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[image description: 2 selfies of me, OP. Wearing tortoise shell glasses in the first. Wearing a bombass undercut in both.]

So we ended up spending like 6 hours trying to dye my hair blonde (and my scalp is fried but my hair is softer than ever???) and the cut itself only took about an hour. But also it’s past midnight, so any blue hair dying is going to have to be saved for another day

But I can physically feel the gay increasing in my body and I’m so excited!!


seiyuu comparison | tsukino talent production + exit tunes presents actors

Leonard and the OTP (2/2)

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader
Word Count: 1518
Warning: swearing, sober confessions

A/N: I know this is silly, thanks for letting me get this out of my system!

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You woke alone in a bed that wasn’t yours with a huge hangover. You sat up slowly, not wanting to your pounding head to decide to leave your body.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” an incredibly loud voice said. You winced and dared to look over and confirm your suspicions. Leonard. You were in Leonard’s bed. Now the only question was why. Leonard handed you a full glass of water as he sat next to you on the bed.

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TDA Las Vegas SOTY Master List

Mini/Junior Ballet

Teen/Senior Ballet

Mini/Junior Jazz

Teen/Senior Jazz

Mini/Junior MT/Specialty

Teen/Senior MT/Specialty

Mini/Junior Contemporary/Lyrical

Teen/Senior Contemporary/Lyrical

Mini/Junior Tap/Hip-Hop

Teen/Senior Tap/Hip-Hop

Hahahahaha, exactly!!


Tfw you see a force ghost for the first time.

((Ok so people pointed out that the beads inside Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber’s box could belong to Ahsoka and I FREAKED OUT SO YA KNOW what if force sensitive future jedi Finn need a teacher

Screw me though i prefer ahsoka being alive ))

Junior Group Results

Junior Group

5th: Le Corsaire (Club Dance)

4th: The Singer (Project 21)

3rd: Rhapsody (Project 21)

2nd: Easy Love (Danceology)

1st: Odonata (The Rock Center for Dance)

Junior Line

5th: What They Call Love (Creative Arts Academy), Strings (Club Dance)

4th: So Blunt (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts)

3rd: Birds (Danceology)

2nd: Someone to Stay (CSPAS), Arsonist’s Lullaby (Larkin Dance Studio), Humans (Creative Arts Academy)

1st: Awakening (Club Dance)

Junior Ext. Line

5th: High Stakes (CSPAS)

4th: Danke Schoen (The Rock Center for Dance), Awake O Zion (Danceology)

3rd: SWERVE (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts), Sit Down You’re Rockin the Boat (Club Dance)

2nd: Fresh Prince (CSPAS)

1st: Vibeology (Club Dance)

Junior Production

4th: Buzzin (Maries Dance Studio)

3rd: Zombies (Maries Dance Studio)

2nd: Cookin (Danceology), House For You (Aspire Dance Academy)

1st: No Mercy (Club Dance)

High Score Ballet

5th: Octect (B-Discovered Dance Company)

4th: Allegra (Creative Arts Academy)

3rd: Chambermaid Swing (CSPAS)

2nd: Sleeping Beauty (Maries Dance Studio)

1st: Le Corsaire (Club Dance)

High Score Contemporary

5th: What They Call Love (Creative Arts Academy), Strings (Club Dance), House For You (Aspire Dance Academy)

4th: Unmasked (YYC Dance Project), Danke Schoen (The Rock Center for Dance)

3rd: Arsonist’s Lullaby (Larkin Dance Studio), Someone to Stay (CSPAS), Humans (Creative Arts Academy), The Singer (Project 21)

2nd: Odonata (The Rock Center for Dance)

1st: Awakening (Club Dance)

High Score Hip-Hop

5th: Party (Larkin Dance Studio)

4th: Cookin (Danceology)

3rd: SWERVE (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts)

2nd: Fresh Prince (CSPAS)

1st: No Mercy (Club Dance)

High Score Jazz

5th: So Blunt (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts)

4th: High Stakes (CSPAS)

3rd: Happy Birthday (Larkin Dance Studio), Awake O Zion (Danceology)

2nd: Rhapsody (Project 21)

1st: Vibeology (Club Dance)

High Score Lyrical

5th: Sky Full of Stars (Club Dance)

4th: I Remember Her (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts)

3rd: Moana (Pas de Deux Hawaii)

2nd: Viva La Vida (B-Discovered Dance Company), Cathedrals (Aspire Dance Academy)

1st: Afterglow (Club Dance)

High Score Musical Theatre

5th: Raunchy (B-Discovered Dance Company)

4th: Willy Wonka (Maries Dance Studio)

3rd: Devil in Disguise (Danceology)

2nd: Diamonds (CSPAS)

1st: Sit Down You’re Rockin the Boat (Club Dance)

High Score Specialty

5th: Caught (Dye’n 2 Dance)

4th: You Are A Memory (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: My Angel That Rocks Me (Danceology)

2nd: Did I Mention (Club Dance)

1st: Superego (Club Dance), Enclosed Spaces (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts)

High Score Tap

5th: Pokemon (Larkin Dance Studio)

4th: Smooth Criminal (Maries Dance Studio)

3rd: Crabbuckit (The Rock Center for Dance)

2nd: Birds (Danceology)

1st: Easy Love (Danceology)


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So I drew things. I just wanted to vent a little, so I sketched my current favorite OC’s angry/angsty faces. At the same time I tried to figure out his hair a bit. I’d love to tell about him, or them I should say, but I guess nobody’s interested. Besides he belongs into my PNGo!-story, so it would be kinda spoilers for the dudes who follow my stuff on my sideblog.

