the alien chronicles

Day 24

I cannot believe it took me this long to notice the art in this world. When I first arrived, I was convinced nothing could hold the same beauty as my home planet. I was convinced that this planet was simply a subject to our science, another something to study and add to our books. I was sent here with the intention to find out how it works, to somehow integrate myself into human life. To love and hurt and feel and know how these strange and mysterious creatures work, for they are so similar in looks to us, and yet so far in spirit. I came here believing that this planet was an ecosystem. A habitat. Nothing more.

But I had deceived myself. I am beginning to believe that this planet is a work of art.

It seems ridiculous in the loud moments, when everything around me is going to fast, and the hues clash against one another. When the world is rough on my mind, and I feel as if everything is breaking over me, as water breaks over rocks. When the air is suddenly sucked out of my lungs, and the ground sways beneath me, I can easily think that Earth is lesser than my planet.

But other moments, it is not so easy to see it that way. Early morning, for example, when the sun is rising so slowly that you can see the rays creeping across the ground. That is art. Or when you step into a glen, and the world around you is suddenly tainted green and the everything else fades, except for peace and quiet. Or when it’s raining out, and for some reason, the water seems to slow everything to a crawl, and emotion is thick in the air. Or when you’re standing in a gas station store late at night, and suddenly the mortality of the world comes crashing in on you. Tragic art, but art nonetheless.

And so, I have learned that this earth may be far more complex and beautiful than we had ever hoped.

But despite all that I am learning, I still miss home. I miss it most in the little moments. Like right before I fall asleep, and I’m stuck in the half-realm between dream and reality. That is when I miss the soft pink presence of my planet the most. Or right when I wake up, only to be met by the harsh glaring light of this planet. And I miss the quiet. It is never quiet on this planet. Everything feels the need to be rushing all the time. The days are so short, as are the nights. No one has time to “just talk” here. There’s always something new to see, to achieve, to reach, to create. It’s tiring. I miss the peace. I miss the quiet.

But there was a moment yesterday that made me miss it the most I have since I left. I came out of the gas station with my host family, only to see the sky lit up in the most brilliant display of color that I have ever seen. It was almost - not exactly - but almost the same color as my planet. A brilliant swirling painting of purple and pinks, accented with deep blues. The clear clouds hung in suspense over our heads, turning the previously blue sky into a masterpiece. Every single bit of the color reminded me of home, and I began to feel my heart leap in my chest. It was trying to return. I longed to go to the sky, more than I’ve ever longed for anything before. I stared up at the clouds, counting every second like it would be my last. I didn’t even dare to breathe for a long time, as if even a breath of wind would scatter the color. I stared and stared, until the mother began calling to me from the car, and I had to run to get in.

I still miss home, but I can see the beauty that lies below the surface of this too-bright planet. I will write again, who knows when.

Until next time,


I’ll try to list works where monsters or aliens aren’t just the story antagonist. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.Keep in mind that this is a “living document”, as it’ll be updated when new content is found.

If requested, it will be turned into a read more post.


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A Little Bit of Both


“We may be simple people. But we don’t use biology to invent monsters. And we don’t enslave other species. And we don’t unleash a plague of parasites on the galaxy, endangering every other free species, and then go swaggering around like the lords of the universe. No, we’re too simple for all that. We’re too stupid to lie and manipulate. We’re too stupid to be ruthless. We’re too stupid to know how to build powerful weapons designed to annihilate our enemies. Until you came, Andalite, we were too stupid to know how to kill.”

- Dak Hamee, The Hork-Bajir Chronicles, pg. 172 (by K.A. Applegate)

So yeah, this has been a weird week – and I’ve had more than my fair share of weird weeks.  But none have involved straight up aliens!  We’re talking total world-domination-invasion kind of aliens.  And for those keeping score at home, they’re called the “Dominators” and NO, I did not get to name them. SMH.

Things were looking pretty grim, but part of me was, admittedly, a little excited for a “reunion” of old friends (shout-out to my Star City peeps!).  You might say I’ve been feeling a bit like an “alien” in my own life lately – there are just so many secrets! I mean, we got Caitlin trying to hide her frosty inclinations. How do you keep that quiet? (Hint: you can’t). And then there’s Barry.  I’m still bugging out about how all this time he’s known Dante’s death is on him. Even though I’ve tried to accept the realties of Flashpoint, Barry’s apologies are starting to sound like a broken record.  And it doesn’t make me feel any less alone in all of this. Safe to say, I was in dire need of some extraterrestrial distraction. We all put all our woes on the back-burner and teamed up to stop the Dominators. Best part? I got to powwow with my girl Felicity! She is the Gail to my Oprah, the Sam to my Frodo.

