the alices of tumblr

When the bough breaks,
the child becomes an adult,
and we all fall down through a rabbit hole
of mediocre friendships
and disappointing days.
Alice never stopped
to watch the unpaid bills floating besides her
listen to the screams of neighbors bursting through thin apartment walls
as she fell.
She cried over pastries and exit strategies
as we shed tears over the eviction notice taped to our door.

When I was younger, I thought the worst part about love was needing it. And that once you got it, no matter what kind it was, you would lose it. But by then you knew how it tasted, how it sounded, how it felt. To have someone whose presence brought you the utmost comfort. To have someone else whose brain fascinated you. To have someone special whose heart harmonized with yours. So although the worst part about love may be needing it, I have learned that the best part is having it. And that, to me, is what truly matters.
—  aliçe
Siamo al limite
dello straordinario
e tu sei
piena di cicatrici
e non vuoi farti accarezzare
perché stai male
e non ti piaci
ma tu per me
sei ciò che mancava
al Mondo.
—  Alice Giaquinta