There would be more but I lost my energy in the middle of sketching and thus couldn’t draw anymore.

Asagao Academy: Hidden Block Club

So…what if Hidden Block Club came first? What if they were the cool kids of the school? What if they were every girl’s dream? (Well, they already are…but…)

- Hana would totally meet Jimmy on the train. He would be playing “Nokemon Go” on his phone, awkwardly ignoring her.
- Until the train stopped. He’d look up at Hana and be like, “…hey.” And he would be retreating as fast as humanly possible.
- But Hana shyly introduced herself, and he may or may not have been really paying attention. After that, he sort of ditched her. Without introducing himself.
- Jimmy would approach her later, apologizing for being rude just as awkwardly as ever.

- Mai’s “introductions” would be:
“That’s Jeff, or Spacehamster. He once tried to blast hamsters into space… Awesome! He’s also part of the soccer team, and is running for school council president this year.”
“The guy over there is Caddy, or Caddicarus. Rumors say that he keeps guns in his room…to shoot video games…“
“To his right is Wallid. He’s a memelord that knows a lot of trivia for some reason.”
“Next to him is Jimmy. He’s a big Nokemon and Animal Intersection fan. But he’s also a total sucker for adorable things and emo boys.“
“That’s Luke. He’s a super hot rapper. But he’s a total sweetheart too…” [swoons]
“And that’s Ian. He speaks in COMIC SANS. Cool, right?“

- Hidden Block is actually a cult. Kind of.

- Ian would definitely defend Hana from the bullies, alongside an intense lecture on bullying.

- They “worship” an invisible block.
… Yep.

- Luke is the “school hottie,” but is clearly all too pure, humble, and a bit too dense to figure that out. (“He just doesn’t realize how great he is…”)

- Wallid takes Hana on that tour, spouting every fact he knows along the way. Yeah, he’s kinda trying to impress her.

- Jeff has been school council president for the last couple of years…mainly because of popularity benefits, but he is an effective leader.

- Ian and Caddy make HUGE scenes of their petty arguments…for the giggles. This happens at least once a week. Everyone tries to act annoyed about it, but they’re all secretly still amused.

- Jimmy is king at anything Pokemon-related. Like, major destruction. He owns the Asagao Academy Pokemon Go gym. Always.

- They have a luxurious club room… that still reeks of Doritos and Mac n’ Cheese.

Okay, I’m out of ideas, but that was fun to write. Thanks for your time, you incredible person!


Born August 2, 2005. Father Rogelio de la Iglesia, poet. Mother Antonia de la Iglesia, musician and university professor. Childhood spent in Mexico, then the Philippines, where activist parents got involved in protests vs. military violence after the Kaiju attack in Mindanao 2007. Family immigrated to America in 2008.

Speaks Spanish, Filipino, English. Vocalist to the Seattle-based band, Stay Alive, before entering Jaeger Academy June 1, 2021.

Part of three-pilot project with Phichit Chulanont and Ji Guang-Hong. All three became inaugural crew to Mark-4 Terra Incognita, first deployed in Hong Kong Shatterdome 2023. Four kaiju kills, most recently Garapata, eastern Visayas, June 20, 2024, all with current co-pilots.


PPDC psychological staff notes closeness with co-pilot Phichit Chulanont may cause neural imbalance in the three-pilot system of Terra Incognita and suggests low-level monitoring. Interference not necessary.

monsters at our door by @renaissancefic and @reginarfic

What I love to see in Academy era Spuhura fics...

– adorkably awkward walks across campus

– adorkably awkward office hours & labs

– running into each other at the gym / on a run / at the pool

– their first meal outside the mess (or hastily consumed fare in said office)

– the first time Nyota ends up in Spock’s quarters because reasons

– the first trip out of town (extra points if it’s for a competition)

– the first training mission (Spock supervises it, Nyota excels or gets hurt, extra points if both)

– Spock visiting Nyota in the hospital

– Nyota visiting Spock in the hospital

– Spock randomly turning up at one of Nyota’s recitals or concerts

– Nyota randomly turning up at a reception at the Vulcan embassy

– arguing over xenolinguistic esoterica in any of the above contexts

– unasked-for but nonetheless hilarious running commentary courtesy of Gaila

– Kirk and Bones bringing the funny (and being present in the fic, of course)

– Chekov secretly shipping it

– Sulu giving one or both romantic advice

– sweet world changing first kisses

– cataclysmic first times

– going at it like rabbits behind the scenes with none the wiser

– no one (except Gaila) having a clue at how hot they eventually become behind closed doors

– in fact, everyone around is so clueless that they have no clue that Nyota’s practically moved in with Spock (because she strategically sleeps in the dorm enough to keep up appearances, with Gaila as accomplice)

– and there has to be Amanda. Wonderful, brilliant, mama extraordinaire Amanda. In AOS, she’s only alive during the Academy days. She needs to be in any long fic where she can plausibly fit in. Give me all the Amanda ever…

– …because I live for Amanda, who is One of Us. You know the woman would’ve totally shipped S/U.