just to recap, don’t bother watching Arielle unless you really want to support her, when you could support Kat instead. 

Reminder this is their subscriber counts:

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Its homophobic of you to say that the "LGs" somehow have it less bad than the "BTQIAP". For example monosexual privilege is not real. Lesbians and gay men are just as likely to be killed, assaulted, etc walking out in public with a partner as a bi person. An attacker wouldn't ask "hey are you bi or gay" before attacking. They can get fired or denied housing for their sexuality as much as a bi person too. I am on your side with regards to the latest drama but please think more about what you say

I apologise - you are correct. I was trying to illustrate how it differs in that the BTQIAP are often ignored by those who purport to be allies and thereby experience another kind of discrimination than simply homophobia, transphobia or queerphobia, not that any one kind of discrimination is worse - as I said its not a competition, but clearly my phrasing was off. I’d edit to correct it but I am on my tablet right now and it is not great at that so I think I shall leave it up as an example that I am very much fallible. Thank you for pointing out where my phrasing fucked up Nonny. I’ll do my best not to mess up like that again.

@humansofbroadway: “Even though our show was a limited run, I don’t think that casting people with disabilities will just be a trend that passes, because I see that we’re all starting to make our own work. Ali Stroker in our show is exposing me to more opportunities for her community, and at the same time she is becoming exposed to more opportunities for the deaf community. Its starting to become more of an allied experience, rather than people in wheelchairs fighting for only people in wheelchairs and deaf people fighting for only deaf people. It feels to me like the disabled communities are beginning to support each other. In 2016 people will start seeing our work, and we will be heard, we will be seen, and people can either keep lying to themselves or they can start actually casting us. Social media is so big right now, and we’re learning how to use it to our advantage. Our followings are just going to keep growing and people won’t have that lack of knowledge as an excuse anymore. There is a show ON Broadway with deaf actors and ASL incorporated and everyone can see it. I used to work with a woman whose goal was to convince all parents of deaf children to learn how to sign. She wanted them to realize that it’s not all about teaching their kids to speak, that they should have two languages to work with. We would go and talk to parents who would refuse to learn to sign. They were obsessed with the fact that they wanted their kids to speak. We had angry fights and deep, intense discussions with people who just were not willing. But now that this show is on Broadway, I see people who leave the show and they’re ready to learn, they’re ready to go take an ASL class. I’ve gotten emails saying ‘my cousin is deaf and I’ve realized that I’ve never talked to her this whole time. She’s depressed and I don’t want her to end up like Moritz.’ It’s just so beautiful to me because I realized I don’t have to be angry, I don’t have to tell people that they’re hurting their children. They just come see the show, I tell them a story, and then they learn and move on. Even after our run ends this impact that we’re having will last and will start to affect change.”- @joshdramanerd Ernst in @springbway

No ones saying white Americans don’t have privilege. They’re saying that you shouldn’t just say “American PoC” gain privilege from being American because that is an ahistorical claim that reduces the collective history of people of color in this country.

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Examine! Ally?

Send “Examine!” and an item or person and I’ll write an RPG description of it/them.


This child has weird hair, and according to their files, possibly part alien. Ally is weird, but so is Medic, so there isn’t much room to talk. Medic wants to experiment on Ally, just as he wants to do for every member of his team. Once made a joke about Medic having a blood-play kink, which is not true at all, according to Medic.

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Hi. Once LS is gone, what do you think will happen to BwB?

Hey! <3

I think Lady Stoneheart will die, someone will “kill” (she’s already dead though) her. Once she’s “dead”, the Brotherhood Without Banners will be in need of leadership as I think they’ve proven that they need guidance. 

Now I have speculated about Arya and how she’s going to return to Westeros/what she’s going to do to impact the war with the Others and the climax of the series multiple times. The problem is Arya can go in so many different directions because she’s just such a wild card as a character. She’s amassing all these skills, allies, knowledge, and experiences, which we know will do something, but what?

There’s the Hardhome theory, which has merit. Arya meeting up with Dany makes some sense, too.

But I will admit that the theory/speculation I always return to is Arya returning to the Riverlands- which is why I brought her up here. People don’t seem to realize that even including the Mercy chapter, Arya has had more chapters with the Brotherhood Without Banners than the Faceless Men. They were a huge part of her character arc and not one to be taken lightly.

What connects Arya to Westeros and her old life? Her family and her bond to Nymeria primarily.

And who is actually looking for Arya still? Brienne, the Brotherhood Without Banners, and the Wall/Ramsay plot.

