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K-2SO proved to be a particularly loyal ally to young Cassian Andor when their mission on Maridun went awry. The two had been on a supply run when they were ambushed by Imperial troops who had somehow breached Alliance intelligence and discovered the drop point. A firefight broke out and Cassian was badly wounded leaving only the droid to get them to safety. Within hours K-2SO arrived on base with a stolen ship, as well as the supplies, and got Cassian immediate medical attention. He refused to leave the teen’s side throughout.


                                Game of Thrones blooper reel 

I’m so excited for next season just because we’re gonna see Jon pet a dragon even though he still doesn’t know he’s a Targaryan (politically). The only way he would know is if Bran tells him which may not even happen this season depending on how long Bran will be at Castle Black but who knows. Dany meeting Jon will be interesting because they don’t know they’re related but I hope they have some sort of alliance, but Jon at the moment is busy getting ready for the White Walkers so it’s going to be difficult for him to in any way help her take the Iron Throne. It’s still gonna be awesome. 

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