the alliance

The Alliance, Part 1

“Are we there yet?” Gooberry whined, making a gross squishing sound with each step. 

She was trailing behind a group of ponies walking down a faded woodland trail. “We get there when we get there.” Veves sighed. 

It was a clear winter night, the moon glowing prominently in the sky. A cold wind blew through the woods, howling past the trees. “Moje vznášedlo je plné úhořů.” Airhead chimed in, panting after a long trek. 

“Does anypony understand what the corn he’s saying?” Scary crowed, meandering ahead of the others. 

“Svifnökkvinn minn er fullur af álum.” Airhead continued. 

“I think that was a different language.” Veves noted, arching her brow. 

“Any idea where this Blue Moon Hill is?” Twisted Tonic inquired Scary, trotting beside her. 

“I remember Maine mentioning it once.” she explained, “Said it was some sort of ancient woodland critter battlefield.”

“Woodland critters fight?” Veves joked. “I thought they just rummage through trash and flail around in forests.” 

“No, they do that too.” Scary said, looking up toward the moon, “I think he said it was in the middle of a valley. We should be there in a bit.” 

“Mea navis volitans anguillis plena est.” Airhead told a very confused Gooberry, who simply resorted to smiling and nodding.

The five of them continued down the twisting trail, passing by abandoned buildings deep within thickets of woods. Scary squinted down the path, noticing that it seemed to disappear at the edge of a clearing. “Guys…” she gasped before rushing forward. 

When the others caught up to Scary, who stood at the edge of the clearing, they found that the ground drops down into a vast valley below. An ocean of trees laid before them, and standing in the center was a lonely, and noticably bare, hill, like a deserted island in an endless sea. 

“A légpárnás hajóm tele van angolnákkal.” Airhead gasped in awe of the scene. 

“I second that.” Veves agreed, “I think.”

“Guess this is the valley.” Scary said before looking down at the sheer drop. “But how do we get down?”

“Maybe you could try skydiving.” suggested a mysterious voice. 

“No, that’s to-!” Veves muttered before jumping into Scary’s arms in surprise. To the left of her was a mysterious hooded woodland critter, her little white muzzle poking out from under the hood. “Where did you come from?!”

“That is not important right now.” replied the mysterious hooded woodland critter, “What is important is that you ponies get to Blue Moon Hill on time.” 

“But h-?!” Twisted Tonic began before being interrupted by the cliff they were all standing on suddenly crumbling beneath them. 

“That’s one way.” the mysterious hooded woodland critter mused amusingly. 

As the five ponies plunged into the valley below, they had a little time to reflect. “Why didn’t I see this coming?” Veves pondered to herself, “It always ends up like this.” 

“Leun a sylli yw ow skath bargesi!” Airhead yelled to Twisted Tonic, who was screaming incessantly as he plummeted toward the earth. 

“I’m good.” Scary noted, crossing her forelegs across each other, just waiting to hit the ground. 

“This is going to be messy.” Gooberry worried. 

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Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) (Marvel Avengers Alliance) by Gscampeon Cool
Via Flickr:
Sexy Mutant daughter of Magneto

actually imagine the rogue one crew being honored in the same way han and luke were at the end of a new hope. imagine a big ceremony with the princess and mon mothma and all the soldiers and they just lay forty medals on the steps, one for each rebel who died and for the strays they picked up on the way

imagine luke being there and seeing the force ghosts of chirrut and jyn as they are laid to rest finally, and he’s there to honor their sacrifice and understand that it wasn’t him who really took down the death star that it was the original rogue one that he is their legacy

han can sense the presence of the force ghosts but doesn’t know what it means. it’s that moment, looking at those medals given to the dead rebels that he really understands this cause is worth dying for

leia knows who these people are and has seen them leave for missions and return only this time they left and didn’t come back and to her the only way to truly honor that sacrifice is to see the last remnants of the empire destroyed which is why she is still fighting the first order in the force awakens

just imagine the rogue one legacy

the squadron named in their honor

old pilots telling the new recruits why there’s no “rogue one” that flies under rogue leader

because she already flew

and will never fly again

RIP Carrie Fisher. You were an awesome woman who fought the stigma surrounding mental illness, a hero to so many of us at an early age. A real-life Rebel Alliance is needed now to combat capitalism and fascism, and I know I’m not alone in saying that Star Wars – particularly Carrie’s Leia – played a small part in inspiring me to revolutionary ideals. May the Force be with you, Carrie, and may a Rebel Alliance form in the years to come.