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Baby’s Big 50 Writing Challenge

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I know. I KNOW! Another writing challenge being thrown into the void, but hear me out. It’s not due til April and it’s all about that gorgeous, sleek, black beauty known as Baby…

Dear, wonderful Baby is turning 50 this year. Damn does she look good, amiright? I think that she deserves a whole lotta love so, I’m inviting you all to celebrate with Baby’s Big 50 Writing Challenge! 

The idea is to write a Baby-centric fic. Want to set your whole story in Baby? Cool. Want to crash her and put the boys in danger? Do it. Want to write Human!Impala? Go for it. Just as long as Baby plays some kind of starring or important role in your fic, it’s all good.(You with me so far?)

I’ve put together 50 different song prompts in 3 different categories. Some of these songs are a little less well-known, but pretty inspiring once you give them a listen and you can use the prompt however you want.

Group 1: The top songs from April 20- December 30, 1967 according to the Billboard Charts Archive (chose those dates since her birthday is April 24)

Group 2: Songs about cars & driving

Group 3: Songs with Baby in the title


  1. NO, you don’t have to be following me, but it would be cool if you did. I’m nice, I promise.
  2. Any SPN pairing/ship is welcome. Just please make sure you give proper warnings before your fic and in the tags.
  3. Any genre is welcome - gimme the fluff, the angst, the smut, the crack fics, the au’s. Want to write a poem, a drabble, a 10k one-shot, a series? Gimme.
  4. Tag me @butiaintgonnaloveem in your fic and use the tag #Happy Big 50 Baby in the first five tags. 
  5. Fics are due by April 10 APRIL 17th , that gives you 3 months! of writing time. It also allows time for extensions and for me to get the masterlist together. Should you need an extension, or to drop out, please let me know before the due date.
  6. Send me an ask with your first and second prompt choices (in case one is already taken). I will take up to 2 entries per prompt. I’d love to get 50 fics, but as celebrations go - the more, the merrier. Prompts taken on a first come, first serve basis. I’ll answer you as quickly as I can, I do work and sleep sometimes.
  7. If there is a different version of the prompt you’d like to use, you are welcome to do so, just as long as it’s still the same song.

Questions, need anything clarified? Drop me a line. My asks and messages are open. If you need any ideas, I’ve got a few. Now, on to the prompts!! Prompts with strikeouts indicate that both spots are already taken.

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Ramblin' Man
The Allman Brothers Band
Ramblin' Man


Ramblin’ Man by The All man Brothers Band

So I did a quick search through my blog’s archive (Ctrl+F, “Allman”), and though it isn’t always reliable, this album cover does not look familiar to me as something I’ve posted up here. It really is a huge shocker to me that I haven’t posted this, or any other Allman Brothers song. So, yes, this post is wayyyyy overdue. But who can say these guys aren’t worth it?