Now, with zero experience dealing with said aliens, I realized I needed to do some, shall we say, research. Bring on the Netflix! While the others were busy training, I snuck off and threw myself a little extraterrestrial movie marathon. I polished off all the essentials: Men In Black, ID4, Star Trek (Abrams style), E.T.  (holla at my boy Spielberg ), and a few classic Marvin The Martian shorts – because, who doesn’t love that little guy?  And of course, no movie marathon would be complete without a giant sack of Big Belly Burgers.  It was an awesome, epic night.  Well, sorta.

TBH, it was a bit lonely. I would have totally dug it if Kara (Barry’s alien friend–-but not the freaky destroy-your-world-and-eat-your-brains type) could have joined me.  And no, it’s not because I want to see if she has any friends she could set me up with on Earth-38 (well, maybe a little…)! It’s just that I’ve never watched alien movies with an actual alien.  Like, would she root for the alien invaders or their human counterparts? These are the things that keep me up at night.  Regardless, I got some good pointers from the flicks (totally going to start working on one of those flash-memory-erasing-pens from MIB — I would love to mess around with HR) and I’m pretty sure channeling my inner-Ripley helped in our quest to save the world.

If I learned anything from my binge-athon, though, it’s that the only way to overcome darkness is to stick together. Times may be frakkin’ crazy right now and nothing may sound better than building a fort and watching Marvin the Martian cartoons until the darkness passes, but the truth is that now is when we need friends the most. Nobody is perfect. Not even superheroes. Not even best friends. I don’t need to vibe anything to see that.

So, the world is saved. No biggie. But now it’s time to celebrate. I was thinking of hosting another movie night, except this time all my BFFs are coming (and I’m making Barry bring the popcorn). It’s gonna be out of this world!

My favorite part of Xenoblade Chronicles X so far:
  • The Ganglion, a hyper-advanced spacefaring race inconceivably ahead of humans in technology and intelligence. So intelligent that they even mastered human language in like, two days: "An amazing piece of alien technology has just crash landed on the planet and we wish to acquire it. Unfortunately, it landed in an area infested with beasts that feed off of life energy and attack any living thing that comes near it. We have sent scores of soldiers armed to the teeth to retrieve it but to no avail. The only bright side is that if we cannot get to it, there is no way the primitive Earth-aliens will be able to either."
  • The primitive Earth-aliens, the unintelligent human scum: lol just send robots ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
❮Do you see the stars at night?❯ she asked me.

‘When Mother Sky is dark, she shows us her flowers.’

❮Well, each of those flowers is a star. Like your own sun. Only very far away.❯

Jagil said, 'No.’

But I said, 'Sun is sun. Mother Sky’s flowers are flowers.’

❮They may look like bright flowers. But they are suns. Hundreds of suns. Thousands. Mil…I mean that there are more stars than there are trees. They look small because they are far away.❯

I heard these words. And these words made me think very hard. But then…

'Yes,’ I said suddenly, amazed. 'Yes! Things that are far away look small. This is true.’

'Far is far,’ Jagil said, looking alarmed.

❮These stars are very, very far away,❯ Aldrea said. ❮And around some of these stars are planets. Like this place. Other places with very different trees. And different creatures.❯

I felt…I did not have words for how I felt. Things that are far away seem small. Even when they are large. This idea was like an exploding seed pod in my head.
—  The Hork Bajir-Chronicles, pg. 25 (by K.A. Applegate)

Ended up doodling the rest of the team to go along with Shiro because I couldn’t help myself. 
It was a good exercise in translating faces though, as well as re-acquainting myself with Aaroun features. I’ve definitely improved, which I’m very happy about.

As for their places within the Alien Chronicles universe, I might make a little post  later on, if I think about it some more …


I know i’m a bit late, but i’ve been seeing a lot of people making kids for their crosses recently and it’s super cute! I hope you guys don’t mind if I hop on board haha

(this might come as a bit of a shock, but she’s adopted)

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