Looking at it, it seems like the Riverlands makes sense.

  • The BWB are there. They are introduced to us through Arya, she has close bonds with a few, and is held with affection by others. Besides, they have been searching for her for a while as we have been reminded over and over. It makes sense that Arya will meet up with them again. There’s no other reason I can see that will make them get involved in what’s to come otherwise. They definitely are not fans of Jaime or Brienne, the other POVs that they have dealings (or future dealings) with.
  • There are only so many ports that Arya can enter into Westeros from. The Saltpans seems logical compared with other options. And since it was the way she left, it makes sense that it would be the way she gets back. 
  • Nymeria. Full stop. Nymeria isn’t leaving the Riverlands. She has been there for five straight books. And now she has the pack to consider. Even for Arya, I can’t see Nymeria leaving the place she’s been so long without reason. I think Arya’s going to have to pick her up to be honest. The pack, too. I feel like it must have some significance (see here,) since it has been so heavily referenced. It’s one of the chekov’s guns waiting to go off. Nymeria’s in the Riverlands, Arya’s definitely reuniting with her, I think she’s going to have to go to her though- after all, she’s the one who against her will drove her away. There’s definitely hints that Nymeria was chasing after Arya in ASoS though,
  • Brienne’s there and not looking like she can leave any time soon (what with the BWB.) She’s looking for Arya, too. 
  • Arya continues to feel connected with the Riverlands even in the House of Black and White. She even thinks about how it’s snowing there. She sees it through Nymeria’s eyes.

There are a few minor reasons why as well, but those are the big ones. 

It isn’t impossible that Arya will be the one to “kill” Lady Stoneheart. She was the one who found Catelyn’s body in the river and alerted the BWB through Nymeria. She tried to save Cat and was miserable over the guilt of being unable to even though she was at the Red Wedding. Moreover, Lord Beric promised to reunite Arya with her mother, which is at least part of the reason why he gave her back her life.

Also, so much involving LS we see through Arya- Arya as Nymeria saves her body, Arya’s former companions the BWB are the people she travels with, we have the whole “wolf with a fish in it’s mouth”, “can you bring back a man without a head?”, and “you should have saved my mother” stuff just waiting to play out completely. Arya fixates on Catelyn’s death way more than Robb’s too. This could be why.

The point is that Lady Stoneheart (less so than Catelyn herself in a lot of respects) is tied to Arya’s storyline.

Then there’s the fact that around the time of LS and the Red Wedding, Arya was taught the “gift of mercy” by Sandor. That definitely seemed to be building somewhere, but when it came up (i.e. when Sandor was dying and asked for mercy,) Arya didn’t do it. The whole concept of the “gift of mercy” that Sandor tried to instill in Arya hasn’t really played out yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes to play with LS. 

It would be a mercy to put Lady Stoneheart to rest. She’s become unrecognizable from her former self and is a tormented figure to the extreme. The idea of the “gift of mercy” returning when Arya sees Lady Stoneheart and gives it to her makes sense.

Not to mention how symbolic it would be. A lot of fandom mischaracterize Arya as a revenge-obsessed when she really isn’t. She’s not searching people out to kill. The only time she’s consciously taken revenge (in the chapter entitled “Mercy” no less) was when the guy stumbled onto her. It’s not her focus or priority and her list functions as a coping mechanism first and foremost. More so, she doesn’t ever extract justice on bystanders, innocents, or people considered guilty by association (i.e. why she doesn’t kill Raff’s companion, a Lannister man, because to her he’s done no harm just because he’s a Lannister man and Raff’s companion in “Mercy”.)  She’d never harm anyone who she doesn’t know is bad- which is why she watches her assassination target for days to determine that he’s “evil” first.

But Lady Stoneheart (and by extension the BWB as a whole) subvert that so hard. Everyone at all associated is guilty- right down to people like Pod, who’s a kid- and deserves to hang. All they care about is vengeance, they’re not even really taking care of the smallfolk anymore because of it. They’ve become a part of the problem they were fighting.

So it’d be symbolic of Arya saying no to blind vengeance as well. And it’d be a way of correcting and focusing the path that the BWB have fallen off of since Beric’s death. 

I could see Arya leading the BWB (who are definitely going to have some big part to play regardless) to the Wall/battle with the Others, along with the giant pack of wolves that are just waiting to be utilized.

“You know, I don’t like to give things away.” says Martin, a grin spreading across his face. “But you don’t hang a giant wolf pack on the wall unless you intend to use it." (x)

So that’s my theory on what’s going to become of Lady Stoneheart/BWB.