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anonymous asked:

Happy 900! can you do a headcannon with Damian wayne, the reader and him have been going out for awhile and now he wants to propose! please and thanks!

Thank you so much for requesting this!

  • Damian Wayne was in love.
  • you were perfect to him, the most beautiful, smart person
  • he couldn’t find any insult to hurl at you
  • you were just too good for him
  • He has had the ring for almost a month now
  • he was the opposite of nervous
  • he was so confident
  • he was Damian freakn’ Wayne, you could never turn him down
  • and you also loved him a lot, which helped him out immensely
  • it was a big ring
  • only the best for u
  • he sets up a date night 
  • the night starts off with you favorite restaurant 
  • then he takes you on a boat
  • its v romantic, candle light, smooth jazz 
  • he calculated everything out with all of the latest romantic trends 
  • you totally knew he was planning something
  • this boy was about as romantic as a dead fish normally
  • when he finally pulled out the ring you laughed
  • he was shook??
  • Why??
  • Were you laughing???
  • his face was hurt so you kissed it 
  • “You realize you could have just asked me right? you didn’t have to do all of this?” you say happily, putting the ring on
  • Damian lets out a happy sigh and hugs you
  • “don’t you dare laugh at me ever again.”
  • “There’s the Dami I know and love!”

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