the alien draws

Once again, I changed the prompts for the last few days because the original ones sucked, just fyi

This is Xahlia and @myeyesseeall stole him off me immediately. He is a Celestial (one of @peachie-momo‘s closed species) and basically embodies an entire galaxy, which of course his is shaped like a Chevron and named Ferra Nalis.

[ Other Celestials x x ]

“Maybe you haven’t been keepin’ up on current events, but WE JUST GOT OUR ASSES KICKED, PAL”

I know it’s a day late, but wanted to pay a small tribute to a great character actor. You’ll be missed, Bill

The next Dream Team✨✨

Black- Allura, Red- Nyma, Blue- Klaizap, Green- what I’m hoping is a bamf female robot/cyborg assassin from the teaser, Yellow- Shay.

gimme VoltronStaff👀👏👏

also kinda goes with this